Luxray [QC Approved 0/2]




<p>Easily one of the most underrated wallbreakers in Gen 4, Luxray received a new toy to play with in Black/White: Wild Bolt, which it gains via level-up. This new physical move gives Luxray better physical STAB than it got last generation, and as a result it can be lethal if one does not carry a counter. Unfortunately, its relatively low base Speed of 70 means it won't work as a revenge killer, unless Trick Room is up. Even despite its low defenses, it can work as a decent physical attacker; just make sure to keep it alive.</p>

Name: Physical Attacker
Item: Life Orb
Move 1: Wild Bolt
Move 2: Crunch
Move 3: Superpower
Move 4: Thunder Wave/Return
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252Atk/252 Spe/4 HP

<p>This set is about the best Luxray can run outside of DW. Wild Bolt should be a mainstay on any Lux set. Crunch is used for coverage, and Choice Banded Superpower OHKOes Warubiaru, a common check to Luxray. The last slot is up to user preference; Thunder Wave can slow down the rest of the non-Ground metagame, making it easier for Luxray to outspeed and kill faster walls like Skarmory, while Return allows a fourth attacking option.</p>

<p>This set's main calling card is its ability to utterly annihilate Burungeru, which tends to be a mainstay on stall teams. Even with 252 Speed EVs, however, a number of faster Ground-types (especially Doryuuzu, who resists/is immune to everything on this set except Superpower) can outspeed it and kill it before Luxray can get in a shot. As a result, Luxray needs a reliable and sturdy partner who can survive an Earthquake and dish out some decent damage. Enter Vaporeon. Vaporeon can deal 73.7~87% on Dory with Boiling Water, a clean 2HKO. In addition, Vaporeon has the added benefit of being able to pass 216 HP Wishes to Luxray, greatly improving its survivability.</p>

Name: Mixed Trick Room
Item: Life Orb
Move 1: Thunderbolt/Thunder
Move 2: Crunch
Move 3: Ice Fang/Fire Fang
Move 4: Signal Beam/HP Fighting
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 176 Atk/252 Sp. Atk/80 HP
IVs: 0 Spe

<p>Luxray can also be dangerous under Trick Room, as its not-too-shabby Base Special Attack of 95 allows it to run a mixed set with some success. Thunderbolt is used if Thunder's 70% accuracy is a turn-off, but Thunder is much stronger and capitalizes off of Quiet Luxray's 317 SpAtk. Crunch is, as always, used for coverage against Psychics and anything that resists Electric. The third set is a bit of a toss-up between the elemental fangs, so it depends on who you want to hit (Fire for Scizor and Nattorei, Ice for Grounds and Gliscor). Lastly, either Signal Beam for coverage against Warubiaru or HP Fighting (base 64) to contend with Doryuuzu.</p>

<p>Being a Trick Room set, this Luxray really needs someone bulky to set it up. Slowbro, who can easily survive a +1 boosted Earthquake from Gliscor, fits the role rather nicely. With Quiet nature, which is recommended, Luxray's Special Attack reaches an impressive 317, while its Speed drops to roughly 158. Brave can be an option, padding Luxray's already monstrous Attack, but it comes at the price of lowering the effectiveness of its special moves. This set has trouble with other notorious Trick Room sweepers; it rarely stays in on most threats.</p>

[Optional Changes]
<p>Outside the options listed, Luxray's movepool is cripplingly shallow, meaning there isn't much room for innovation. Roar is there as a phazing option, but Luxray has too many checks to use it effectively. As with all Electric-types, Luxray can run HP Grass/Ice as an interesting option to deal with Grounds. On all sets, Thunder Fang is available to use in place of Wild Bolt if the 25% recoil is less than appealing; however, it causes Luxray to lose much of its bite (pun intended) when attacking.

[Team Options]
<p>Wish support is always welcome on physical and mixed sweepers, and Luxray's case is no different. Vaporeon has already been mentioned as an excellent teammate, mainly because of its hefty Wishes. Not only that, Vaporeon and Luxray (with Crunch) achieve perfect neutral (at least) coverage. Slowbro's bulk also allows Luxray to fit on Trick Room teams. Luxray tends to have trouble with status, so a cleric, such as Aromatherapy Blissey, can pair nicely with it.</p>

<p>Luxray can be countered by anything that is faster and/or has a high BP move, as Luxray holds up to most STAB attacks about as well as paper stands up to rain. Ground-types, especially faster ones such as Doryuuzu, can force Luxray out, giving it a chance to stat up with Claw Sharpen. On a similar note, sandstorm teams are the bane of Luxray's existence, as Pokemon with Sand Throw/Sand Veil become that much harder to hit. Dragons also work to take Luxray out, but slower ones need to be wary of sets with Ice Fang.</p>

[Dream World]
<p>Guts has already been released as Luxray's Dream World ability. It seriously boosts Luxray's Attack when statused, but at the cost of disallowing Superpower. Despite this noticeable hole, Luxray can still run a respectable Dream World physical set like the one below.</p>

Name: GutsRay (Dream World Guts)
Item: Flame Orb/Toxic Orb
Move 1: Wild Bolt
Move 2: Crunch
Move 3: Return/Facade
Move 4: Roar/Toxic/Protect/Thunder Wave
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252 Atk/252 HP/4 Def

<p>Luxray's bread and butter set. Wild Bolt for Physical STAB, Crunch for coverage. Return is usable, but Facade, when coupled with self-inflicted status, easily OHKOes 0 Def Warubiaru. The last set is up to personal preference; Roar is there for phazing, Toxic to inflict increasing damage every turn, Protect for PP stalling/general trolling, or Thunder Wave to slow own the rest of the metagame. Either Flame or Toxic Orb can be used here, as while burn increases Luxray's survivability slightly, it causes Lux to be walled completely by teams carrying Dekusaan. Either way, this Luxray won't last too long.</p>

<p>Very little escapes this set undamaged, and it can fool a lot of opponents the first turn. Unfortunately, without Superpower, this set attracts Doryuuzu, which resists Facade and Crunch, as well as being immune to Toxic and Thunder Wave, forcing Luxray to either risk using Roar or simply switching out itself, breaking its momentum. It's important to bring something to cover Luxray's weaknesses to make it a usable sweeper.</p>

This is my first analysis, so if there is anything that doesn't work, please let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Wrote up analysis, added Counters section. Also changed title according to the new standards.


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When using Quiet on the TR set, you can use Hidden Power over the fangs, since the attack will be 320, the SpAtk 317. Charge seems a really bad option to me, maybe Hidden Power Fight could go on that slot (for good coverage with Crunch).

For the first set I think a Choice Band would be good, to make Luxray an attacking ram.
After testing the use of CB I strongly dislike it.
The current setup that I run on luxray is.

Name: Scarfer
Item: Life Orb
Move 1: Wild Bolt
Move 2: Crunch
Move 3: Thunderbolt/superpower / ice fang
Move 4: Hidden power Fighting /hp ice/ hp grass (if team doesnt have a answer to swampert)
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 128Atk/252 Spe/128 HP

I have had somewhat decent success rate with this setup thought a good switch in by Dory and even flygon kinda of ruins it.
On the mixed Trick Room set Lagging Tail is useless, as 70 speed is slow enough as it is. Also Luxray kinda desperately wants the power it gets out of a Life Orb.