Tournament LCPL 6 - Week 4

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I'll try to get this done today but Sunday is the worst possible day for me and I'll probably only be on long enough to face ggggd, unless I get lucky with my schedule or facing ggggd takes shorter than expected I'll need an extension or activity :/
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[20:56:13] +p_2: what was gligar spread
[20:56:42] +joltage: 18 scarf
[20:56:48] +p_2: hp or def?
[20:57:19] +joltage: 18 speed, max atk

Elekid used Quick Attack!
The opposing Gligar lost 17% of its health!
Elekid lost some of its HP!

252 Atk Life Orb Elekid Quick Attack vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Gligar: 5-6 (21.7 - 26%) -- 0.1% chance to 4HKO

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