Let's Play! Let's play: Pokemon Shiny Gold


Alright, I'm doing a Let's Play to introduce one of my favourite hacks, Pokemon Shiny Gold! I will be posting pictures and team updates, and anyone who also wants to play through is also welcome to do so!​
First chapter!

Yes I am!

Hmm... You look a lot like Blue to me

I'll take this one.

Volc, short for Vulcan

Stats! Stats! Stats!

Who is it?

Rival Battle!

My team... of one.

So, the start of the playthrough! Basically the same as any other Johto based game at the start, next time I will have my first badge!

Alright! Second update, and first Gym Badge!

Meeting a Gym Leader face-to-face... Meh. Done that plenty of times before

Level 9 Pidgeotto? What a hacker

Oh Yeah! I win!

Venture out onto Route 32 and meet my second teammate, Sparkle the Mareep. Would've been nice if she came before Falkner.

Hmm... It looks tasty, but I don't want to support Pokemon cruelty

My team at the end of the chapter, before Union Cave. Mareep is unfortunately only available after you beat Falkner, so she had to do a lot of grinding to catch up with Volc. Falkner was taken down in three hits of Ember, while Volc only took about 10hp damage throughout the battle. So my team stands at level 18 Quilava, level 13 Mareep and Level 0 Egg.

On a side note, if anyone is playing through Shiny Gold, or any hack game, feel free to post photos and team updates here!

Update 3! Beating Bugsy! Now is probably a good time to tell you that the creator of this game decided to add Hoenn Pokemon on every route. They are very rare, and I was fortunate enough to find one...

A wild Mudkip appeared!

I name him Jorge

Woohoo! I've got a Flaafy!

Awww, how cute

Because he came from an egg

Another day, another evolution

Need proof I have two badges?

My team at the end

So, this chapter I got two new teammates. I lucked out and found a Mudkip in Union Cave, and while I was preparing for the battle against Bugsy my egg hatched. Eggy got all kinds of things with Metronome; He got Kinesis twice in one battle, but in other battles he got Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant, and almost solo'd Bugsy with Rollout; Scyther's Quick Attack killed him:(. Anyway, next chapter I intend to have beaten Whitney.
Fourth Update!

Why do these guys like underleveled Pokemon?

You better be thankful, that Farfetch'd took forever to catch.

Please welcome Athena the Heracross!

You don't seem too eager to raise my Pokemon.

Yet another kid whose childhood dreams were destroyed by that Miltank

The killer cow itself.

Hmm... What an odd tree...

Oh! It's a Sudowoodo!

I know it's a lame nickname, but he is definitely not a tree!

End of chapter team photo, as usual.

So, this chapter I defeated that child terror, Whitney. Honestly she wasn't that big of a challenge, but just being able to say I beat her is something, isn't it?