Let's Play! Let's Play Pokemon Manly Pink

Searching for something fun to play I came across this game. I also have new recording software so I decided to do a Let's Play of Pokemon Manly Pink. If you've never heard of it, it's basically FR/LG with 5th gen. You can watch the first part of my series here.


Things start out innocently enough for me for about 8 minutes but after that, things start getting frustrating :P.

I wanted to do 2-3 vids today but my computer crashed twice when uploading and then the dimensions were shitty when it finally uploaded. So this ended up taking a while. Hopefully I can get a better start tomorrow. Anyway, please watch and leave a comment, like, subscribe, etc. If you didn't like it, please post in this thread what I could do to make it a better video.

In the recommended videos, I see someone else has also done Manly Pink so I'm sadly not the first :(. I watched one of his vids after making mine and he has dual commentary. I think that's pretty cool and is something I'd love to incorporate...however, I don't want to just steal someone else's idea. I might shoot him a message to see if it's okay and then I'll see if anyone wants to commentate with me.

Thanks for watching and remember - real men play pink!


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One immediate problem I can notice is that the video is rather quiet. At least let the ingame sound play. Be a little looser; crack a few more jokes and be more confident with your speech.

3 minutes of running around to hatch an egg is a bad idea to keep on video, lol. Same goes for grinding up a mon 3 levels.
Yeah I also felt quiet throughout the game so the in-game sound will be included moving forward.

the 3 minutes of running around was so lame lol i had hoped the egg hatched quickly but then i wound up having to speed and try to make it hatch quick. my reaction in the vid was my real reaction of anger at that taking so long. however i dont think the grinding was that bad since it only took 3-4 battles to grind up those levels. in the future, i'll try to grind outside the vids tho on my own-time.

thanks for the suggestions, i'll try to keep all of them in mind going forward
i have to get my computer fixed so i might not be able to put up new vids until tuesday

luckily i have 2 episodes done and recorded today:

new things!
- music added
- grinding NOT SHOWN
- humor (jurys still out)...im not the funniest guy but i try to at least put some musings in v.v. usually i just say what i wanna say

Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Enjoy! Be sure to comment, rate, like, dislike, and criticize if you can. i'd like to know what i can do to improve!

I've played this game a couple times in the past myself. Something I remember from playing this is the fact that the last gym is completely bugged and can't be challenged without getting stuck in the gym. As I recall the screen will move around but your character is completely stuck in place, making it so you can never leave the gym (this issue occurs if you battle ANY trainer including the gym leader). As I recall there's one whole floor in victory road that does the same, only it activates when you encounter a wild pokemon. I believe there's a couple other spots like that but they're completely avoidable. With this game the adage of "save frequently" is more like "save every minute". I enjoy this hack, unfortunately last I checked the people making it abandoned it before completion (unless someone took the time to finish since I last checked).
Rchizzle9 (I assume that's who kd24 is talking about in the first post) COMPLETELY finished the game, so if you keep getting stuck in some places I recommend you check out his LP.