Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Haha, thanks, you guys. Maybe I should keep a collection of Luvdiscs for me (though that won't be much) :o You have adorable handwriting, by the way, Danmire.

And yeah, someone passed by when I read that quote and since we all laughed I figured I should sig it. You get the honor of having the first quote in my sig.

'nother Luvdisc (this was for RitterCat).

Plus the person I promised.

I also have it as just the sketch, just the outline or no shading. First time shading since May/June, by the way.

EDIT: RitterCat didn't request this but he should have.

D'AWWWW thx kipp =D

Now in my Purugly pics folder I have Puruglys by you, fate, yilx, SEO, danmire and combatraccoon AND I LOVE THEM ALL.

Haha, thanks! I couldn't think of what to draw so I figured I'd draw something for an artist I like. Purugly's body is a pain so I just drew a head, haha.

Gonna have a dump of my OCs' heads soon, I have two right now.
Three days, I think I'm allowed to bump.

Found out that something that came with my tablet has an animation studio. May use it, may not. I've never done animation, so anyone have some simple ideas for it? It also came with a doodlepad (which I used to draw Jimmy, who I draw intentionally to make it look like he was drawn by a nine year old).

It only comes in blue, sorry. Also, my OC, Autumn. You wifiers may know her from my Sableye. >_> Not done yet, only done the sketch of the face.

No problem. :> Didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but yeah. Also, forgot brows on Autumn so I fixed that.

Would like some opinions on this, as well as blue person and character dump a few posts up.
Haha, thanks. :> Yeah, I used to be really into anime. I try to make my drawings a tad more realistic though, after going through a few phases (anime, then cartoony, then realistic, along with some relapses). Anime eyes are always fun to mess with though.
Help me out you guys
I can't shade for my life D:
So I colored the girl in, but I can't shade. At all. Here it is with just color--

Yes, she's gray, and yes, her eyes are orange. >_> And here it is with shading (not done yet).

So yeah, I suck at shading. Any tips?


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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I think all you need to do is making the shading softer and smoother. I quite like the direction that you're taking the shading in, it gives a new outlook on things.

Really shading is just practice. Practise practise practise like I never did!
You have no idea how happy those two comments made me feel :'D

Thanks! I'm smoothing it out right now, then I'll work on the hair. Right now I can't really draw anything past shoulders, so no to full-body shots. May end up trying to sketch some bodies after this drawing though for practice.

by the way both of you really need artist's badges


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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by the way both of you really need artist's badges
Actually, despite what the majority of people seem to think, I don't actually do art at all! I've done a couple of sketches I guess, but my tablet has been playing up recently so I haven't finished anything. I'm by no means a great artist as people tend to assume.

Mr. Martino however, definitely does. However he can only get it by contributing to the Smog *hint*
Wyverii has an artist's badge and from what I can tell, all she does is pixel art. And you contribute to the Smog a lot. You deserve the badge. Also, attempted smoother shading on the neck/shoulders but I went way overboard...

Took a break from that and decided to draw some other stuff. My friend's OC, Isaac.

And an attempt to draw in another friend's style. Haven't seen her in a very long time so it's probably changed by now.

Messy hair is the best kind.

Well, I lined my friend's OC in dark purple. Then I colored. I decided against regular shading since I'm not good at it, haha. So I did scribble shading. Looks okay considering I put just about no effort into it.
I should really stop bumping this.

So I got bored and decided I'd draw all the masks of my favorite band, Hollywood Undead. First mask I attempted was really difficult since I could only find one reference picture, and it didn't have a close-up. But here it is.

Cookies for whoever can guess who it is. Also some other stuff.

Doodling faces. Also yes there is a NastyJungle face. >_>

One of my sort of new OCs, Annette. I drew this a few days before New Years.

Also, I got fanart, but that's on the other computer so I'll edit that in soon.

EDIT: Best friend's OC and mine. Mine is the one that isn't a public leaning post. :P

They also drew me another member of Hollywood Undead without me asking, lol.

So yeah.
Nice sketches there, at least it gives me hope that I can make an art thread full of pencil sketches on notepaper and worksheet margins...

Also, <3 that Bachuru/Chikorita pic.
Haha, thanks, Loon. :>

Been thinking of this title for awhile. Wanted to save it for a trade thread. Decided I'm too impatient. :P

Thanks, min min! Mostly do computer work now though. I'm surprised by how many people like my Chikorita/Bachuru (first drawing of both, and they were pretty quick, haha).

Expect another mask soon! Just need to get onto the laptop. And it's just the mask this time, sorry!