Mafia Official Games (Mafia Leaderboard) v3

11/27/2017 9PM Small Street

Blanc Night, bluegummybear, HappyLappy, epicsnorlax, It'sTheShadowRealm, radicate, bigboybiggums, Sentimentality, Stads, Thunder~BALLZ, Transmuter, yellowskarmory


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1/12/17 9PM Classic 11P

astalos, Blanc Night, GAYreenHamster, HappyLappy, IronicNinja, Thunder~BALLZ, Yellow$¢$Skarmory
12/3/17 14p 9 AM Matrix 14

XnadrojX, Ironic Ninja

3 points given to rb220 for compensation cause I by mistake tab failed and subbed the wrong person, making him not able to sub in the game.
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12/7/17 9 AM Maintaining Law Order and Shallow Relationships

booty snack (BootyOfLife), Darnell, Don Durza, KamiLucky, RegeFire, skyfigueroa, ThunderBallZ, XnadrojX