Mafia of Thrones - Day 12

Everyone slept in late, and when they finally woke up, they couldn't agree on where to go.

It is now Night 7, which ends in 48 hours at 8PM PST on Tuesday, November 27.
Even though the numbers were equal, it seems everyone wanted to go see exactly how much gold the Lannisters had, so you headed off to Casterly Rock.

It is now Night 8, Night 8 ends in 48 hours at 9:30PM PST on Saturday, December 1.
hi i am smogon member Lurker Without Posts and i will be writing tonight's update flavor you may know me from such wonderful acheivements in mafias as filler 9p since there was a smogon guy in that game but w/e it ended on night 2 and was off-site

so people were debating where to visit and once the votes were tallied is was discovered that they evidently had shit taste as there was only ONE (1) vote for Paperblade Hires Me To Write Flavor. infinity cypher, the man responsible for not turning that vote into the wagon was to be sentenced to death for changing his vote and not turning that into a wagon so town wouldn't instead end up at this gayass casterly rock place. what the hell is even a casterly rock. that's dumb and sounds like some serious pokemon mystery dungeon friend area naming logic (you guys like pokemon right)

anyway user infinite cyber was going to be crushed by a giant rock for his impudence when suddenly kingofkongs decided would have none of this nightkill bullshit and got in the way like a true bodyguard martyr Reverse Martyr!!!!! unfortunately he was not strong enough and sustained powerful bruises which made him get dead. infinity cypher shed a single tear at this man's bravery. what a true hero. for everyone else though there was only one thought about kingofkongs on their minds....... was he a mafia........... or a town?

kingofkongs, you are the White Walkers.

Factional Abilities:
“USER has no dragonglass.” If USER or any member of his faction or union attempt to kill you, it will fail.
“Inspect USER.” You will learn USER’s faction, as well as the faction he is allied with, if any.
“Watch USER.” You will watch USER throughout the night, learning everyone that visited him as well as who he visited.
“Chill USER to the bone.” You will show yourself to USER, and he will be so terrified by your existence that he will be unable to do anything that night.

You are creatures from beyond the Wall. You are cold, elegant, inhuman, and dangerous. You can raise the dead as wights, and those that die must be burnt or risk being raised by you. Many people believe you are nothing but a fairy tale...

You have no weak or strong territory.

You may form a union with any faction, but you may only do so if one of their members is dead. Your unions cannot be broken. Unlike normal unions, your kill is once every two nights instead of once every three.

You win if your union is the last alive.
r.ip kingofkongs.... pour one out for tha homies

It is now Day 9. Paperblade probably knows when this ends idk ask him.

remember to ##Vote Paperblade Hires Me To Write Flavor for more masterpieces such as this post in the future :)
Day 9 ends in 48 hours at 9:30PM PST on Monday, December 3.