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Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Zebraiken, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Zebraiken

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    Oct 7, 2011
    i'll be taking this over from raseri's old skelly. first analysis in a while so yeah!!



    qc'd: other thread
    gp'd: ~

    lol take aa year pls

    hahah YEA


    <p>Belly Drum is often perceived as a 'nooby' tactic - after all, no one in their right mind would intentionally halve the lifespan of their late-game sweeper, even if it means a grandiose +6 Attack. Naturally, Belly Drum seems even worse when used by defensively challenged Pokemon who can't afford to take a hit afterwards, but despite having worse defensive stats than fellow NU miscreants Sunflora and Bibarel, Linoone manages to be one of the best Belly Drum users in existence. The reasoning behind this is simple: Linoone has access to STAB ExtremeSpeed, rendering it virtually immune to being revenge killed if it can it get off a Belly Drum. Nothing but a handful of the most defensive Pokemon in NU can successfully live an attack from a boosted Linoone and KO it in return.</p>

    <p>Of course, getting off that Belly Drum isn't easy to accomplish; if it were, Linoone would be on every team. The NU metagame is more offensive than ever, and set-up opportunities are increasingly rare. In fact, Linoone is so well known for its one-turn set-up that everything that it could set up on will always attack it in order to take it out after the Belly Drum. Team support in the form of dual screens and Memento users is almost essential, or else Linoone will simply be unable to set up without being KOed immediately afterwards. Linoone has an incredibly specific role that requires a team to be built around it rather than it being added to other teams, but if you're looking for the perfect late game sweeper for your heavy offense team, here's your man.</p>

    name: Belly Drum
    move 1: Belly Drum
    move 2: ExtremeSpeed
    move 3: Seed Bomb
    move 4: Return / Shadow Claw
    item: Sitrus Berry
    ability: Pickup
    nature: Adamant
    evs: 172 HP / 252 Atk / 40 Def / 44 SDef


    This is the kind of set that a team should be built around, rather than slapped onto any old team.

    <p>This is the sort of set that a team should be built around, rather than slapped onto any old team. While you'll find it difficult to set up with Linoone most of the time, having the perfect opportunity to

    Linoone punishes people for a single turn of set-up like no other pokemon

    ExtremeSpeed will be the primary weapon

    • At +6 OHKOes the majority of the tier
    • 2HKOes everything that it doesn’t OHKO, meaning only steels can safely switch into it, if they predict it right
    • 1048 base attack after belly drum
    • ExtremeSpeed is the preferable move, getting STAB and +2 priority, and OHKOing more or less everything that doesn’t resist it
    • Shadow Claw OHKOes all the ghosts in the tier, and prevents them from walling it
    • Return hits Duosion, Exeggutor, Lickilicky, Vigoroth, Garbodor, Weezing, Amoonguss for a KO, while only missing a KO on Misdreavus and Drifblim.
    • Seed Bomb provides a small amount of backbone against probopass and bastiodon, hitting them for neutral damage.
    • Sitrus Berry allows it to get a larger chance to set up, meaning it can set up on anything that does less than 75% damage, rather than just 50%.
    • Can set up on many of the weaker attackers in NU
    • Can shred apart weather teams if it gets a free turn to set up (on volbeat, usually)

    • EV Spread Maximises bulk, meaning it can set up more often as more moves don't KO or do enough damage to stop it from setting up. It is normally used most in random circumstances, as Linoone might be worn down by other attacks. bulky is da way 2 GO
    • Pickup is used because although generally useless, it could be used in a very weird circumstance. Gluttony would do nothing, as sitrus berry activates at 50% anyway

      <zebusy> what does pickup do
      <zebusy> for linoone
      <Djangoo> ugh i saw it do something cool once
      <Djangoo> does it pick up beries left over
      <Djangoo> from previous turns?
      <cbb> black
      <cbb> something like that yes
      <Raseri> zeb it can take an item that the foe loses
      <Raseri> if it doesnt have one
      <Raseri> its extremely situational
      <Raseri> but more useful than gluttony
      <zebusy> ah okay
    • salac berry for outspeeding haunter whiel staying adamant
    • Can use a faster spread so it can outspeed all the ghosts in the tier, being Jolly with 40 HP/ 252 Atk/ 216 Spe to outrun Haunter. This spread doesn’t have nearly as much bulk and unfortunately the power loss means it can’t guarantee a 2HKO on Tangela, use it if Haunter weak.
    • More speed to outrun potential taunt users, but you shouldn't be setting up on them in the first place
    • Rock Smash is probably its best other option, allowing it to OHKO Bastiodon and Probopass.
    • Much appreciates Dual Screen support, as it significantly increases the chances of managing to set up. Good users are Psychic-types like Gardevoir and Solrock, stuff like Ampharos work too
    • Slow u-turns from Eelektross are great to help set up
    • Skuntank is great for it, as it can take Toxic Spikes and Pursuit any ghosts wanting to annoy Linoone due to their immunity to ExtremeSpeed.
    • Likes to have teammates that can break any focus sashes/sturdies, such as Golem, who can set up SR and can help beat the rare steel type
    • Often needs to come in after a KO, as it is hard to get in and then proceed to set up.
    • Rapid spin support is useful, as it again makes it easier to set up.
    • Can also use Silk Scarf, which gives ExtremeSpeed a large power boost. It does make it much harder to set up though.
    • Lum Berry means it can set-up on Scalds, Toxics, WoWs and it means it's sweep isn't stopped.

    [Other Options]

    <p>Linoone doesn't have many viable options outside of the listed set. A Choice Band set with ExtremeSpeed and Switcheroo initially seems useful, given that it can pick off fast threats such as Cinccino and Swellow while also tricking away its Choice Band onto Alomomola and friends, but you'll find that it's often lacking in power and will miss out on multiple KOes without extensive hazard support (and with said support, you very well might want to use Belly Drum Linoone anyway). Dig and Rock Smash provide coverage on Rock- and Steel-types, but come at a hefty price of giving the opponent a free turn and being incredibly weak, respectively. Gunk Shot allows Linoone to OHKO Tangela at +6, but Tangela has become so rare as of late that it's barely worth consideration. Flail might sound attractive, but being able to work Linoone into Flail range while also getting a Belly Drum in is going to be next to impossible to accomplish against a competent player. Linoone does have an extensive special movepool with Blizzard, Surf, and Thunderbolt, but don't even bother—even with maximum investment, Linoone doesn't manage to OHKO Golem with Surf, let alone anything else.</p>

    [Checks and Counters]

    <p>The best way to handle Linoone is to prevent it from setting up altogether, which isn't too difficult to do when taking its mediocre defenses into account. Most of the time, this is best accomplished by just hitting Linoone with whatever Pokemon you have in - anything that can deal over 75% of Linoone's HP (don't forget about Sitrus Berry!) can prevent Linoone from being able to use Belly Drum and stop its sweep outright. Fast Taunt users who outspeed uninvested Linoone, such as Skuntank, can simply Taunt it before it has a chance to set up. Linoone is unique in the sense that it only has one shot to set up in a game, so timing a phazing move such as Bastiodon's Roar or Lickilicky's Dragon Tail properly can neuter it for the rest of the match.</p>

    <p>If you cannot prevent Linoone's setup, there are quite a few Pokemon that can tank even a +6 ExtremeSpeed and retaliate. Most Steel-types resist the majority of Linoone's moveset bar the rare Rock Smash, and have no troubles dealing with a +6 Linoone. Lairon, Metang, Klang, and Mawile can all 2HKO Linoone with their STAB moves, while Bastiodon can Roar its boosts away. Gurdurr can tank any hit bar +6 Return and KO with Drain Punch. Tangela is one of the better checks available, as it can put Linoone to sleep or attack it and switch out in order to recover HP. Faster Ghost-types such as Haunter and Drifblim serve as excellent checks to the bulky set, as they are immune to ExtremeSpeed and can KO a weakened Linoone with Sludge Bomb and Acrobatics, respectively. Pokemon with Focus Sash or the Sturdy ability, such as Golem, that haven't taken any prior damage are among the best options to revenge kill Linoone, as they have one guaranteed attack. A special mention goes to Magic Guard Kadabra, whose Focus Sash will never be broken from hazard damage. Bulky Pokemon with priority moves can help too; Piloswine and Carracosta both easily live a +6 Extremespeed and can finish off a weakened Linoone. If worse comes to worst, you can always try to stall out ExtremeSpeed's low 8 PP by switching to a resist or using Protect in order to revenge kill Linoone later with a faster Pokemon. Don't count on winning that one, though.</p>

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