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Meeting other Smogoniers.

Discussion in 'Congregation of the Masses' started by Despotar, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Despotar


    Sep 25, 2009
    Hey everyone, I have a idea.
    I live in Texas, but I'm moving to Washington state.
    I'm lucky enough to have a friend who also use's Smogon, Master Of Puppets,
    and it's very fun to talk about the metagame. However, I don't know anyone in Washington who's on Smogon! And, I don't really want to go up to a new friend and say "Hey man wanna play pokemon with me :nerd:". So, how about a database of where Smogoneir's live (In USA.)

    1. Alabama: None
    2. Alaska: None
    3. Arizona: None
    4. Arkansas: None
    5. California: None
    6. Colorado: None
    7. Connecticut: None
    8. Delaware: None
    9. Florida: None
    10. Georgia: None
    11. Hawaii: None
    12. Idaho: None
    13. Illinois: None
    14. Indiana: None
    15. Iowa: None
    16. Kansas: None
    17. Kentucky: None
    18. Louisiana: None
    19. Maine: None
    20. Maryland: None
    21. Massachusetts: None
    22. Michigan: None
    23. Minnesota: None
    24. Mississippi: None
    25. Missouri: None
    26. Montana: None
    27. Nebraska: None
    28. Nevada: None
    29. New Hampshire: None
    30. New Jersey: None
    31. New Mexico: None
    32. New York: None
    33. North Carolina: None
    34. North Dakota: None
    35. Ohio: None
    36. Oklahoma: None
    37. Oregon: None
    38. Pennsylvania: None
    39. Rhode Island: None
    40. South Carolina: None
    41. South Dakota: None
    42. Tennessee: None
    43. Texas:
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      Despotar (Aledo Texas)
    44. Utah: None
    45. Vermont: None
    46. Virginia: None
    47. Washington: None
    48. West Virginia: None
    49. Wisconsin: None
    50. Wyoming: None
    Just list your state and hometown. (No address's for safety reasons)
  2. Morm


    Jun 10, 2008
    I can tell you from experience that some areas are pretty barren for members who are compatible.
  3. mingot

    mingot free agent
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Ah, this really isn't discussion. It's a thread to make a list.

    Maybe try a social group.
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