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Mew Glitch Extended - Obtain ANY Pokemon!

Discussion in 'Historical Threads' started by 1059860, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. 1059860


    Jan 20, 2008
    All right, so we all know the Mew Glitch, this glitch, which is using the same idea, that will gain you ANY Pokemon, such as Pokemon that you will NOT be able to get in your version (exclusive to the other version), Pokemon that needs trade to evolve but you cannot trade (Alakazam, Machamp, Golem and Gengar), Mew (of course), and even Missingno without going to Cinnebar Island.

    First, I'll explain the Mew Glitch, as everyone's familiar with it already, then I will elaborate on about how to obtain any Pokemon, once you see how the glitch works. Let's use the Route 8 Gambler for example. The process will be in BOLD and the explanation will be in normal font. Basically:

    1) You go to a trainer that has not been battled yet, interact with him or her from the top and press the Start Button. The Menu will pop up and you can Fly/Teleport/Dig away.

    Here, you are creating a situation where the battle basically "starts" but you have escaped. The game however, thinks that you're in the battle with the trainer, which is why the Start Button will stop working. You, however, can go to anywhere.

    2) Go to the Slowpoke Trainer, battle him. You MUST NOT walk right in front of the Trainer, but allow it to walk at least 1 square towards you or else the game will FREEZE.

    This Slowpoke trainer has a Slowpoke of Level 17. Although you can't tell from just battling him, but that Slowpoke has a Special Stat of 21. Now, based on the Hexdecimal that the game was programmed with, that battle will save the game with this value:

    07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 8E 11 00 3C 00 1E 00 1D 00 1C 00 15 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07

    The 8 "07"s on either side aren't important, but is part of the explanation why the Mew is met at level 7, and so will all of the Pokemon obtained in this glitch, even Missingno. The underlined section is the most important. 8E is in front of every battle, 11 is the hexdecimal for the trainer's Pokemon (Slowpoke is 17, so 11 is the hexdecimal for 17), and ignoring all the 00's, the next ones are the number for its HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special. The Special is the 15, which is the Slowpoke's Special Stat 21 in hexdecimal.

    After this battle is over, the game will allow you to use your Start Button to access the Menu again.

    3) Fly to Lavender Town, walk to west entrance, the Menu will pop up. Close the Menu by pressing B and encounter Mew at Lv.7.

    Here, you are returning to the same route as the Gambler which you first interacted with but escaped from. The Menu will automatically pop up the way you pressed it before you battled the gambler earlier. The game for some unknown and odd reasons, borrow the last significant hexdecimal digit from the Special Stat of the last Pokemon you killed, and thinks that you have finally close the menu, and resumes the battle. It THINKS that you are resuming the battle with the Gambler, but you are really not.

    Every Pokemon has a hexdecimal identifier programmed into the game, and Mew's is 15 in hexdecimal, and 21 in decimal, which is the same as the Slowpoke's Special stat. Since you're not really fighting the gambler, the game will force you to encounter a wild Pokemon with the same hexdecimal identifier, and the Mew pops up.

    Now, I'm done explaining the Mew glitch, let's further elaborate it to make it able to catch any Pokemon, so you can even play your Virtual Boy Advance Red, Blue or Yellow version, without any trades and cheats, complete your dex.

    First of all, remember that the game reads the hexdecimal of the Special stat of the LAST POKEMON YOU KILLED, so it doesn't have to be the Slowpoke, and EVERY POKEMON IN GAME has a hexdecimal identification (henceforth called hexID), all you need to know is hexID of that Pokemon to catch it at Level 7 the same way you caught Mew, that is, if you did. You can even catch another Mew! Also remember this, the trainer or the gambler you used for the Mew glitch CAN be used again as long as you don't mess up and interact with him in a real battle.

    What you will need:
    1. Pokemon with Fly or Teleport.
    2. Enough trainers that are able to walk up to you yet to be battled. This can be ANY trainer.
    3. A Pokemon with Cut.
    4. A Pokemon of your OWN with the same Special stat as the decimal number of the list that I'm going to post at the end of this post.

    Let's use another example to do this. Say, you started out the game with Charmander, and you want a Squirtle now, but you can't get one. Now, Squirtle's hexID is B1, which is 177 in decimal. What you need is a Pokemon with 177 in its Special Stat, so raise one of those.

    Once you have that, go to the Gambler, do your trick and Fly or Teleport away back to Lavender Town. Now go South to Route 13 and battle any one of those unbattled trainer or bird feeders there and win the battle. YOU must do this or else your Menu will NOT pop up. This trainer MUST walk towards you at least 1 square. After the battle, go to the grass patch in the northeast, and cut the little tree there. In this patch of grass you can find wild Dittos, albeit they're not that common. Just run away from all other wild Pokemon. Once you see a wild Ditto, do NOT kill it the first turn and allow it to transform into your Pokemon, the one with 177 Special. THEN, kill the Ditto and Fly or Teleport back to Lavender town. Then go to the west entrance, same thing will happen as the Mew glitch, and you will encounter a wild Squirtle at level 7. If the Pokemon you bring has 21 Special instead of the 177 for Squirtle, since 21 is for Mew, you will find another Mew. The Gambler can be used again and again for this glitch, but remember, the trainer (or bird feeder or whatever) you battled to have your Start Button working again will use "used up" so save enough for this glitch if you planning on getting a lot of Pokemon this way. Route 13 is easiest because I find there about 10 or 15 or so of trainers usable for this glitch, plus the Wild Dittos are there.

    Now, without further adue, here's the chart for all Pokemon's HexID as well as the number in Decimal:

    Name         Hex  Dec
    ----------   ---  ---
    Bulbasaur     99  153
    Ivysaur       09    9
    Venusaur      9A  154
    Charmander    B0  176
    Charmeleon    B2  178
    Charizard     B4  180
    Squirtle      B1  177
    Wartortle     BC  188
    Blastoise     1C   28
    Caterpie      7B  123
    Metapod       7C  124
    Butterfree    7D  125
    Weedle        70  112
    Kakuna        71  113
    Beedrill      72  114
    Pidgey        24   36
    Pidgeotto     96  150
    Pidgeot       97  151
    Rattata       A5  165
    Raticate      A6  166
    Spearow       05    5
    Fearow        23   35
    Ekans         6C  108
    Arbok         2D   45
    Pikachu       54   84
    Raichu        55   85
    Sandshrew     60   96
    Sandslash     61   97
    Nidoran(F)    0F   15
    Nidorina      A8  168
    Nidoqueen     10   16
    Nidoran(M)    03    3
    Nidorino      A7  167
    Nidoking      07    7
    Clefairy      04    4
    Clefable      8E  142
    Vulpix        52   82
    Ninetales     53   83
    Jigglypuff    64  100
    Wigglytuff    65  101
    Zubat         6B  107
    Golbat        82  130
    Oddish        B9  185
    Gloom         BA  186
    Vileplume     BB  187
    Paras         6D  109
    Parasect      2E   46
    Venonat       41   65
    Venomoth      77  119
    Diglett       3B   59
    Dugtrio       76  118
    Meowth        4D   77
    Persian       90  144
    Psyduck       2F   47
    Golduck       80  128
    Mankey        39   57
    Primeape      75  117
    Growlithe     21   33
    Arcanine      14   20
    Poliwag       47   71
    Poliwhirl     6E  110
    Poliwrath     6F  111
    Abra          94  148
    Kadabra       26   38
    Alakazam      95  149
    Machop        6A  106
    Machoke       29   41
    Machamp       7E  126
    Bellsprout    BC  188
    Weepinbell    BD  189
    Victreebell   BE  190
    Tentacool     18   24
    Tentacruel    9B  155
    Geodude       A9  169
    Graveler      27   39
    Golem         31   49
    Ponyta        A3  163
    Rapidash      A4  164
    Slowpoke      25   37
    Slowbro       08    8
    Magnemite     AD  173
    Magneton      36   54
    Farfetch'd    40   64
    Doduo         46   70
    Dodrio        74  116
    Seel          3A   58
    Dewgong       78  120
    Grimer        0D   13
    Muk           88  136
    Shellder      17   23
    Cloyster      8B  139
    Gastly        19   25
    Haunter       93  147
    Gengar        0E   14
    Onix          22   34
    Drowzee       30   48
    Hypno         81  129
    Krabby        4E   78
    Kingler       8A  138
    Voltorb       06    6
    Electrode     8D  141
    Exeggcute     0C   12
    Exeggutor     0A   10
    Cubone        11   17
    Marowak       91  145
    Hitmonlee     2B   43
    Hitmonchan    2C   44
    Lickitung     0B   11
    Koffing       37   55
    Weezing       8F  143
    Rhyhorn       12   18
    Rhydon        01    1
    Chansey       28   40
    Tangela       1E   30
    Kangaskhan    02    2
    Horsea        5C   92
    Seadra        5D   93
    Goldeen       9D  157
    Seaking       9E  158
    Staryu        1B   27
    Starmie       98  152
    Mr. Mime      2A   42
    Scyther       1A   26
    Jynx          48   72
    Electabuzz    35   53
    Magmar        33   51
    Pinsir        1D   29
    Tauros        3C   60
    Magikarp      85  133
    Gyarados      16   22
    Lapras        13   19
    Ditto         4C   76
    Eevee         66  102
    Vaporeon      69  105
    Jolteon       68  104
    Flareon       67  103
    Porygon       AA  170
    Omanyte       62   98
    Omastar       63   99
    Kabuto        5A   90
    Kabutops      5B   91
    Aerodactyl    AB  171
    Snorlax       84  132
    Articuno      4A   74
    Zapdos        4B   75
    Moltres       49   73
    Dratini       58   88
    Dragonair     59   89
    Dragonite     42   66
    Mewtwo        83  131
    Mew           15   21
    Any Pokemon's Special stat that isn't in the list of the decimal IDs means there's no according hexID for it, and that Pokemon you encounter at Level 7 will be Missingno. This Missingno is just like the one you'd see at Cinnebar Island, with the ability to infinitize your 6th item in bag.

    Also, apparently, credit to ultimifier, that if you Growl the Ditto once, the glitched Pokemon you will find will be at Level 6, and 2 Growls will reduce the glitched Pokemon's level to 5, and so on. and if the Ditto uses Sword Dance, it would be 9.
    Good luck!
  2. Terminator


    Dec 2, 2008
    Wow...This is such an amazing and contributory topic, I think I'm going to get my Red cartidge game and try it out! Thanks a lot man!
  3. ultimifier


    May 13, 2006
    i would like to add a bit to the first post. my grammar sucks, but all the factual information is correct, so you can edit it as you wish.

    facing a ditto and letting it transform into your pokemon will let you catch a wild pokemon level 7 whose hex number corresponds to your pokemon's special stat. however, (for a reason i cannot explain, i just know it works) if you use the move GROWL on the wild ditto, it lowers the pokemon's level by one.

    for example, using squitle as an example, if you let ditto transform into the pokemon with 177 special, swtich out and use growl, and THEN run, the squirtle you catch is actually now level 6.

    this seems useless, but using growl six times makes the pokemon level 1, not only making it easier to catch, but allowing you an easy way to get a level 100 pokemon. since gamefreak did not intend level 1 pokemon to be in the game, they did not program level up data for level 1 pokemon. if you face a wild pokemon, your level 1 pokemon will level up to level 100 right away.

    anyways, this glitch kind of ruins the game and makes it really easy, but it is fun and easily exploitable. beating misty with a level 100 gengar is very satisfying
  4. Janenmori


    Mar 7, 2008
    I have done the glitch with other trainers to see what I would find. I have found Pinsir, Magneton, Nidoqueen, and quite a few times, Missingo. This was all on Red Version.
  5. Deucalion2


    Feb 23, 2007
    ultimifier: It treats your Attack Stage value as the level. Your ordinary value is 7, hence the ordinary level is 7. Growl lowers your attack stage by one, hence using Growl alters the level to be one lower. As you might expect, if the enemy Pokemon uses Swords Dance, you'll find your glitch at level 9, etc.
  6. ultimifier


    May 13, 2006
    interesting. i tested around with other stat reducing moves and growl was the only one that ever made a difference... i should have figuired that out. thanks!
  7. 1059860


    Jan 20, 2008
    Thanks for the additional info.
  8. Sticky Topic

    Sticky Topic

    Aug 2, 2006
    This is not exactly true. Only Pokemon that follow the fading exp growth level up to 100 from level 1 or 2 depending on how much exp they gain before they level up. I am pretty sure that these Pokemon are all the Pokemon that evolve twice with the exception of the Dragonite series, and Mew is also a Pokemon that follows this exp growth.
  9. 1059860


    Jan 20, 2008
    Yeah that's true: what will happen to evolution?
  10. Suzumiya Haruhi

    Suzumiya Haruhi

    Apr 11, 2009
    WOW, it accually worked ^ o ^

    I have a level 7 marchamp now. ^ _ ^

    What happens when your special is none of the above?
  11. Sticky Topic

    Sticky Topic

    Aug 2, 2006
    The Pokemon will evolve once since the Pokemon only goes to level 100 skipping the levels in between. I think using a Rare Candy to evolve once and then making sure it doesn't gain more than 23? exp works if you want to evolve it twice, though. That means that the Pokemon is going to miss out on all of its moves that it learns by level up basically. It works differently if you trade, though.
  12. CREAM_93


    Apr 5, 2009
    i've also heard this glitch can work using the 2nd gym's town instead. rather than using the gambler u can verse the trainer to the left of the bridge whos in the grass and fly/teleport from him and then verse that slowpoke trainer further up the route. then u could walk back up the bridge and the game would pause and u could unpause then catch ur mew or wateva.

    also i wanna try all these theories out so would saving when the menu automatically pops up stop the glitch from proceeding? because the menu automatically goes away after saving and then mew or wateva should pop up and if u kill it or run outta balls u could reset and have another attempt without having to do it over again right?
  13. Sticky Topic

    Sticky Topic

    Aug 2, 2006
    You can activate the glitch on any trainer that triggers the battle at the longest distance from you. That is why the trainer near the bridge works too. There are a lot of trainers that you can trigger the glitch with, and you could use Dig and Escape Rope too in some other situations.

    If you save as the menu pops up right before the Pokemon and reset after that the Pokemon will disappear.
  14. Thomaz


    Jun 8, 2007
    lol old.


    Just kidding, but I've been using this knowledge for my 100% run who is in the making. :)

    I guess it's good for those who don't know though.

    You'll probably get a MissingNo fight or a glitched trainer battle.
  15. Griffin


    Sep 12, 2008
    Ooh, nice glitch. I'd love to try to exploit it. I do have a few questions though.

    1) Does it work on Pokémon Yellow too?
    Unfortunately, that's the only first gen Pokémon game I own, and I just want to make sure it works there, what with the Cinnabar Island Missingno thing not working.

    2) What is the first place in the game you can abuse this Glitch?
    The OP speaks of Lavender town, but Ultimifier said
    3) What is the first occasion on which it's possible to get Arcanine, Dragonite and Aerodactyl?
  16. Thomaz


    Jun 8, 2007
  17. xBLUEx


    Oct 9, 2007
    Haha very cool. And I thought the mew glitch was bitchin.
  18. 1059860


    Jan 20, 2008
    @ Griffin:

    2) It's actually the trainer north of Cerulean City, in the grass to the left of the Nugget Bridge.
  19. Griffin


    Sep 12, 2008
    Ah, thank you. I managed to pull it off! Started over and beat Brock with a lvl 100 Gengar. :D That'll teach him for killing my Pikachus and Pidgeys and Rattatas and Nidorans every single time.

    The glitch gets rather boring after one try, but it was fun to pull off. Maybe I'll try to complete my dex with this someday if I feel like it.
  20. FreakShizzl


    Jun 17, 2008
    Hey guys, I have never been able to trade, so I was really psyched when I read this. Does anyone happen to know the first place that you can obtain a Golem?
  21. linton


    Apr 21, 2007
    Question, what trainer(s) do you use to get Golem?
  22. Lyfe


    Apr 2, 2009
    Go to GameFAQS to find where Golem is. TheScythe has an excellent guide to finding whatever Pokemon you want with the Mew Glitch.
  23. Thomaz


    Jun 8, 2007
    There are two (supposed easy) ways that I know of:

    1) Get Squirtle as your starter; this means your rival will have Ivysaur in the Pokemon Tower battle. Activate the glitch, then beat your rival. Golem should appear. Otherwise, it's Machoke afaik.
    2) Get the Old Amber and save before getting Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl's minimum Special is 44 and his maximum is 53. For Golem, you need 49 which correspons to a 9 Special IV so just Soft Reset until you get that IV OR just level Aerodactyl and see if he does get the required Special, then use the glitch with Ditto.
  24. 1059860


    Jan 20, 2008
    Golem isn't hard to get early in game with value of 49. Just keep training something until it has a Special of 49--use vitamins to boost if it's close to 49.

    Also guys, the Missingno glitch can be abused to multiply the 6th item if a surplus of certain item, such as Master Ball or certain TM is needed.
  25. GreenGiant


    Mar 27, 2009
    what if I wanted to use the missingno glitch multiple times to multiply my items? Where is the best place to do this, considering I have pokemon yellow. Please tell me what area and pokemon I should battle to activate the most times possible if you know, thanks!

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