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MegaMan Battle Network Mafia-PostGame! (Finally)

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by UncleSam, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009

    First of all, I would like to apologize for the ridiculous wait for this. I have been very busy recently, but I still should have gotten this done much sooner.

    I will start with a highly in-depth analysis of the actions in this game, broken down by night/day. I put it in hide tags because it is fairly long and I know most of you just want to see my player comments/team analysis, and not a rehash of what you already know.

    Long-Ass Recap (open)
    (In-depth) Synopsis:
    Night 0: This was a tremendous night for the WWW, and I was seriously concerned I had made them broken by the end of it. Yeti discovered that THE_IRON_KENYAN was not a WWW member, moot inspected reyscarface, and Flamestrike lost his inspection on Jimbo due to a Safeguard from Upside. Jimbo inspected RBG that enabled the WWW to come together almost entirely by the end of N0, although RBG also lost his moling abilities due to the inspection, so the WWW did not gain as much as it could have. On top of all of this, Mattimeo tried to steal from Xyphang, who didn’t have an item, although this was balanced out somewhat by Johann also missing an item by stealing from THE_IRON_KENYAN. At the end of the night, the WWW seemed totally organized, informed of the two most powerful roles on SciLab, and SciLab seemed to be doing absolutely nothing, although they did manage to Jack In, almost as a faction. Still, it seemed like the WWW would be able to take down TIK the next night and gain majority soon afterwards. Alan decided to hooker safeguard reyscarface instead of Jack In…I’m not really sure why, to be honest, he just did. Jacking In would have probably been more useful later on. Dogfish44 idled for god knows what reason, he really needed to attempt some conversions because only half the game was convertible. wickdaggler intelligently passed off his item to blue_light so that they could consolidate their items on an LPV. Near the end of the night, reyscarface declared his intentions to lead SciLab, which no one really took seriously at the time. Of course, my plan had been for his role to lead right from the get-go, so I was happy that he was playing it like it would be played.

    Day 1: This was where the game really started to heat up. Like, REALLY heat up. It started really poorly from my perspective to be honest, as people just kind of sat and waited for something to happen until the last twelve hours of the day. In that time, Anachronism posted his WWW Role PM and was able to unite the WWW, while Rodan and macle stepped up for SciLab but seemed much less capable/effective. Indeed, when Anachronism started a lynch on reyscarface, macle joined along, as did several other SciLabbers. At one point, if everyone in the WWW had immediately cast votes for reyscarface, he would have been lynched and the WWW would have rolled to an easy victory after killing TIK and converting macle. Suddenly, I looked around and wondered where the hell reyscarface was. First he had not public claimed like his role basically dictated he do, then all he had done was berate Rodan and macle for attempting to unify SciLab. And he was about to be lynched. Then, FINALLY, reyscarface claimed to everyone and made the obvious move to lynch Anachronism, who had openly claimed to be WWW. Honestly, if he had been just a few hours late SciLab would have lost by Day 3 in all likelihood. However, he was not late and instead SciLab was able to gather enough voting strength to get an effective majority on Anachronism. Fangren tried some convoluted strategy where he claimed he was persuaded in order to convince people he was not the persuader, which was kind of odd, but in the end SciLab didn’t miss his vote. It is worth noting, however, that because blue_light voted with the WWW, and if Dogfish44 had voted with them(wickdaggler had no votes so his vote didn’t matter anyway), the WWW would have won the lynch and killed reyscarface anyway. However, the WWW seemed too afraid to go into a standoff at such an early junction, and so seemed content to unify around Anachronism before he was lynched. Anachronism also was flamed somewhat for calling off the lynch on reyscarface because his logic was flawed, which it was, but he had no other choice. He had just talked to macle and learned that SciLab had a slight majority, but it was too late to retract his vote for reyscarface. So, he tried to steer the discussion towards lynching neutrals, but this was doomed to fail and he knew it. Still, he was acting far from a state of “retardation”, as blue_light said. In the end, although SciLab won the lynch, the WWW came out essentially 100 percent unified (the only member not known was Johann and possibly moot, I believe), so the WWW was still doing well. However, SciLab was starting to get rolling under reyscarface, which was very bad news for the WWW.

    Night 1: This was a night that shifted the momentum from the WWW to SciLab almost completely, mainly due to one amazingly lucky rand by reyscarface: he decided to redirect Yeti on the possibility she was a killer. He redirected her kill (which was directed towards him and so would have been blocked by a BG anyway) into moot, thus killing a valuable inspector, although it also enabled the WWW to come together 100 percent due to the mention of ShadeMan in moot’s Role PM. Yeti checked blue_light for WWW, and discovered that blue_light was not in fact a WWW member, which was a little disappointing because apparently blue_light got somewhere between 5 and 7 WWW Role PMs from Anachronism and during the night. Johann made the intelligent decision to steal from Rodan, who had foolishly added his item to his Role PM when he claimed, and so came away with the Roll R chip. At that point, the WWW had all three items to form the Big Heart Program Advance (if you counted macle as WWW). There were two attempts to kill –mind- off this night, one by macle and the other by wickdaggler, and –mind- was guaranteed to die because wickdaggler’s kill covered Navis and macle’s kill covered NonNavis. Polelover44 also forced –mind- to Jack In, although –mind- was Jacking in anyway. Veedrock(formerly Jimbo) attempted to inspect moot, who died, which was another blow to the WWW. wickdaggler also lost his BPV due to mrguy888(formerly TIK) attempted to kill him, which was a blow to the wolf faction as their killer was now in serious danger, given that they didn’t have a BG ability between them. the interwebs (formerly Dogfish44, seeing a trend? ☹) attempted to convert reyscarface, who was unconvertible, and so, once again, the village delayed having the wolf designed to tear them apart begin his rampage. On the village side, Mattimeo moved the Sword L chip from Flamestrike to MagicMaster87, MagicMaster87 located the WideSword L chip on Yeti (which was the last chip needed in the LifeSword Advance), and both Xyphang and shuckles my hero inspected reyscarface, which allowed SciLab to further unify. Fangren persuaded Yeti to vote for herself, and hailflameblast protected Yeti while Upside Safeguarded wickdaggler for god knows what reason. I was seriously hoping the Safeguard would enable the WWW to use one of the wolf killers/macle to kill off powerful village roles despite their BG’s, and yet their Safeguarder kept targeting people they didn’t need killed (it worked perfectly N0, sure, but once kills were allowed the Safeguard needs to be used as an offensive weapon). Alan hooker safeguarded reyscarface for the second night in a row, again not sure why he wouldn’t just Jack In and become, like Upside, a tool to kill the powerful WWW roles when paired with mrguy888. It was especially useless now that the WWW hooker was dead. Other than that, this night was only notable for various HELP (or, in Polelover’s case, “HALP”) PMs from WWW members wanting help in fakes to fool reyscarface. Despite me telling them really everything they possibly could have needed to know, no one except for wickdaggler PM’d me anything even half decent as a fake, and even wickdaggler’s was of a character and Role that were very obscure. O well, in the end moot and –mind- were killed, a 1-for-1 between the WWW and SciLab, but overall SciLab won big this night.

    Day 2: reyscarface began to really use his influence in this lynch, as people basically waited for who he would call to the gallows. He seemed quite unsure between the Upside/hailflameblast and Mattimeo/Magicmaster87 duos as to which one was WWW, which I was surprised at because the fakes which Upside and hailflameblast had sent me had seemed pretty weak to be honest, but in the end reyscarface drew the proper conclusions and lynched hailflameblast, thus depriving the WWW of one of their Body Guards. Yeti argued with reyscarface to no end (this was going on the previous day as well, but it was more funny this time around), and Upside was marked as WWW after hailflameblast was revealed as a WWW man. Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, the interwebs voted with SciLab that was a pretty good decision because lying low was probably not going to cut it for much longer. It was right around this point that I began to hear varied complaints about how broken SciLab was, which I thought was funny because only a day earlier I had wondered the exact opposite. I used the RNG function on my TI-89 calculator to determine who the item would be given to, and it ended up being macle, but I have an embarrassing confession to make: I gave it to the wrong person, it should have gone to Veedrock based on the decimal I got. My method was to generate a decimal between 0 and 1, multiply that by the number of voters, round to the nearest whole number and then count down in the order of roles on my spreadsheet of who voted for the lynched user in order to see who gets the item. The problem is, that is not the proper way to do it, what I SHOULD have done is round UP, rather than simple rounding. Because the number returned by the RNG gave 12.1 or so, it should have gone to the 13th voter, Veedrock, not the 12th voter, macle (there were 15 total voters, by the way). Of course, by the time I realized this error I had already sent the PM to macle with the item, so it was a little late to change. I don’t think the location of the Barrier R chip mattered all that much in the overall scheme of things, but it is still a little embarrassing that I cannot even properly perform an RNG function.

    Night 2: The WWW caught a huge break this night. wickdaggler killed off mrguy888, the village vigilante and probably the second most important village role. WHY reyscarface didn’t have him protected I really don’t know, because from his standpoint he still had a BPV to burn, so I was surprised when he didn’t put ABT620 on mrguy888 instead, but rey was also quite confused here. macle had lied to him and claimed he had killed wickdaggler, when it had really been mrguy888 who had taken out wickdaggler’s BPV last night. reyscarface assumed that macle had taken out wickdaggler’s BPV because wickdaggler was a human with a BPV, which rey assumed was Wily. If rey had been talking to his team and mrguy888 he would have known that this was not the case. Either way, both wickdaggler and mrguy888 fell, as wickdaggler had the slightly higher priority on his kills than either mrguy888 or Yeti(who rey redirected to kill wickdaggler). mrguy888 was going to kill Upside, but he was next in line of priority and so never got to kill him, another plus for the WWW as they never would have been able to recover Upside’s Sword* chip if he had been killed. Yeti decided to kill even though she knew she was going to be redirected, assuming the safeguard from Upside would protect her, which was fair I guess. In the end, the mole in the WWW got killed off while SciLab lost one of its most integral roles, AND the only other SciLab capable of killing got converted to the WWW. Apart from that, shuckles my hero and Xyphang cleaned each other with inspections, Flamestrike inspected blue_light (rey wasn’t too happy to see a LPV AND BPV on him), Alan protected reyscarface from hookers as he had been doing every single night, and Mattimeo attempted to take Yeti’s WideSword L chip, but failed due to Upside’s safeguard. The only bright spot for SciLab was that Rodan hooked Veedrock and prevented the WWW from cleaning Polelover44, who simply Jacked In this night to gain his BPV. MagicMaster87 found the LongSword L chip on reyscarface in one of the more bizarre moves of the game (did he think rey wasn’t what he said he was?), and Johann stole the Sword* chip from Upside, anticipating his lynch the next day. RBG protected Upside that didn’t really have much of an effect because mrguy888 was dead before he could act, and the interwebs got another failed conversion after he tried to convert wickdaggler, who was unconvertible. After the night ended, rey seemed pretty sure he was going to lynch off Upside, and the WWW began to plan to say rey was Serenade because Serenade reflects things off his body (like a redirector). It was worth noting that after this night, if the two Wolf factions had lent their support to the WWW, the WWW would win the lynch, 12 votes to 11.

    Day 3: This day. This fucking day. Initially the WWW led a lynch on blue_light in an attempt to save one of their own from being lynched that day, and just as I logged on, they had majority after tricking a few of the SciLabbers into voting with them for a neutral. Of course, blue_light didn’t care because he still had a LPV, but reyscarface certainly cared. Anyhow, just as I was gearing up to post the deadline post, rodan changed his vote and suddenly there was no more majority on blue_light. Of course billymills wasn’t on, so I decided to ask the supreme god of mafia, Mekkah, what he would do. I was already leaning towards granting a grace period, and when Mekkah advised that the day go on, I officially gave the grace period. This decision made many of the WWW very upset, understandably, because they had majority for about an hour or so. I still think I made the proper decision based on the established rules, but it did seem to be piling on because the WWW was losing numbers quickly, even though they never figured out they actually had majority this day with the help of the neutrals (what neutral WASN’T going to lynch reyscarface if given the opportunity at this point?). Anyhow, Upside ended up getting rolled by SciLab, and yet none of the WWW seemed to realize just how close to majority they were…I was seriously disappointed that none of them even considered the possibility that they could beat SciLab in a lynch, and none of them attempted to make the numbers work. Besides, several of the SciLabbers may well have gone along with it (Fangren for one told me he thought rey had been converted). It was also interesting that out of all of the players in the game, Fangren was the only one even remotely concerned about the conversion clause in the rules. In the end, he had the right idea, just about the wrong person…This day was also notable because of another decision I had to make regarding the first Wolf Faction’s killing powers. Without Bass’ kill ability, blue_light had no chance to win whatsoever, and most wolf pairs pass their kills along to the other member if the primary killer dies. Of course, being new to hosting, I forgot to specify whether or not this would be the case, and to complicate matters Flamestrike had inspected blue_light the previous night and gotten no killing powers as a result, meaning SciLab assumed he was harmless. In the end, after a long talk with billymills, we decided that it is a standard to pass along killing powers with wolves, but I made it a delayed pass in order to explain the inspection result from SciLab. I still felt guilty about this, but decided it couldn’t be helped and that I had had to make a decision and I had made one. All in all, this day was a host’s nightmare because I had to make two difficult decisions that would affect the course of the game no matter which way I chose.

    Night 3: By far the most notable event here was the interwebs converting macle (macle got converted two nights in a row, and was at one point a member of three of the four factions). Finally there was a decent planner controlling the interwebs’ unblockable kills, something the WWW desperately needed because SciLab was starting to really whittle their numbers down dangerously low. Mattimeo took Yeti’s WideSword L chip in a finale to the three-night SciLab attempt to gather the chips necessary to complete the LifeSword Program Advance. Yeti attempted to pass off the WideSword L chip to Veedrock, which rey attempted to redirect to…Veedrock. He was really concerned when he realized that he had redirected Yeti back to someone who Yeti was already targeting, fearing that Veedrock was actually SciLab, and I don’t think it occurred to him that Yeti might be doing something other than killing. Alan safeguarded macle from hookers, breaking the streak of targeting rey, and again, it did absolutely nothing because the only hooker still alive was Rodan, who was not going to target rey anyway. I am really surprised no one ever read over Alan’s role properly, as this was a problem in future nights as well, where Alan was essentially idling instead of Jacking In to became a safeguard, which could have been useful. Rodan hooked blue_light, preventing blue_light from killing (he would have been blocked by ABT620 anyhow, who was protecting rey). Johann also stole the Barrier* BattleChip from MagicMaster87, and also got a message saying he could have gotten further items, which was important the next night.

    Day 4: This was where the days really began to shorten dramatically. Basically, reyscarface told everyone to lynch Johann, Johann made one post asking why, rey refused to tell him why, and absolutely no one on SciLab questioned rey. All I can say is, SciLab is outrageously lucky that reyscarface was unconvertible by the interwebs, because he would have absolutely swept the game if he was. Anyhow, Johann had 4 items at the time of his lynching, which were RNG’d to reyscarface (Roll R), Alan (Recovery300 R), RBG (Barrier*), and macle (Sword*). Overall the RNG favored SciLab, because they got 2/3 of the chips needed for the Big Heart Program Advance (which the WWW could have used if Yeti had done her research on the Program Advances and realized what was what). SciLab continued to dominate as the WWW grew smaller and smaller, growing more and more frustrated as reyscarface evaded all of their attempts to kill him.

    Night 4: Rodan hooked blue_light, which blue_light complained about quite a bit, although it really didn’t make any difference whatsoever. The WWW was able to get rid of Rodan with macle’s one-time Navi kill, which was extremely helpful because that could have really fucked them up later on. MagicMaster87 passed along the Sword L and WideSword L BattleChips to reyscarface to make the LifeSword Program Advance, which I honestly assumed would end the game because all rey had to do was lynch the interwebs and he would be more or less untouchable. Yeti AGAIN failed to idle her kill and rey AGAIN redirected her to the interwebs, I am really not sure why Yeti never once idled her kill. She had targeted MagicMaster87 because she knew that he had items (remember when I said Johann learning MM87 had items would be important later?). Also, rey bitched and moaned to me because he thought that Yeti had idled, thus why the interwebs hadn’t died, but for some reason wanted his role to use the ability of the target no matter what, even if idled. First off, that is not how redirectors work rey, and secondly, SHE DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING IDLE ONCE. I was quite angry when rey wasted a full half hour of my time arguing when it just did not matter whatsoever. Mattimeo stole the Barrier100 R BattleChip from RBG, sending it to MagicMaster87. ABT620 and Alan continued their streaks of targeting reyscarface (minus a one-night excursion by Alan), and Fangren persuaded blue_light to vote Veedrock, which was important for two reasons: 1. It was ANOTHER host fuck-up by me that I forgot to mention in blue_light’s Night Results, and 2. It ensured that SciLab had the majority that day, because they didn’t have majority if Fangren idled. SciLab also got off inspections on polelover44 and RBG, which gave them info on basically the entire remaining WWW. The end result was that Rodan was the only one killed.

    Day 5: Yeah…at this point people were just following reyscarface whenever he posted a lynch vote…RBG made the point that rey easily could have been converted, which was perfectly true and quite frankly, SciLab was ridiculously lucky that rey wasn’t convertible. Anyhow, other than another day of Yeti and rey arguing, the only thing of much note was that Mattimeo posted a “Darkness Advance” thing in the thread and the WWW freaked out, this was a log from #candle (their channel):

    RBG the f***
    Yeti what now
    RBG overpowered "village" much,.,,,,
    RBG Darkness Advance?
    RBG really
    RBG unclesam, you don't know how to balance a mafia game
    Yeti what does that do
    Yeti did he just kill us
    RBG no clue
    UncleSam yes he killed you all

    Huge props Mattimeo, quite entertaining. Anyhow, eventually RBG got tired of people acting like followers and removed supermarth’s signature, which was also amusing. Yeti ended up getting randed RBG’s Barrier* BattleChip, which was some pretty good luck for the WWW.

    Night 5: This was the night that basically set SciLab on a path to lose. The main event, of sorts, was the interwebs finally killing reyscarface, getting the Roll R BattleChip in the process, despite the fact he still had a BPV. The WWW also arranged for blue_light to kill Flamestrike, effectively removing the two main SciLab leaders in a single night. SciLab didn’t lose entirely this night, though, since rey wisely used the LifeSword PA to kill Veedrock, reducing the WWW numbers to a mere 2, although they thought they had 3 (macle). Mattimeo successfully stole the HolyPanel R BattleChip from macle, while SciLab cleaned ABT620 while finally inspecting Yeti. It is worth noting that if Polelover44 hadn’t forced rey to Jack Out, rey would have successfully evaded the interwebs again, while Flamestrike was inspecting the interwebs finally, a night too late for SciLab to win. Fangren also persuaded blue_light to vote for Veedrock, which embarrassingly I forgot to mention in the original Night Results. The mistakes just piled up for me it seems…

    Day 6: Supermarth led this lynch in the absence of rey, although it seems as if MM87 was the actually leader of the village by this point. Anyhow, SciLab wanted to lynch macle, the WWW and others wanted to lynch the interwebs, and in the end SciLab ended up winning the lynch, of course. Yeti made up a fake LarkMan PM to fool people with, which was pretty good but SciLab continued to ignore any arguments and just trust their gut, which, again, worked out well for them despite the fact it easily could have bit them in the ass. MM87 was aiming for a tie lynch to lynch both of them off, but I extended deadline to let macle get on because he hadn’t informed me of his plan first and so wasn’t expecting him to change his vote to tie it at the last minute…sorry man, although I’m not really sure how I was supposed to know either…Anyhow, macle ended up getting lynched and the interwebs, for reasons best known to himself, revealed his role as Alpha. I am still struggling to figure out why.

    EndGame: I will just pack the rest of this in under one heading because by this point everyone knew everyone else’s alliance and was simply going through the motions. First Mattimeo and MM87 were killed off by the WWW and interwebs, which MM87 was furious at me about because he thought he had a chance of convincing interwebs otherwise if I had not updated early. The fact is, if I have all night actions that are relevant (IE of people not dying) I will update, it is up to you to tell your own people to wait if you need more time, or at least tell me about it. The next day, interwebs self-destructed in another questionable move (worst case was he got lynched anyhow), and the WWW and b_l tied the lynch, lynching off both WWW Polelover and SciLab ABT620.

    At this point Yeti was the only remaining WWW member, with a LPV and nightly kill, while b_l also had an LPV but also had a BPV if he idled his kill. SciLab had four members alive, a Safeguard (Alan), two inspectors (Xyphang and Supermarth), and a persuader (Fangren). Essentially, Yeti randed her kill hoping to hit the persuader, while b_l decided to idle and turn the animosity of SciLab towards the WWW to his advantage. Yeti randed Xyphang, and the following day, predictably, the village/b_l took out Yeti’s LPV.

    The Last Night: Yeti randed Supermarth, which I don’t believe was a good choice because the persuader was unlikely to be such a vocal player, but it’s not like she had any solid info to go off of either. The real essential action, however, was Fangren’s. How in the hell b_l convinced both Alan to safeguard him and Fangren to persuade Yeti to vote herself I don’t know, but either way his action meant that his faction lost immediately, because once Yeti was persuaded to vote herself all b_l had to do was vote for her and there was nothing SciLab could do but stand by. I have a feeling that even if there was something they could have done, they would have lynched Yeti anyway. What was funny was that Yeti had just made the Barrier Program Advance, which her team had been so close to for so long, immediately after it could no longer do her any good. I still feel killing b_l would have been Yeti’s best option, but it seems that the rey/Yeti debates in the thread meant that neither would ever support the other in a kingmaker position.

    Team Analysis/Theory:


    Theory: SciLab was meant to be the faction that dominated the early game on the strength of MegaMan and a slight numbers majority over the WWW, but it’s strength was decimated should it lose it’s two key roles, Protoman and MegaMan, and thus was likely to be torn apart midgame by the wolves, which would undoubtedly side with the weaker faction. Also would likely have two of their members converted, making them very molable.

    Actuality: Undoubtedly the faction most complained about as overpowered, I still feel that if Alpha had been played well, they would have been removed from the mantle of power they occupied at least two cycles earlier, when there were still enough WWW left to stage a comeback. As a faction they were not particularly organized, as even once rey had cleaned every member of his faction he only seemed to be communicating with Flamestrike and perhaps MagicMaster87. The three Inspectors were meant so that they would have a chance to find Alpha before he destroyed them, and actually to give the WWW mole a chance to be inspected. Sadly, three full PM inspectors was simply too much, and rey had every alliance correctly pegged, apart from interwebs’, by about Night 3. It was the one that got away that came back to bite them, though.


    Theory: A slightly smaller, slightly more organized faction (a few twin pairs), with a nightly kill. However, they were not informed they were smaller in order to give them an early game disadvantage in numbers, meaning they would have to work with the wolves in order to win, or mole well. It was for this second goal that I added in a (nerfed) mole. Hopefully, they would grow stronger as time passed.

    Actuality: The second most underpowered faction, they basically took abuse from SciLab the entire game due to Alpha’s poor play. As a faction they played better than SciLab did, making few night mistakes until the last night, and generally being well organized within their faction and their channel, #candle. I think if I had made it clear SciLab had more members from the get-go, they would have been evenly matched, or if I had not nerfed RBG’s moling abilities, which was honestly my worst mistake in this game design (yes, worse than MegaMan’s role or the three full inspectors). Additionally, the Force Jack In/Jack Out role was used extremely poorly, I am really not sure what Polelover was doing most of the time, he should have been focusing on giving rey headaches and instead he wasted night actions trying to force HFB and –mind- to Jack In, rather than Out.

    Wolf Faction 1:

    Theory: A more standard wolf pair, with a killer and a backup killer/supporter. Both had protections from deaths of some kind, but would have to work for their information, having two unorganized factions to mole. Designed so that the loss of one or the other was not completely crippling.

    Actuality: The weakest faction, hands down, yet also the one that won due to being completely ignored by SciLab, despite the obvious warnings in the OP that all neutrals were “harmful”. Still, b_l and wickdaggler played well, the best out of any faction overall, even if certain individuals did more than they did. Again, I expected the Force Jack In/Jack Out role to be far more influential than it turned out being, and it was a big mistake to give b_l an incentive not to use it (BPV if he idles). The only disappointment here was that they both moled the WWW rather than one moling the WWW and one SciLab, as I had envisioned. No access to inspections was another flaw resulting from team theory, just like with the WWW.

    Wolf Faction 2:

    Theory: Recruiter wolf, the balancer to SciLab, who would recruit a SciLabber and use him/her to gain info on that faction, while taking out it’s leaders with his unblockable kills. However, these kills targeted only one half of the Jack In/Out spectrum, and so required information (potentially acquired from a mole) to work.

    Actuality: Dogfish was originally put in to be this role, and his only action was to idle N0, the night he was supposed to recruit someone….I was disappointed, as already my basic team theories were falling apart. I was again disappointed, as his sub, interwebs, spent 3 nights trying to recruit people rather than taking down reyscarface, and then recruited macle, rather than someone from the obvious SciLab ranks like ABT620 or Alan. In the end interwebs self-destructed, which, while in the name of the WWW, actually hurt the WWW more than anyone else because it led to the lynching of Polelover. Overall the faction that played the worst.

    SciLab/WWW Analysis of Roles:

    If you match up their pros/cons, it is not at all obvious that SciLab has a large advantage. However, I will get to why I believe SciLab dominated after a short run-down:

    Both have:
    -Two full PM Inspectors
    -1 Full hooker, with retargeting abilities
    -One full BG
    -One full Safeguard
    -One full thief (although the WWW thief was limited in terms of items held, which the SciLab one wasn’t)
    -A leader linked to an inspector, meant to unite each faction

    SciLab has that WWW doesn’t:
    -An extra full role inspector
    -An extra persuader
    -An extra Bodyguard (if Princess Pride isn’t Jacked In)
    -The near-unliminted redirecting powers of MegaMan

    WWW has that SciLab doesn’t:
    -A nightly kill not limited to a single person
    -An unhookable sheriff check to unite themselves
    -A nerfed mole
    -Two additional twin pairs for uniting purposes
    -A Force Jack In/Force Jack Out role (which I ranked as second in importance only to killers, apparently a gross overestimation)
    -6/9 of their faction members immune to Alpha’s conversion, versus only 2/13 for SciLab

    In the end, however, two things pushed SciLab over the top:
    -Alpha did not harm SciLab nearly as much as I presumed he would.
    -They were not informed that they would lose the first stand-off lynch, meaning one of their members was very likely to die D1.

    I was planning on this second part and think this would have been a much closer game even if it was still there but the first point wasn’t, but being down 8 to 13 by N1 is tough, even with conversions taken into account. The first bullet point was the real killer though, because rey simply destroyed the WWW while he was alive, which was a far longer amount of time than he should have been allowed.

    Alright, Individual Roles and Player analysis:


    Reyscarface-Killed Night 5

    Role: The single most controversial role in the game, hands down. A redirector with the highest priority in the game, combined with a twin inspector, mayor vote, and BPV. Simply put, this role was meant to give SciLab some way of killing using it’s inspectors to find WWW killers should Protoman die, along with being a good faction leader who could eventually place the faction under his twin inspector once he was knocked off by Alpha.

    Player: rey did everything he was supposed to, including, in the end, be killed by Alpha. He did an excellent job of uniting SciLab early, and was the cause of every single WWW death as long as he was alive. Only nitpick here is that he rarely gave very convincing arguments as to why to follow him, and a more experienced crowd of villagers might have questioned him rather than blindly following him. He also seemed uninterested in talking to his guys as a faction, saving most of the information and planning for himself and Flamestrike. Overall, however, he played very well, and probably deserved to win (and would have if his faction had played better in the late game). SciLab’s loss certainly can’t be blamed on him.

    Flamestrike-Killed Night 5

    Role: Bog standard inspector, didn’t even have to Jack In, linked to MegaMan so that they could get off an inspection n0 and either find a WWW or start uniting SciLab. Also, would probably take over once MegaMan died.

    Player: Flamestrike…really didn’t do much. Rey basically sent in his orders, and he was killed the same night as rey so he never got to lead. I mean, he did what he was supposed to and never really made any mistakes, it just would have been nice if he had actually contributed something of his own. Maybe he did, but I was never informed of it. Decent overall.

    -mind- Killed N1

    Role: Bog standard Bodyguard when Jacked Out, could protect himself if Jacked In. A recognizable character, easy to claim and be believed, intended to provide Dr. Hikari or MegaMan some method of safety in the early going.

    Player: -mind-…was quite confused this game. He idled n0 rather than Jack In, and he Jacked In n1 but was killed. Also didn’t claim, as far as I know. If he hadn’t idled n0 he could have protected himself, and he would have lived. Not good overall.

    Rodan-Killed n4
    Role: Hooker, with the ability to retarget if Jacked In. Also some pretty awesome flavor, along with a very recognizable role. I got some complaints, particularly from blue_light, about this role, but I really don’t think it was that bad all things considered. It was just bad when combined with all of the other roles SciLab had to offer.

    Player: Rodan mostly randed from what I can tell, yet the results were amazing. He blocked a WWW inspect n2, and blocked blue_light’s kills both n3 and n4 before being offed. Wasn’t overly active, but he did what was needed of him. If he had been more active, there is a chance he could have gotten BG protection, which was probably SciLab’s biggest mistake this game.

    Shucklesmyhero/supermarth64-Killed n8

    Role: Backup inspector, another recognizable role. Pretty standard, other than that he had to Jack In to get full PMs.

    Player: shucklesmyhero really didn’t do much at all other than send in night actions and obey rey on lynch targets. So, okay from him I guess, pretty much the same as all of the other SciLabbers. Going inactive near the end and holding up the game is a big minus though.
    Supermarth64: Much better, he was the outspoken leader of SciLab after rey died, making a bunch of good decisions on who to lynch (although none of these were exactly difficult to make as he had inspections on pretty much the whole game), only complaint is that he didn’t try to work with Yeti and he didn’t tell Fangren to not go along with blue_light at the end, both of which cost SciLab the game. Overall pretty good though.

    Mattimeo-Killed n6

    Role: A somewhat limited thief at first, if he Jacked In he would begin to get all of the items he stole rather than a certain unknown teammate. This role was designed to work very well with the Item Checker role SciLab had, and I hoped that between these two roles, SciLab would have access to most of the Program Advances if they played well.

    Player: Mattimeo was one of the first to follow rey d1, as he made good observations and deductions. He never Jacked In, but he knew MagicMaster87 by about n1, so I guess he felt he didn’t need to. He was integral to getting the LifeSword Program Advance, and was one of the later leaders of SciLab after rey died. He also posted the Darkness Advance thing which made the WWW freak, which was awesome. One of the best SciLabbers, maybe second best.
    Xyphang-Killed n7

    Role: This…was controversial. I was originally going to have this be a straight insane inspector, then paranoid, then I figured that SciLab was underpowered if it lost it’s two main roles and just made it a standard inspector. Another mistake. This should have been an alliance checker that was paranoid when Jacked Out but naïve when Jacked In.

    Player: Xyphang falls into the category of “didn’t do much but followed orders and didn’t make any horrendous mistakes”, which seems to encompass most of SciLab. Didn’t really do anything notable, but not everyone can lead. Overall decent, no complaints here.

    ABT620-Lynched d7

    Role: Backup Bodyguard, fairly obscure role to allow the Princess Pride role to possibly gain more trusted status.

    Player: Another “Made no mistakes but didn’t do much” SciLabber. It’s worth noting that he never actually saved reyscarface from a kill. I suppose this just proves that rey had a fortress that much too strong built around him. Still, even if he wasn’t that essential and could have made better protects, he didn’t make any mistakes so again, decent.

    Alan-Lost d8

    Role: Protection from hookers when Jacked Out, standard Safeguard when Jacked In. And yes, I know I made a mistake in the flavor, it should have been Baryl/Colonel instead of Chaud/ProtoMan. I apologize. This role was also given a very powerful BattleChip to make up for it’s relative uselessness.

    Player: Alan was a first time player and he…played like a first time player. He was fine while he was taking orders from reyscarface (although if he had Jacked In n0 rather than rand rey would have been without any protection for every single night), but afterwards…he had some trouble. He Jacked In the night reyscarface died, then proceeded to safeguard blue_light for god knows what reason, making blue_light immune to persuasions the last two nights, including n7 when Fangren tried to persuade blue_light. Yikes, not good organization guys. Overall not very good, but hopefully you’ll get better in the future, no one is great in their first game.

    THE_IRON_KENYAN/mrguy888-Killed n2

    Role: Essentially an every night killer, but one that can be messed up for two nights if forced to Jack Out. Second most important role on SciLab, without a doubt.

    Player: TIK seemed a little disappointed that this game was so based on a game he had never played before, and he just Jacked In n0 then was subbed out during d1.

    Mrguy888 made the intelligent choice to trust reyscarface, and basically followed rey’s orders until he was killed n2. He was pretty unlucky in this, as he was found out to be SciLab by Yeti n0, but I still feel he should have convinced reyscarface to BG him. SciLab would have won easily if he had.

    MagicMaster87-Killed n6

    Role: The other half of SciLab’s item duo, he got the items Dusk stole when Jacked Out.

    Player: MM87 played well, leading SciLab after rey’s death until he died. He got quite angry when I extended deadline without preannouncing it beforehand, although I still believe it was a perfectly rational decision considering he didn’t tell me what he was going to do beforehand. Then, the next night, he apparently wanted to talk interwebs into killing Yeti, but never got to talk to him before I called deadline. Again, I believe that I made the rational decision and that he had to tell his people not to send in night actions if he wanted to delay the update, but it is unfortunate that, from his point of view, I screwed him over twice. Overall really good, one of the best villagers.

    Fangren-Lost d8

    Role: Standard persuader, with an excellent BattleChip to boot. Somewhat of an obscure character though, so not likely to be trusted.

    Player: Fangren appeared lost during this game. First he came up with some convoluted scheme to act like he was self-persuaded, which never really seemed to make any difference other than tip off the WWW that there was a persuader out there, then…the late game…o god the late game. Dude, you NEEDED to lynch blue_light Day 7, that would have given him no choice but to try to kill Yeti and hope Yeti killed a SciLabber/had higher kill priority. Overall…not very good.

    Macle-Lynched d6

    Role: Numbers guy combined with a few one-time kills. Definitely the most neutral role in the game, meant to help the WWW mole SciLab.

    Player: macle got converted not only to the WWW, but later on to the Wolf Faction…not very lucky. Overall macle played pretty well, although there was some inactivity near the end. His chances of winning just got shot by being converted that second time, rather than a different SciLabber who was in the clear. Oh well, good overall.


    Yeti-Lost d8

    Role: The role designed to unite the WWW, with an unhookable sheriff check and a one-time LPV to boot. Also the first WWW in command in terms of killing.

    Player: Yeti got very unlucky this game, as did her faction. She (and the rest of the WWW) went after reyscarface d1, setting up a battle they simply could not win. That night, reyscarface randed a known WWW in hopes of hitting the killer…and he hit Yeti. Really bad luck, she still made some good alliances with the wolves, but I am still pondering why she and SciLab did not at least try talking to each other in order to stop the impending wolf win. Overall good, she did a nice job uniting her faction and did what she was supposed to do.

    Anachronism-Lynched d1

    Role: Pretty much Rodan’s role but aligned with the WWW. Hooker that became retargeting hooker when Jacked In, although Anachronism had an extra incentive to Jack In—he could only hit NonNavis while Jacked Out.

    Player: Anahchronism stepped up for the WWW, only realizing later on that the WWW had fewer people than SciLab did. This is why he tried to get a neutral lynched and tried to draw off the lynch from reyscarface: he knew he couldn’t win a standoff. He did not deserve the multiple flamings he received in the thread whatsoever, and was honestly one of the best WWW members. He just happened to be the unlucky victim of my not telling the WWW that they had fewer numbers. His only real mistake was that he gave nearly all of his claims to b_l, but that didn’t matter so much because b_l never targeted a WWW member anyway. Good overall.

    RBG-Lynched d5

    Role: Mole with a BG when Jacked In. My worst mistake of the game was nerfing this role…the WWW really could have used some extra info. I should have made it so that it fooled both sides’ inspectors once, so that the WWW would have found him to be SciLab upon first inspection as well, but so that SciLab would have also.

    Player: RBG played a typically solid game, playing well and following rey’s orders (seemingly) until rey decided to lynch him off d5. RBG honestly put up a good defense, but at that point SciLab was dedicated to following reyscarface, for better or for worse. Sorry again man, I really shouldn’t have nerfed your role.

    Polelover44-Lynched d7

    Role: The WWW Force Jack In/Jack Out role, along with a BPV to boot should he Jack In. I honestly expected this role to tear SciLab apart, and…it never really did much until n4, when he finally Jacked reyscarface Out. He should have been doing that every single night since n1.

    Player: polelover seemed to just follow orders for the most part, and unlike most of the other players in this game, his role did not live up to it’s potential through what he was told to do. This was one role on the WWW designed to counter MegaMan that…never really did. At all. Not very good overall, although no mistakes is a plus.

    Jimbo/Veedrock-Killed n5

    Role: Standard inspector, paired with a faction leader. The counterpart to Dr. Hikari on the WWW, designed to feed the faction leader info from the get-go.

    Player: Veedrock played pretty well, seeming active in alliance discussion on #candle and making intelligent decisions until being the chosen victim of reyscarface’s LifeSword Program Advance. Never really tried to false claim SciLab, but other than that no complaints here. Pretty good.

    Hailflameblast-Lynched d2

    Role: Fairly standard BG, linked with the Safeguard. I expected this pair to be among the hardest WWW to find.

    Player: HFB…did not play particularly well. He and Upside claimed to know each other, which was problematic because both had bad claims, which rey easily spotted. HFB was the first lynched off. It’s a pity he didn’t live longer, because he could have helped protect some of the WWW’s main roles from rey’s redirecting powers.

    Upside-Lynched D3

    Role: Standard Safeguard with a twin. Not much else to say about it.

    Player: Upside was active, but his horrible fake along with hailflameblast’s got both of them lynched early on. Also, he never safeguarded reyscarface, which could have enabled the WWW and wolves to kill him off much earlier. Still, that wasn’t his fault, he took orders from Yeti mostly, and he was very active in #candle, even after his death, so decent job overall.

    Johann-Lynched D4

    Role: Standard thief, like SciLab’s thief, but he can only carry four items at one time.

    Player: Johann was in the dark most of the game, as his partner died early and he was a late claimer. Indeed, he wasn’t even allowed into the WWW channel until about the time of his lynch. Not much to say overall, he never really got much of a chance, although if he had been more active he probably would have been able to help plan for the WWW a llittle more.

    moot-Killed N1

    Role: Standard full inspector, with a thief partner. This pair was meant to be a sort of “second half” of the WWW, so that, once united with Wily and Dr. Regal, they would fully unite. This didn’t happen, however, because…

    Player: moot got, in simple terms, luckfucked. reyscarface decided that Yeti was a good target for his kill redirection n1, and he decided to rand moot with it (although moot could have avoided this if he hadn’t voted reyscarface near the end, which pretty much told rey he was a WWW member). Probably shouldn’t have voted rey, but other than that, not too much to say overall, he just wasn’t around very long.

    Wolf Faction #1

    blue_light-Won D8

    Role: A LPV, Force Jack In and Force Jack Out role. It was decided between me and billymills that he should gain wickdaggler’s kill upon his death which, surprisingly, didn’t really affect the outcome of the game at all, as the only victim of this kill was Flamestrike. This role also had a BPV should he idle, which was one of my biggest design flaws in this game: I gave him an incentive to not use the one role I specifically wanted used. This was one of the several reasons the Jack In/Jack Out scheme simply did not end up working out that well.

    Player: blue_light played excellently, gathering six of the WWW claims D1 from Anachronism, and then laying low until the endgame, when he successfully played the factions off each other to gain a win. He also won from the faction which was definitely the weakest, although it could be argued he won specifically because his faction was so weak. Overall tremendous, definitely the best neutral.

    Wickdaggler-Killed N2/Won D8

    Role: The killer for this wolf faction, with a BPV to boot. Also had a 0 vote, although his partner had a mayor vote so it evened out to one vote each; the goal was that, should he die, his faction would not be immeasurably crippled.

    Player: wickdaggler also fits under the “luckfucked” title, as he was targeted for kills N1 and N2. Indeed, reyscarface only targeted him for his kill redirection N2 because he was sure he was Wily, that was how engrained wickdaggler had become into the WWW. If the WWW had become the dominant faction, he would have been a tremendous mole, but, sadly, SciLab made him one of it’s top priorities. Overall good, one of the better players in this game.

    Wolf Faction #2

    Dogfish44/the interwebs-Godkilled D7

    Role: Unblockable kill, although it only works on one side of the Jack In/Jack Out spectrum. Also had a BPV, a mayor vote, and a one-time recruit. The balancing factor to SciLab, meant to stop it from dominating come mid-game. Sadly, he was a little too late in achieving this goal…

    Player: Dogfish44 idled N0 (no idea why, although this meant another day of rey’s rampage through the WWW), then got subbed out. Not much there.

    Player: the interwebs subbed in D1, and…just kind of did nothing. He tried to convert reyscarface and wickdaggler unsuccessfully before finally converting macle, a WWW member, rather than an obvious SciLabber. I even warned him his convert only worked on 14 of the 24 other players, what were the odds it worked on the best roles? He should have been able to figure this out earlier, because by the time he FINALLY killed reyscarface, the entire theory of this role AND of the WWW had been destroyed. Then, he godkilled himself rather than letting SciLab lynch him (they might not have, no idea why he did this either). Seriously, for a guy who claims to have wanted the WWW to win, he did everything he could to ensure they lost, as much as anyone not named reyscarface.

    And, the extra role:

    Role: Priority thief with the same abilities as before the conversion. This role was meant to help Alpha gather information for his kills.

    Player: macle really didn’t have a chance to do much after he was kidnapped, sadly he never really had a talk with the interwebs, and so never really got him organized or with a plan. Then, he was lynched while idle most of the day. He played much better as Baryl/Colonel than as Alpha, although idling had a lot to do with that.


    I explained the Program Advances available before, but I will go more in-depth about the role of items in this game here. Basically, I made it so that no faction could gain any Program Advance simply by controlling the items it starts with, in order to give all factions a chance at Program Advances, should they make it a priority (a kill in this game was essentially a priority thief, so even the wolf factions had options to gain items, although neither wolf faction really explored this possibility).

    Anyway, the Program Advances were:
    LifeSword: ¾ of: Sword*, Sword L, WideSword L, LongSword L. One-Time, priority kill.
    Barrier500: ¾ of: Barrier*, Barrier R, Barrier100 R, Barrier200 R. One-Time BPV.
    BigHeart: All of: Roll R, HolyPanel R, and Recovery300 R. 1-Time Revive, revived user revives as they were on N0.
    ElementBlade: 4/5 of: AquaBlade F, ElecBlade F, BambBlade F, FireBlade F, ElementSword* (I made up the last chip in order to fulfill the items scheme). Every night kill, lowest priority, stacks with all other night actions.

    I wish the last two Program Advance had been achieved at some point, it really felt like the game didn’t go on long enough to fully flesh out the possibilities behind the items.

    Now, then, it’s time for…

    Best SciLabber: reyscarface
    Best WWW: Yeti/RBG
    Best Wolf: blue_light
    Best argument: reyscarface/Yeti
    Best Stunt: DARKNESS ADVANCE (Mattimeo)
    Best Pictures: blue_light (sorry rey)
    Most Broken Role: reyscarface
    Most Entertaining Player: reyscarface/Yeti (both of you were hilarious)
    Best Channel: #candle
    And now, the one you’ve all been waiting for…
    Best Player:
    WHO WILL IT BE??? (open)
    reyscarface (sorry WWW/blue_light)

    Thanks everyone for playing, and sorry it took me so ridiculously long to post this (I’ve been busy, but that’s not an excuse). Also, to anyone interested, I am currently designing a Metroid Prime Mafia game, that will include some experimental new lynch ideas in it.
  2. Johann


    Nov 7, 2009
    Firstly, I think I was a bit more active than you think UncleSam. I wasn't allowed into the WWW channel for such a long time because Upside wouldn't let me despite me sending my role pm and doing everything he told to me to do to prove myself that took much longer than it should have. Had I been let in earlier the WWW might have had more of a chance. Anyways it was still fun and I almost got my program advance fulfilled.
  3. supermarth64

    supermarth64 Here I stand in the light of day
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 26, 2008
    I have no idea what I did in the last night since I cleared my logs folder and cuz it was so long ago, but all I remember was making Yeti lose so rey wouldn't get pissed at me.

    Rofl Yeti vs rey what a clusterfuck.
  4. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Yeah, after the way our partnership worked out in Unicycle, I didn't expect to do much while rey was my twin; lie low and don't get killed was the basic idea. I was the one who suggested making the Life Sword though, when I saw that one of us (rey I think) had a chip. I looked it up and found the Advance, guessing it was a kill of some sort. Sure enough, we finally got it put together. It was fun, although I do wish I could have done more (I was pissed beyond belief when I saw that we died the same night, I couldn't have one day to lead like in Unicycle? Not even one? :( ) Anyway, despite the balance issues and all that jazz, it was still probably my favorite mafia so far, thanks for the game.
  5. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    Upside was suspicious of wickdaggler as the mole. We knew we had 9 people, we had 9 claims, but Shademan or Shadowman or whoever moot's twin was was missing. wickdaggler had a kill so we let him in and let him think we didn't suspect him, only because he could kill lol.

    I was proud we randkilled the vig and BG#1.


    I definitely think we had a better faction and we worked like we were supposed to, it was just too bad the game was so dependent on a wolf with unblockable kills killing rey.

    We never safeguarded him because I didn't think SciLab would have more people AND two bodyguards. Especially because we had 1.5 as we either sacrificed our mole for a BG or only had one.

    What sucked is I randinspected RBG n0, which broke his mole PM for some reason. Not only was it n0, but it was friendly. We randinspected Flamestrike and had him killed by blue_light the same night we tried to/interwebs did kill rey.

    I suspected macle had been converted again, though not to a wolf faction. But again we were so destroyed already there wasn't much I could do.

    I told SciLab if they voted me again they'd lose, but whoever was left decided to persuade me anyways and they lost..... ;) thanks for listening.

    Anyways this was a fun game in our WWW channel but it was sort of a pain because the thread was rey insulting his own faction and saying generally stupid crap that I have no idea why it was believed except he had a twin ?_?.

    Also it sucked we had less people, and though I could have claimed I knew doing so would get me inspected/hooked and there went out kills. -___-
  6. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior also known as Darkwing_Duck
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    Dec 30, 2009
    WWW lost from D1 pretty much, since due to the closed theme and rey dominating the game due to this Alpha not doing stuff properly(side note: I think you know from Remoraid the quality of my fakes, so yeah, what happened was fairly obviously going to). Making a faction entirely reliant on outside factors is a BAD idea for game design, simply becuase you cannot be sure that everything will go perfectly. No game till now has had everybody performing to the fullest potential of every role, so no gameplan made by the hosts has ever worked 100% correctly,. since somethign or the other WILL always screw over the weaker faction.

    /end rant

    So yeah.

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