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Metal Gear Solid Tactical Game - Game Over! Innocent/US Government win!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Exarius, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 2, 2009
    well that sucks
  2. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Mahjong rity

    2-hours grace period START (will be extended to 3 if something actually happens)
  3. shade

    shade i'm so mean i make medicine sick
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    Mar 28, 2008
    vote reyscarface

    i still didnt order any pizza
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo take me anywhere
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    Sep 30, 2007
    call immigration on reyscarface
  5. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Grace period extended, we'll announce a precise deadline soon.

    BTW oviously since majority was hit the only way to change the lynch is to change on of the votes that are part of that majority. I mean it's pretty obvious.
  6. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Deadline in exactly 10 minutes.
  7. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
  8. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    The end is near, you can feel it. THE_IRON_KENYAN, that lucky bastard who survived your assaults yesterday, shall perish now - as they say, better late than never! You all surround him as the fear becomes more and more visible on his face. "No, stop - it's me! Your old friend!" He might be an old friend, but now he's sided with your enemies, you're sure of it. When he realises that no matter what he says, you won't change your mind, a tear falls from the corner of his eye and suddenly, he smiles and stares into space. In a faint voice, he whispers: "La li lu le lo... La li lu le lo..." and starts trembling. White foam comes out of his mouth and he closes his eyes for the last time.

    You start laughing uncontrollably. The traitor! The child kidnapper! While you would have preferred to rip this old guy's head off with your teeth, watching him convulse and die by himself was satisfying enough. Surely a war veteran such as Roy Campbell must have some piece of important intel on him though. Without any pity, you scavenge the corpse and find what you were looking for: a confidential letter in an envelope. You skim through it and read the important parts:

    Inside the envelope are also four dog tags, including Campbell's, and a handkerchief with an inscription in red letters:

    As you put the contents of the the envelope back in THE_IRON_KENYAN's jacket, the faces of Exarius and Accent appear on the giant screen and wink. "Another faction down! Only 8 left!" Exarius says before they vanish. But before the speakers are turned off, you can faintly hear someone say "Eo sucks for getting Wolf killed". You don't know if you should laugh or cry as the victim's body is carried to the shop's doorstep (there's no room inside anymore). And, soon, the sky turns to dark blue...

    Night 8 has started, and ends Tuesday 21:00 GMT+2.

    Day PMs are wandering by themselves toward your inboxes, unless they get lost you should receive them in less than 15 minutes.
  9. Alchemator

    Alchemator my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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    Feb 7, 2009

  10. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009

    (soon being tomorrow)
  11. Exarius


    Aug 7, 2009
    Night 8 is over! The Final Update!

    The night slowly fades away as the sun appears between the buildings that surround you. You are seven... seven survivors to the rampage that happened around this fountain, whose pool is now filled with blood. Some are clearly in a state of shock, while others are already pondering the best course of action for the current day. A girl is timidly approaching; she seems more and more anxious, her eyes quickly moving from one soldier to another. Suddenly, the screen goes white and a terrifying voice blasts through the speakers, with some funky music in the background.

    "Cower in fear, last remaining enemies of the US Government. We've entered your last hour."

    Two men raise their right fist in the air and scream at the girl: "COWER IN FEAR! COWER IN FEAR!" Their lower lips are trembling, their pupils are dilated. The girl cringes and bursts into tears as the two men come closer, their clamor intensifying with each step. "COWER IN FEAR!" The girl hides her face in her hands. "COWER IN FEAR!" The two men surround her. "COWER IN FEAR!"

    "STOP IT!" The girl yells, pushing away her oppressors and running towards the fountain. But a second later, she stops, and covers her ears with her hands. The screen flickers and a new message is displayed: "Sending BOMC to 140.12, 140.44, 140.71, 141.17, 141.32, 141.94 - COWER IN FEAR." The girl falls down, unable to stand the violence and shock anymore:
    The two men, namely Veedrock and Lesm46, lower their fists and crouch to investigate Jimbo's corpse; they are joined shortly later by Mekkah, reyscarface and supermarth64. She was holding tightly on a little scroll that apparently came from a fortune cookie:
    Next to her body lies a folder she was carrying. Inside, reyscarface finds a couple of files that look like contracts, but most don't even mention her name:

    On the cover of the folder itself, two lines are handwritten, in a fine calligraphy:
    "-Hm, so that's another faction down", says Mekkah.
    "-Yeah... I wonder where these guys in camosuits are?
    -Oh you're right, usually they congratulate us in some way!
    -Well," Lesm46 says in a grave voice, "I'm looking for somene else... didn't you notice that one of us was missing? Where is sh-"

    Before he finishes his sentence, the sound of an explosion deafens the five soldiers. A nearby wall crumble. The ground shakes... As the smoke dissipates, a large and angular silhouette slowly appears; the metallic edges of the machine reflect the rays of the sun which is now almost at its zenith. The Metal Gear REX-2 is now fully visible, and shade is in the cockpit.


    "-Fuck. We're fucked.
    -Wait, we might have a way to best him," Veedrock whispers. "I knows the plans of the MGR-2 - I ordered its construction. There is a weak spot in the cockpit; if we can place some sort of bomb in there, we should be able to get rid of it...
    -I have a bomb."

    supermarth64 opens a small bag that's attached to his belt and takes out two small devices. One of them has a red button on it. "It's the detonator", he says, and hands the other one to reyscarface: "Here, you go place that, I need to go to the toilet". Reyscarface takes the bomb and rushes towards the MGR-2 without a word, avoiding two salvos of machine gun shots which destroy the pavement. When only a few metres separate the Ninja from the machine, he jumps incredibly high in the air, drawing his katana while performing a somersault. He lands on the beast's head and slices the radome in two, neutralising the radars and forcing shade to open the cockpit. However, as the metallic jaws unclose, shade shouts: "Fool! Did you think I would let you take advantage of the exact same weakness I used before?" and he shoots a Stinger missile from his seat, which explodes right on reyscarface and sends him flying. He hits a building and falls to the ground, with the exoskeleton failing and light fading out from his eyes:

    On the back of his exoskeleton are engraved the following words:
    The bomb falls near Veedrock, who picks it and stares at the artificial monstruosity that his company created. "I shall make up for that mistake!" He roars, and throws the bomb with all his might towards the MGR-2. But shade deflects the projectile with a swing of the arm, and pushes a lever all the way down. "You're the mistake, and you will be erased alright", he says, as the robot starts running. Before Veedrock can react, he is crushed beneath a giant steel foot.

    However, while shade does his best to slow down the cumbersome machine before hitting another building, Mekkah catches the explosive device and gives a quick look at supermarth64. He nods, and then dashes in the Metal Gear's direction. He reaches it before it can turn around and begins climbing on its back while Lesm46 attracts shade's attention; before long, he's on the top, and drops the bomb in the cockpit. Shade suddenly understand the trick and bellows in rage; Mekkah jumps to the ground and gives the green light: "GO!" Shade discharges all of the MGR-2's anti-tank missiles, but before the impact, supermarth manages to press the button. Two flares simultaneously shake the place, and Supermarth64's body is torn into pieces.

    Mekkah is propelled by the explosion's blast. While he tries to get up, a figure walks up to him while ashes are flying around. Shade stops before the old man. Both are covered in blood. "Get some rest, gramps" mutters shade, and he knocks Mekkah unconscious.

    Shade falls on his knees. He probably has a couple of broken ribs, and his left leg is heavily wounded. Between the flames, Lesm46 appears.

    "-My apprentice... You make me proud. You always were the best student I ever had...
    -There's no time for this, Master. You are going to die - you know it. It has to be that way.
    -Oh, so you think you've surpassed me then? That would be quite the surprise.
    -I don't need to surpass you.
    -What do you mean?
    -It's not over yet. It will never be. It doesn't matter who wins. Our fight will continue. The losers will be liberated from the battlefield, and the survivors will live out the rest of their days as a soldiers. You will die eventually - the only thing that matters is your cause. You only win if you fight for your cause."

    Lesm stays silent for a moment, while shade is coughing blood.

    "-I see... this is an interesting theory. But what is your cause, Solid Snake? How are you so sure that you're the one who's right?
    -I... I don't know anymore. Is there anything worth that much destruction?
    -You're a confused fool. You should fight for the Innocents. Only their side is worth saving in a war!
    -But you're no innocent anymore. You've killed more people than anyone else here... You've forgotten your own motive. You're nothing more than a murderer!"

    Shade gathers his strength and hits Lesm in the stomach. Lesm takes a step back, before answering with an uppercut. The two soldiers engage in a fist fight which lasts for what seems like dozens of minutes. Lesm lets fly a right hook; shade blocks and spits blood in his opponent's eyes, before landing a hit in his ribs, and chains it with a kick - Lesm dodges and aims for shade's leg wound... It goes on and on, until shade finally falls to the ground, exhausted. "Snake... it's for the greater good. Goodbye," says Lesm, and delivers the final blow.

    Lesm catches his breath and walks toward Mekkah, who is still unconscious. "We made it. Wake up." A few seconds later, the commander opens his eyes. "It's me, commander. Miller."

    Mekkah blinks and looks around him.

    "-I guess we won't be able to use that weapon anymore", he says, staring at the Metal Gear REX-2's ruins.
    "-At least, the war is over. I received a special transmission from the President earlier - all the opposing forces have surrendered, since most understood that they didn't stand a chance anymore after the events that occurred here.
    -You are wrong. It... will never be over."

    Congratulations to the winners, US Government and the Innocents!
  12. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    You wouldn't believe how much work it was to put that all in one announcement.
  13. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009



    Here is the folder we used to store anything related to the game.
    In it, you will find:
    • The document containing the initial concept and the CODEC idea
    • The Master Sheet which contains all the player actions, the CODEC messages, a tab we used to calculate the results after each night, a basic summary of each role and the priorities
    • One hidden rule that allowed us to modify the game state at any point according to some limitations (we only used it for Jimbo's kill which had no effect)
    • The diagram that was made to balance the Win Conditions, with which you can get a better idea of the alliances that were possible
    • Four documents in which we wrote everything that was to be publicised beforehand: the sign-ups, the original post, the updates and this postgame
    • The document where all the PMs were first written
    • The role PM template

    General Overview

    Quite generally, the early game (and especially N0) was filled with CODEC calls going everywhere, and people fake claiming and trying to mole each other. As the game processed onwards, most of the CODEC calls were dropped (except for Agape, who stopped around D5 or something). But, this also reflected the player activity in this game: Twice, we were within an inch of cancelling this game (N3 and N6), and every night except for N7 we had idlers who didn't tell us that they would idle.

    The CODEC system was intended to give an anonymous twist to the talk between player, and possibly also semi-inspects. To some degree, the BOMCs achieved this, but ISACs were sent by very few: even with the possibility of semi-inspecting people, only 2 or 3 were sent that weren't killing ISACs. Not exactly what we though would happen, but still, it was used to some degree.

    Also, as of the role PMs, we tried to include some nods/jokes toward their roles or actions the original game for those who have played the game. As a good example would be Meryl Silverburgh: In the game, both Otacon and Snake mention how attractive her ass is after meeting her!

    We're pretty happy with the way the game unfolded. Most of what was expected happened, the original design was successful. What we aimed for was a game where discussion and deceit were the most important part, and that would mimic the feeling of an infiltration game somewhat, and I think we managed to do it pretty well. The most active people and those with the best strategies were rewarded throughout the game which, I think, shows that it was successful.

    Step-by-step overview

    First of all, the game was really incredibly dense. There is no way we could have followed everything that was going on, but we still recorded as much as we could on a document to give you the best possible postgame. We'll only cover the major parts.
    This is mostly written by Accent, since he had much more knowledge of the politics, but Exarius' comments were taken into account of course!

    Night 0:

    A lot of things happened during the first night. Probably due to the excitement of getting a role and a frequency, everyone started sending BOMCs in all directions, fake claims were frantically made, and after a short while pretty much everyone realised that the biggest hurdle would be to properly fake the Win Conditions. Indeed, the only common point between the members of a faction were their WC and their 'motivation', although that wasn't explicitly stated. Here are all the WCs:

    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, the Mercenaries and Liquid Snake are dead, and you managed to use your two false ISACs.

    Solid Snake:
    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Liquid Snake:
    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, the Mercenaries, the Innocents and Otacon are dead.

    Innocents (no real common motivation but this team was almost unmolable):
    You are aligned with the Innocents. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Mercenaries (destroy the Metal Gear REX-2, dismantle ArmsTech):
    You are aligned with the Mercenaries. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    FOXHOUND (capture the Metal Gear REX-2 and use it for diverse motives):
    You are aligned with FOXHOUND. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Mercenaries, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    Undercover Agents (infiltrate ArmsTech and destroy the Metal Gear REX-2):
    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    US Government (gain control of the Metal Gear REX-2):
    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    Shade, a.k.a. Solid Snake, did his job wonderfully: he infiltrated FOXHOUND almost immediately (before all the PMs were out, actually). The civilians and ArmsTech workers (referred to as just civilians from now on) were also surprisingly organised: they even made a channel to think about how they could create as much chaos as possible! This was beyond our expectations, fantastic job guys. The factions that united the fastest was the Mercenaries, as planned, followed by FOXHOUND (although shade was in their channel too). On the other hand, the US Gov. and the Undercover Agents seemed to be a bit lost. Interestingly, the standard false claim sent out seemed to be FOXHOUND, when it was designed to unite fast, and be unmolable except for shade.

    Night 1:

    That's when things really started. The US Government started to unite itself slowly, thanks to Mekkah and Altair mostly. Altair tried to mole various faction, but it didn't really work out - meanwhile, shade was in almost every faction channel. Askaninjask was also more and more publicly known, and, to a lesser extent, LN too - unfortunately that wouldn't last long. FOXHOUND members were apparently annoyed by Altair's wild claims about his faction so LightWolf unwillingly killed him, asking us specifically to write a story in which the killer would feel sorry - little did he know that the Innocent were targeting him with a kill which had that exact flavour!

    Night 2:

    During the second night, the information that was exchanged was more concise and focused on actual negotiations rather than blind spam (except for Agape). By the end of the night, most factions had a few known members of every other team, and some were already cooperating - the US Government and the Mercenaries, LonelyNess and the Innocents, shade and FOXHOUND (despite the fact that the FH members knew they needed shade dead to win). This was a very good thing from us hosts because it was what we intended from the start but we weren't sure it would work out. The accompanying backstabs and deceptions also arrived, and once more, shade was at the center of most of the confusion (although Mekkah was beginning to gather more and more attention after we hinted that he was supposed to unite his faction). Shade revealed that imperfectluck was a FOXHOUND member, and convinced a lot of people that he was immune to night kills during odd nights, which granted him complete invincibility since he could redirect kills away from him every other night. That night's attacks were actually very interesting: askaninjask was both the target of the Innocents' kill and the murderer of LonelyNess (who was also targeted by imperfectluck); however, shade redirected the Innocents' attack towards Eo. Before dying Eo could use one of his kills on ipl though, and we ended up with three dramatic deaths.

    Day 3:

    What a great lynch. We don't see this happening in a lot of small games, even less on Day 3, so we must once again thank all the players for their involvement. Here is what happened: Mekkah and the Mercenaries wanted to get rid of askaninjask, and they knew he would be very hard to kill at night and that he could redirect a lynch. The option they chose was to stealth lynch: Jimbo pretended to be a neutral who would survive any lynch with more than 3 votes, and the plan was to change everything (including Mekkah's mayor vote and Jimbo's own secret vote) just before the deadline. Some factions had other intentions though, and Agape, always willing to create chaos, proposed to test the claim by posting more than 3 votes. It would have worked: askaninjask wasn't aware of anything... but instead, FinnRagetti was the one who perished (thanks to the two previously mentioned abilities and Da Letter El's last-minute vote). Now to be completely honest this was somewhat deserved by the Undercover Agents, who were united by then but also inactive...

    Here's a great log from minutes between the deadline and update going live, from the Mercenaries Channel:
    Prepare to laugh (open)
    [01:23] <&Eo> I don't know anymore
    [01:23] <&daletterel> aaaa we are so confused about this lynch
    [01:23] <&daletterel> who is reyscarface officially voting for? I saw finn at deadline
    [01:23] <~Jimbo> yea it was definitely finn at the deadline
    [01:23] <~Jimbo> he changed it?
    [01:23] <&daletterel> yeah
    [01:24] <~Jimbo> he changed it at 6:21
    [01:24] <~Jimbo> no dice imo that's bullshit
    [01:24] <&daletterel> yeah
    [01:24] <Exarius> that's way behind the deadline
    [01:24] <&daletterel> exactly
    [01:24] <Exarius> 21 minutes
    [01:24] <~Jimbo> can you all see edit histories?
    [01:24] <~Jimbo> I don't know if it's public or mod+ or what
    [01:24] <&daletterel> i think its mod+
    [01:24] <~Jimbo> oh
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> should I not have looked
    [01:25] <Exarius> you can see when he edited it
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> lol
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> I see when he edited it
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> he edited a lot
    [01:25] <@Accent> no but don't worry
    [01:25] <&Eo> yeah
    [01:25] <&Eo> like I saw he voted DLE
    [01:25] <&Eo> said wtf
    [01:25] <@Accent> i checked at deadline
    [01:25] <&Eo> so he changed it
    [01:25] <&Eo> then told him to change it back to DLE
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> he first chnged it after the deadline
    [01:25] <&Eo> because histories are visible
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> so I'm hoping accent keeps to that :p
    [01:25] <Exarius> we are
    [01:25] <~Jimbo> ok
    [01:25] <&daletterel> ok cool
    [01:25] <&daletterel> thanks
    [01:26] <Exarius> (you died, daletterel)
    [01:27] <&daletterel> wait wha?
    [01:27] <&daletterel> wtf :(
    [01:27] <~Jimbo> Rey, Mekkah x 2 votes, me, DLE voted for FinnRagetti to die
    [01:27] <&Eo> my knees are numbing
    [01:27] <&daletterel> jimbo's vote in the thread for me doesnt count
    [01:28] <Exarius> stealthly changed to you
    [01:28] <@Accent> it does
    [01:28] <&daletterel> oh fuck askaninjask
    [01:28] <~Jimbo> what?
    [01:28] <&Eo> but he edited his post
    [01:28] <&Eo> instead of posting a new post
    [01:28] <~Jimbo> I'm confused
    [01:28] <&Eo> accent stop trolling :D
    [01:28] <Exarius> he ain't trolling
    [01:29] <Exarius> I have the update ready to go, and it clearly says that DLE is dead
    [01:29] <&Eo> wait how
    [01:29] <@Accent> here is the update:
    [01:29] <@Accent> everyone gathered around eo and killeded him
    [01:29] <~Jimbo> I'm confsued by what you were saying about not posting again, editing etc
    [01:29] <&Eo> damn not again <-- about here Accent told me to just post the update, funkiller. ~Exarius
    [01:29] <~Jimbo> what exactly happened?
    [01:29] <&Eo> it was exarius's fault this time
    [01:29] <Exarius> that you guys went and lynched DLE ~_~
    [01:29] <~Jimbo> I'm asking Eo / DLE not the hosts
    [01:29] <~Jimbo> obv you can't tell
    [01:30] <&Eo> nevermind my point is invalid
    [01:30] <~Jimbo> so what happened then?
    [01:30] <~Jimbo> we have majority
    [01:30] <Exarius> yes it is, for getting Wolf Killed >:(
    [01:30] <Exarius> I said it, DLE died ~-
    [01:31] <Exarius> and apparently jimbo hated DLE too :P
    [01:31] <~Jimbo> so why did my vote get changed?
    [01:31] <~Jimbo> askaninjask?
    [01:31] <&daletterel> im so fucking confused right now
    [01:32] <&daletterel> i gotta leave in about 20 minutes to go watch my school get crushed by a basketball powerhouse in about 20 minutes
    [01:32] <&daletterel> wow that was repetitive
    [01:32] <Exarius> update out
    [01:32] <&daletterel> but yeah
    [01:32] <&daletterel> i gotta go soon
    [01:32] <&daletterel> we are the greatest
    [01:32] <&daletterel> hi5
    [01:32] <~Jimbo> o
    [01:32] <~Jimbo> you sucks
    [01:32] * ~Jimbo fires his missiles at france
    [01:33] <&Eo> exarius stop trolling :(
    [01:33] <Exarius> damn you guys were fun to watch ^^
    [01:33] <@Accent> no jimbo noooooargh
    [01:33] <Exarius> nooooooo!
    [01:33] <~Jimbo> lol
    [01:33] <~Jimbo> I'm the only one who didn't totally fall for it
    [01:33] <Exarius> Jimbo, now I go norwegian on you >:(
    [01:33] <~Jimbo> since I am
    [01:33] <~Jimbo> confused
    [01:33] <Exarius> prepare to be made into dinner!

    Night 3:

    That night was quite frustrating for us hosts. Mostly due to the players not sending in any action, we were close to just cancelling the whole game here. In the end, we got enough PMs to keep it going, but we still had to sub out Dogfish44 (who was a sub himself). Asim would also have been subbed out if he hadn't been killed that night by the Innocents, which was the only kill. They were wondering why, and thought they had hooked a killer or something; the truth is, they were the only ones to send in a killing action that night. Askaninjask's idling was not intentional, but it was nevertheless probably the most beneficial idling that ever was (lucky bastard):
    -it prevented the reappearance of the Hind-D which led the Innocents think that they had destroyed it during the previous Night (this basically granted aska a secret ace-up-his-sleeve-bpv);
    -it made some of the people who were working with Mekkah at the time look suspicious since he was protected (it looked like someone had tried to backstab him, Jimbo for example);
    -the Innocents also thought they'd hooked a killer, and they had targeted Alchemator - this had important repercussions in the following day.

    Night 4:

    The night of the bouncing kill. Askaninjask targeted reyscarface, shade redirected it to Da Letter El, and Dale redirected it to EA. This was an important night since some factions (most notably the Innocents) had noticed that the Mercenaries were becoming stronger and stronger, so a couple of plans were made to eliminate as much of them as possible. However, they were only partly successful, since as you know only Toothache died (at the hands of the vile Innocents). The two hints I talked about after the update were the fact that the Hind-D had reappeared (which meant that aska's BPV was not gone... come on guys, you could at least have seen that, Mekkah even said something along the lines of "the Hind-D left the area, cool, it confirms that the BPV is destroyed"), and EA's action flavour: "These include the role and alliance of your target, which will be sent to a teammate via BOMC for further analysis" clearly implied that someone else in the US Government had a role related to analysis, but instead everyone kept looking for a non-existing killer! From our point of view, it even sounded like the inspectors themselves weren't aware that they didn't receive their own results, but we didn't get a single question about it...

    Day 5:

    Today was an intense lynch again, which we thank you players for. Early on, it looked like nobody was going to die, but towards the end, Flounder started to get votes. However, shade would not have that, and he organised a stealth lynch on Da Letter El. The only reason this failed was simply because Lesm46 edited his first vote out after the deadline, and thus voting Flounder instead of Da Letter El like in his later post. After Accent came back, he told me that he would have lynched off DLE. Ah well. I still stand behind my decision.

    The log from the FOXHOUND channel (open)
    [20:33] <&shade> hopefully if my stealth against dle goes well
    [20:34] <&shade> we'll learn who it is
    [20:34] <&shade> as i assume the last merc, or last two if they have over 4, will come for help at sometime
    [20:35] <~Flounder> who have you talked to about this stealth
    [20:35] <&shade> lesm
    [20:35] <&shade> he should be back soon
    [20:35] <~Flounder> lesm46, the man who voted me
    [20:35] <&shade> hopefully he'll get veed to vote
    [20:35] <&shade> yea, precautionary against a stealth on him i guess
    [20:36] <&shade> he wont be doing it to save you
    [20:36] <&shade> more to kill dle
    [20:36] <~Flounder> I guess
    [20:42] <&shade> zwings an innocent
    [20:43] <~Flounder> I see
    [20:44] <~Flounder> veedrock has been talking to me a bit, I will see if he wants to have his team help us in this venture
    [20:44] <~Flounder> he expressed a desire in defeating usgov/mercs
    [20:48] <&shade> hes ignoring me the shithead
    [20:48] <&shade> tell him to answer me
    [20:48] <~Flounder> he's idle
    [20:48] <&shade> Exarius
    [20:48] <@Exarius> ?
    [20:49] <&shade> if flounder votes for a different person even though he dies
    [20:49] <&shade> does his vote count
    [20:49] <&shade> ughhhhhhhhhhhh none of the innocents are responding
    [20:49] <&shade> and im not 100% sure zwing is an inno
    [20:49] <&shade> so i dont wanna be like
    [20:49] <&shade> stealth the mercs
    [20:50] <@Exarius> [20:49:04] <&shade> even though he dies
    [20:50] <@Exarius> [20:49:07] <&shade> does his vote count
    [20:50] <@Exarius> do you think they are left without a vote? ~_~
    [20:50] <&shade> dunno if he died at the end of the day
    [20:50] <&shade> his vote could count
    [20:50] <@Exarius> it does
    [20:50] <&shade> thats always a last dance option Flounder
    [20:50] <&shade> if you're doomed
    [20:50] <&shade> take a guy with you
    [20:51] <~Flounder> :s
    [20:51] <~Flounder> aha
    [20:51] <~Flounder> veedrock has replied
    [20:51] <~Flounder> should I propose a lynch of dle to him
    [20:52] <~Flounder> highlighting user shade
    [20:52] <&shade> i just did
    [20:52] <~Flounder> ah
    [20:52] <&shade> motherfucker
    [20:52] <&shade> hes ignoring me
    [20:52] <@Exarius> about 8 mins left
    [20:53] <&shade> ffffffffffffffffffffff
    [20:53] <~Flounder> hey
    [20:53] <~Flounder> if someone else votes toothache won't that tie the lynch
    [20:53] <~Flounder> even thuogh he's dead
    [20:53] <~Flounder> though
    [20:54] <~Flounder> and if this game is awesome a tie would result in no deaths
    [20:54] <~Flounder> RIGHT
    [20:54] <~Flounder> exarius this is where you answer me D:
    [20:54] <@Exarius> I don't remember what I said on that earlier, but IIRC if someone votes a dead person, the vote won't count
    [20:54] <&shade> yes tie results in no deaths
    [20:54] <@Exarius> I was writing it twat
    [20:54] <~Flounder> aw
    [20:55] <~Flounder> FUCKER PINGED OUT
    [20:55] <~Flounder> GRAAAAAAGGGGHHHH
    [20:56] <&shade> veedrock pinged
    [20:56] <@Exarius> 4 mins
    [20:56] <&shade> ffs
    [20:56] <&shade> fucks sake
    [20:56] <@Exarius> he's back
    [20:56] <&shade> VEEDROCK YOU FUCKING CUNT
    [20:56] <&shade> oh
    [20:56] <~Flounder> back on
    [20:56] <&shade> lesm hurry up you shithead
    [20:57] <~Flounder> veedrock is going to try to lynch dle
    [20:57] <~Flounder> I would suggest voting him
    [20:57] <~Flounder> nowish
    [20:59] <&shade> Exarius
    [20:59] <&shade> waiiiiiit
    [20:59] <@Exarius> whaaaaaaat?
    [21:00] <~Flounder> YES
    [21:00] <~Flounder> I AM ALIVE
    [21:00] <~Flounder> lesm changed his vote
    [21:00] <~Flounder> fuck year
    [21:00] <@Exarius> and I am posting deadline
    [21:00] <~Flounder> mekkah, a worst
    [21:01] <&shade> flounder
    [21:01] <&shade> hi5
    [21:01] <~Flounder> hi5
    [21:03] <&shade> Flounder
    [21:03] <&shade> you owe me like
    [21:03] <&shade> £1000000000000000
    [21:03] <~Flounder> yeah
    [21:03] <~Flounder> if we ever meet each other under some strange twist of fate
    [21:03] <~Flounder> lunch will be on me
    [21:03] <&shade> lol
    [21:03] <@Exarius> and you owe me even more for hosting this shit
    [21:03] <&shade> yeah
    [21:03] <&shade> this game has been fucking sweet
    [21:03] <~Flounder> I agree
    [21:03] <@Exarius> (you can give it in april, when I am coming to England)
    [21:04] <@Exarius> also, thanks :)
    [21:04] <&shade> it challenges mafia FOREVER for my favourite small game
    [21:04] <&shade> and by the end of this game
    [21:04] <&shade> it probably will be my fave
    [21:05] <~Flounder> my favorite small game for certain
    [21:05] <~Flounder> though it is tough to top viva la mafia
    [21:05] <&shade> i've done so much talking its cool
    [21:05] <&shade> team fxohound info getter
    [21:06] <~Flounder> n0 was fun
    [21:06] <~Flounder> organizing all of foxhound from the public library B)
    [21:06] <&shade> Exarius
    [21:06] <&shade> Exarius
    [21:06] <&shade> Exarius
    [21:06] <&shade> [19:05:41] <DaLetterEl> anyway, lesm didnt follow rules on changing votes
    [21:06] <&shade> [19:05:43] <DaLetterEl> and if you change your vote, you MUST edit the bolded text out of the old post if you post with a new vote"
    [21:06] <&shade> you better let the vote count
    [21:06] <&shade> or else i will shank you
    [21:06] <~Flounder> if that shit kills me
    [21:07] <~Flounder> I will fucking kill somebody
    [21:07] <@Exarius> according to the rules, the first post that contains a vote counts
    [21:07] <@Exarius> exactly to avoid this kind of situations
    [21:07] <&shade> FUCK
    [21:07] <&shade> FUCK
    [21:07] <@Exarius> so I count the first one
    [21:07] <~Flounder> NO
    [21:07] <&shade> FUCK
    [21:07] <~Flounder> BULLSHIT
    [21:07] <&shade> exarius i hate you
    [21:07] <&shade> :(
    [21:07] <@Exarius> ^_^
    [21:08] <@Exarius> lesseeee....
    [21:08] <~Flounder> come on man :(
    [21:08] <~Flounder> so much stress was involved in this lynch
    [21:08] <&shade> Exarius i aged about 10 years
    [21:08] <~Flounder> thinking I've lived just to be shot down by a technicality............
    [21:08] <&shade> yeah
    [21:08] <&shade> i know
    [21:08] <&shade> this is gay
    [21:08] <@Exarius> do you think we didn't at the lynch couple of days back
    [21:09] <@Exarius> who was it again...
    [21:09] <&shade> mgs: worst mafia game :P
    [21:09] <&shade> im so pissed off
    [21:10] <&shade> i might go cry
    [21:10] <@Exarius> lol
    [21:10] <&shade> this is no time to laugh out loud
    [21:10] <~Flounder> seriously
    [21:10] <~Flounder> who are you, cyzir_visheen
    [21:10] <&shade> i organised a stealth in 5 mins
    [21:10] <&shade> and this is my repayment
    [21:11] <~Flounder> they got only 3 votes in 48 hours or whatever...
    [21:11] <~Flounder> unfair
    [21:11] <~Flounder> simply unfair :(
    [21:11] <&shade> im extremely angry
    [21:11] <@Exarius> you know, I can't do nothing else right now than laugh XD
    [21:11] <&shade> no you can accept the lynch for the good of the game
    [21:11] <&shade> >:|
    [21:12] <@Exarius> to be honest...
    [21:12] <~Flounder> I am going to hunt down and kill lesm46 in the next game I play
    [21:12] <@Exarius> it's depending on 1 post :P
    [21:12] <&shade> heh?
    [21:12] <~Flounder> I will hold him responsible for this death
    [21:13] <~Flounder> I miss big mafia
    [21:13] <&shade> i am unhappy about this decision
    [21:13] <@Exarius> I am still thinking on if I go anal or kind on this decision'
    [21:13] <&shade> is accent around
    [21:13] <&shade> you could ask him
    [21:14] <@Exarius> no, that's the problem
    [21:14] <&shade> and do a little host on host talk
    [21:14] <@Exarius> read the thread ffs
    [21:14] <@Exarius> he left for a week, very little on IRC/Smogon, if at all
    [21:14] <&shade> goddamn
    [21:14] <@Exarius> I know
    [21:14] <&shade> actually it looks like dle edited his post
    [21:15] <&shade> penalise him by killing him
    [21:16] <~Flounder> it doesn't matter shade
    [21:16] <&shade> yes it does
    [21:16] <~Flounder> his edit was 32 seconds before deadline
    [21:16] <&shade> FUCK
    [21:16] <&shade> OFF
    [21:16] <&shade> really
    [21:16] <@Exarius> I am asking Mekkah to check that shit
    [21:16] <~Flounder> Last edited by Da Letter El; Mar 18th, 2010 at 3:03:01 PM.
    [21:16] <~Flounder> deadline is 3:03:33
    [21:16] <&shade> quick edit?
    [21:16] <~Flounder> according to me anyway
    [21:16] <&shade> he might have quick edited so it doesnt show again
    [21:17] <~Flounder> perhaps
    [21:17] <@Exarius> actually, it's 21:00 blank
    [21:17] <@Exarius> but I was slightly busy here and a flash game
    [21:17] <~Flounder> to the deadline is not at the time of post
    [21:17] <~Flounder> but at exactly 2100 your time
    [21:17] <~Flounder> ???
    [21:18] <@Exarius> maybe
    [21:19] <&shade> just let the stealth count
    [21:19] <&shade> x)
    [21:28] <&shade> Flounder
    [21:28] <&shade> im pretty tense
    [21:28] <~Flounder> shade
    [21:28] <~Flounder> I am too
    [21:31] <@Exarius> I have made up my mind'
    [21:31] <@Exarius> you see the result of this when I post the update
    [21:32] <@Exarius> ^^
    [21:32] <&shade> make me more tense why dont you
    [21:32] <&shade> Exarius
    [21:32] <@Exarius> ahahaha
    [21:32] <&shade> should i prepare tissues or beer
    [21:32] <@Exarius> both
    [21:32] <~Flounder> im gonna die
    [21:32] <~Flounder> i know it
    [21:32] <@Exarius> maybe, maybe not
    [21:33] <&shade> if you make me this tense
    [21:33] <&shade> just for dickboy to die
    [21:33] <&shade> i'm gonna weep
    [21:33] <&shade> for years
    [21:34] <&shade> ooh i typod flounder as dickboy
    [21:34] <&shade> my mistake
    [21:34] <~Flounder> ...
    [21:34] <~Flounder> >:(
    [22:00] <&shade> Flounder your sig is p accurate
    [22:01] <@Exarius> true dat
    [22:02] <~Flounder> lol
    [22:09] <&shade> aaaaaaaa Exarius im shitting it
    [22:09] <@Exarius> thanks for telling me
    [22:09] <@Exarius> now I will at least hold it back
    [22:10] <&shade> ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
    [22:10] <&shade> uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    [22:10] <&shade> ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
    [22:10] <&shade> kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    [22:10] <&shade> yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    [22:10] <&shade> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    [22:10] <&shade> uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    [22:11] <~Flounder> if shade were a compound hed be F6U32
    [22:11] <&shade> HEH
    [22:11] <@Exarius> lol
    [22:12] <@Exarius> start smashing f5
    [22:12] <~Flounder> I am welcoming death
    [22:12] <~Flounder> I fear it no more
    [22:13] <@Exarius> good
    [22:14] <~Flounder> however
    [22:15] <~Flounder> I am going to kill lesm46
    [22:16] <&shade> FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    [22:16] <&shade> FFFFF
    [22:16] <&shade> FFF
    [22:16] <&shade> F
    [22:16] <&shade> F
    [22:16] <&shade> FF
    [22:16] <&shade> FFFFFFFF
    [22:16] <&shade> FF
    [22:16] <&shade> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    [22:16] <&shade> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    [22:17] <~Flounder> :(
    [22:17] <~Flounder> I leave what is left of foxhound in your capable hands, shade
    [22:24] <~Flounder> well, now that that ordeal is over with...
    [22:24] * ~Flounder (Flounder@get.in.your.go.cart.and.go.little.sister) Quit (Quit: look at what I have found, a seashell in a sea of shells)
    Session Close: Thu Mar 18 22:30:01 2010

    Night 5 & 6, Day 6 & 7:

    Well I (Accent) was away at that time, but these Nights and the Day in between were quite normal, as opposed to what we had seen previously in the game. After Day 4, the Innocents were pretty much determined to exterminate the Mercenaries and vice versa, so the kills (one Inno and one Merc dead) allowed that war-within-the-war to go on without any side taking the advantage. The following lynch was pretty tight and we were surprised TIK didn't use his lynch cancel (he either has balls or a lacking memory), but it ended up as a tie so it was beneficial to him. He then continued to avoid the lynches thanks to his persuasion and his lynch cancel. The next night was mostly notable because of the amount of PMs we never received (we almost cancelled the game again at that point... Exarius' fury could be seen in the update - "why the FUCK I lack some actions here"), but there was one major event anyway: the Hind-D fell down! This was aska's BPV, as most guessed.

    Night 7:

    This Night saw the death of askaninjask a.k.a. the feared LIQUID SNAKE! A big catch, this one. He still managed to commit one last murder before dying: reachzero, who was Naomi Hunter, the US Gov's second inspector. Other than that, not many things happened. I should mention that Jimbo had received a limited kill after Night 5 and this was when it would have been the most useful, but unfortunately he didn't manage to use it. Oh and by the way, thanks again for the early update!

    Night 8:

    At that point, it was pretty obvious that the US Gov and the Innocents were about to win together. We debated a bit with Exarius about shade: despite his stellar play, he didn't really have a chance. We came up with a couple of ideas (mostly transform his redirect into a kill, or another one which you can see here as it's a bit more complex) but in the end we decided to leave it that way, and agreed to make the final update really epic. The Innocents didn't take any risks: instead of trying to kill (which could have been redirected by shade), they took their time and simply neutralised all their enemies, helped by the US Government. We ended the game early since there was no way for anyone else to win.

    Roles analysis

    Some of the info in the PMs has been edited/added for an easier comprehension; this will be signaled by [brackets].

    US Government

    The US Government was the closest to a village that the game had. The most disunited faction, with no kill but good voting power (7 votes out of 27, followed by 5 votes for the Undc Agents) and by far the best inspection capabilities in the game (two inspectors that get the other's results and one smogon name - frequency finder). Everyone had two frequencies that pertained to two team mates, but among all of these were shade's and asim's, which could lead to bad things if they weren't careful.

    moot/reachzero (open)
    You are Naomi Hunter.

    When you were young, your parents were killed, and you were adopted by your "brother" Frank Jaeger (a.k.a. Gray Fox) when he found you starving by a riverside. You moved to the U.S.A. in order find out the truth about your past; there, you studied genetics and nanotechnology, and used this knowledge to help and hinder Solid Snake. When the U.S. Government heard of the new Metal Gear, they immediately called upon you to gain control of it.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Study USER's DNA". You will use the night to study the deepest genetics of your target, and upon the dawn, locate the strings which contain his role PM. You won't see these results yourself, though: they will be sent to another member of your group for further studies, via regular mail.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.30

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.41 - blue_light/dogfish44 [Nastasha Romanenko (his counterpart inspector), US Gov]
    141.92 - supermarth64 [Johnny Sasaki, US Gov]

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    Moot was quite inactive during the early game, which is a shame since that role was supposed to at least find out Nastasha Romanenko and work with her. Instead, he sent late PMs and we're not even sure his inspections were very useful. In the end, he asked to be subbed out, and reachzero came in for him. He didn't last for long though: 1 night and he got killed after that. As Mekkah said, he was a 'good vote'.

    blue_light/dogfish44/E.A. (open)
    You are Nastasha Romanenko.

    You were born and raised in Pripyat, and was 10 years old when Chernobyl decided to go kaboom. Your parents died due to the radiation, and you developed a hatred for nuclear weapons. You studied them to educate people of their dangers, and after you aided Solid Snake during the Shadow Moses events, you wrote a book about the whole incident. Due to your knowledge of the subject, the government has shown interest in you, and you joined them to stop the MGR-2 from falling into the wrong hands.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Read about FREQUENCY". You will take out the book you wrote about the Shadow Moses incident, and find the pages about FREQUENCY. These include the role and alliance of your target, which will be sent to a teammate via BOMC for further analysis. This communication is automatic and doesn't count as one of the 5 BOMCs you can send.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.41

    You know the following frequencies:
    141.13 - shade [Solid Snake, Neutral]
    141.49 - Mekkah [Commander Kahn, US Gov]

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    The comment we made for moot applies here too, even double. Although this was a crucial role for the US Government, it wasn't really used at all, but fortunately enough the potential moling window for shade wasn't opened either. Sadly, we had to sub this role twice, and possibly huge amounts of information was lost for the U.S. Government... Poor EA did what he could and to we were happy to see that, finally, someone would maybe use that role properly, but he didn't have enough time. He did manage to get in touch with Mekkah and confirm his alliance however.

    reyscarface (open)
    You are Raiden

    You were born as a soldier. When you fought in the Liberian Civil War as a child, you gained several nicknames due to your brutality. Later in your life, you fought for different sides, like U.S. Army Task Force and FOXHOUND. You eventually were captured and used as a test subject in various experiments, which resulted in parts of your spine and skull being removed. The U.S. Governement fitted you into an exoskeleton so you could survive and help them obtaining the new Metal Gear.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - VR simulate USER/FREQUENCY". You will enter a VR simulation made by the government, and mimic the situation where USER was given their frequency, or when FREQUENCY was assigned to a soldier. After the simulation, which will last the whole night, you will know the the frequency or the smogon name associated to your target.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.10

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.66 - Altair [Francis, US Gov]
    140.91 - asim [Sam Fisher, Undc Agents]

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    - - - - - - - - -
    When Nastasha Romanenko died:
    Your partners are dying. Something must be done. You have to step up...

    You will take on the role of the Cyborg Ninja!

    Now, instead of your previous night action, you can submit "Night X - Trade info about USER/FREQUENCY with EVA". You will make a deal with Big Mama, and she will give you the alliance and either the frequency or the smogon name of your target depending on what you submitted.

    Additionally, you have learnt the frequency to which EA was sending his results: 141.30.

    While rey was inactive during the first few cycles, he quickly got better once Mekkah contacted him but not by much. Raiden was supposed to be the missing link between Naomi Hunter and Nastasha Romanenko, and when Nastasha died he gained part of her powers - we were kind with that, since we hadn't intended to give him as much power, but it was a way to encourage him to be more active and help the US Gov finally unite itself completely.

    Altair (open)
    You are Francis.

    You are a biker covered in tattoos, holding a shotgun, and you ain't afraid of no zombie horde. When things get nasty, you know you can count on your Molotov cocktails. You've worked in a team before, and you've got what it takes - no buddy is gonna die if you can do anything to stop it. Oh, and that Metal Gear thing? Come on, you faced a Tank. It was way scarier.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Throw a pipe bomb at USER". You will try to attract your enemies towards your target, but unfortunately they aren't zombies. You will only infuriate any killer that targeted USER, and they will attack you instead.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.66

    You know the following frequencies:
    141.49 - Mekkah [Commander Kahn, US Gov]
    141.92 - supermarth64 [Johnny Sasaki, US Gov]

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    Altair caused quite a lot of confusion in the early game by trying to mole everyone. That had both good and bad repercussion: on one hand, he did manage to contact Mekkah with who he started to unite the US Gov and found out pretty much all the Undercover Agents, but on the other, he was killed soon after. It's a bit of a shame since we intended Francis to lie low and be used later in the game, once the whole US Gov was completely united, but oh well, Altair did a fine job.

    supermarth64 (open)
    You are Johnny Sasaki.

    Let's face it: you are nothing but the comic relief of the Metal Gear series. Whenever you appear, the player knows you're going to be humiliated. Oh, such a cruel world! You won't give up though, and one day, you might get your own spin-off! It will probably involve your evil clone, Liquid Sasaki, and his dark schemes... But for now, enough daydreaming, you're on a mission! That Metal Gear will be yours!

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Diarrhea FREQUENCY". Your target will somehow survive the night (and the stench). This action makes no sense, don't try to find one.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.92

    You know the following frequencies:
    141.10 - reyscarface [Raiden, US Gov]
    141.30 - moot [Naomi Hunter, US Gov]

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    Johnny was the BG that the US Government needed to have a chance to survive long enough to lynch most of its enemies. Sm64 also had rey's frequency and vice-versa, so that was a good way to help the uniting. During the whole game, sm64 used his power quite well, but not amazingly either. He mostly protected himself or Mekkah, and in the endgame, the Innocents. He could probably have avoided a few deaths byt taking some risks but sometimes it's best to take the safest route!

    Mekkah (open)
    You are Commander Kahn.

    You are the mighty leader of the Elite Beat Agents, an organisation whose goal is to help those on the verge of nervous breakdown. While most of the time, your job is simply to locate an emergency where you will send your subordinates, you also are a master in the art of cheering up, and you've been hired by the U.S. Government to rally and motivate the troops.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - AGENTS ARE...". You will vociferate an order that will leave no one indifferent through the CODEC. For practical purposes, it will appear in the next update. You can write your order in the body of the PM.

    You are also a very impressive person, even when you stay silent and aren't dancing with two sexy women. During the day, your vote will count double!

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.49

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.41 - blue_light/dogfish44/E.A. [Nastasha Romanenko, US Gov]
    141.30 - moot/reachzero [Naomi Hunter, US Gov]

    You can send up to 2 ISACs during the game.

    You are aligned with the US Government. You win if all the members of FOXHOUND and all the Neutrals are dead.

    At first, Mekkah was a bit confused about the game. However, he soon woke up and took up the task of uniting his faction, after we subtly hinted that it was what we'd planned for his role: indeed, with the two inspector frequencies, an announcement, and two ISACs, Kahn had more than enough ways to communicate, and his abilities allowed him to prove his role too. The US Government's uniting was mildly successful (rey was never fully trusted I think, and I don't know if the inspectors were properly used but it doesn't really look like it), but Mekkah did rally most of his partners to his cause, and then took the role of his factions' representative. This he obviously did successfully, since he found out that he could win with the Mercenaries (which lead to numerous discussions with Jimbo and Eo before his death) and, later, the Innocents. They had more firepower to complement his lynch control, so he went with them, and we know the result.

    Undercover Agents

    These guys were somewhat similar to the US Government, except for the fact that they were enemies. Well in fact only the Undercover Agents needed the US Gov members dead to win, the opposite wasn't true: we intended this faction to pretend to be part of a "normal" village made of 11 players, before backstabbing the US Gov half. That didn't happen unfortunately, and the Agents were found out by pretty much everyone by Night 2. This was also by far the most inactive faction - it's a shame, they had the potential to rule the game if they'd played correctly. They had balanced roles (inspector, hooker, kidnapper, frequency swapper and pseudo-necromancer) and they could have united pretty easily.

    asim (open)
    You are Sam Fisher.

    You are probably the only virtual secret agent that could rival Solid Snake. You are an operative working for the NSA, a subdivision of the Department of Defense of the U.S. Apart from your impressive fighting skills, you fluently speak more than six languages and possess a great arsenal of tricks and equipment to help you trough any mission. No wonder then that you're the one in charge of leading an undercover squad into the ArmsTech HQ - if someone can get that job done, it's you.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Spy on FREQUENCY using trifocal goggles". You will use the green goggles on your head, switching between thermal and night vision, to see what your target's up to. At the end of the night, you will have found that FREQUENCY's associated smogon name, role and alliance.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.91

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.11 - Alchemator [Meryl Silverburgh, Undc Agents]
    140.40 - Dubulous [Spy, Undc Agents]
    141.33 - FinnRagetti [Decoy Octopus, Undc Agents]
    141.98 - MagicMaster87 [Vulcan Raven, Undc Agents]

    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Ah, asim... the man on whose shoulders the faction's success rested. Despite knowing all of his teammates' frequencies, I don't think he did much to contact them, nor to inspect them for that matter. There isn't a lot to say, we're disappointed. He was on the brink of being subbed out, but he got killed that night. Not many tears were shed on our part.

    Alchemator (open)
    You are Meryl Silverburgh.

    When you were young, your father was killed in the Gulf War. You grew up wondering about him, and decided to work as a soldier as a result. After extensive physical and psychological training, you were dispatched to Shadow Moses, so that your uncle Roy Campbell was forced into a checkmate position. After you heard the news about this new Metal Gear, you decided to go undercover to help destroy it.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Walking past USER". You will walk in front of your target, and your natural grace and appealing body will do the rest: USER will be distracted and watch your ass wiggle for the rest of the night, forgetting about any night actions they intended to do. And yes, it also works on women. Your ass is that attractive.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.11

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Well, a hooker isn't very useful when you have no info, so Alchemator did what he could but it wasn't really useful. He wasn't very active in the early game (despite the fact that we gave him a reserve spot); that changed when Exarius told him though, but to be honest his defence during Day 4 wasn't very convincing. Most people in the game already knew that he wasn't FH, and since Mekkah had gathered a bit of suspicion at that time, he should probably have been honest to find allies in that lynch instead of trying to lie even more. It's hard to blame him when he was left all by himself though, with a faction that was a mess (mildly said).

    FinnRagetti (open)
    You are Decoy Octopus.

    Not much is known of your past, except for the fact that you were part of the FOXHOUND unit when they rampaged on Shadow Moses. You are a master of disguise, even going so far as to replace your blood with the person you are mimicking's. When the news of the MGR-2 came about, you decided to go undercover to get it. Nobody knows why, and they don't need to.

    Once, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Rig up SFX." You will spend the night setting up different special effects in the city. When the dawn comes forth, they will go off, scaring every single living soul in the town and making them hide in their houses, thus forcing everyone to lynch a frequency instead of a smogon name. This can only be used once since you have only so many effects with you that can be used.

    Alternatively, once, you can submit "Night X - Disguise as USER". You will go and steal the body of your target, who has to be dead. You'll make yourself look like them to the closest detail, which will allow you to use one of their powers for that night. This can also be done only once since every body should get its eternal rest eventually.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.33

    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Poor FinnRagetti didn't know what was going on when he died after what looked like a successful lynch! He didn't get the chance to use his powers either. The powers in question are quite specific and they could have either completely changed the course of the game (it was the Undc Agents' source of firepower) or done absolutely nothing, so it's a bit hard to comment on them. However, one could argue that the frequency lynch should have been activated during the first few days, since that's when it would have made the biggest difference, but it's not a huge mistake. FinnRagetti was alright.

    Dubulous (open)
    You are Spy.

    You are without a doubt the most classy AND vicious Team Fortress 2 character. Like any good infiltrator, your two signature devices are a cigarette and a knife, but you have yet to determine whether you should backstab everyone - like you usually do - or not. Of course, you are also fond of destroying machines, so when you were asked to participate in a secret mission to take out the Metal Gear REX-2, you immediately accepted.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Sap FREQUENCY1 and FREQUENCY2". You will stealthily use your trusty sapper on your targets' CODECs, and every communication that was to be received by one will go to the other instead. The frequencies will be reverted to normal at the dawn.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.40

    You know the following frequency:
    141.39 - askaninjask [Liquid Snake, Neutral]

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Dubulous had powers that could have proven very useful with the corresponding info: basically a double redirector, an ISAC and a way to contact Liquid Snake, the brute neutral. However, that info lacked, so he ended up randtargeting which didn't really work out... His lynch was rather unfortunate. Not much to say here, he didn't really have the opportunity to shine.

    MagicMaster87 (open)
    You are Vulcan Raven.

    When you were born, you had a large raven-shaped birthmark on your forehead. You were raised in Alaska as a shaman, and when you were old enough, you traveled the world and worked as a mercenary for various employers. You have an incredible strength and size, and with the birthmark on your head, you are a truly fearsome sight. When the new Metal Gear was made public, you felt the spirits were disturbed, and decided to destroy it by any means necessary.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Summon spirits to USER". You will use your shamanistic powers to summon raven spirits which will ambush USER and carry them to Alaska. They will return after two nights, but until then, they will be considered dead for the game's purpose. Their CODEC will still work, though. Only one player can be kept into Alaska at once because, well you may be a shaman, but you don't have an unlimited supply of raven spirits to summon.

    Alternatively, you can submit "Night X - Call the birds back early". Instead of waiting for another night, you will mentally imitate the raven whistle, which will make your spirit flock come back with the player they had kidnapped.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.98

    You are aligned with the Undercover Agents. You win if all the members of the US Government, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Another Undercover Agent for who there isn't a lot to say... MM87 didn't use his power but he isn't to blame for that, it's understandable to wait a bit before kidnapping anyone. He was among the Undercover Agents who were "united" (with Dubulous and asim). I don't think he fucked up, he was just randed by askaninjask...


    Ah, FOXHOUND. This faction had cool roles and I felt that it had the potential to achieve great things. One question asker, one bodyguard, one lynch controller/redirecter and one role imitator, plus Liquid Snake as an ally. However they were vulnerable to Solid Snake, and shade didn't fail in using this chance and moled them by claiming his own role; it worked even though it was mentioned in the FOXHOUND Win Condition. I'm not going to copy and edit the frequencies in the roles: they all had their 3 teammates' + shade's frequencies and smogon names (hence the moling).

    imperfectluck (open)
    You are Psycho Mantis.

    You are a Russian psychic, who worked for the KGB and the FBI before you dove too deep into the mind of a serial killer, which made you psychotic. You started to roam the world as a freelance psychic, and you eventually were enlisted by FOXHOUND. You have a deep hatred for humanity, and when you heard of this new weapon, you joined FOXHOUND again to use it to erase the whole of mankind.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - I can read your mind, USER!". You will dive into the mind of USER and try to find out some specific information by asking them a question using telepathy. The hosts will ask your target if they want to remember the answer. If they do, both of you will receive that answer; if they don't, no one will get anything. The questions and the answers can only contain a maximum of three pieces of information, these being role names, smogon names, alliances and frequencies.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.51

    You are aligned with FOXHOUND. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Mercenaries, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    - - - - - - - - -
    If Revolver Ocelot dies:

    When you saw that your old comrade, Revolver Ocelot, died, you decided to take matters into your own hands. Now, alternatively to your other actions, you can submit "Night X - Cause a hemorrhage in USER's brain". You will use your psychic powers to make your target's brain explode inside their skull. That will cause them to die.

    Ipl used his question pretty well, he thought about collaborating with the civilians which is something we didn't think about and managed to formulate good question in order to gain as much info as possible. However, when he received his kill, he didn't tell anyone (and explicitly asked us to not tell anyone either), since he was a bit suspicious about his teammates (probably shade in particular!). That can be considered either a good or bad move, considering that shade made his identity public anyway and that he might have used it on a better target if he'd discussed with his team. For the short period where he was alive, ipl played well though. The only reproach would be that his team complained for his absence, but is that really a bad point when a mole was in the channel?

    LightWolf (open)
    You are Revolver Ocelot.

    You are a master of interrogations and an expert of torture. You worked for many different organisations in the past, often as a double or triple agent, serving many interests in the situation at hand. You are also a formidable gunfighter and a ricochet genius. You admire Big Boss, so when you heard of the Metal Gear REX-2, you decided to join FOXHOUND again to capture it and make Big Boss' dream world come true.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Ricochet bullets around USER". You will use your gunslinger skills, and fire your Colt Single Action Army Revolver around USER. USER will not be hurt, but the carefully aimed, ricocheting bullets will prevent any killers from closing in and finishing their job.

    Alternatively, you can submit "Night X - The turbo function won't work, USER". You will kidnap USER, and torture them for your own sadistic pleasure until they die. If you want to add your own flavour, it should be included in the body of the PM. It's not guaranteed to be included though.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.90

    You are aligned with FOXHOUND. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Mercenaries, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    Poor LightWolf! He died right away although he had one of the most powerful roles in the game (bodyguard+killer with changing flavour), and he used his kill in a way that made him feel really bad... Well the obvious reproach here was that he should have protected himself instead of killing Altair , but then again Altair was indeed a good target. LighWolf thought about a lot of strategies while he was alive and he was the one to almost out shade as FH's enemy. I'm sure that, had he lived a few nights longer, he'd have caused a great deal of commotion.

    Flounder (open)
    You are Dark Samus.

    You are an entity made of Phazon, a dangerous radioactive substance, who took the form of Samus Aran. While the heroine you mimic is probably the most famous bounty hunter the video-game industry ever produced, you on the other hand are one of its most feared dark alter-egos. The Metal Gear REX-2 doesn't really interest you, but you won't refuse an opportunity to team-up with other renowned villains...

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Absorb FREQUENCY". You will use a high quantity of Phazon to simulate your target's abilities, which will result in you performing the exact same night action. However, since the other members of FOXHOUND have seen what you're capable of, they found a way to protect themselves from the poison, which is why you can't target any of them.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.30
    141.47 - [smogon name]

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with FOXHOUND. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Mercenaries, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    With the right info, Flounder could obviously be a huge danger to any opposing team. The fact that his ability didn't work on other FOXHOUND members was both for balance and to definitively rule out the possibility that shade was one - however, it wasn't used that way. Instead, Flounder randtargeted the first frequency (140.01) twice, and the second time he got persuaded to vote for the dead LonelyNess as a result... and two nights later he did it again! I don't know if that was all part of some plan with TIK, but it sure seems like it was done on purpose - don't ask me what exactly the purpose was though (read my only hypothesis in TIK's paragraph). The day he was lynched, he tried to stealth DLE with shade and Lesm, but in the end, it didn't work.

    THE_IRON_KENYAN (open)
    You are Roy Campbell.

    You have a long past in the military, with connections to Solid Snake, Gray Fox and more. You used to be the leader of the original FOXHOUND, along with Big Boss. Technically, you're retired, but you had to return to action during the Shadow Moses incident. When you heard of this new Metal Gear, you assembled a new FOXHOUND to capture it, and to prevent a new Shadow Moses.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Forcing USER1 to lynch USER2". You will give an anonymous call to USER1, explaining that their daughter has been kidnapped, and that if they don't vote against USER2, she will be killed. If that happens, USER1 will grieve and leave the war and this game. This doesn't work on other FOXHOUND members though, they don't care about family.

    Additionally, once, during the day, you can submit "Day X - USER? USER! USEEEER!!". You will rephrase your famous cry, and if this USER is being lynched, the lynch will be cancelled. After all, unnecessary deaths should be avoided.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.47

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with FOXHOUND. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Mercenaries, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    TIK was the public relations supervisor of FOXHOUND, thanks to his vote control/redirect and his ISAC. He lay low for the first part of the game (understandably), and then, during Night 2 and 4, forced his target to vote for a dead player, which in my opinion was a good move, particularly if it was meant to double up as a pseudo-inspect (TIK forces USER X to vote, Flounder absorbs FREQUENCY Y, if Flounder ends up forced to vote as TIK ordered it means USER X = FREQUENCY Y). Later on, TIK survived for a surprisingly long time (he avoided three lynches) thanks to his good persuasion targets - however, this game asked for more than that, and there wasn't enough communication between him and the other factions.


    Now that was without a doubt a very competent faction. They united almost instantly and started making strategies like the ones you like to see happen as a host, and besides they had cool roles which has its importance. Each one of them had one teammate's frequency, smogon name and role name, so after some hesitations the circle was closed and they could work together. Despite having almost no direct firepower, they still managed to fare well thanks to the huge amount of info they could gather.

    Eo Ut Mortus (open)
    You are Sniper Wolf.

    You were born on the battlefield, raised on the battlefield, and gunfire, sirens and screams were your lullabies. After being chased during your whole life, and witnessing your friends and family die around you, you learnt the art of sniping from a Gurkha. You made this your profession, now contemplating war from the outside rather than from the inside. You regret your actions on Shadow Moses, and when you heard of the new Metal Gear, you decided to join other mercenaries to destroy it and redeem yourself.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Hop in on FREQUENCY". You will jump into the discussion on that FREQUENCY, and get to know everything it received during the night.

    Alternatively, twice, you can submit "Night X - Obsess over USER". You will start building a sadistic obsession over your target, culminating in you shooting them with your Heckler & Koch PSG-1. The mercury bullets you use will ensure that they die.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.82

    You know the following frequency:
    141.17 - Jimbo - Mei Ling [Mercs]

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the Mercenaries. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    Sniper Wolf! I'm pretty sure Exarius cried after Night 2 [I did :'(]. Eo used one of his kills and gathered as much info as he could, and continued to work with his team after his death, so there's nothing wrong here. His death was even a rather unfortunate event since he was the victim of shade's redirection, so he could hardly have predicted it. Maybe the crazy claims he made with Altair what was costed him his life? In any case, good play.

    Jimbo (open)
    You are Mei Ling.

    Being a Chinese woman born and raised in America, you studied and obtained a job in the field of technology, where you shined. You gained fame in the image and data processing departments, and you are the designer of the Soliton Radar System used by Raiden and Solid Snake, among others. When you heard that Metal Gear REX-2 was about to be let loose upon the world again, you decided to help the mercenaries stop it to prevent the loss of more human lives.

    During the day, you can submit "Day X - A wise man doesn't show his intentions, USER". You will use your knowledge of private transmissions to vote privately for your target. Any lynch message from you in the topic will not count at all.

    You are also the creator of the Codifying Satellite Communication System, a.k.a. CODEC, and you have 5 more frequencies that you receive information from. You cannot send anything with these, though.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.17

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.01 - Toothache - Gray Fox [Mercs]
    140.12 - Extra frequency 1
    140.44 - Extra frequency 2
    140.71 - Extra frequency 3
    141.32 - Extra frequency 4
    141.94 - Extra frequency 5

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the Mercenaries. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    - - - - - - - - -
    Additional kill:

    As you look while others struggle to win this war, you feel that you need to do more, even if you have to break your own moral codes. You've made up your mind: from now on, if that's what it takes, you will use the self-destruct mechanism you've built in the core of every CODEC to dispose of frequencies that have to be erased. Now, additionally to your other action, you can submit "Day/Night X - Trigger FREQUENCY's emergency procedure". Since this type of CODEC transmission is much more complex than a BOMC, you will have to conceal it as an ISAC, meaning you will have to enter a key like you would do with a normal one. Your target will see that your frequency is trying to contact them and be asked if they want to input their own key; doing so will be mistaken as a self-destruct order by their CODEC which will explode immediately, damaging their brain far beyond recovery in the process. You can only send one per full night/day cycle, and you can't send another before your target has decided their action on the previous.

    Jimbo was a bit hesitant to contact Toothache at first, but I think he was the one to kickstart the Mercenaries uniting by eventually doing so. He also planned the askaninjask lynch with Mekkah (although all the Mercenaries helped of course). In fact he was Mekkah's contact until the end. Unfortunately, his extra frequencies didn't serve him a lot, but that isn't a big problem. Towards the end, we gave him a kill to reward the Mercenaries for their correct play, and to encourage him to adopt a more aggressive style of play since it was his only way of making it alive, but he didn't really change anything and just continued doing what Mekkah asked of him, which cost him the game. When we gave him some hints about how he could try to fool his victims, it was too late, and no one had any reason to open an ISAC anymore... Besides, he'd told Mekkah all about it and Mekkah had told the Innocents so it would have been pretty hard to kill anyone.

    Toothache (open)
    You are Gray Fox.

    You used to be Frank Jaeger, Solid Snake's best friend, but times have changed. Now you are Cyborg Ninja, aka Gray Fox, a soldier with an experimental exoskeleton, and the only man to ever achieve FOXHOUND's highest rank... You have fought Metal Gears in the past, and you can't let such an abomination walk the world again.

    Once during the game, you can submit "Day/Night X - DEEPTHROAT FREQUENCY". You will modify your voice and send a special communication to FREQUENCY. Your target will receive what looks like a normal ISAC, but if they decide to enter their key, the message will instantly destroy itself. You will see your target's key but they won't receive yours.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.01

    You know the following frequency:
    140.85 - Da Letter El - Speed Racer [Mercs]

    You can send up to 2 ISACs during the game, not counting the false one.

    You are aligned with the Mercenaries. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    Toothache was quite active, we never had to remind him that the deadline was close. He seemed to enjoy the game and was fairly present in his team's channel, elaborating strategies, and I also think that he was the Mercenaries' representative with the Innocents for example. He didn't use his power however, which is a shame, but it's coherent with the relative low use of ISACs throughout the game. He played well and was enthusiastic at the very least, so no complaints!

    Da Letter El (open)
    You are Speed Racer.

    You're the best driver the world has ever seen. Thanks to your incredible talent, you demonstrated that racing was still an art and not a business, and you exposed Royalton Industries' crimes. When you heard about ArmsTech, you immediately realised that it was the same kind of evil corporation, and you decided to join the Mercenaries at the wheel of your Mach 6 to dismantle it.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Make USER1 and USER2 collide". You will somehow drive so fast around your targets that the physical reality will melt into an ecstatic whirlpool of colours. Everything that targeted USER1 and its frequency will instead hit USER2 and its frequency, including night actions and CODEC communications. However, if USER2 is a Mercenary like you, this action will fail, since any good Mercenary equips their car with a spear-hook.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 140.85

    You know the following frequency:
    141.82 - Eo Ut Mortus - Sniper Wolf [Mercs]

    You are aligned with the Mercenaries. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Innocents, Solid Snake and Otacon are dead.

    Da Letter El had a potentially ravaging role, a very powerful redirector (he had the highest priority in the game). The night he got killed, the real target was Jimbo, due to the neutral claim made earlier we think, but the Innocents, who were responsible for the kill, had mixed up the frequencies in their sheets, and ended up killing DLE. Can't protect much from that, but still, stable play.


    The Innocents were, paradoxically, the "real mafia" of the game. Apart from having super cool flavour (a mafia that acts by being nice or at worst slightly mischievous), they were united from the start (they knew each other's frequencies, smogon names and role names) and shared their powers. They did a fine job of discussing strategies in their channels - in fact, they were so united that I can't even write a separate commentary for each one of them. They really shone towards the end, when they got in touch with Mekkah and the US Government. At that point, they knew pretty much everything that was going on, and made almost no mistake (if I had to mention one I'd pick their misconception regarding aska's BPV - they thought it was gone when in fact it was still here). This allowed them to hit the right targets with the right powers, and eventually, to win.
    Innocent team PM (open)
    Dear Veedrock, Lesm46 and zerowing,
    You are the Innocents.

    You were dragged into this conflict against your will. You weren't supposed to, but nobody cares. Civilian casualties always happen during the war. Well, they underestimated you. You aren't going to watch as these idiots kill you, you are going to strike back and take that Metal Gear.

    You will notice that you don't have individual actions. This is because your powers are team-wide, and any of you can use them. However, the following restrictions apply: each member can only use one power per night, and each power can only be used once per night. Also, you have to specify who does what, otherwise the action isn't counted.

    These powers are as follows:

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Protecting FREQUENCY". You will cross your fingers and hope that the holder of that FREQUENCY stays alive that night, and it will work.

    Alternatively, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Crying over FREQUENCY". Your target will hear you sob and remember all the lives they've taken, and they'll feel so bad that they'll eventually decide to stop fighting - they will be removed from the game.

    Alternatively, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Asking FREQUENCY for info". You will beg for help and persuade your target that you are not a threat, after which they will happily give you their alliance and smogon name.

    Alternatively, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Pepperoni and cheese, FREQUENCY?". You will use your meanest trick: ordering a pizza for someone else! Your target will have to come up with an explanation with the pizza delivery guy, and won't be able to perform any other action that night.

    Veedrock (open)
    You are Kenneth Baker.

    You were the previous president of ArmsTech. After you faked your death during the Shadow Moses Island Incident, you decided to live the rest of your life peacefully. When ArmsTech announced that they would give a Metal Gear to the winners, you decided to side with the Innocents, so that no more civilian lives are lost in a pointless war.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.28

    You are aligned with the Innocents. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Lesm46 (open)
    You are Master Miller.

    You used to be the survival trainer of FOXHOUND, and were also a good soldier yourself. After you retired, you moved to Alaska to live in solitude, and sometimes you also train Alaskan Scouts when you have free time. When you heard your old tutee was involved in this war, you decided to team up with the Innocents to stop him from making any stupid mistake that could cost him his life.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.70

    You can send up to 1 ISAC during the game.

    You are aligned with the Innocents. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.

    zerowing (open)
    You are Jimbo.

    You are the admired super-mod of Smogon, who has his fin(ger) in almost everything on the site, from Wi-Fi to Battling 101. You were dragged into this war and afterwards left to die since, due to your huge size, it required too much effort to move you around. You decided to join the Innocents to survive and get your revenge.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.56

    You are aligned with the Innocents. You win if all the members of the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are dead.


    shade (open)
    You are Solid Snake.

    You are an experienced soldier, who fought in countless wars, and stopped many Metal Gears. After having fought many formidable opponents, even the person considered the "Greatest warrior of 20th Century" and emerging victorious, you retired into the Alaskan wilderness to raise sled hounds. You have been called from retirement to aid the Governement in the past, but this time you decided to go solo, since they proved during the Shadow Moses Incident that they can't be trusted. Your reputation is also legendary, and you are known by some as "the man who makes the impossible possible". It's up to you to prove that what they say is true.

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Use ketchup on USER1 and Mk.23 SOCOM on USER2". You will empty a bottle of tomato sauce on USER1; if that player was the target of a killer, said killer will be fooled into thinking he did his job but USER1 will stay alive. At the same time, you will use your signature weapon to shoot USER2 in the back. You can't shoot when you're not using ketchup because that would ruin your cover.

    Alternatively, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Look on the back of the CD box to find FREQUENCY". You will shatter the fourth wall and somehow manage to gain info about that FREQUENCY, thanks to a mysterious entity guiding you along your mission. At the end of the night, you will receive the role name and the alliance associated with that FREQUENCY.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.13

    You know the following frequencies:
    140.01 - Toothache [Gray Fox, Mercs]
    140.66 - Altair [Francis, US Gov]
    141.28 - Veedrock [Kenneth Baker, Innocents]
    141.39 - askaninjask [Liquid Snake, Neutral]
    [+all the FOXHOUND frequencies and smogon names]

    You can send up to 2 ISACs during the game.

    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, FOXHOUND, the Mercenaries and Liquid Snake are dead.

    Shade played masterfully. When I designed this role, I knew I would have to give it to a competent player: a neutral with no direct firepower but with the potential to manipulate pretty much everyone? Talk about an interesting premise. Shade used all his chances as well as he could, with the exception of LonelyNess maybe who could have been a great ally (he suggested his death to aska instead). Since he could only redirect kills away from himself every other night, he convinced most of his contacts that he had an odd nights BPV, granting him virtual invincibility. He filled several factions' spreadsheets with info and participated in most lynches, and almost saved Flounder during Day 5. He couldn't do anything against the two opposing factions in the endgame but we hope the update showed how dangerous an opponent he was.

    P.S. Shade sucks for killing Sniper Wolf

    askaninjask (open)
    You are Liquid Snake.

    You are the genetic son of "The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century", Big Boss. However, you've been told that your genes are inferior to Solid Snake's - but that won't stop you. You have one goal: to prove your superiority, despite any genetic nonsense. If that involves obtaining the Metal Gear REX-2, so be it!

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Attack USER in a Hind D". You will launch 4 anti-tank missiles at USER. No one can survive that - not even if they have so-called "superior" genes. Your target will die.

    Additionally, once, during the day, you can submit "Day X - Request the remains of USER". You will start a rebellion in order to get the remains of your target. Panic will ensue and any lynch going on at that time will be cancelled; instead, USER will be killed, because if they're still alive you obviously can't have their remains.

    Alternatively, once, during the day, you can submit "Day X - SNAKE! SNAAAAAAAKE!". You will steal this famous desperate cry and if your genetic brother is being lynched, the lynch will be cancelled. After all, he is your brother, you can forget your grudge just for one day... and besides, you'd want to kill him yourself!

    Since you are using a Hind D, you are also protected from most weapons. You will survive the first time a killer tries to take you down, if it ever happens.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.39

    You know the following frequency:
    141.13 - [smogon name] - Solid Snake

    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, the Mercenaries, the Innocents and Otacon are dead.

    Askaninjask was the real brute of the game. Sheer power. However, the role was designed to be manipulated by Solid Snake, and that's what happened - askaninjask's counter would have been to work with FOXHOUND and that's the only faction he failed to contact! He fared pretty well anyway, lasting long enough, until he finally dragged all the hatred in the game towards himself. Maybe he should have lain a bit lower? In any case, we can't really blame him, he did what he was supposed to do.

    LonelyNess (open)
    You are Otacon.

    After being forced to make the Metal Gear REX and later, to destroy it, you left with Solid Snake to stop other Metal Gears from being built. You are an incredible engineer, and you will use your talents to stop ArmsTech. Now you just hope that all your gadgets and your remarkable intelligence will be enough to stop this crisis you helped start (and that you'll be able to do so without wetting your pants, of course)...

    During the night, you can submit "Night X - Sneak up and listen to USER/FREQUENCY". You will either use your Stealth Camouflage suit to sneak behind USER or hack a CODEC FREQUENCY; in both cases, you will find out your target's full role PM.

    Additionally, during the night, you can submit "Night X - Broadcast a message". You will make an announcement that will be revealed at the beginning of the following day. Please write the announcement in the body of the PM; it must start with the words "Today we will lynch USER" and can't contain more than 30 words.

    Additionally, during the day, you can submit "Day X - Scrambled vote against USER". You will use your modified CODEC to send a vote that no one but you will be aware of. You can also vote in the thread as everyone else: you have two votes. Note that your private vote will be sent from your frequency.

    Additionally, twice during the game, you can submit "Day/Night X - false ISAC FREQUENCY". Your target will receive what looks like a normal ISAC, but if they decide to enter their key, the message will instantly destroy itself. You will see your target's key but they won't receive yours.

    Your CODEC frequency is the following: 141.06

    You know that the following frequencies are assigned to soldiers involved in the conflict:
    [all the frequencies assigned to players, with no smogon names]

    You can send up to 2 ISACs during the game, not counting the false ones.

    You are alone in this conflict. You win if all the members of the US Government, the Undercover Agents, the Mercenaries and Liquid Snake are dead, and you managed to use your two false ISACs.

    LonelyNess misunderstood his role: he thought he was a wolf, and needed to be the last one alive to win. I believe that as a result he kinda gave up... This role was probably one of the hardest to play in the entire game (relying on information and deceit alone), but had he tried a bit more, he would have found out that not that many people wanted him dead! Before dying, he even had figured out that he could be the Innocent's ally. Had he worked with shade too, we would have been a huge asset for their shared victory. That is potential LN didn't see though, and he didn't even use his announcement - possibly to keep it for later in the game. Even if his early death isn't really his fault, we're still a bit disappointed - we would have preferred the active and aggressive LN that you can often see leading villages to their victory!


    Best plan that (almost) worked:

    1) shade convincing people that he had an odd nights BPV
    2) the failed askaninjask lynch on Day 3

    Best troll:

    1) Agape the super saiyan spammer with a MGR-2
    2) Aura_Guardian the invincible moron

    Best moment:

    1) Night 1, Lightwolf's death (followed by pretty much all the Innocent kills)
    2) Night 6, Exarius beating up everyone

    Best player:

    1) shade
    2) Mekkah

    Best faction:

    1) Innocents (and excellent faction channel too)
    2) Mercenaries

    Worst Spreadsheet:

    1) US Spreadsheet (before the Mekkah revamp)
    2) Innocent Spreadsheet


    Thanks to ÃŀVäŘōĐŭĆĸ! ™ © for the videos too
  14. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009

    good to know my CODEC wasn't needed at all, what a waste of time P;
  15. shade

    shade i'm so mean i make medicine sick
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    Mar 28, 2008
    thanks for the great game guys! it'd have been nice if the us govs werent so popular, but otherwise a really enjoyable game and probably my favourite small game so far.
  16. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    This game was great. I didn't know anything about MGS but obviously I could not miss my tutee mafia...they grow up so fast. *sniff* I wrote this up like n7 so if it looks a bit dated that's the reason [some things shade said that I thought were lies were actually true and vice versa...]

    Some thoughts on various allies, friends, nemeses and other involved individuals.

    Altair (US Gov): Quite possibly mightier than a certain other Frances. At the start I was quite convinced I was going to have to work against him since he claimed FOXHOUND publically, which was frustrating in a way...we were 1-1 at this point (Devious killed me in PokéMafia and won, but then Useless killed him in Terrible Characters and won). Against all odds, he had me inspected by LonelyNess n0, PM'd me my role PM and claimed to be US Gov. I wasn't sure to believe him, and actually thought Eo was US Gov at this point (since he claimed first), so I just kept both at a distance. I told them the people I had the freq of I think (might have been a bad and careless move in retrospect considering those were team mates, but heck if I know). Anyway, he died n1 because he's Altair, but not before getting askaninjask's role PM as well as moling the entire Undercover Agents faction. Altair has been as solid and reliable as a partner in crime throughout the whole game, he was definitely fun to work with, sharing both joy and pain of various failed attempts at askaninjask/FOXHOUND lives. Our hands have connected to our faces several times.

    Eo (US Gov I mean FOXHOUND I mean Mercaries): You sly fox, you can only change your allegiance once in the game...started out by claiming US Gov first, which I considered doing but decided I'd rather wait for someone else to do it as those have (imo) a high chance of being so, since claiming to be US Gov when you're not might get you to mole a faction, but it also makes it harder for you to unite. Not sure what Eo was thinking but it clearly wasn't the same. After we knew he was not US Gov, Altair and I thought he was FOXHOUND and almost got him killed by Lesm, but he told me he was Merc. This wouldn't really make a difference for Lesm since Lesm would need him dead either way, so we just tried to get Lesm to kill aska instead. Eo did end up dying that night...not sure which asshole did that but fuck you. Eo was a reliable ally, easy to find on IRC and to plan things with. I was pretty sure he had no bad intentions towards US Gov since he had been ISAC'ing me the night he died (it broke though, but I knew he did it), but I had 2 ISACs leftover in endgame anyway so I made Jimbo ISAC with me just in case.

    Lesm46 (Innocent): Started out by claiming to be something that needed all civilians to live, lol. We ISAC'd our WCs very early in the game and he told me he killed by frequency, so from then on I was pretty sure he was the way to go. Our cooperation went smoothly vote-wise, but Lesm and his friends have made me bang my face against the desk with their repeated failures of getting rid of askaninjask, instead killing the (pretty harmless) Mercs I was so friendly with as well. He did end up succeeding sooner or later. Basically Lesm had all the things we did not have: a hook, a kill, an active inspector that had useful results, and that little bit of extra votes needed to overcome the FOXHOUNDs/neutrals.

    supermarth64 (US Gov): Mostly had to settle for taking orders on who to protect and vote, but he did it ever so dutifully.

    Jimbo (Mercenaries): Oh man, sorry Jimbo. I really really didn't care whether Innocent or Mercs won as long as I won, but I had to juggle both of those factions for votes and safety. However, as soon as I learned you did not really have an unblockable kill but a weak trap ISAC, and as soon as all your allies died, I knew the only rational thing to do was stick with the Innocents. Seriously, Altair and I planned to vote with the Mercs over the Innocents out of spite for their stubborn refusal to kill askaninjask, but as evan said in the mafia mafia postgame, we had an easy win ready, and we had nothing to gain from taking a risk but pride.

    reyscarface (US Gov): Man, we were REALLY suspicious of you. Most of our team seemed kinda lazy and/or inactive, as if we really had to drag them by their hair to get them to do something, and half of them got subbed out...it was all pretty chaotic. Your inspection talents were pretty worthless when we finally were sure you were with us and the whole deal of where whoever's inspection results went made it all confusing...but hey, you voted!

    E.A. and reachzero (US Gov): Sorry to you guys as well, there wasn't much to do and you ended up dead...but I really needed supermarth to keep either myself, himself or these powerful Inno's alive.

    IRON KENYAN (FOXHOUND): My daughter has been traumatized by your trolls, thanks a lot.

    shade (Neutral): That's right, I needed you to die all along. I knew you were trying to get people to kill me and my men behind my back all the time, I knew lying to you about alliances, leaving you alone, not hooking you, etc was pretty futile, but I had no reason to tell you the truth. I did not believe anything you said about your bad relationship with aska, and trying to convince me Mercs/Innos needed me dead was futile since I'd confirmed their WCs with ISACs. We knew your frequency through Altair's moling of aska, dunno if you were aware of that.

    askaninjask (Neutral): Jesus, you and shade were so broken...I can't imagine how we'd have stopped you if we hadn't known about your million safety mechanisms. From like n2 on I have been trying to think of ways to get you killed, and I'm sure you've been doing the reverse. We never talked much outside one convo where it pretty much became clear we just needed each other dead, and pretty much half the game has been me trying to get rid of you and any FOXHOUNDed allies. You were a worthy enemy...the Jimbo stealth plan was originally intended to get rid of you and I'd like to think it would have worked, but due to IRL circumstances I was forced to vote 20 minutes before deadline rather than right at it, and I didn't want to take the risk of a lynch redirect so I just got rid of another Undercover Agent.
  17. shade

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    Mar 28, 2008
    i decided i'd copy what mekkah posted, just because i'm cool

    Mekkah: Mekkah, Mekkah, Mekkah. You were the guy I was after during the later stages of the game, after deciding to help Lesm kill off a few Mercs. At the start of the game, I was convinced you weren't anything significant, as you hadn't really spoken to the rest of the game as I decided you normally would. I tried to get off with decent relations with you at the start by saying I'd trade you valuable names, but really this was before I knew aska's full lynch stopping capabilities. Towards the end of the game, I was entirely sure you needed me dead, as your reasoning for not harming me didn't make sense. With what I'd claimed to have as protection mechanisms, your claim of 'I'd have killed you by now' didn't add up. I tried to buy time with you at the end by actually telling you the truth that I needed askaninjask dead, but it seems that was too cruel a thing to believe. There is one hilarious log I had with you, which I mentioned i #moo. This log's first line was meant to go to askaninjask, so I had to cover it up later with claiming he was inno.

    Also I had a pretty good US massacre planned around n6, but none of the key components sent in their PMs :(

    Lesm46: Thanks to your faction, I don't think I'll ever be ordering a pepperoni pizza ever again. Either way, I genuinely wanted to work with the Innocents, but they ended up being too loyal to Mekkah's regime. I tried many different tactics, such as threatening and even being pretty dumb and claiming they'd fucked me over attempting a pity card. On the subject of that, Lesm, no hard feelings ;D. Things might've panned out differently had you changed the lynch vote correctly, but once I knew you were working with Mekkah for sure I assumed you did it on purpose. Hooking me on the last two nights was pretty unnecessary, I wasn't protecting aska like I said I was, I was hoping to redirect you killing jimbo onto a US man.

    askaninjask: Sorry man for going behind your back, but it had to be done. In retrospect I probably should've killed redirected off you the past two nights, but the hooking makes it mean little to nothing. I wish we'd have collaborated kills earlier and stuff, but I was really tentative considering I needed you dead. Either way, you were a pretty cool ally with nice protection, but without you alive/having the same ideas as me I was genuinely fucked due to Mekkah's strong alliances.

    TIK: Aska and I had planned to use you to simply persuade Mekkah's votes and then we could lynch who we wanted during the day. Shame lesm fucking up the stealth and Jimbo not changing his secret vote (?) on the rey lynch really dicked up those ideas. It would've been cool if you were more active too, but you could've been very useful.
  18. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
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    Jul 26, 2008
    I was right to not PM everyone when I got me PM.>_>
    Though I don't get how exactly we were supposed to weed out shade? In a 25 player game with 5 teams shade(then thought to be our team mate) in a 5 player team, seemed to be reasonable to add such a WC on one member(At that point I only saw TIK's PM so I thought it was a good idea to remove it from mine). After I died I revealed this shit to everyone so if we were like winning my wc could be fulfilled but was surprised to see that everyone said it's the same for them, but I was dead at that point and ipl said he didn't need shade dead, so I didn't think too much about it. Our only chance to get shade was ipl's role and shade seemed to know that as he got him offed early. I guess FH is to be blamed for not taking the "this game is different" seriously enough(bar ipl).

    Also about my death, that is just lol.

    All together would play again, many many times, so many possible outcomes!
  19. Alchemator

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Hehehehe. So the person whom the success of the Undercover Agents depended on was inactive. Great.

    I also sent out 5000 BOMCs, but they never came out in public so I guessed they were dismissed as trolling?

    Also, I was making allies with the Mercenaries, but they stabbed me :P I also think that the worst spreadsheet award had to go to the Undercover Agents, who had no spreadsheet.

    xD Props to Mekkah really, just goes to show that you shouldn't mess with the admins when they have virtually everyone against you. I duped Agape again though (gotta stop doing that).

    Also if any of you heard a rumour about WCs being different for each person depending on personal grudges, that was me. I also talked to Jimbo once under the alias 'Innocent' but that didn't prove fruitful :P

    I think the problem with the undercover agents is that we all outed ourselves relatively quickly, just changing win conditions. We didn't expect that every single faction in the game was against us, and that we would all start dying so quickly heh.

    I was also kind of behind the Flounder lynch, or at least I was putting him forward as a potential target to Mekkah.
  20. FinnRagetti


    Jun 15, 2008
    Repeating Alch's message. The undercover agents were making "allies" with everyone, which led everyone to turn on us. I mainly talked with Alchemator, a bit with Dubulous, and Askaninjask. We formed an ceasefire alliance and were trying to work together, but before my abilities were activated, the epic lynch occured. Too bad it didnt work for me. ;_;. Oh well. Next time, we need to be more organized and active.
  21. Flounder


    Mar 1, 2008
    me hitting persuaded frequencies was due to the fact that TIK stopped communicating with us pretty early on.

    also fuck you shade
  22. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
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    Mar 2, 2009
    Excuse me, but I was the one who found out all 5 of the undercover agents before n1, not altair :||||||||||||||

    shade and I both used the question "how many factions do you need dead?" to basically get everyone to tell us which side they were on. This is how i found out that mm87, alchemator, and finnragetti were UA (i was surprised at dubulous being UA though, but asim was inspected blah blah blah).

    other than that, I'd like to give a massive "what the fuck" to all of FOXHOUND for not working with me when you were the only team I could work with permanently, and I called out asking for ONE of you guys to talk to me so we could get some negotiations many times and you answered zero of them :|
  23. supermarth64

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    Dec 26, 2008
    Just posting to say that Eo and Lesm had ne scratching my head early game because both were trying to persuade me to not believe the other.

    Overall, an interesting game.
  24. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
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    Jul 26, 2008
    If I recall right, shade has taken up the role of being the connection between you and foxhound... >_>
  25. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    hey how am i supposed to know, altair put them on my sheet

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