Let's Play! Lets Play Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge

Hello everyone. I was looking what to do on youtube because now I have more time. I love playing Emerald and then the Nuzlocke challenge came to mind. What will happen is you can choose the rules I follow. Post a rule you would like me to follow and I will make a list of ones I chose to follow. Then, I will post the link to the playlist and always have the link to the most recent episode.

Episode 3:
Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fvJYiRZ6oc&list=PL2Vd8xnn8xWFaR0ty9YIGTLjZ9OHi5C3X

Any Pokemon That Faints, Is Considered Dead
All Pokemon Must Be Nicknamed
Starter Pokemon Is Based Off Trainer ID. 1-3=Grass, 4-6=Water, 7-9=Fire, 0 Choice
No In Battle Healing Items
Can Only Use A Pokemon Center 5 Times Per Town
Can Not Have More Than One Pokemon Of Same Species
Can Only Buy 1 Pokeball Per Pokemart
Only One Pokemart Visit Per Town
Only Two Pokemon Can Be Used Per Battle
No Super-Effective Moves On Gym Leaders If It Gets STAB
Can Only Buy 5 Items Per Pokemart
Shinies Can Be Caught No Matter What
Can Only Catch First Pokemon Encountered In An Area(Helping Birch Does Not Count)
No More Than 6 Pokemon
Pokemon Are Paired Off Male And Female
If One Of The Pair Dies, The Other Must Avenge Its Death
Double Battles Must Use These Pairs
Can only buy a maximum of 5 items per Pokemart, and can only go there once per city. (Better get used to searching routes for items... or holding onto a Zigzagoon)
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