Metronome Tournament (Round 2)

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2nd round time, guys...

Sleep Clause
Apply PP Ups
Battle Timeout
NO SWITCHING, even for Perish Song/Taunt/Imprison/Torment, etc.
Ghosts are banned due to the large number of normal moves
Mew is legit, but none of the other ubers, so Celebi and Jirachi are also allowed
Only Starf/Leppa Berry are allowed as items
No Nature/EV changes (EVs must be set at even across the board)
Obviously, only Metronome is allowed as your pokemon's only move.

All logs will be emailed to

Read the new sticky please... at least one person who joined this tourney (who has been subbed for) meets these criteria...

2nd round pairings:

Vulcan Fury VS Jackal
Soujiro San VS freaktron015
180.ROGER VS aragornbird
TheMusicMan VS Justin8649
0_o VS Fuzion
Warthog (subbed for Explodus) VS YU-RI-OH!
homsar VS Hill
Balou VS Devilkid


No more sub requests for now.

Just realized I never set a deadline... this may seem far off, but here it is... the deadline for Round 2 is Monday, May 1 at 12:00 AM EDT (again, GMT -5).

The best of luck to all of you. If the Smogon server is down, then PokeRealm is fine.
uhh whoever will battle me just PM me on NetBattle (and im not away) and we'll prolly battle unless im just about to leave to school/bed etc..

Explodus, I am going to be avaible the most part of today.

EDIT: I had to reinstall NetBattle and couldn't remember my password for shit.
To any administrator that sees this: please, delete my name from the server
Just realized I never set a deadline... this may seem far off, but here it is... the deadline for Round 2 is Monday, May 1 at 12:00 AM EDT (again, GMT -5)
Just lost to Justin in the third match. GG all three times. Damn Aeroblast... For future reference, if the Smogon server is down, it's ok to use the PR server. Oh, I almost forgot. No one has seen hide nor hair of Hairy Pimp so I have taken the liberty of declaring Devilkid the winner of their first round match by default. Please, people if you sign up for this stuff, make sure you get it done.
Mekkah said:
Balou is so lucky he will win, but because someone is predicting him he will lose.



Uhh, lol?

But nah, predicting be to win changes nothing else but the fact no one has ever predicted me to win before..

I'll just do my best, I believe I have an awesome team now, though you'll never know what will your opponent bring against you..
Sorry Jackal, I was hoping to get it done Saturday, but stuff came up and I couldn't get on until much later, but from Thursday on I have a break so you can find me then.
I spose this is partially my fault for setting such a long deadline... I did that assuming that people would still work at the same speed that they did last round. I was dead wrong.
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