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Lucid Dreaming For Dragons

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Oh Captain, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012


    Hello everyone! I'm Captain. Or well "Oh Captain" since Captain was taken when i made this account. I don't normally post on these forums mostly because I am lazy and just have more fun playing and chatting than posting.However I have been around in competitive Pokemon since early gen 4, And lurked these forums since then.

    Normally I'm a defensively oriented player. I typically enjoy running things like rain stall or sand stall, some bulky offensive/balanced teams every now and then, but I find if I do one thing for too long the game becomes rather taxing. I debated posting my rain stall team since its quite different than most and uses innovative sets but in the end I couldn't resist posting this for you guys to see.

    I'm extremely pleased and proud to present a team I have worked on for a short while, but the center piece of the team is something I have worked on for a while now.
    The Idea came about one day when I was battling some kid using a Heal bell Dragonite. I then thought why not just use Kingdra and Restchesto?

    *Light Bulb*
    Then the hamster wheels started turning in my head contemplating all the amazing-ness I had thought of...
    Eventually it lead to this:

    At a glance: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Team Building Process:
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    So with Dragonite being the base of the team a few things seemed mandatory to me. The biggest was steel removal, even more important than rapid spin. So I added Magnezone.
    Magnezone is able to trap and kill the most problematic steels such as Ferrothorn, Forretress and Skarmory. It catches slow Scizors (most of them) and is able to do huge damage to annoying pokemon like Tornadus and Politoed. It also forms steel+dragon core that dragons love.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    After I knew I wanted something to partner well with the Magnet, Genesect is arguably good enough for a spot on any offensive team so he seemed like a natural choice
    With the obvious weakness to sun as Dragonite isn't enough to handle sun alone I added my all time favourite Pokemon Latias. <3
    Latias is great in sun and does well in rain too. She has a few merits over Latios mostly being bulkier and much cooler. But that's beside the point.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    The question I had now was, is rapid spin worth it? The obvious answer is yes, But after trying numerous spinners, including Starmie, I just didnt feel like it was necessary. Infact more times than not I would just sweep regardless of rocks. So instead of adding a spinner I added mew for my own rocks and some versatility
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    So i was lacking any real way to break physical walls and Heatran was a huge annoyance thus far. I had tested Terrakion for a while because its a great mon to double switch with, baiting things like Scizor and Skarmory how ever I i decided to with Breloom in the end for some added help against rain stall and just for some priority.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    I made a few switches during this process, but this sums up the thought process really well and doesn't drag-on (OH SUPER PUN) anymore than it needs too.
    After a lot of playing and more testing I found Terrakion to be better for SR than mew as it can file more roles and just do more in general.

    Before we get into the sets. I encourage you to listen to this song I feel represents my team well.

    Thanks ! <3

    In depth:

    Terrakion (Cato) @Rockey helmet
    Jolly: 252speed 4spdef 252Atk

    Stone Edge
    Close Combat
    Stealth Rock

    So what was once Mew is now a Terrakion. I made this change mostly because in more than one game mew would simply set up SR and die...not on my own terms either. The set is rather standard. Close combat and Stone edge make for some great dual stabs and serious coverage. Stealth rock is here because what team doesn't have this? And with Terrakion being able to force a ton of switches he makes a great user of stealth rock. Sub is a great way to gain some momentum and allows Terrakion to abuse his stabs a bit better. Terrakion is also a great switch in to Genesect allowing me to ease some prediction on my part when facing the new poster boy of OU. Now looking at the item most of you probably are wondering why I'm using rocky helmet. Well I only have one answer and that is genesect. Terrakion sets up rocks, and resists uturn wich really limits the amount of times scarfsect can uturn against me forcing it to attack eventually and allowing me the kill. Aside from the obvious things about terrak like the way he murders just about everything and such I use him not just for rocks, but he is King of double switching. Terrakion attracts the likes of scizor/skarmory and other bulky steels like light to flies. Allowing me to trap them so much faster and easier with magnezone, thus clearing them for not only Dnite but for terrakion as well. He also is Latias's dancing partner as she lures in TTar and so often I will find myself baiting him out only to double switch and either get free rocks or a free sub up wich both work well for me and this team. Terrakion serves one final role on this team and that is to draw out pokemon for dnite to set up on. Im not talking about steel types or anything I mentioned before, I'm more or less talking about pokemon like Celebi or donphan, sometimes Jellicent if my opponent feels like risking the jelli, but terrakion is magnet for those bulky slower mons who want to take his stabs and scare him away. Oh and lastly he dumps on heatran and the blobs who can otherwise be quite annoying for genesect to face, taking some pressure off of breloom.

    Genesect (Los Plagas) @Life Orb
    Modest: 252Spatk 204Speed 4Spdef 48HP

    Rock Polish
    Giga Drain
    Ice beam

    So theres a little saying that goes like this " Everyone is weak to RP genesect". In alot of cases this is extremely true. The best thing about being RP is the freedom to change moves whilst still being super strong if not stronger because of Modest. Bluffing a scarf is also relatively easy thanks to everyone using Scarfsect. The Idea is get +1spatk boost then RP and win the game. The 3 moves I've given him provide the best coverage for a sweep. Giga drain is probably the most notable move as it breaks Terrakion and recovers HP back. Terrakion being one of the most offensive "checks" to genesect. The other moves each hit a ton of respective mons for super effective dmg.Ebelt was chosen mostly because it fakes scarf really well and prolongs my sweep without recoil. RP sect is also not weak to hazards like scarfsect. Not having to switch really prolongs genesects life span and makes him a potent offensive threat every team should be prepared for. Ofcourse the pokemon who give this set trouble are heatran, chansey and blissey. All of wich are taken care of by Both Dragonite and Breloom. Genesect also doubles as a great steel remover for the team when magnezone is unable to do it.

    It's important to note I will sometimes change my genesect to a scarf version based on how the ladder is that day.
    The evs would be 112atk/136spatk/252speed iirc. Uturn-flamethrower-tbolt-icebeam
    RP sect is more favorable though.

    Magnezone (U.F.O) @Choice Specs
    Modest: 252Spatk 136Def 120Speed
    Magnet pull

    Hidden power [Fire]
    Flash Cannon
    Volt Switch
    Sleep talk

    Maybe this set seems a bit weird so I will explain.
    First off the Def evs work with Sleep talk to survive a non boosted mach punch (so long as no gem) from breloom. Making Zone perfect sleep fodder.
    In addition to that the def evs allow me to survive one super power from Tornadus T and KO back. Flash cannon hits HUGE damage on things like Gliscor and Landorus. Both common switch ins to Magnezone as they are immune to Volt switch. Infact after rocks Flash cannon OHKOS both of the aforementioned pokemon making life easier for me. Hidden power fire is what I use to kill those 4x weak steels. The only issue is Ferro in rain, but even then at worst its a 3hko. More often than not 2hkos. This Zone is absolutely necessary for the team because it removes Skarmory. Something both Breloom and Dnite don't want to face.

    Dragonite (GoodNite) @Chesto Berry
    Jolly: 168HP 10Atk 156Spdef 176Speed

    Dragon dance

    Here is the moment I have been waiting for. This is a really Proud moment for me as I am extremely proud to share this incredible set with the community. I cannot stress how good this set is. Its built for BW2, a metagame that isn't as friendly to Dnite as Bw1 was. After facing the Heal bell Nite i mentioned in the beginning of the RMT I got to thinking. What helped this set along was my experience with ChestoRest Kingdra.
    Dragonite was a pokemon almost suspected in BW1. So many users hated this cute chubby dragon with a passion, as so many others looked to abuse his great ability in multiscale. One notable user who made a great dnite set in BW1 was Stone_cold. The idea is much like kingdra Set up as much as you can and then rest+ heal your status/HP and sweep. The difference here is EQ> waterfall and being able to break things like ferrothorn if it really came down to it. The given Evs are the best spread I could come up with for a few reasons. At +2 I am able to outrun Both scarf terrakion and Latios. The spdef evs are not only to make genesect gain the atk boost, but it also cushions the blow of HP ice and other special moves allowing me to set up even more. After setting up and Resting I not only cure myself of all status and heal to full... I reactivate multiscale allowing me to safely outrage or earthquake my opponent to death. Outrage + earthquake provide the best coverage I can give him. I went eq over firepunch as it kills heatran, and hits jirachi much harder than firepunch especially in rain.
    This Nite sets up on so many common pokemon in OU some notable ones are ; Rotom W, Defensive Toed, Vaporeon, Chansey, Jellicent, CM keldeo, Ninetales, and so many more. This nite has literally been the best set I have ever used, It has won me so many games, made so many come backs, and just surprised so many opponents. It's sets like this that make playing this game worth it and fun. Creating this has been a blast and I encourage you all to try it out.

    Latias (Minako) @ Life Orb
    Timid : 252spatk 252 speed 4hp

    Draco meteor

    So Latias comes in as Dnites back up against Sun/rain. This set is great for both of this jobs. The best thing about this set I find is trolling specs/LO Latios and winning the speed race by 1. Thanks to no HPfire. Common mons like Scizor will have to think twice about pursuiting this dragon thanks to Magnezone sitting in the wings. Draco meteor is a great stab move to abuse with life orb and it hits incredibly hard on anything that doesnt resist it. Psyshock hits things like venusaur/keldeo/breloom for huge dmg as well as Blobs. Surf is for killing shit in rain and always comes in handy at sometime or another. Its also good to finish off weakened Ttars and avoid dying. Roost/recover help with keeping Latias alive and make Life orb not so bad. I use Latias to double switch alot since she doesn't mind hazards. She draws in Ferrothorns/skarms/ forreytress basically she lures in steel types.
    Great to double switch with, great to Dent things, and late game? great to clean the mess the others leave behind. Latias also forms perfect synergy with magnezone and genesect allowing me to keep them around longer.
    I will not change her to Latios so don't suggest it.

    Breloom (Link) @Fight Gem
    Adamant: 252Atk 40HP 216Speed

    Swords dance
    Mach punch
    Bullet seed

    Breloom finishes the team off by adding another great and potent physical attacker. I chose him over Terrakion for priority and spore. Spore is the best move in the game, well... next to Stealth rocks. But Spore is a free kill basically and makes Breloom a huge offensive threat to slower and bulkier teams. +2 Mach punch+gem always Kills genesect who is one of the most common Loom switch ins after a spore. Bullet Seed + machpunch make it very hard for rainstall to do much of anything to my team. And the priority is always welcome. I wont SD unless Latios/Latias/celebi etc are dead.
    Loom also baits the fuck out of Skarmory and helps zone clear those pesky steel types. Breloom also is great to KO ttar and hippodown with who can be annoying in their own rights the former giving Latias issues and the later being able to phaze out Dnite and ruin my set up.

    This team is pretty great at keeping offensive pressure up. Not giving my opponent too many chances to set up.

    Some possible changes are;
    Genesect --> Scarf set - to revenge +1 dnite and such.
    Mew ---> DeoD - for more hazards
    I may add in a rapid spinner but its not needed really...
    Breloom --> Terrakion Perhaps Use rocks on terrak and free up a slot for mew to attack more.

    Overall This team isn't perfect but it does have an awesome new and original Dnite set, and to be completely honest that's more than half the reason for posting this.
    I'm not looking for too much changes to the team, but don't let that discourage you from rating it!

    Leave a Luvdisc if you like it ;)
    Thanks so much for reading this RMT.
    A big thanks goes out to;
    TripleRhu and The lovely gents/ and or Ladies In IMP who toss me ideas when I'm out of them.
    Also thanks to Adam for putting up with my constant Pming him for help.

  2. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012
  3. Bboy Omni

    Bboy Omni

    Aug 15, 2012
    :D eh Captain. Old dragmag, its a bit forgotten in BW2 because of weather.

    ^_^ I have battle the older version of your team yesterday, and by far your newer version looks pretty good and already planned very well. Your Dragonite set is very interesting. All sets get pretty good bulk, and nice coverage and I still think, if you use the Rock Polish set, why don't use expert belt for pretend a potential scarf set? It might sound bad for expert belt, but your Genesect got good coverage.

    Overall the team is good. :D
  4. Superpowerdude

    Superpowerdude !
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey Oh Captian excellent DragnMag team you have here!

    Looking at this team Mamoswine looks quite annoying to handle. If Breloom is weakend it can ko with Ice Shard as well as being able to ohko and outspeed Dragonite with Ice Shard once Multiscale is broken. He can also ohko Magnezone with Earthqauke. Also Genesect would not want to switch into a Life Orb Earthqauke from Mamoswine either. Hazards also seem like a problem for this team because it breaks Dragonite's Multiscale and really decreases Genesects longetivity when combined with Life Orb damage.

    To help your team against Mamoswine and provide your team with a Rapid Spin user you could use Starmie>Latias Starmie has the invaluable Rapid Spin letting Dragonite preserve its Multiscale for longer and just helping your whole team deal with hazards. With Hydro Pump and amazing Ice Shard lures in Dragonite and Breloom Starmie can get a free switch on Mamoswine and beat it with Hydro Pump whilst outspeeding. Starmie provides a lot of similar traits to Latias so the loss of Latias isn't really to bad, Starmie provides a great answer to rain teams, has a good Fighting and Water-type resist and is a good Life Orb attacker. Starmie is also a lot more threatening to Skarmory then Latias is making Dragonites sweeping attempts easier. Starmie also lures in Bug and Grass-type attacks that Dragonite can set up on.

    I agree with Bboy Omni that Expert Belt>Life Orb is a good choice for Genesect. Genesect has great coverage and using Life Orb can wear down Genesect quickly making it harder to pull off a sweep. Also regarding your Dragonite i think Lum Berry>Chesto Berry would work fantastically. Not only does Lum Berry wake up Dragonite from sleep but those times when you don't use Rest it lets Dragonite snap out from Outrage confusion as well!

    Good luck with the team i hope i helped! Also Luvdisc'd

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    Starmie @ Life Orb | Natural Cure
    Timid | 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    Hydro Pump | Rapid Spin | Thunderbolt | Ice Beam

    Show Hide
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    .Expert Belt--->Life Orb

    .Lum Berry--->Chesto Berry

  5. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012
    Hey thanks For stopping by Superpowerdude,
    I will give the ebelt a shot aswell as starmie, I tried starmie before but I found I wasn't spinning at all and just setting up. However it does do its job similarly to Latias and im half tempted to run a Trick scarf Starmie so i can revenge threats like Venusaur/dragonite etc

    As for Lum berry> chesto The main plus of chesto is not caring about status and letting me cure it whenever i want to. Thus being much preferred over Lum berry thank you though!
  6. X5Dragon


    Jun 12, 2011
    Hey man solid team! I couldn't find one single pokemon that would threaten the team right off the bat so that's good team building.

    I would like to however suggest that you give Magnezone the good ol' subcharge set since he is a trapper and after killing the steel you can also take down another mon behind a sub as well (for example taking a super power with those Def EVs). As for sleep fodder literally everyone else on your team outspeeds and have a move that OHKOs Breloom.

    Luv disc'd.
  7. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012
    Hey X5 Thanks for reading it bro,hmm I will definitely try the sub chargebeam set. Only downfall is if i keep Latias over starmie then hazard setters like ferro might get a shot at setting them up. But i will test and try
  8. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    Ok, this is my first rate in almost two years, so don't you feel privileged? :p Anyway, I'm not 100% familiar with BW2 as opposed to BW1 yet, but first off I really want to commend your originality on several of your sets. I think overall it's a really solid team.

    May I ask how you address Sun teams though? Half the team is weak to fire, and Bug Buzz gets Latias and Mew. The only thing you have keeping a Volcarona sweep at bay is Stealth Rock. You don't have anything to prevent those getting spun away. Dragonite may survive when it's at +1, but you'd have to Outrage right away to kill it, leaving you vulnerable. Breloom also isn't fast enough to Spore it, and it resists Mach Punch. How much does it do with Fight Gem? Venusaur would also be a problem, and both on one team seems like the thorn in your side.

    A Heatran is great for this purpose, absorbing Fire and 4x resisting Bug Buzz. Might be good to use over Latias, or maybe over Mew if you want another means of getting up Stealth Rock.

    Heatran@Choice Scarf
    Flash Fire
    Timid 252 SpA 252 Spe
    -Lava Plume
    -Stealth Rock
    -HP Rock
    -Earth Power

    Choice Scarf for some immediate speed you said you've been wanting. Stealth Rock if you know you're gonna force a switch. Otherwise,

    Flash Fire
    Calm 244 HP / 44 SpD / 220 Spe
    -Stealth Rock
    -Magma Storm/Fire Spin

    Need to wear something down? Magma Storm has the benefit of trapping the opponent for 4-5 turns and does good damage too. Fire Spin is significantly weaker, but it's 10% more accurate, if you feel so inclined. Meanwhile you can stall and add Toxic damage and throw up Protect or Substitute to wear them down. Otherwise, throw up Rocks when you can.
  9. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012

    Well I guess on paper this is all very true. I honestly just play smart against sun, generally Sun is frail
    Latias+dnite in conjunction with smart play let me get around 99% of sun teams. Genesect in Sun uturns against my team and when it is forced to ice beam I opt to KO with zone if available. I double switch alot so that helps too. Heatran could be an option over mew, although i would probably make some set using explosion and normal gem, since I like going Boom.

    Thanks so much for rating after such along break! I really appreciate it.
  10. Gimmick

    Gimmick Electric potential

    Sep 7, 2011
    Aye Captain! :]

    I have to say, that Chesto Berry Dragonite looks like a fantastic idea. I'm actually going to try that out right after I finish this rate, lol. Overall, awesome team. It seems well balanced and difficult to deal with. However, I do see some sets that can be altered for maximum potential. First, I'll add my two cents regarding the choice of Lum vs Chesto on Dragonite: I'd keep Chesto. Although Lum does cure confusion, it doesn't let you select the status you want to cure. If you get Scald burned for example, Lum will cure that and render Rest useless. With Chesto, you can take any sort of status (and pseudo-status) and keep the Berry "safe" until you want to Rest up. It's a better choice, in my opinion. As for the rest of the team... I'll start with Mew.

    Mew's main job as an offensive lead is to get Stealth Rock up with no problem at all. It's difficult to rate teams with slashes (U-turn / Ice Punch) since I'm not sure which one you use more, but I'm going to assume it's U-turn. With Explosion, you generally set up Rocks and go boom, so I'm not sure if U-turn is the best option. In place, try Taunt. Taunt and Magic Coat together pretty much ensure that you're going to get your Rocks up, especially since Magic Coat is somewhat situational. Since you have a Dragonite, one of your main functions should be keeping hazards off the field. Let's consider a scenario with your current Mew vs an opposing Ferrothorn. To keep Stealth Rock off the field, you'd be forced to Magic Coat, literally until you die to Power Whips or Gyro Balls. If you don't, you'll end up trading Rocks, which makes Dragonite emo considering you lack a spinner. Next, #1 in usage right now, Genesect, is also the #2 lead. Move those 4 HP EVs into SDef so Genesect always gets an Attack boost. That may seem odd since it powers up U-turn, but a +1 non-invested U-turn cannot OHKO Mew while a +1 invested Bug Buzz can (and most invest in SAtk). Remember, the goal is to get Stealth Rock up without failure (to be honest, the only way to do that is to run Skill Swap for Espeon and Xatu, but they're not common enough to invest in a moveslot).
    Mew (open)

    [​IMG] @ Normal Gem
    Trait: Synchronize
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Stealth Rock
    - Taunt
    - Magic Coat
    - Explosion

    On Genesect, move those SDef EVs into HP to increase all-around bulk. Unless this escapes an important OHKO, HP EVs are more beneficial for the fact that you never really know what's going to hit Genesect before it Rock Polishes. Furthermore, most priority moves are physical, so being more physically stout will help you sweep without being interrupted by Scizor or Breloom.

    Moving onto Dragonite. I'm curious; what do those EVs accomplish, exactly? I know you mentioned that it cushions HP Ice, so I would assume it gives maximum special bulk while outspeeding Scarf Latios at +2? I'm not going to suggest a large change since they seem pretty meticulous, but I would recommend either removing or adding 4 HP EVs so you land on an odd number. That gives you 4 switch-ins to Stealth Rock rather than 3. This can be very beneficial especially late game since you can come in for a fourth time and Rest up to gain all that HP back. With your current HP EVs, you die upon switching in for the fourth time, which can be detrimental, especially with Rest.

    You can totally add 4 more EVs on Latias! Go with HP.

    If you add just a bit more speed to Breloom, specifically 216 Spe EVs, you outspeed 252 Spe Adamant Scizor. This way, you don't have to worry about a random speedy Bullet Punch ruining your sweep. If you want, you could pour all your EVs into Speed to speed tie with other Breloom, but I've seen quite a few people using the "bulky" Technician Breloom as of late. The (now) 40 HP EVs allow you more easily live Keldeo's HP Ice (252 SpAtk Keldeo Hidden Power Ice vs 40 HP/0 SpDef Breloom: 84.87% - 100.37% (6.25% chance to OHKO)) or Scarf Politoed's Ice Beam (252 SpAtk Politoed Ice Beam vs 40 HP/0 SpDef Breloom: 90.04% - 106.27% (37.5% chance to OHKO)). Anyway, I hope this was of some significance to your team and good luck!
    Here's what Breloom should look like (open)

    [​IMG] (F) @ Fight Gem
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Spore
    - Mach Punch
    - Bullet Seed

    Summary of Changes

    • [​IMG]
      • Taunt over U-turn
      • EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    • [​IMG]
      • Keep Chesto
      • Add or Remove 4 HP EVs
    • [​IMG]
      • EVs: 52 HP / 252 SAtk / 204 Spd
    • [​IMG]
      • Add 4 HP EVs!
    • [​IMG]
      • EVs: 40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spd
  11. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012

    Yeah the Evs are basically to take HP ice better, Maintain maximum bulk, and outspeed scarf latios at +2.That's exactly it.

    I love all the suggestions you made, so i will use them, Thank you!
    Also I'm glad you understand the concept of the dnite set, Chesto is the only item i can use on it, as you mentioned it lets me chose when to heal.

    Thanks for rating!
  12. Valentine

    Valentine じゃあね
    is a Contributor to Smogon

    Feb 14, 2008
    Since you asked for it, here you go.

    If it were me i'd change Mew to Deo-D to supply more hazards. You can run all the same moves, but with Spikes over Explosion, and maybe a Tanga Berry, Red Card, or Mental Herb over Normal Gem. Getting more hazards will wear down your opponents walls throughout the game, making the Dragonite sweep much easier.

    Speaking of the Dragonite sweep. I'm sure that set is great, and I know it's the pokemon this team is based around, but it seems to me that SubDDNite or even DD 3 Atk Mence does a better job of setting up and sweeping. MoxMence with DD / OutrageLum / EQ / Fire Blast basically makes Magnezone a wasted team slot. I know you probably aren't willing to change your Dnite set though, so i'll stop suggesting changes to that slot.

    Now that you have a Deo-D over Mew, you should probably be running a spinblocker. Gengar is a popular choice, and it fits great in your Latias' slot. If you decide to run Gengar over Latias, run

    Gengar @Life Orb
    -shadow ball
    -focus blast
    -destiny bond

    i forgot who showed it to me, but taunt+destiny bond ensures the death of your opponent's spinner, which is gengar's primary objective. although removing latias makes your team weak to rotom-w, if they don't pack wow, you have a hard counter in breloom.

    gimmick's genesect spread is almost perfect, but 52 hp gives you an even number, which is bad for hazards. run 48 hp / 252spatk / 4 spdef / 204 speed. this is better for hazards, and makes it so that opposing genesect will get an attack boost rather than a spatk boost. run life orb over expert belt, giga drain will make up for the recoil most of the time.

    im 2 lazy to look at the rest of the team, happy laddering cap'
  13. JaggedShards


    Aug 12, 2012
    Hey Captain, no stall team this time, eh? Anyway, real nice dnite set, and the team overall looks fairly solid.

    One thing I think would benefit this team is to run Azelf over Mew. Azelf is faster, has higher attack(so explosion will do more), learns the same moves as your Mew set, and because of the increased attack you could run focus sash if you wanted.

    Nice job buddy :]
  14. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012
    @ Valentine, thanks for rating man.

    Yeah you might be surprised as to how good the dnite set really is.
    But yes thats a much better genesect spread thank you for fine tuning it.
    I do enjoy life orb over Ebelt so i will switch back.

    I don't think Latias can be changed because sun would honestly own me otherwise.
    And i havent ever been successful with DeoD... Although I will try the Deod set and maybe replace magnezone with a decent spin blocker. Like Gengar instance

    Thanks Shards :)
    Azelf makes sense, only sacrifice would be bulk but thats not such an issue. Good point.
  15. Red3mpti0n


    Feb 12, 2012
    The problem with losing bulk is that Azelf has to run Focus Sash to reliably get SR up, meaning it can't use Normal Gem. Even with lower base Attack, Mew's Explosion actually outdamages Azelf's thanks to Normal Gem.
  16. ShootingStarmie

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 3, 2011
    Hello Captain, nice team you have here. I think I remember facing this team yesterday and it was one of the few times I was beaten, mainly because I was caught off guard by that Magnezone. I love the fact that you're using such unique sets, next time I will be prepaid ;)

    Now, onto the rate...

    I feel that you're team is still quite weak to Heatran. You said that you use Breloom to deal with Heatran, but that really doesn't solve the problem as Breloom can not switch into Heatran directly. I also feel that a well played Scarf Genesect could cause you problems, as it can KO everything on your team with the right move and a bit of previous damage. To help you out with these two threats, I just suggest that you replace Breloom with Scarf Terrakion. Scarf Terra gives you some much needed speed, and it offers you a solid check to both Heatran and Genesect.

    Other than that, I really like the team and the original sets. That Dragonite set seems like it might become more and more popular. Congrats and Luvdisc'd
  17. Oh Captain

    Oh Captain

    Aug 4, 2012
    I changed;
    Mew ---> terrakion

    For some added help against sun/heatran and a more reliable Stealth rock user.
    Over all helps the team out alot more and is a better switch in to genesect.

    @Shooting starmie thanks so much for rating the team, I took your advice on Terrak as i said above. It works a lot better in mews slot.


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