Magik's swag art


hai guys you may know me as magik (or tumblr on ps c:) lol cuz thats my username omg im so funny i cant
anyways here are some of my art
theyre okay i guess, i still have a lot to improve
criticism is welcome even if its not #swag c:

info: i draw all my things on paper then scan it then go on gimp :c
i know i need a tablet but im too poor lolz
ugh the pics are too big D:, zoom out to 50% maybe sorry :c ill get that fixed soon
here is my deviant art the pictures look a bit better

Here is my fiona drawing, i scanned it, its still WIP

my dratini, first digital art i ever made

my favorite art ive ever made
choose which one (can you guess where the sword and paintbrush are from)

why i speak like this
I don't really speak like this. I don't talk "#swag" it's just fun to talk without grammar and being hated c;.