MarvelScaleSamurai7k's Art Thread

I've been drawing for quite some time and plan on making a manga. I also write music and record and make sigs and banners. If anyone would ever like me to draw something i'm open to requests that should give me a reason to draw lol. You can also request sigs banners and icons i love editing on photoshop. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE ANY ORIGINAL DIGITAL ARTWORK MY TABLET IS BROKEN AND YOU'LL MAKE ME CRY lol. Enjoy and critique XD​
Nicki Minaj Drawn with a crappy pencil and No eraser.

Daruma Doll I'm obsessed with em if you want me to love you buy me one lol.

Tattoo design dedicated to my mom XD.

Random character i made up with my 6 year old niece one day.

Here are some of the banners of done in the past for friends. You'll also find my icon here and a sig that i made for myself that i can't yet use :[

Banner Made for my friends website.

Another Banner Made for the website.

My sig don't know how to use it yet in the forums and i have to edit that team i've changed em.

When i saw this warrior donning milotic inspired armor i knew i had to make an icon of it. i love milotic <3 <3 <3

I actually made this weavile shoothing icy shards for a user here at smogon. Hope he/she likes it.

More to come soon. And keep the requests flowin'.
Hey, I love the detail in your art, and that first piece is impressive with only a crappy pencil and no eraser. For a Pokemon request, could I have a Purugly that is incredibly cute?
also, about the music and sig/banner breads you are goes in the music thread that is linked in the rules, and sigs/banners go in the general requests thread not in a thread of their own
EDIT: Ignore that, instead post everything in this thread, music and banners included. Better to have it all in one thread, rather than spread out between three.
Thanks for the heads up i'll keep all of my work on this one thread. And sure i'll start working on a purugly 2morrow night.

PS: How rude of me i forgot to say thank you for the compliments on my work XD.
It's nice to inspire someone to start an art threat. And you made the right choice!

I really love your Daruma doll and I would love to see a Darumaka/Darmanitan made that way

Keep up the good work! :)