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Luigi's Mansion Mafia - GAME OVER! DEGs and Lady Salamence win!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Walrein, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011

    Fearless leader UncleSam once again calls for blood, this time picking King N as the fresh catch of the day. If he cares about this lynch, he doesn't show it as he is completely silent as he is crammed into the portraificationizer.
    purplefingers, ribeye, and DetroitLolcat, the voters in this lynch, were stunned.

    "How did Sam lead us astray?" asked Lolcat.

    His only answer: instantaneous death.
    You all look stunned at the dead form of Lolcat. Then ribeye looks over at UncleSam and sees him brandishing a giant fire-breathing mecha of doom.

    "Oh shi-" murmurs ribeye before he is scorched to a crisp.
    Leaving ribeye to lurk the great beginner game in the sky, you all surround UncleSam, wearing fire-retardant suits that you pulled out of your ass two seconds ago. However, Sam still has a few tricks up his sleeve, throwing a giant spiked ball at poor purplefingers, who is immediately crushed.
    You are now extremely cautious in approaching Sam. And by "cautious", I mean "hiding". Sam does not like people who hide, and he immediately seeks out the few remaining players.

    Meanwhile, behind the mirror in the foyer, Nightmare jigglypuff cowers next to LifeAdmiral, who seems oddly calm.

    "W-w-w-what do we do now?" asks jiggly.

    "Die?" suggests Life cheerfully.

    "Wha-" begins jiggly before being stabbed 27.5 times in the chest.
    Life then trots away to join his master.

    Back at the giant robot, Sam manages to spot Fire Blast attempting to record a S.O.S. message on the old gramophone. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to finish before being stomped to death.
    Sam then makes a beeline for Dummy007, one of the last ones alive, along with Paperblade. Dummy begins pleading for his live.

    "No! Please! Don't hurt me! I-I'll do anything! Just leave me alone!" he screams.

    Oddly, it is not Sam who answers, but Paperblade.


    One bolt of lightning later, and Dummy is no more.
    Paperblade then takes his place at his master's side, the carnage having finally stopped.
    He stands next to LifeAdmiral, who most certainly did NOT live up to his name.
    Finally, UncleSam climbs out of the mecha and flaunts a small slip of paper. Initially, it looks very confusing, as it seemed that he had been a villager the whole time.
    But then he shreds this paper and pulls out a second slip, this one making much more sense.
    Together, the three ghosts reverse the portraificationizer to bring back teammate HSA, and they waltz into the bowels of the mansion to take the treasure all for themselves.

    Congratulations to the Decidedly Evil Ghosts for winning Luigi's Mansion Mafia

    Postgame when I feel like it.
  2. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    We are that damn good.
  3. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    Life, quite a few people who weren't in this game were wanting to shout, "HEY, US IS MAFIA. LOOK AT THE WRITING ON THE WALL" without even it being confirmed via anything.

    gg I guess to US, since you won the game for your faction
  4. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    Of course he was but had he been lynched, I would have taken over as village leader simply because he would have popped up village and that would have been the end of that.
  5. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    Just wanted to mention before people complain about mole roles that I was never inspected and obviously never died, so it never came into play at all.
  6. Dummy007


    Jun 8, 2009
    UncleSam, I will never bake cookies and share them with you again. :(

    (How exactly did we lose?)
  7. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    You lost because the DEG's persuade+kidnap allowed them to tie majority, and if a villager were to die tonight they would be able to take majority outright. It was impossible for the DEGs to lose, so I called the game.
  8. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    I blame everything on Walrein, who is simultaneously awesome for taking his time and energy to make and run Beginner game, and not-awesome for...

    <auramaster> Is it illegal to infiltrate a Mafia channel?
    <Walrein> yes

    <auramaster> What's the village win condition?
    <Walrein> you guys have an inspector, you can figure it out

    <Walrein> whatever, just claim common ghosts

    So we never stood a chance :( But it was fun anyway :) So thanks for hosting! A few thoughts about the players...

    Slim Guldo: I was a little afraid of teaming up with you, last we saw each other was when I made a traitorous attack against you in Diplomacy :) Good job I guess, not sure what you did after I died due to timezone differences.

    Fancy Sceptile: Didn't talk to you much, wish you had talked to us before claiming Vigilante :( But you survived longer then I did :( Hope to see you in some more Mafia games.

    Darkpenguin67: <auramaster> Slim and Sceptile, you shouldn't leave me and Dark alone in the chat, we get the craziest ideas O_o

    My partner in crime, us plotting everything from framing US as Evil to infiltrating the Evil channel was the best part of this game BY FAR, you did a good job for your first game, hope to see you in future games :)

    UncleSam: Stay out of Beginner games, for everyone else's sake :)

    All villagers: You failed! US claimed an unproven, uninspected, commonly-faked role, why did you let him lead you into the ground?

    gg everyone, hopefully the next Beginner game won't take so long a wait :) Also, here's the main sheet.
  9. Foster


    Jun 6, 2009
    Only now do I understand Alchemator's suicide...
  10. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2009
    Walrein is a twat and i told a couple of you Sam was running a very convincing bluff. Walrein is a twat. Walrein is a twat. I think you get my point. I really wish I had subbed for any player not named Alch since i've never played with him. :/ Also, someone should've figured once the bg died why the hell sam never died.

    Walrein is a twat, as confirmed by the facts that sea prince was mafia and he won his second mafia game by doing nothing.
  11. Xaqwais


    Dec 25, 2008
    Petition to ban Uncle Sam from beginner games:

    Anyway gg to US and crew, he made it entertaining to watch from the background.
  12. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 27, 2009
    Petition to allow Walrein to sub only me and Sam, but not ipl and paperblade when it mattered, despite signs of inactivity: Closed.
  13. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Petition to stop complaining about who I sub in (except for sam, feel free to complain about him): closed
  14. King N

    King N

    Mar 19, 2011
    I knew that!
    As stated in IRC. WHo the f*** decided to lynch me??

    Petition to ban US from beginner games.
  15. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    King N that is obviously bullshit you sent me an accurate result every single night.

    I knew they were accurate because I was controlling every single night action -_-
  16. Woodchuck

    Woodchuck actual cannibal
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    May 25, 2010
    I think this sums it up (open)

    anyways I guess I was subbed out for inactivity? I'd thought i wasn't really needed as Sam was controlling literally all of the actions, and I had done some activity by voting HSA dead...
  17. bearsfan092


    Aug 7, 2008
  18. Lady Salamence

    Lady Salamence
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 4, 2010
    <LadySalamence> i still am not positive us is village
  19. loudkirbyking


    Apr 18, 2009
    Well, that explains a lot of stuff. Now, how the heck did a beginner game get approved with a moling role in it again?

    If I'd thought about it more, it's now much more obvious to me from our talks that US is mafia... meh. You never realize things until it's too late, amirite. I realized this... the next night after I died *falls over*. Should've inspected him N0 instead of sir aura over thar. But, whatever. Live and learn.

    Though I hate the fact that I didn't talk more to people. This was the first game I've been very silent on... I should be more loud next game.

    Good job everyone, and please let me finish the book next time. Also, why did you wait so long to kill me, anyway?
  20. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    Should've listened to me when I got lynched :P

    We also got that lkk was the inspector like night 1, but I'm not sure if we did anything about that particularly!

    I did pretty shit this game, for some reason I gave US my role PM despite knowing that he was trying to intimidate me into giving it to him and I really don't remember why!

    edit: wait aura you stabbed me? I guess I just don't remember because you went missing and any sort of attacks stopped :(
  21. MK Ultra

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 20, 2010
    Echoing Snype's statement of Walrein being a twat.

    Firstly, Life's role was broken as fuck, if he outlined it correctly to me. Permanent mole with no warning in the rules? Regardless of whether it came into play, it was still incredibly op.

    Secondly FUCK YOU MAN that role was weak as ass. I can deal with that, but you set me up to be hostfucked, just look at this log with sam.
    log (open)
    <iiMKUltra> hi
    <UncleSam> i take it you are keeping up with current events
    <UncleSam> in luigis mansion
    <iiMKUltra> yeah
    <UncleSam> so
    <UncleSam> i would like a role name claim
    <UncleSam> no reason not to give a role name unless you have something to hide
    <UncleSam> iimkultra
    <UncleSam> you there
    <iiMKUltra> oh sorry
    <iiMKUltra> went idle
    <iiMKUltra> bogmire shadow is my role name
    <UncleSam> bogmire shadow?
    <iiMKUltra> yes
    <UncleSam> can you give me
    <UncleSam> what it says
    <UncleSam> right afterwards
    <UncleSam> you know, your phrase
    <UncleSam> like "Bogmire Shadow, the <snip>"
    <UncleSam> ?
    <iiMKUltra> that's probably against pm sharing
    <iiMKUltra> wait til the morning
    <UncleSam> its no more against pm sharing
    <iiMKUltra> i still have no proof you're village
    <UncleSam> then giving your role name
    <iiMKUltra> and arguing with alch hasn't helped your cause
    <UncleSam> lol i am saddened
    <UncleSam> greatly
    <UncleSam> that i cant colead the village with you :(
    <UncleSam> i was really hoping you would be a villager
    <iiMKUltra> you're thinking i'm scum because of this
    <iiMKUltra> hahahahaha
    <UncleSam> well
    <UncleSam> yes lol
    <UncleSam> it saddens me
    <UncleSam> but oh well
    <UncleSam> i mean bogmire shadow is like barely even in the wiki
    <UncleSam> and you wont give yor descriptive phrase
    <UncleSam> which everyone else has
    <UncleSam> :(
    <UncleSam> but oh well
    <UncleSam> thanks for your time
    <iiMKUltra> np
    <UncleSam> if you are a villager you dont have anything to fear anyway
    * UncleSam has quit (Quit: Leaving)
    <UncleSam> hi
    <iiMKUltra> bonsoir
    <UncleSam> could you alliance check darkpenguin67 please
    <iiMKUltra> that's odd
    <iiMKUltra> i randed him n0
    <UncleSam> oh
    -TheHelper- Your VHost has been approved. To activate this host please use: /msg HostServ ON.
    <UncleSam> what was the result
    <iiMKUltra> i thought i forwarded it to you o_O
    <UncleSam> i must have missed it
    <iiMKUltra> he's decidedly evil
    <UncleSam> oyu probably did
    <UncleSam> oh lol
    <UncleSam> i got
    <UncleSam> 30some pms
    <UncleSam> i skimmed some of them lol
    <iiMKUltra> lol
    <UncleSam> ok
    <UncleSam> well
    <UncleSam> check cereza please then
    <iiMKUltra> ok
    -HostServ- Your vhost of bl@ckened.is.the.end is now activated.
    * Disconnected ().
    * Disconnected ().
    <UncleSam> yo
    <UncleSam> result?
    <iiMKUltra> pretty chill
    <UncleSam> k
    <iiMKUltra> still want it forwarding?
    <UncleSam> nah
    <UncleSam> ive got enough pms lol
    <iiMKUltra> lol, k
    <UncleSam> yo
    <UncleSam> wanna talk
    <iiMKUltra> uh go for it
    <UncleSam> Dear iiMKUltra,
    <UncleSam> You are Professor E. Gadd.
    <UncleSam> You are neutral.
    <UncleSam> does that look familiar
    <iiMKUltra> fff
    <iiMKUltra> i mean no never seen it before officer
    <UncleSam> lol
    <UncleSam> my role name check got you last night
    <UncleSam> so
    <UncleSam> can i have the full pm
    <UncleSam> :D
    <UncleSam> or do you wanna
    <iiMKUltra> gosh that's tempting
    <iiMKUltra> how about
    <iiMKUltra> no?
    <UncleSam> play rough
    <iiMKUltra> well i'll tell you what i have
    <iiMKUltra> though you've probably guessed
    <iiMKUltra> a kill
    <UncleSam> kill
    <iiMKUltra> and an inspec
    <iiMKUltra> t
    <UncleSam> you expect me to believe
    <UncleSam> thats all you have
    <iiMKUltra> have you talked to this host
    <iiMKUltra> he really doesn't like me
    <iiMKUltra> i had to fucking beg on my knees for a safeclaim
    <UncleSam> and he gave you
    <UncleSam> bogmire shadow?
    <iiMKUltra> mhm
    <UncleSam> jesus lol
    <UncleSam> he doesnt like you much
    <UncleSam> if you recall i knew that was shit the moment i saw it
    <UncleSam> so uh
    <UncleSam> can i have your inspect results then
    <UncleSam> the one on darkpenguin being evil ghost and cereza being chill i take it?
    <UncleSam> in exchange for not lynching you
    <UncleSam> and obv i expect cooperation on the kill too
    <iiMKUltra> darkpenguin is decidedly evil hooker
    <UncleSam> can i have full pm plz
    <iiMKUltra> cereza is village safeguard fiiiiiine
    <iiMKUltra> why do you always catch me at the worst times
    <iiMKUltra> both times you've talked to me
    <iiMKUltra> it's been nearly midnight
    <iiMKUltra> same in muppets
    <UncleSam> muppets?
    <UncleSam> i wasnt in muppets...
    <iiMKUltra> crux pms me and asks if i want to sub in
    <iiMKUltra> i do so
    <iiMKUltra> at like half six in the morning
    <iiMKUltra> first thing that happens
    <iiMKUltra> i get a query from ipl
    <UncleSam> rofl
    <iiMKUltra> ...great
    <iiMKUltra> Dear Darkpenguin67,
    <iiMKUltra> You are a Clockwork Soldier, a member of the Toy Platoon.
    <iiMKUltra> You are allied with the Rather Angry Ghosts. Your team’s details are in a separate PM.
    <iiMKUltra> How did a toy become a ghost? The world may never know. You have a tall hat and a badass popgun and you’re not afraid to use it to your advantage.
    <iiMKUltra> Each night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X – Popgunning USER”. The sheer awesomeness of the popgun (as well as the mild pain) will prevent USER from completing their action that night.
    <iiMKUltra> You win if the Pretty Chill Ghosts are eliminated and the Rather Angry Ghosts outnumber the Decidedly Evil Ghosts. Additionally, any hostile neutrals must be eliminated.
    <UncleSam> lolwut
    <UncleSam> my evil brother :((((
    <iiMKUltra> Dear Cereza,
    <iiMKUltra> You are Spooky, the Hungry Guard Dog.
    <iiMKUltra> You are allied with the Pretty Chill Ghosts.
    <iiMKUltra> DAWWWWWWWWW!!! Seriously, you’re a freaking ghost puppy! SO. CUTE. Your also a vicious mutt of a guard dog, but whatever. Your mad guard dog skillz will assist your team in this conflict.
    <iiMKUltra> Each night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X – Chillin in USER’s front yard”. You will bark at anyone who visits USER, barring killers. You may not use this on yourself.
    <iiMKUltra> You win if the Decidedly Evil Ghosts and the Rather Angry Ghosts are eliminated, as well as any hostile neutrals.
    <iiMKUltra> lol
    <iiMKUltra> oh wait
    <iiMKUltra> penguin was rather angru
    <iiMKUltra> gj mk
    <UncleSam> gdi
    <UncleSam> man
    <UncleSam> i wanted to
    <UncleSam> even mafias
    <UncleSam> oh well
    <UncleSam> thanks for your cooperation
    <UncleSam> and ill be in touch
    <iiMKUltra> k
    <iiMKUltra> can i have spread access plz
    <iiMKUltra> i will be an excellent coleader
    <UncleSam> -__-
    <UncleSam> ill think about it
    <UncleSam> best i can do
    <iiMKUltra> well that's better than i expected
    <UncleSam> oh good
    <UncleSam> oh and i still dont believe
    <UncleSam> thats all you have
    <UncleSam> you are shoving something up your ass so i cant see it
    <iiMKUltra> gdi fine
    <iiMKUltra> i have seventeen bpvs
    <iiMKUltra> and a rule change
    <iiMKUltra> and a potato
    <iiMKUltra> happy?
    <iiMKUltra> waste an inspect if you don't believe me
    <iiMKUltra> though i would love a lynch redirect :(
    <UncleSam> lol
    <iiMKUltra> ;_______;
    <UncleSam> "srry"
    <iiMKUltra> lol
    <UncleSam> i really thought
    <UncleSam> you were luigi
    <iiMKUltra> come on man a village lynch redirect
    <UncleSam> lol
    <iiMKUltra> that's so gay
    <UncleSam> unblockable
    <UncleSam> lol
    <iiMKUltra> and that your role name check was lying?
    <UncleSam> it was a full inspect
    <iiMKUltra> and you didn't believe him or what
    <UncleSam> lol
    <UncleSam> your role
    <UncleSam> was shit
    <iiMKUltra> ^
    <UncleSam> like
    <UncleSam> holy cow
    <iiMKUltra> you don't think i know that
    <UncleSam> jesus
    <UncleSam> so bad
    <UncleSam> and he wasnt even helpful to you in fake claiming?
    <iiMKUltra> dude he gave me fucking
    <iiMKUltra> bogmire shadow
    <iiMKUltra> which has about six lines on the wiki
    <UncleSam> ya
    <UncleSam> i seem to recall
    <UncleSam> telling you you were mafia
    <UncleSam> right after that
    <iiMKUltra> he also didn't give me a descriptive phrase
    <iiMKUltra> honestly
    <UncleSam> well, that and that you didnt have a role descriptive
    <UncleSam> ya
    <UncleSam> lol
    <iiMKUltra> first i knew of that was when you said 'what's yours'
    <UncleSam> rofl
    <UncleSam> oh right
    <UncleSam> you didnt have one
    <iiMKUltra> nope
    <UncleSam> but everyone else did
    <UncleSam> lolololol
    <UncleSam> it wasnt even in the example pm...
    <UncleSam> ahahahahahaha jesus you got hostfucked
    <iiMKUltra> ^
    <iiMKUltra> so why did you think i was luigi
    <UncleSam> because luigi SHOULD be the wolf lol
    <UncleSam> its like jackie chanless mafia
    <iiMKUltra> lol
    <UncleSam> luigiless mansion mafia
    * Disconnected (An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine).
    <iiMKUltra> wait so you weren't certain i was wolf
    <iiMKUltra> that's so gay
    <UncleSam> ?
    <UncleSam> i was certain after you admitted it rofl
    <iiMKUltra> i thought you knew
    <UncleSam> i knew you werent village
    <UncleSam> n0
    <iiMKUltra> (not my fault)
    <UncleSam> lol
    <iiMKUltra> oh i'm not joking let me find the quote
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> you do realise
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> you haven't provided a sample pm
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> to fakeclaim with
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> that one about being a mansion
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> doesn't really help
    <iiMKUltra> <Walrein|TF2> i can give you the village wc
    <iiMKUltra> <Walrein|TF2> You win if the Decidedly Evil Ghosts and the Rather Angry Ghosts are eliminated, as well as any hostile neutrals.
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> ok
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> that helps a little i gues
    <iiMKUltra> <Walrein|TF2> beyond that your on your own
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> i was more talking about flavoure
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> flavour*
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> but ok :
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> /
    <iiMKUltra> <Walrein|TF2> all the pms, village or otherwise, follow a basic structure
    <iiMKUltra> <Walrein|TF2> yours included
    <UncleSam> ahahahahahahahahahhhaahahaha
    <UncleSam> yours included
    <UncleSam> he totally set you up to get fucked by the descriptive phrase
    <iiMKUltra> ^
    <iiMKUltra> fuck i mean
    <iiMKUltra> SPIFFY would make a better host than this guy
  22. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    It was pretty obvious when UncleSam wanted to lynch all of the other mafia faction first. :P

    Seconding that UncleSam shouldn't be in anymore Beginner's.
  23. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 22, 2008
    unclesam should never have been in this game in the first place, that much was patently obvious even before this game; however, no more appropriate people volunteered to sub apparently, so it's not walrein's fault (though i think mole role that extends to death is imbalanced in a beginner game). still, i would argue it is rather unsportsmanlike to join a beginner game when you are good enough to play in expert games. 'pick on players your own size'

    regardless, congratulations to the decidedly evil ghosts on a shitstomping
  24. Mekkah

    is a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Site Staff Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    yeah man that's like letting me play in

    you know

    any game
  25. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    I wasn't trying to prove anything, I was trying to have a fun time playing mafia and help out one of my friends by showing him how to play as a mafia. And I had fun playing.

    However, if my playing had a serious negative impact on the experience of the other players in this game, I apologize; that was not my intention.

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