Midori Region - Away!

And I am back with one of my favorite Pokemon in this region, as well as one that, if it were real, would shape the metagame like Salamence did. Meet the Spiritomb/Rotom/Red Gyarados of the region: Arawana!
You're back! Arawana really confusing me, is that protrusion from the face a tounge, are those things on its back wings, and the pose is a little awkward. Otherwise, a good sprite. :)
Hmmm...can you think of a better pose? I chose this one since I wanted to incorporate the long, serpentine body of the Arawana into as much space as possible, so I made it diagonal.
I think this can answer some questions. lol

1.- The purple eye symbilizes royalty, because it's a dragon
2.- I placed the barbles pn the top of the face like tha arowana's
3.- I gave it the head of an arowana with spikes protruding out beacuse spkes are awesome :) lol
4.- I gave it fins that complement each other
5.- Gave it ragged fins
6.- Removed the skin on the tail because it looks strange
7.- I gave the serpentine pose to emphasize its majesty and grace
8.- Please don't use this outline because it's pretty small. lol

Nothing harsh intended, I hope it helps! :)
Hm, I like numbers 1, 2, and 7. I personally prefer not-so-ragged fins to make it seem more graceful and majestic as opposed to brutally dangerous. And the skin on the tail is the tail fin. :P
Man I'm slow. Anyways, added the greatly-anticipated No Guard Zap Cannon user, based off of the atomic structure. Loon, I'll get those changes implemented in Arawana, but I'm still trying to figure out how to put them in.
Whew it's been a while since I've updated. School and spriting don't go very well together.

But first off, I'd like to say that I have implemented Albino's changes into Photron. So here it is:

Secondly, I'm going to completely redo Arawana. It doesn't look sleek enough for me, and really deviates from that dragon-fish feel.

And finally, I've added the in-game counterparts to Sabracuda and Scimishark. Dive is going to be an HM in Midori, and we're gonna make good use of it!

And since I'm sure the precious few of you who actually bother to look at this thread are sick of water types, here's some Rock/Psychics for you, Nummulight and Sclerlight. Just messin' with some eccentric shading for those two.

Sclerlight was particulary aggravating to draw, since at first, I accidentally saved him as JPG, and we all know what happens when you save a sprite as the wrong file type.