Let's Strike a pose, Poke'mon!

Dear god your stuff is just so smooth and stylish it's inspiring... you need to do more finished, coloured pieces like the Hydreigon!
Holy crap! Your art is awesome I can't believe I haven't ventured here before. All your sketches are reallly good, though I would like to see some more finished works like that Hydreigon. Keep up the good work.

It's like fatecrashers and yilx had a baby and then he fucked the shit out of Nasty and then this came out, please color anytime soon.

Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a long time, guys! I've been trying to post new art for days and days, but the website would never load! D': I didn't know if it was happening for everyone, or just my connection since I didn't hear anything about a planned shut down or something...

anyways, Thank you for all the compliments! I'm a bit surprised the other artists are praising me too, as I look up to you guys! Inspires me to draw more and more!

Currently, I've been making up Poke'mon! It's something I haven't done in a long time, but it's a lot more fun than I remember!

Totoad- It is born fully developed. It gets carried away while playing and ends up turning it into a fight.

Ribbiteen-It is forced to watch its younger siblings at all times. It will wander away from Parentoad any chance it gets to start fights with other Ribbiteen.

Parentoad-Parentoad will protect its children at any cost. The pores on its back constantly spew out newborn Totoads. (When Ribbiteen evolves into Parentoad, all empty slots in the Trainer's team are filled with Totoads.)

Expect more soon!
These are so mega-chill dude, Surinam Toads are awesome and deserve to be a real pokemon already, I love these!

(oh and PS the site was down for everybody)
you should probably try coloring those in whatever way, judging by your hydreigon you're really really good at it

i'm sure they'll be even more awesome than they are now