List of Released Dream World Pokemon Mark II

Hit the mansion only on my sixth visit. I hate the phrase "and decided to visit the Windswept Sky." I did not decide to visit the sky. That is the least thing I would ever decide. Didn't spot anything new in any of my visits.
I know this isn't that important, but here's my photo receiving the Iron, Twisted Spoon, and Rare Candy ingame.

Sorry it's bad quality. I only had my 3DS and my DSlite I've used for RNG.



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According to this:
and this:

That's Pokemon, not moves & items. So still be on the look-out for that.

Updated List:

Mr. Mime: Teeter Dance, Skill Swap
Ralts: Destiny Bond, ???
Sableye: Foresight, Sucker Punch
Gastly: Sludge Wave, Disable
Drowzee: Psycho Cut, Drain Punch
Mawile: Fire Fang, Ice Punch, Fake Tears
Spoink: Recycle, Skill Swap
Misdreavus: Destiny Bond, Inferno, Psywave
Duskull: Trick, Pain Split
Chimecho: Hypnosis, Hyper Voice
Meowth: Hypnosis, Secret Power
Snubbull: Double-Edge, Close Combat
Smoochum: Skill Swap, Captivate
Wobbuffet: Charm, Encore, Mirror Coat
Spinarak: Bug Bite, Electroweb
Meditite: Drain Punch, Endure
Houndour: Dark Pulse, Feint, Howl
Bronzor: Gravity, Skill Swap, Hypnosis
Stunky: Foul Play, Screech, Sucker Punch
Smeargle: Captivate, Sleep Talk
Shuppet: Destiny Bond, Pain Split
Spiritomb: Spite, Icy Wind, Pain Split
Abra: Gravity, Skill Swap
Volbeat: Trick, ???
Illumise: Tailwind, Fake Tears
Rotom: Signal Beam, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave

Pass Orb
Bluk Berry
Nanab Berry
Razz Berry
Lum Berry
Spell Tag
Max Ether
Old Gateau
Rare Candy

(Maybe next time, Ditto. Maybe next time...)
Okay I dunno if I can even offer much. Yeesh the storm came fast while I was busy. And I only managed to find a few things so...


Gastly with Hypnosis (This seems to be confirmed in an earlier post too)
Stunky with Foul Play
Chimecho with Hyper Voice

EDIT: Okay I dunno there's just too much to look through to be spot-on about specifics.


I know there's the whole big list Katakiri's providing, I'm just adding stuff specifically to the picture-proof list.


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Point requirements for Spooky Manor Pokemon:

"0 points: Mr.Mime, Wobbuffet, Gastly, Bronzor, Drowzee, Spinarak, Houndour, Mawile, Meditite, Spoink, Misdreavus, Smoochum, Duskull, Stunky, Shuppet, Chimecho.

an amount of points(probably 7500?): Meowth, Snubbull, Volbeat, Illumise, Rotom, Smeargle.

a larger amount of points(probably 10000?): Abra, Ralts, Sableye, Spiritomb."

Huge thanks to myriada over at Serebii for extracting all this data!
Well Sprocket, that didn't stop them from adding level up moves to the list on the first post.

Anyhow I hope I actually get a better round next time. With more than one manor visit.


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Updated the OP with all the Pokemon and as many moves as I could spot posted for each pokemon. If something is missing PM me, since if you post a correction here it will likely get lost/ignored.


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This stuff is already known, but I guess it can be used for links on the OP if needed. Everyone was so fast that nearly everything has been found.

Male Duskull with pain split
Male Mr Mime with teeter dance
Male Spiritomb with pain split
Male meditite with endure

EDIT: Just checked and teeter dance mr mime and pain split spiritomb lack links. I guess this was somewhat useful. I probably would have found more if I didn't keep getting sent to the forest -_-.


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You are a champion, Nexus! I don't see anything wrong with the list on my first look-through of it.

Spooky Manor's been up for what? 3, 4 hours? And we already got everything recorded! (minus some items & moves I'm sure.) Champions! All of you!