Major Tournament Schedule - 2018

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- Smogon Premier League IX - January 1, 2018
- Official Smogon Tournament XIV - January 15, 2018
- Smogon Tour XXV - March 16, 2018
- Smogon Classic IV - March 26, 2018
- World Cup of Pokemon XIII - May 28, 2018
- Grand Slam VII - June 25, 2018
- Official Ladder Tournament V - July 9, 2018
- Smogon Tour XXVI - August 24, 2018
- Smogon Grand Prix II - September 10, 2018
- Smogon Championship II - December 3, 2018
- Smogon Premier League X - January 7, 2019


All listed states are the intended date for Round 1 of the tournament. As such, keep an eye open for signups in the preceding week.

Due to congestion issues towards the autumn period of the tournament schedule, we have shifted back several of our major tournament start dates by a few weeks in order to help players who would prefer to be able to focus on all of them.

Smogon Snake Draft is rebranded as Smogon Grand Prix. This name, while not entirely finalized, has the most support amongst the current Tournament Director team. Additionally, the name "Smogon Snake Draft" was near universally disliked during the first iteration of the tournament, as such we are committed to finding a viable alternative which we currently believe to be SGP. Should we finalize this, winners of the previous version of the tour will have the trophy's name changed on their profile.

The Smogon Championship artwork is subject to change in the near future to better match the rest of the major awards. The change will be reflected in this post upon which time it is implemented on the current holder's (Empo) profile.
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