League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

I'm also excited to see new strategies from the multiple regions combining. Do any of you guys that follow the pro scene closely have any idea of things that are going to be played?

Just finished an ARAM game. Why are Seju's CDs so LONNGGGGGGGGUH? It's not like she'd be blowing people up or locking them in perma slow if her QWE had lower CDs. They do no damage and she can't catch anyone because she's so slow and her Q has such short range. She has to be the worst champion in the game right now. You basically play her by protecting your squishies and using ult when it's up. There is no room for any kind of play making other than with your ult. Just stand in front of squishies and if anyone tries to jump them you peel admittedly pretty well with all of your slows but you have no real way of making sure the jumper doesn't get away and you sure as hell aren't doing any significant damage to them. And if they do get away you're screwed because their CDs are shorter than yours.


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I never said anything about dodging. I'm saying that ARAM is not a map for Sejuani to show her strengths on. There's no walls for her Q to shine, there's no narrow corridors for her ult and her W and her E to be fully utilized with, there's no coordination to work with her CC. ARAM is too fast paced for someone like Sejuani to shine in.
Recently I have tired to pick up Ahri. I have played 8ish games 4 done good 4 done bad but I cant really carry as her yet. Any tips on how to Ahri?
Ive been building
Abyssal Scepter
Recently I have tired to pick up Ahri. I have played 8ish games 4 done good 4 done bad but I cant really carry as her yet. Any tips on how to Ahri?
Ive been building
Abyssal Scepter
try building DFG earlier if you're building kage's that soon; you may want to try going for DFG straight after deathcap just so you can one-shot squishies during mid-game teamfights. invest in tankiness after that. rylai's isn't a necessity to be honest; hourglass can be just as useful and even more clutch in many scenarios.

tbh though items aren't a huge deal since ahri can get away with building a lot of different stuff. you probably just need more practice with her (landing charms, harassing with Q in lane, maxing W over Q in certain matchups, positioning, when/how to ult, how to follow up on charm, how to farm effectively, etc).
I'd recommend Rylai's as your first core item, just makes you safer and comboing easier, and boosts the kiting and chasing abilities that ahri already has
PKRING'S GUIDE TO CARRYING (applies to most champs, ignore 1. if supporting and 2. if jungling)

0. DON'T DIE. Easier said than done, but don't overextend, watch the minimap, position well in teamfights. If you're feeding, then you're NOT carrying. Ward when needed, but don't waste gold if that ward isn't going to give you vision of anything important.

1. FARM. It's safer/easier to farm minions than champs, so until you consistently have at least 100ish cs before 15min EVERY game this should be your main concern. Take wraiths if they're up and your lane is pushed, either yours or theirs (but watch the minimap while doing it)

2. WIN LANE. When all the enemy minions are full health, don't just run around doing nothing. Poke, zone, harass, even autos are wonderful harass in every lane. Get them low so that once you push hard, they have to go back. Killing them helps win lane, but don't take massive risks unless you can see their jungler on the minimap.

3. WIN OTHER PEOPLE'S LANES. If their mid went back and you're winning lane, grab wraiths and gank their bot, top or jungle. I generally prefer going for bot because double kills are better than single kills, but whatever's not warded works best.

4. TEAMWORK. Ping objectives as soon as, or even before they're up. Get your team together and steamroll the enemies. This can be the trickiest part because often, people just won't cooperate. Just take those who do and do your best. Not every game is winnable, but many games are.

5. TEAMFIGHTS. If you're fed, make sure you're doing damage without getting focused, so you can continue to do damage. Landing skillshots, initiating etc. is all important, but really you just need experience to make fast, good decisions.
as a side note to this you need to actually use dfg if you buy it, i almost never get it because i always either forget or am so startled by something which is suddenly not smartcasted that i run straight into the enemy team


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PLAYOFFS SOON. I am so excited!! I was going to wake up specifically to catch them, but then I woke up regardless. Can't wait to see all the cheese @_@
Azubu Frost - Shy (Jax) / CloudTemplar (Shen) / RapidStar (Vladimir) / Woong (Ezreal) / MadLife (Alistar)
Invictus Gaming - Pdd (Jarvan IV) / illuSioN (Nocturne) / zz1tai (Swain) / Kid (Corki) / XiaoXiao (Leona)
Bans: Yorick / Evelynn / Jayce / Anivia / Lux / Skarner

- iG Valkyrie play gets them first blood in Frost's jungle
- Frost responds with a kill on zz1tai off a MadLife roam, then a botched dive gives Shy a kill against Kid
- iG takes top tower off a lane swap
- zz1tai grabs double kill under the second tower in top lane, which then falls
- zz1tai, XiaoXiao and Pdd get isolated and picked off by three man ganks
- Frost grabs dragon at 10 minutes
- Kid outplays Woong for a kill through the lane
- Four man tower dive on RapidStar hands iG mid tower
- Kid baits an engagement in bottom lane for the Nocturne ult, handing them a kill on Woong
- iG takes dragon at 16 minutes
Shy roam gives Frost a kill against illuSioN
- CloudTemplar hangs out too long top lane, getting slain 1v1 by Pdd
- iG stacks five men bottom to take out the final outer tower of Frost
- Frost push in on mid tower and take it out and force an iG disengage
- iG catches Shy in the top lane for an easy kill
- iG bait Baron, killing Woong
- Frost trade CloudTemplar, RapidStar and MadLife for a 3v5 Baron steal at 22 minutes
- Baron buffed Shy gets an isolated kill on a retreating XiaoXiao
- Frost trade dragon for their first top tower at 24 minutes
Frost dive mid for two kills on illuSioN and zz1tai, two towers and inhib
- CloudTemplar finishes iG's last outer tower
- Frost botch an initiate on top inhib tower which iG turns around to leave CloudTemplar the last member standing for just one kill on illuSioN
- CloudTemplar solos dragon at 31 minutes
Frost take an uncontested Baron at 33 minutes
Frost push in on an exposed inhib but lose everyone in a massive iG initation bar CloudTemplar for only illuSioN and XiaoXiao
- iG take second mid tower
- Frost ace iG near dragon for Shy and RapidStar off amazing play from the AD/Support combo
- Frost take mid inhib and one Nexus tower
- Woong solos dragon at 38 minutes
Frost ace iG in a Baron dance in exchange for RapidStar and MadLife

Game Notes
- Triple Aegis on iG gave them immense midgame strength
- iG held off through superior engagement
- Frost's superior mechanics and sustained teamfight picks eventually gave them all the lategame teamfights