Tournament MAMP's Multi-Meta Mashup Minitour - Round 7 (loser's bracket)

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TGC Disunited When tf did you pick this up lol
You gotta be able to tell when do I post memes or when do I post serious teams
If you have this because pazza gave this to you I'm frankly disappointed
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to tell whose team that was
Pazzaaa said he had a meme team that was good, so I used it
Also since when is ManectricOP! pazzaaa
get gud before you start yelling at me man
Mr. "I played 3000 games of 1v1 so suddenly I'm the greatest thing to happen to that meta and I'll use my newfound fame to bully all the other 1v1ers into not trying any other metas because that's the kind of meanie I am"

That was not meant for you to take seriously