Magic the Gathering Tournament I: Quarterfinals

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The Round of 8
So I'm pretty steamed at the lack of activity of people. And so I went ahead and made some judgement calls. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flak for some of the choices but here goes. I value people that got their matches done. And so there are spots that people might have had a better record but didn't advance (Asim, myself and MrEsc along with Fig, Tea_Demon and Yuri). I would much rather have people that got their matches in the Round of 8 than people that didn't. I've gone ahead and given priority to people if they were active in #MTG or PM'd their opponents. If you don't agree with my decision come and talk to me if you are really interested in playing in the Round of 8 (like Fig or Yuri and Asim and MrEsc).

Tournament Rules:

1. All players must carefully familiarize themselves with the latest rulebook and follow the rules carefully.
2. If there is a dispute in terms of rulings, refer to the Magic Wiki or ask a knowledgable person on our IRC channel #mtg.
3. Game discussion will be held on #mtg on This can also be used to schedule matches and find some help for your deck! I can't stress this chat enough, there's almost always someone on and I encourage you to use it for anything MTG related
4. You DO HAVE TO use the same deck throughout the entire tournament and you CANNOT change your deck during the same round.
4a. In order to be fair, send in decks to TheAngry Scientist; he has generously volunteered to collect the decks for the tournament in order to make sure that people aren't changing between rounds. Thanks!
5. The tournament is played in two parts: the first part of the tournament will be a Swiss round. The number of people that signup will be divided into 4 group. Each player will play all the other players in a best of 3. The 2 players with the best records from each group will move onto the round of 4. The #1 seed from group one will then play the #2 from group two and vice versa. The proceeding rounds will be best of 3 as well.
6. No player may reveal the contents of their opponent's deck. Doing so will get you kicked out of the tournament and banned from future tournaments
7. Each player may use a 15 card Side Deck or no sideboard at all; nothing in between
8. Creativity is encouraged, although not mandatory. (Ripping other peoples decks off the internet isn't a bad idea *wink wink*)
9. It is advised that players compete whilst drunk, high, or any other mood to insure the most fun possibly. EVERYONE and their mom wants to duel a drunk Hobo Joe.
10. - All matches will be played on Cockatrice in best 2 out of 3 match format. NO exceptions.

Red Division

Myzozoa #1
Loos #2

Blue Division
bojangles #1
Tea Demon #2

Orange Division
matty #1
MrEsc #2

Green Division
Blue Captain #1
tad38 #2


So here is the bracket as follows: Red Division vs Blue Division #1 vs #2 seeds and Orange Division vs Green Division #1 vs #2 seeds

Round of 8
vs Tea Demon
bojangles vs Loos
matty vs tad38
Blue Captain vs MrEsc

I'm giving you guys a week, so matches should be completed by:
Oct 11th. 7PM EST

Come talk to me if you wanna bitch at me



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Myzozoa vs Tea Demon
bojanlges vs Loos - the only loser here is matty because he spelled my name wrong. Good luck Loos.
matty vs tad38 - good match here, but tad38 is still my favorite to win it all.
Blue Captain vs MrEsc - tbh I didn't know who you were until you went 4-0 in Swiss rounds. You have earned my respect.


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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Lost 2-0; gg Tad

Game 1 was a land away from a win and game 2 just didn't get any lands all game
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