Mario Kart Mafia (NOC) END: VILLAGE WINS


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jalmont and metal sonic are definitely the remaining 2 mafia from my point of view so i'm ok with lynching either today

my problem is that i'm concerned people will believe metal sonic's inspector claim over me, considering i'm vanilla with one of the items that houndoomsday needed

however, claims aside, i feel that ms has been scummier than me over the course of the game, and if you look at the previous day spiffy was absurdly reluctant to make ms the "mafian" he voted out of the (now debunked) pb-blackhawk-ms scumteam, saying things such as "well yea he's probably mafia but let's not waste a lynch on the rolecop eheheheh". his vote on ms at the end was likely an attempt to distance the two of them once he realized that they were accidentally buddying pretty hard ("I'll vote walrein because he's more boring than spiffy" -metal sonic)

i am, however, willing to vote jalmont if you guys really want to, since he's the only 100% confirmed scum in the game

vote jalmont

this is simply my appeal to our twins to realize that there isn't necessarily an inspector in the game - note that in the mafiascum article that blackhawk linked earlier, it was stated that some moderators/hosts consider a mason pair an acceptable subsitute for an inspector


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i should clarify that i mean village-aligned inspector - ms is definitely an inspector of some sort given that he deduced the identities of woodchuck and blackhawk, but he's a mafia rolecop, not a village inspector

another thing i'd like to point out is that in most smaller noc games the village doesn't actually have a full inspector - it's usually a cop (alliance checker). A full inspector in a game of this size, combined with all our protection roles, is a VERY strong village for a 12 person NOC
walrein is full of shit

vote jalmont

you're like one of those irritating people on ladder who don't forfeit even when brought down to 6-1

yes i do laugh in their faces and tell them to "forfeit or die" its pretty cocky but welp

walrein, "forfeit or die"


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paperblade i really hope you're joking, metal sonic has offered no defense to me other than "you're scum flailing" and "you're full of shit"

if we throw this game to the mafia i will get the world's biggest TOLD YOU SO

Metal Sonic said:
walrein, "forfeit or die"
i find your cockiness obnoxious and downright unpleasant

so my response to you would have to be "no u"
your partner spiffy provided a "better case" than you have

and it was all bullocks


>scum flailing

defenses are for scums oh please

P-edit fuk u xenforo stop lagging i want to post this obnoxiousmessage
Jalmont has been lynched.

Dear Jalmont,
You are Bowser, infamous rival of Mario and the main antagonist of the Mario series. You
are a large class racer. Your largest character bonus is Weight.

You have the power to wreak destruction against everything which stands in your way. Due
to this, your opponents tremble in fear of your unnerving strength. At night, you may send a
PM to Eagle4 and theangryscientist titled "Night X - Intimidating <user>". This will cause the
targeted user to be too afraid to move, thus preventing the user from using their power during
that night.


You are a Hooker Mafia, allied with the Bowser Boys. You win if you gain majority in
numbers over the Mario Crew.
It is now night 4. Get your actions in, there's 4 of you.
Blackhawk11 has died.

Dear Blackhawk11,

You are Toadette, a whimsical female villager of the Mushroom Kingdom. You are a small class racer. Your largest character bonus is Off-Road.

While you may be a look-alike amongst the vast number of villagers which reside in the Mushroom Kingdom, you have no trouble separating yourself from the villagers due to your upbeat nature and notorious relationship with Toad. Your love for him means that you would risk dying in order to talk to him, in order to hear him speak.


If Toad dies to anything excluding a godkill, you will take vengeance and seek revenge on the Bowser Boys. You will become a One-Shot Vigilante. During the night, you may send a PM to Eagle4 and theangryscientist titled "Night X - Take revenge on <user>". The targeted user will die during the night. When you have used your ability once, your power of Vigilante vanishes.

You are a Lover Villager, allied with the Mario Crew. You win once all members of the Bowser Boys are defeated.
Last day. Gl everyone