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Fairly certain I told the entirety of #tf2 that there is no way Reginald is retiring. He's just such a drama queen the center of attention must always be on him.

[22:56:26] <@NotJim> It seems that the pick a card cycle is going even when not showing above your head. So you can time your gold card perfectly. It was seen on Wings's stream. Hitchu is a wizard.
[22:56:26] <@NotJim> Edit: Hitchu proved on stream that he could tell what card would be the first to show when using W
[22:56:26] <@NotJim> Edit 2: Reading from the comments, It seems the loop is going even when the card is locked.
There you go, just use 3-122 and accent 3 for gold :p

paging ipl and anyone else who plays tf
I needed some RP and riot was like pics or gtfo..

someday Ill make a quality piece of art just not today

The lore works pretty well.

On a side note,

Turn safe search off and google LoL champs. I tried Nunu... nsfw

Man a friend of mine the other night ran some mid eve and I questioned it...

...until he started roaming and putting the lot of us on his back one by one.

We weren't even doing bad as a team, he just got fed THAT fast.
Man a friend of mine the other night ran some mid eve and I questioned it...

...until he started roaming and putting the lot of us on his back one by one.

We weren't even doing bad as a team, he just got fed THAT fast.
you get a DFG and you're basically unstoppable
push your lane (or don't even push, just clear a wave and roam)

mob boots + shadow walk mid-game gives you over 500 movespeed

gank bottom and instantly blow up a carry with DFG+R+E+Q spam

her burst only gets scarier, her DPS only gets scarier, she only gets faster, and she only gets harder to kill since her shield from her ulti becomes ridiculous late-game and people are building GA on her as a third or fourth item
So I talked about this on TF, but I've been forced into an involuntary retirement from League.

Basically, playing League means that about 6 minutes into a game my internet connection drops. I have no idea why, I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling the game, installing windows updates, nothing.

This problem started happening on Saturday. In my nearly 3 years of playing League until now, I have NEVER seen anything like it.
Playing some free week Pantheon. I really like him. I usually suck at the early game champs like him and do better at the farm for late game types but in my two matches with him I went 3/0 and 4/0 in lane. The first game I finished miserably because I didn't really know how to play him in team fights and I didn't help gank other lanes well. The second game I finished better but I was 10/2/2 and ended 10/8/12 because I tried to build Triforce since I was so fed but ended up falling off hard in teamfights because we had no tank/initiator so Kog'Maw just wrecked us.

So my question is; how do you build him? So far I've just been rushing Brutalizer since he seems to be super strong levels 2-5 but then fall off pretty hard if you don't utilize your ult to gank other lanes well. What do you build after that?
early brutalizer is strong but not a necessity
phage is good
hexdrinker is as well

if super fed build bloodthirster, build mallet afterward or consider going straight for a mallet
last whisper is an excellent third or even second item, even if you built bloodthirster, because people WILL be building early armor to counter you

after your second or third item you should invest in survivability i.e. GA, mallet, maw

if you are playing pantheon correctly though, the game should be decided by the time you have brutalizer / mallet / last whisper

Those are good but Brutalizer doesn't have a good item path. Yomnuus gives bad stats at the cost of an item slot. I prefer
Boots > Mallet > Bloodthirster > GA/Last Whisper (if doing decently)

> Bloodthirster > Mallet > GA > LW (if doing great in lane)

Those are good but Brutalizer doesn't have a good item path. Yomnuus gives bad stats at the cost of an item slot. I prefer
Boots > Mallet > Bloodthirster > GA/Last Whisper (if doing decently)

> Bloodthirster > Mallet > GA > LW (if doing great in lane)
do you think there are only 4 item slots
My customary build on AD caster "assassins" is Brutalizer + Phage + Vamp scepter, throw in a Hexdrinker if I'm against a magic damage lane, then finish BT, LW, Triforce, maybe GA, but I only use this on Fiora and Talon, I've never played Panth.

what do you guys think of this?

I main Renekton, and I used to build pretty tanky. Especially pre-Atma's nerf, I would often build stuff like Aegis and FM and Warmog's, with my only damage item really being Atma's and Last Whisper. Ever since the Atma's nerf, though, I've been building extremely damage based, taking Brutalizer and BT almost every game, often with GA as my only defensive item (along with the minor defensive stats provided by Phage or Hexdrinker).

So this article interests me a lot, and I can't decide whether I agree or not. I guess I need to try it out, but I'm turned off by the recommendation of TForce and Wit's End on an manaless AD caster.


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He is right in his message, but doesn't understand that building Trinity Force and Wit's End is not building tank...it's building damage with some defensive stats. In other words, his examples and example builds are utter shit.

However, he is absolutely right in that damage on bruisers falls off super, SUPER hard mid-late game. Without a lot of defensive capabilities, you will simply get blown up in teamfights. Additionally, he is right that CDR increases damage far more than people seem to give it credit for. His ideas about bruisers are precisely the reasons I build Amumu with Shurels/Mercs/Randuins/Frozen Heart/Sunfire/Aegis 90% of the games I play with him-max CDR, tankiness, and the Sunfire aura offer far more total damage over the course of a teamfight than straight damage items do because you live a lot longer, letting you utilize your shorter cooldowns. In short, the build synergizes really, really well.

However, he isn't talking about Amumu, and his example builds are all wrong. Take away the message and forget the rest (essentially just read his first paragraph then ignore the rest).

rulings on alleged cheating during the tourney

also i agree and disagree with hashinshin

tankiness is great and all but early AD usually helps snowball the lane

on champions that rush triforce top lane such as jax/irelia/jarvan, you're not going for tankiness, you're going for the ability to aggressively snowball your lane and kill your opponent as much as possible, which is what top lane is all about (besides farming, which triforce helps with anyway).

but on, for example, someone like renekton, i'm not going to use that 1400 gold on my second back to pick up a giant's belt and some wards, i'm going to use it on a brutalizer and a ward so i can continue to steamroll this irelia who's three levels behind me

objectively saying that the renekton with the sunfire will be more useful than the renekton with the bloodthirster isn't true when the renekton who has BT has it fully stacked fifteen minutes in and can 100-0 the enemy AD carry in a teamfight at dragon without even popping ignite

tanky items are better if you're falling behind, but building heavy damage is still appropriate at the right time and place, usually when you're ahead.

for example, M5's Darien played xin zhao in their first game against iG, was shut down early game, and went on to build something like cloth armor/null-magic/giant's belt/negatron/chain vest/boots and eventually turned that into a sunfire/aegis/boots a full twenty-five or thirty minutes into the game, and STILL managed to apply a stupid amount of pressure - that's because he was behind and didn't try to go for triforce like a player with tunnel-vision would.

so yeah, i agree and disagree with hashinshin.
Counter Logic Gaming EU - Wickd (Jayce) / yellowpete (Kog'Maw) / Snoopeh (Skarner) / Froggen (Karthus) / Krepo (Nunu)
World Elite - WeiXiao (Corki) / ClearLove (Maokai) / FZZF (Leona) / CaoMei (Olaf) / Misaya (Vladimir)
Bans: Twisted Fate / Anivia / Blitzcrank / Irelia / Orianna / Cho'Gath

- Both teams send their AD+support to help their jungler steal the opposing team's blue buff - both teams are successful. However, it could be argued that the exchange went in CLG.eu's favor, since CaoMei looked to be securing his own blue buff for himself to successfully 1v2 yellowpete and Krepo.
- A 3-man dive on top lane easily secures first blood for WeiXiao on Wickd.
- Snoopeh comes to hold top and WE immediately responds by diving him as well, killing him but losing FZZF to Froggen's ultimate.
- WE aggressively wards and invades CLG.eu's jungle to contest their blue. Snoopeh smite steals it but dies in the process.
- Yellowpete gets a kill on CaoMei in bot lane at 7 minutes
- WE once again 3-man dives top and kills Wickd, but loses FZZF.
- WE takes CLG.eu's top turret to which CLG.eu responds by taking a dragon at 8:30.
- FZZF kills yellowpete but dies to Froggen's ulti at around 12:30.
- CLG.eu effectively stops WE's jungle invade at around 13 minutes, securing Froggen his blue buff.
- Misaya and ClearLove both come bottom, killing yellowpete and Krepo while also taking out CLG.eu's bottom turret.
- Wickd attempts to take WE's bottom turret but is quickly closed in on by ClearLove and WeiXiao - however, Snoopeh's arrival and a clutch ultimate by Froggen kills WeiXiao and gives CLG.eu a 16:30 dragon.
- CLG.eu send Wickd and Snoopeh bottom and kill WE's bottom turret.
- A huge fight in middle at 19 minutes leaves only Wickd and Snoopeh alive for CLG.eu and only CaoMei and WeiXiao alive for WE.
- WE send all five mid and kill CLG.eu's mid tower, to which CLG.eu responds by sending all five mid as soon as WE leaves and kills their mid turret in return.
- WE unsuccessfully baits a fight at Dragon, instead just killing it as CLG.eu backs off at 23 minutes.
- WE steal CLG.eu's blue buff
- Wickd and Froggen kill WE's top turret
- WE pressure CLG.eu's top tower and force a fight when ClearLove catches yellowpete with the rest of his team - however, the damage done by Froggen's Defile and an amazing positional Flash by yellowpete give them the ace on WE while losing two people, also allowing CLG.eu to barely take a 29 minute Baron.
- CLG.eu take WE's second mid turret and bring their mid inhib turret to about 25% health before their Baron buff runs out. CLG.eu retreat with no casualties, stealing red and blue buff on the way.
- CLG.eu capitalize on CaoMei falling to low health and take WE's middle inhib turret and second top turret.
- CLG.eu utilize fog of war excellently and catch CaoMei, nearly killing him. Even though they couldn't, his recall allows CLG.eu to rush Baron.
- ClearLove attempts to steal it, but the amount of ranged poke CLG.eu has over the Baron wall is so huge that he is brought extremely low by Wickd and yellowpete alone, securing CLG.eu the 38 minute Baron and a kill on ClearLove after Froggen pops his ultimate.
- Despite a poor initiation from Snoopeh, not managing to ult at all, CLG.eu still clean up a teamfight by WE's bottom inhib turret quite easily, trading Froggen and Snoopeh for 4 of WE's members, with WeiXiao surviving with only a sliver of health.
- This leads to WE losing their bottom inhibitor and their top inhib turret at around 41 minutes.
- Froggen pops DFG on Misaya, leading to a WE engage that goes sour due to CLG.eu's two Guardian Angels, helping them win the fight 4-1.

Game Notes
- Despite a substantial lead from WE early on, Froggen's perfectly timed ultimates along with yellowpete's excellent early game play prevented them from falling too far behind.
- The pivotal moment occurred at around 27 minutes, where CaoMei's attempt to jump on yellowpete was halted by an amazing Flash, keeping him alive for the entire fight, giving CLG.eu the Baron, and completely turning around WE's momentum.
- CLG.eu's superior poke comp and double ranged AD, both equipped with Guardian Angels, helped them completely crush WE during the last three teamfights.
Worlds Championship Update - Quarterfinals End / Semifinals Analysis

Moscow Five vs. Invictus Gaming
Moscow Five took the match win in a 2-0 victory with similar trends in both games - although they fell behind early on both games (at one point being six kills down in game 2), M5 pulled together and demonstrated their incredible teamfight coordination and organization, crushing Invictus's team. Darien's play was a weak point in both games, but Alex Ich's fantastic positioning in game 1 and Genja combined with Alex in game 2 could not be stopped. Moscow 5 is the first team to advance to the semifinals. and will face either Najin Sword or Taipei Assassins.

Taipei Assassins vs. Najin Sword
The Taipei Assassins shut out crowd favorite Najin Sword in a style reminiscent of Moscow Five's play the previous two games. In both games, they methodically eliminated MaKNooN from the equation, stopping him from roaming in game 1 and shutting him down outright in game two with a brilliant combination of Blitzcrank pulls and Skarner ultimates. Toyz play in mid was exceptional in both games, carrying the entire team as Orianna in the first game and playing brilliantly in game 2 as Anivia.

Azubu Frost vs. Team SoloMid
Azubu Frost dominated Team SoloMid, showing incredible coordination and discipline. TSM's composition in game 1 centered around picks and Darius pulls, while Azubu ran a long-range poke comp with Jayce and Lux. The amount of coordination involved in Azubu's teamwide retreats whenever Regi or Dyrus tried to flash-initiate was astounding. Azubu would be caught by that combo once in the mid-game and never again afterward. In game 2, TSM would take an early lead, but would ultimately lose it to Azubu's organization and excellent dive comp.

Counter Logic Gaming EU vs. World Elite
In the longest match of League of Legends history, CLG.eu crushed World Elite today in their final match after coming out 1-1 last Saturday. They went with the team composition that won them game 2, running double ranged AD in the forms of Jayce and Kog'Maw. Their superior poke and amazing protect-the-Kog'Maw composition let them come back from a small deficit, while Froggen's clutch ultimates kept them in the game early on. Counter Logic Gaming and World Elite are the only teams to take their matches to game 3 - in fact, they technically took it to game 6.

- - - - - - - - -

Semifinals Analysis

Moscow Five vs. Taipei Assassins

This match will be interesting, to say the least. TPA plays in a similar style to M5, showing strong team cooperation - but can they beat the masters? TPA banded together against Najin Sword, shutting down MVP MaKNooN and routing the Korean powerhouse. The problem is, M5 is not a team centered around one all-star. They are a killing machine, storming the mid-game and winning teamfights that they should, by all rights, lose horribly. If Toyz can demonstrate the same degree of brilliance that he did against Najin Sword's SSONG or if Stanley can win over Darien in lane, TPA has a shot at winning the set. If not, time will tell if they can stand up to the slaughterhouse that is Moscow Five's teamfight ability. Both HotshotGG and Wickd give the edge to the Taipei Assassins - I suppose we're about to find out.

Azubu Frost vs. Counter Logic Gaming EU
Both teams show incredible skill and incredible organization. CLG.eu is all about the late-game, but Azubu is all about early aggression and taking turrets. Both teams demonstrate incredible control in the late-game, knowing when to retreat, knowing when to engage, and knowing how to exploit weaknesses. Rapidstar will have to shut down Froggen's farming for Azubu to have a shot at ending the game early. If he can't, we will find out if the last remaining Korean team can break through the nigh-impenetrable turtle shell of CLG.eu.