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Hello fellow patrons of Orange Islands! A lot of you don't now me (almost everyone), but I've decided to get more into the ingame side of Pokemon since I suck horribly at competitive battling. I'll admit I'm not the most interesting person in the world, but I try. If I'm being boring, tell me and I'll attempt to make my games more interesting. I'm also a big fan of doing one Pokemon runs with really crappy Pokemon or Pokemon hard/impossible to obtain at the beginning of the game, but I'm putting those on low priority since regular LP's are more appreciated (unless I'm told otherwise.) So, enjoy what I have to offer, if you want. I'll try to entertain you guys ^.^

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Pokemon Blue LP!
Special Theme: Tweeting with the Pidgeys!

Theme: Each picture on the post will have italicized text beneath it that represents a tweet. Gengan's current twitter handle is @GhOsTlY1998 so feel free to follow him (doesn't actually exist lol). Remember, he's ten, so keep it PG please.

Part 1: From Humble Beginnings

Every great hero of the world starts out as a simple peasant, or the breadboy, or that nerdy kid who does his History assignments while shoved into the back of his locker. And the same goes for me. The story of how I went from a simple 10 year old child in a 1-bedroom house in Pallet Town to the Champion over the whole Kanto region is an interesting one, and each time I look back upon it, I remember important moments that really would have changed the way my life unfolded had they never happened. Each one has significance to me, and I for one am happy that each one occured, even if they weren't positive.

And so, my story begins...

lol this guy needs some bb cream #whatanoldie

So not everything starts out on a totally positive note. At my age, old people weren't cool. Rules weren't cool. Abiding by rules wasn't cool. Being cool was cool... What? I was ten, what did you expect?

Pallet Town was where I lived. It was a simple place. Many people drifted through, none ever really stayed. There's a wonderful beach though, and as a kid I loved going there and digging up the plastic seashells my mom bought at the Viridian City market and buried for me to find. I even found a Krabby once. At the time, I didn't know what a Pokemon was, so I had no clue what I had stumbled upon. My mom didn't seem too terribly excited about me finding it, though; she screamed in pure terror, grabbed me, and we went home for the day. It was pretty embarrassing, but she had good reason. Krabby live up to their name, and are some of the meanest Pokemon I've ever met in my entire life. But, I won't dawdle on that anymore, as now the plot progresses.

kicking some mushroom ASS #marioswag

Yes, I did procrastinate a lot as a child, which partially explained why I dropped out of school at the age of 10. Another part is that my dearest mother, may she rest in peace, grew very ill around that time. It was a kind of disease that couldn't be diagnosed or cured, and we feared the worst would befall her. One day, as she lay in a hospital, me at her bedside, she pulled me close and whispered the words that still fuel my determination to this very day,

"Go out and be the best you can be. Make your mother proud, Gengan."

The next day, I told Professor Oak, the town Scientist and self-proclaimed Pokemon nutcase, that I wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. He was delighted by my decision and informed me that his son, Feran, was also starting his Pokemon journey and that we could possibly travel together.

That name. That name brings back all the things I used to hate as a child. Of course, at my age now, Feran and I are great friends. But when we were ten, we were the worst of enemies. There was an unrivaled hatred between us, like two countries who can't stand each other. We constantly argued, fought, yelled at each other, insulted each other; any angry, bitter thing you could think of, we did it to each other. For some reason, we really just didn't get along. Our parents tried to get us to be friendly, but it always ended in disaster.

After I spoke with Prof. Oak, he sent a letter to the Pokemon Trainer HQ, and three days later they sent me over an official Trainer's card. I was so excited, but I was told that I had to wait literally 3 weeks before I could get my Pokemon. That didn't sit very well with me, because for the next 21 days, I moped around, listened to music, basically did absolutely nothing in order to keep the allure of a Pokemon to call my own as exciting as possible.

Finally, the day came. As I came down the stairs, my mother trotted over and gave me a hug. She told me, "Prof. Oak just called. The Pokemon are in today. Go make me proud, son." She then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I promised her I would and I stepped out. I darted over to Oak's lab, so excited to recieve my Pokemon. I kicked open the door to his lab, rushed in, aaannnnndddd...

wtf where is everyone #fuckinghellmate

As it was, Prof. Oak had gone missing. Feran was there, but we avoided each other's eyes. I saw the gleaming red-white Pokeballs sitting on the table, ready for me to pick them up. However, better judgement told me that it wasn't right to take one until Oak was here, so I decided to go find the old geester.

And I took one step into the grass and he came flying out of nowhere, screaming his head off. Only god knows where that man was at when I took a step into the grass that day, but I'm glad he showed up, because I was not a patient person at my age. He took me back to his lab, and the fun began.

He told me that each of us could take one Pokemon, and one only. I asked who the other one was going to go to, and he told me it was a secret, but that I would find out in due time. He then presented us the Pokeballs, and told us we could pick whichever one we want - Charmandar, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Feran was being picky, so he let me choose first.

I didn't think this would be so hard... #bigdecisions

All three of the Pokemon were adorable, plain and simple. Charmander was a fiery lizard, and it looked fierce. It had very sharp claws, and every breath it took sent out little flames. It had a bright fire on the end of its tail, and it was amazing to see.

Squirtle was a turtle, and it felt wet to the touch. He had big googly eyes, and he playfully pushed me with his tail while I was looking at him. Knocking my fist against his shell, it was hard as a rock, and nothing could ever break it. It was really impressive.

But Bulbasaur, by far, was the most impressive one. It smelled of a flower field mixed with natural honey, and its was soft and rugged, like freshly caught grass. What won me over was how calm it was - it looked at me with a smile, with big, comforting eyes, and stood perfectly still. It didn't show off, it didn't do anything special. It was, in a sense, perfect. And so, that was my partner for life, and the beginning of my journey in the great world of Kanto.

how awesome is THIS?! #herewego #soexcited

End of Update #1

Mason the Bulbasaur
Grass / Poison
Lvl: 5
Stats: 19 / 11 / 11 / 10 / 12
~ Tackle
~ Growl