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Legacy Raider's in all the good Warstories

Discussion in 'Warstory Archive' started by TVboyCanti, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. TVboyCanti


    Sep 23, 2006
    I've been wanting to do a warstory for a while now, but because my teams are sweeper based, games that don't get haxed usually have me dominating or blowing up.

    Anyway, this is a battle between myself and Legacy Raider. This was actually our third battle of the day in a row, it seems we were the only two players on the suspect ladder for that hour. Legacy Raider 6-0d me in our first battle and I 6-0d him back in our second(same teams). Wierd huh.

    Fate once again has us facing eachother on the field of battle. This match will decide who is victorious for the day, and who will spend the day fixing their team/doing other stuff. Legacy also seems to have a fan club, as the same 3 guys watch all of our battles. This battle will end with only one pokemon standing, and its the closest battle I've fought in a long while.

    Legacy Raider and the spectators from this battle, if any of you guys are reading this and want to add your thoughts from during the battle, just pm me and I'll add them where you want into the story.

    Legacy Raider.'s moves will look like this.
    TVboyCanti's moves will look like this.

    Legacy Raider. sent out Metagross.
    TVboyCanti sent out Jirachi.
    So once the pregame trash talk finishes, I get down to business picking my first move. Honestly, having someone as good as Legacy say "I'm gonna thrash you" is kind of intimidating. What can I say, I'm a pansy. I know from our previous games that he's got lum berry. I also know that he's using stealth rock, meteor mash, earthquake, and probably trick as the last move. I decide that my game plan is going to be to steal his lum berry with trick, paralyze him, and then deal with him with donphan, who bounces earthquakes and mms and deals ~70% with earthquake.
    Jirachi used Trick.
    Jirachi obtained Lum Berry!
    Metagross obtained Toxic Orb!
    Metagross used Stealth Rock.
    Pointed stones float in the air around your foe's team!
    Jirachi used Thunder Wave.
    Metagross is paralysed! It may be unable to move!
    Metagross is paralysed! It can't move!

    In hindsight, the correct move would have been to switch to zapdos while he stealth rocked and then switch back to jirachi and absorb the explosion. Hell, thunder waving twice would have had the same result without revealing my toxic orb strategy. Well that's what warstories are for, learning from your mistakes, and thankfully hax was on my side to make up for my wasted turn. My original plan was to own it up with donphan, but legacy raider knows I have a donphan and what it does to his metagross, so I take back my toxic orb and ride out the fire works.

    Jirachi used Trick.
    Jirachi obtained Toxic Orb!
    Metagross obtained Lum Berry!
    Metagross used Explosion.
    Jirachi lost 90% of its health.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Salamence.
    Salamence's intimidate cut Jirachi's attack!
    Yay jirachi lived through the explosion to stick toxic orb to something else, hopefully his restalk gyara. I have no idea what kind of salamence he's using, since it never really did anything in the last battles. However I do know that my jirachi only has enough evs to outspeed max speed base 90s so leaving jirachi in would be a waste. Considering the situation and all of mences potential movesets(mixed, specs, band, DD), Legacy Raiders next attack is a toss up between Fire Blast and Earthquake. Heatran wouldn't like earthquake very much and donphan can't handle fire blast, but zapdos can handle both quite well.

    TVboyCanti switched in Zapdos.
    Zapdos is exerting its pressure!
    Pointed stones dug into Zapdos.
    Salamence used Earthquake.
    It doesn't affect Zapdos...
    Zapdos's leftovers restored its health a little!
    Earthquake it was, which excludes specs from possible sets. Even though I know a Dragon attack is coming, I decide to keep zapdos in and trade blows, as I'm pretty confident Legacy won't be using Outrage, specially since he knows I've got 2 more steel types left.

    Salamence used Draco Meteor.
    Zapdos lost 63% of its health.
    Salamence's special attack was harshly lowered.
    Salamence lost 10% of its health.
    Zapdos used Thunderbolt.
    Salamence lost 66% of its health.

    Legacy thinks my Zapdos is a physical wall and hopes to ko withe meteor, but Zapdos survives the meteor and hits back for equal damage, thanks to the special evs it has for dealing with subCM lati. Now that mence has burned out its special attack on what it thought was a physical wall(and put zappy within ko range) it's time to rid myself of stealth rocks.

    TVboyCanti switched in Donphan.
    Pointed stones dug into Donphan.
    Salamence used Draco Meteor.
    Donphan lost 54% of its health.
    Donphan's leftovers restored its health a little!

    Meteor still takes a hefty chunk out of donphan even at half power, but now salamences special attack stat has totally fizzled out, and no attack it has will be able to ko me. Donphan on the other hand threatens a ko with Ice shard, forcing the switch, and allowing me to get rid of stealth rocks and free up my zapdos. I know he doesn't bother with a ghost type (who uses spinners anyway?) so I spin away.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Gyarados.
    Gyarados's intimidate cut Donphan's attack!
    Donphan used Rapid Spin.
    Gyarados's leftovers restored its health a little!

    Legacy uses the bulky DD Rest/Talk set, so his only attack is waterfall. All of my pokemon will take heavy damage if I switch them into a waterfall, so I decide to sacrifice donphan to get my zapdos into play.

    Gyarados used Waterfall.
    It's super effective!
    Donphan lost 43% of its health.
    Donphan used Toxic.
    Gyarados was badly poisoned!

    But not before leaving my mark on gyarados with toxic. Even though this won't mean much to a restalker, toxic damage will shorten the turns gyarados can ramapage before it must enter a fitful slumber (during which I will be able to set up for a sweep). Time for Donphan to bite it.
    Donphan used Ice Shard.
    Gyarados lost 6% of its health.
    Gyarados used Waterfall.
    It's super effective!
    Donphan lost 15% of its health.
    TVboyCanti's Donphan fainted.
    Donphan pokes gyara one last time before he dies. Before I bring zapdos back out to restore itself, I decide to make sure that gyarados stays toxiced permanently.
    TVboyCanti switched in Jirachi.
    Jirachi used Trick.
    Jirachi obtained Leftovers!
    Gyarados obtained Toxic Orb!
    Gyarados used Waterfall.
    Jirachi lost 10% of its health.
    TVboyCanti's Jirachi fainted.
    Indeed, now gyarados has lost access to its leftovers and has permanent toxic status anytime its not asleep, which will hasten even more its need to sleep and make it much less threatening to my team. Time to get zapdos in and back on its feet.

    TVboyCanti switched in Zapdos.
    Zapdos is exerting its pressure!

    He has to assume that my zapdos will ko gyara if he doesnt switch, so I heal the damage done by salamence while he switches.

    Legacy Raider. switched in Tyranitar.
    Tyranitar's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm!
    A sandstorm brewed!
    Zapdos used Roost.
    Zapdos restored 50% of its health.

    This is no good. Ttar kod my zapdos with stone edge in one hit in our last game. Even though I've fought this team twice before, Legacy has never used more than one attack while Ttar was out, and all of them were kos by Stone Edge or Earthquake. Because Ttar never healed with leftovers or took recoil damage in our previous games, and because I know that its Jolly with max speed evs, I have to assume from our other battles that its banded. The only pokemon I have left that can take two banded stone edges is empoleon, but if he predicts the switch and uses earthquake I'll be totally screwed with both my sweepers gone. I'll have to pray that he predicts with earthquake and roar him away to something less threatening (like porygon).

    Tyranitar used Dragon Dance.
    Zapdos used Roar.
    Machamp was dragged out.
    Machamp's leftovers restored its health a little!
    Okay, despite being totally wrong about Tars item and what move it was going to use, I was still right that Tar didn't use Stone Edge and I accidentally make the best move possible in that situation. Nice. Machamp isn't exactly the setup bait of porygon, but at least I can hurt it with a STAB TB.

    Zapdos used Thunderbolt.
    Machamp lost 51% of its health.
    Machamp used Dynamicpunch.
    It's not very effective...
    Zapdos lost 26% of its health.
    Zapdos became confused!

    Excellent, I'm faster than machamp meaning that I'll be able to roost off the damage while pp stalling it out of punches and stone edges. I don't want machamp to die yet because its setup fodder for heatran and empoleon, but I can't have it shooting off powerful attacks like that.

    Zapdos used Roost.
    Machamp used Payback.
    Zapdos lost 35% of its health.

    I realize that trying to play rope-a-dope with machamp when I'm confused is hopeless and that I need to just get rid of the damn thing. I plan my moves 5 turns in advance, which is not usually my style but I'm in a pinch here and I need to strategize. Legacy will be expecting me to roost again, and will probably use Dynamic Punch to get the maximum damage on me. Pressure will bring Punch's PP down to 4, and zapdos will die next turn by me using roar and machamp using stone edge or something. Then I bring in Heatran, sub 4 times, depleting dynamic punch of its pp, set up stealth rock and Overheat+blow up on the tyranitar switch.


    Zapdos hurt itself in its confusion!
    Zapdos lost 8% of its health.
    Machamp used Stone Edge.
    It's super effective!
    Zapdos lost 55% of its health.
    TVboyCanti's Zapdos fainted.
    And of course not only does zapdos promptly face palm itself and die, but machamp uses stone edge instead of dynamic, throwing the whole stall machamp out of pp plan out the window. Well I can still at least set up stealth rocks.
    TVboyCanti switched in Heatran.

    Legacy Raider. switched in Gyarados.
    Heatran used Substitute.
    Gyarados is hurt by poison!
    Heatran used Stealth Rock.
    Gyarados used Waterfall.
    It's super effective!
    Heatran's substitute faded!

    Scout with sub in case he doesn't think I'll fry his machamp, then put up the rocks. Better late than never I suppose, now his salamence is a zombie(alive but dead). Heatran is faster than his gyarados thanks to a few custom speed evs for outspeeding cresselias. I think he knew that I was going to blow up in his face, but whether he knew it or not I didn't have much choice. It's not as though Heatran would get another chance to switch in.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Tyranitar.
    Pointed stones dug into Tyranitar.
    Heatran used Explosion.
    It's not very effective...
    Tyranitar lost 41% of its health.
    TVboyCanti's Heatran fainted.

    I forgot about intimidate cutting heatrans attack and I miss the ko on tyranitar. Shoot. Tyranitar's jolly nature and 252 speed evs means it outspeeds both my remaining pokemon and hits with a super effective earthquake. Of my two remaining sweepers, Tar is the bulkier of the two and more likely to survive an earthquake.

    TVboyCanti switched in Tyranitar.

    I could Dragon Dance here, hope that I survive the earthquake, and sweep for game. But if he sees through it and Dragon Dances along side of me theres no hope of surviving an earthquake and thats good game. If I use Stone Edge to cover a switch to gyarados, he could switch in machamp and I'd be screwed. Earthquake seems to be the lowest risk move, it kills bizarrotyranitar, does good damage to machamp, and If he switches in gyarados he'll have to switch away from the stone edge or fail a ko with waterfall, giving me an oppurtunity to dance up and go for a sweep.

    Legacy Raider. switched in Salamence.
    Salamence's intimidate cut Tyranitar's attack!
    Pointed stones dug into Salamence.
    Legacy Raider.'s Salamence fainted.
    Tyranitar used Earthquake.
    But there was no target!

    Dammit, I completely forgot about his living-dead salamence. It drops my attack and gives it's mates a free switch in. Brilliant move. Not much I can do but smack Machamp with a weakened earthquake and die.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Machamp
    Pointed stones dug into Machamp.
    Tyranitar used Earthquake.
    Machamp lost 24% of its health.
    Machamp used Dynamicpunch.
    It's super effective!
    Tyranitar lost 100% of its health.
    TVboyCanti's Tyranitar fainted.
    Its Empoleon against 4 pokemon, three of which have moves that are super effecive and one of which outspeeds emoleons unaltered speed stat.
    TVboyCanti switched in Empoleon
    Legacy tries to convince me that I've already lost. Tyranitar is just going to outspeed me and gg with Earthquake. Machamp still has five Dynamic punches left, so I can't stall it out with substitute. And Legacy knows how deadly empoleon is with a boost so he'll be keeping the pressure on, which means I won't be able to safely get an agility boost while champ and tar are still active. I continue to mull through my options for some time. Theres no way I'm giving up on this battle. Empoleon swept this team 6-0 in our last battle, he knows the damage its capable of.
    Maybe Legacy isn't totally sure about his victory and is actually trying to convince himself that he's won. Empoleon is a lot like Garchomp in a way; after its counter has been removed, it only needs one free turn to sweep a team. While I'm going through my tactical options one by one, empoleons stats pop into my head. 252 sp atk evs, 216 spe evs, 28 hp, 12 defense. Ripped it straight out of the analysis page. Why had the analysis recomended those strange defensive evs. Why not just put it all in hp, or max out speed? The analysis never really elaborated on why the ev spread was important. Then the door to victory opened. I saw how I was going to win the battle. It was by the slimmest margin, but I could see it! But first I needed to get rid of this four armed pest.

    Empoleon used Surf.
    Machamp lost 19% of its health.
    Legacy Raider.'s Machamp fainted.
    Legacy Raider sees my plan now. He was expecting me to sub up and go for a sweep by hiding behind a sub, as I had done to him in our other games. When I kill machamp instead, Legacy realizes that he's going to be switching Tar into a full health Empoleon rather than a 19% Empoleon. Legacy takes a long time choosing which pokemon to send out, so I decide to play mind games with him in the chat.
    The taunting probably didn't change the outcome of the battle, but it did make it even more fun.

    Legacy Raider. switched in Tyranitar
    Pointed stones dug into Tyranitar.

    In our last game, Legacy tried to bring down Empoleon with porygon2s thunderbolt, only to have empoleon take 60% while using Agility and activating Petaya berry, which got his team swept 6-0. He's got no choice but to send in Tar. If you haven't figured out my strategy by now, I'm hoping that empoleon will be bulky enough to survive tars earthquake, get an agility in and bring home the bacon. Bizarrotars jolly nature allowed it to outspeed my weakened empoleon in our first game and stop its sweep. I'm hoping that Tyranitars strength in our first game will be its downfall in this one. I have no idea if this will actually work, I don't bother running damage calcs since any other move besides killing machamp would have resulted in me losing. Legacy waits a long time before issuing his command to Tyranitar. Guess he must be nervous or something.
    Tyranitar used Earthquake.
    It's super effective!
    Empoleon lost 95% of its health.
    Empoleon's Petaya Berry raised its special attack!
    Empoleon used Agility.
    Empoleon's speed was sharply raised.
    That exchange in the chat pretty much sums up what happened that turn. Oh snap indeed eh?

    Empoleon used Surf.
    It's super effective!
    Tyranitar lost 35% of its health.
    Legacy Raider.'s Tyranitar fainted.
    The sandstorm rages.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Gyarados
    Gyarados's intimidate cut Empoleon's attack!
    Pointed stones dug into Gyarados.
    05 08
    For anyone who's curious, petaya boosted surf only does an average of 45% to max hp/min spdef gyarados. Which is why I was so adamant about making sure gyarados became poisoned. Too late for gyara to rest up now.

    Empoleon used Surf.
    It's not very effective...
    Gyarados lost 8% of its health.
    Legacy Raider.'s Gyarados fainted.
    Legacy Raider. switched in Porygon2.
    Porygon traced Empoleon's Torrent!
    Pointed stones dug into Porygon.
    Porygon lost 12% of its health.

    This last attack is for game. Read the live commentary, it's more interesting than anything I can write here.

    Empoleon used Surf.
    Porygon lost 88% of its health.
    Legacy Raider.'s Porygon2 fainted.

    Surf does 77-91% to a maxhp/minspdef porygon2. Guess those late game stealth rocks were pretty important.
    TVboyCanti wins!

    As you can see, this battle was about as close as you can get. Hope you guys enjoyed my warstory, I tried to give as much insight as possible and make it as suspenseful as possible (Were you able to guess who was going to win?).

    Legacy Raider for being good natured after 3 battles and being generally awesome.
    Legacy Raider for giving a hell of a fight (double props!)
    Empoleon for being my kick ass garchomp penguin
    Whoever came up with the empoleon spread that lets it survive a Tyranitar Earthquake
    no hax(cept for para and confusion)
    Spectators for giving flavorful commetary
    Shoddy Find Tab, for pairing me up with Legacy three times in a row

    Formatting warstories is a pain!

    BLOOOPERS: Legacy Raider didn't want me to keep these in the log but I thought they were funny:
    This log was formatted using Warmachine Version 1.0[/quote]
  2. HECTORtu

    HECTORtu matty is gay for me!

    Jul 11, 2007
    Wow awesome warstory, I really liked the thingy you used to demonstrate each pokemon's health. Definetly one of the better warstories I've read. Great match guys.
  3. sora13


    Aug 31, 2008
    Dang nice predictions. Empoleon should get more respect as a sweeper you know, He's extremely dangerous.
  4. kingdra-13


    Nov 18, 2008
    Awesome battle, the chart thingy was great! LOL, Legacy Raider is in all those good warstories...nice job to both of ya =)
  5. twash

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 26, 2007
    Oooof that was close.

    I really loved the HP charts, really really useful when reading it, makes it much easier to keep up.

    Rating 5 stars.
  6. 1234gjy


    Aug 3, 2008
    Holy Shit!
    What a comeback!
    So that's what the 28 hp and 16def are for!
    Surviving a T-tar EQ!
    You gottta thank whoever made that evs.
    Freaking close!!
    Best comeback ever!
  7. Towlie


    Jul 1, 2006
    Nice game. Empoleon is a very dangerous late game sweeper. Nice format and everything too.
  8. 13blue101


    Sep 20, 2008
    Wow, I guess Empoleon is one of the deadliest sweepers in the game. Great match and read man. I have to try this beast out. *formats an empoleon team* Great job again.
  9. Peachfuzz


    Aug 27, 2008
    Amazing battle and warstory. Excellent job on both sides, close, and was there any hax at all? Empoleon needs more love too!
  10. reachzero

    reachzero the pastor of disaster
    is a CAP Contributoris a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 18, 2008
    A pretty interesting battle. I thought that TVboyCanti made a few terrible decisions in the early part of the game, with Tricking Metagross and leaving Zapdos in on Machamp being the worst. That being said, it goes to show you that a weakness to one nasty Pokemon like Empoleon can bring down a whole well-played game. It really is true that Legacy Raider ends up in all the good warstories. And if he does have a fan club, I want to join. :)
  11. Duck Tape Son

    Duck Tape Son

    Dec 14, 2008
    Comeback warstory ftw. Although I should see some more originality instead of copyright, so people who make warstories can prove they can make better ones than LR and a better format than this one haha (which won't happen pwnt).
  12. Nachos

    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 16, 2007
    Damn it, LR gets into ALL the good warstories. :(

    5 stars and awesome ending.
  13. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster

    Sep 7, 2007
    Brilliant warstory, loved it. Both sides played very intelligently, good insights, great ending.
  14. nyczxjay

    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 30, 2007
    Just going to add to all the praise lol. A little iffy start on your part with Jirachi but it got better as the match progressed. Love the format. I'm a big fan of those HP charts. xD
  15. Objection


    Sep 27, 2008
    How did you do those HP charts anyway?
  16. Legacy Raider

    Legacy Raider sharpening his claws, slowly
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    May 1, 2008
    No way...

    You actually posted it lol.

    I'm going to read through and edit this post haha.

    EDIT: That was an amazing warstory! Definitely one of the best I have ever read, and most probably the most humorous (even if it was at my expense =P). Even though I knew the outcome already, I was gripped all the way through and enjoyed every moment of it. Kudos to you, TVBoyCanti. Great warstory, great game.

  17. Wes


    May 28, 2008
    Awesome Warstory, really liked the damage HP charts. Also the icon for toxic. I also learned that toxic orb does activate multiple times, which I didn't know eiter. I also liked the title =) Keep these comming
  18. EvilMario


    May 31, 2007
    As others have said, a great warstory complimented by the fantastic layout. Good job!
  19. diamondfan1910


    Dec 4, 2008
    Really good Warstory. Secret to the HP Charts plz?
  20. chenman333


    Aug 26, 2008
    Way to keep the suspense with Empy. What beast, I should try him out some time.
  21. Kir


    Jul 22, 2008
    For a minute, I thought TVBoyCanti's 4 Ground weaknesses were going to come back and bite him, but they didn't. Well played match, kudos to both of you.

    I liked the format a lot, for reasons others have said. Great job.
  22. -Marcel-


    Nov 10, 2007
    Ah I am glad I have seen this battle live. I did damage calcs on Surf vs P2 and I knew that P2 had a big chance too survive the hit.

    Well written.
  23. Madd Cribbage

    Madd Cribbage

    Aug 12, 2008
    Moral of the (war)story: Use Empoleon!

    Nice Work TVBoyCanti
  24. MetaNite

    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    May 4, 2008
    Come on Legacy Raider, you said you were going to try Celebi next not Porygon2 again.

    Really awesome game. One of the best. Not really the comments or formatting but the actual battle which is the best part.
  25. bugmaniacbob

    bugmaniacbob Was fun while it lasted
    is an Artist Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 19, 2008
    Great Warstory.

    We'll have to try Empoleon as a Suspect next...

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