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Smogon Mario Kart 7 Tournament

- All Items On.
- All Characters and Karts are allowed.
- Random Track Selection for every race.
- Four races will be played per group.
- No Glitch Shortcuts.
- Obviously, no Action Replay codes.
- Disconnections result in a loss and elimination.
- The two players with the most points from four races advance.

* If there is a tie between players for positions, the races will be replayed where possible. For example, if Player A wins the Group with 40 Points, but Players C and D finish on 28 Points each, the two players in question would race each other in another four races. If there is again a tie, a sudden death race will take place with the winner advancing. The same goes for any potential three-way or even four-way ties, with first and/or second place advancing. All of these races will use the same rules as the main group stages.

Group 1:
- atsync - [2921-9107-2014]
- Firestorm - [1977-0172-2166]
- penguin344 - [3136-6596-1829]

Group 2:
- Charzaro - [2020-0138-1939]
- theangryscientist - [do we really need fcs when we have a community]
- RBG - [3523-2203-1599]
- Sandman - [5198-2630-1523]

I was mostly pleased with the activity last round, with only group 3 needing activity wins. Still, I'd like for this round to go smoothly, so let's get both groups done ASAP!

IRC Channel: #mk7
Community Code: 03-8869-4572-5935

Deadline for the semifinals is approximately 2 weeks from now: Sunday, March 11 at 6:00 PM CST. It will likely be very difficult to find subs for this, so be active or be disqualified!
i am available to race 9:00am - ~4:00pmish GMT -6 on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, if you want to have a good race with me

if you don't mind hilariously bad lag i can race any day from 7:00pm till midnight assuming no one else at home is hogging the bandwidth
I am sorry that I havent been in the chat/ participated in this. It's been a rough month sorting out family issues and I have had barely any free time to come to the chat or even do any worldwide stuff. I apologise for not notifying you and hope that the tournament continues. I will be eager to hear who the winner is.
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