Minor Character Mafia postgame

Welcome to the postgame. Here I'll be posting all the role PMs free of snips, and giving my insights on the game. Players won't have numerical scores since I honestly don't think it's possible to accurately sum up everyone's contributions to the game in a number (and because I don't know absolutely everything that went on).

The night action spreadsheet is here, should you wish to view it.


The village, with 13 members. They had a lot of power if they planned and communicated well, but were also more prone than usual to moling thanks to the unusual inspection system, the fact that mafia had role safeclaims, and the open theme. To be honest, most of them played horribly, leading to a very fast downwards spiral (a godkill Night 0, a villager lynched Day 1, another villager godkilled Day 2). You could say that this was partially my fault as far as balancing players went, since blue_light was the only really experienced player on the village side, though many had played a few games before at least.

Attention Xyphang,
You are Q (James Bond).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You're the genius behind most of Bond's gadgets, and you intend to put that expertise to use here. You have several different plans for items that might be able to help your side out. Every night, you will work on an invention by sending a PM titled "Night X - Inventing Y", where Y is the name of an item. There are several inventions you can choose to work on, listed below. Once an invention is complete, it will be put in your inventory at the end of the night and you're free to use it as you wish, or give it to someone else. You can't invent an item more than once. The items you can invent are listed here:

X-Ray Glasses - item detection on 2 different users. Takes 2 nights to complete.
Sonic Ring - wards off a non-killing role once. Takes 3 nights to complete.
Laser Watch - gives the holder a martyr ability. Takes 3 nights to complete.

You also have something you grabbed from a weapons storehouse before you left, a Flashbang Grenade.

If the user holding this item is lynched, they'll set it off and escape the lynch mob for that day only. This uses up the grenade.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Got a lynch directed at him Day 1, and when he made a post defending himself...he deleted it because LonelyNess asked him to. He didn't actually die since he had the Flashbang Grenade when he was lynched, which I forgot about initially (I changed it to something that caused him to fake his death if lynched and come back later by posting a specific phrase in the thread to keep the numbers fair), but it still wasted the village's time when there was another certain mafia target, driving another nail into their coffin. After his fake death he worked on items but never got a chance to use them.

Attention supermarth64,
You are Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

Honestly, war doesn't interest you. Now that you have a wife and a kid to look after, you're fine with simple office work, where your safety would be assured. Now that you're stuck here, though, you've got no choice. For the sake of your wife and your simply adorable little girl, you've got to make it through this war, or at the very least, secure a safe future for everyone else.

You're capable in a fight, but your true talent lies with bureaucracy, and in particular, information gathering. At night, you may PM the host with "Night X - Investigating USER". You'll search through all the files the government has and, if they're on the records, you'll come up with their name and alliance. Not all mafia will show up on the records, however.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Originally I was going to go with a Watson & Holmes type inspector duo with the second person getting alliance checking powers if the main inspector died, but I decided later to go with inspectors that could only inspect one faction. supermarth64 could only inspect Loved, any other target gave no results. This was supposed to make it harder to trust people since you couldn't actually clean anyone...but both he and GTS died Night 0, so it never came into play.

Attention GTS,
You are Oak, the Pokemon Professor (Pokemon).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

The timeless Professor Oak, that's you. When everyone first put the Red and Blue cartridges into their Game Boys all those years ago, it was you who set them off on their adventure.

At night, you may PM the host with "Night X - Remembering if USER went on an adventure". You remember every single trainer that played Red and Blue back in the day, and anyone that never experienced Pokemon in their youth always ends up a criminal. There may still be some evil men out there that did play Pokemon, so be careful.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Counterpart to Hughes, could only inspect Hateful, but he died before he could do anything. Interestingly enough, both the village inspectors were not only targeting the correct mafia faction the night they died, but both got killed by the exact same faction.

Attention macle,
You are Miguel (Chrono Cross).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

"The guardian of what could have been." You stand to protect all the futures that never happened, which pile up in the Dead Sea. Though, stuck inside a land that's trapped in time and requires a magical artifact to access, you don't see a whole lot of visitors.

That said, you're also pretty strong. You possess an incredibly powerful technique called Holy Dragon Sword, but to be used to it's full potential, the target must be Black Innate, the opposite of you. You have an ability to cause this as well, simply named "TurnBlack".

At night, you can PM the host with "Night Y - HolyDragSwd Z", or "Night Y - TurnBlack Z". HolyDragSwd will kill a user that TurnBlack has been used on previously, but won't do anything otherwise. TurnBlack's effects don't wear off at any point.

You win if the Indifferent win.
The village vigilante. I liked his "marking" kill system a lot (and it prevented him from doubling up on kills using the Ring Soul's ability, though he could still effectively get half a kill extra from it). He did kill an important mafia member and managed to survive until the very end of the game, but then killed moi who was pretty much harmless at that point.

Attention Dogfish44,
You are the Ring Soul (Shadow Hearts: Covenant).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You are the Ring Soul, the administrator of fate. And you're more than a little annoyed that nobody tends to take you seriously. Normally, you would just appear and grant occasional aid to heroes that truly need it, but it looks like the heroes of this war will need all the help they can get.

During the day and on odd days only, you may send a PM titled "Day X - Bestowing Attack Boost on USER" (note that it can NOT be sent at night, only during the day). Bestowing an Attack Boost on a user allows them to perform their night role twice in the same night instead of once, assuming their ability can be used an unlimited number of times normally. The user will receive a PM telling them to send two Night PMs instead of one. Note that your power IS considered a Night ability despite the fact that the PM is sent during the day, and is vulnerable to hooking or redirection.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Essentially, he could let someone use their night role twice on odd nights only, though the vigilante could only get half a kill out of it instead of a full one. Used his role on blue_light, which was a good decision, but then got killed soon after.

Attention Mr_Goodbar,
You are The Farmer with a Shogtun (Dragonball Z).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You were just an average guy when that alien Raditz came down to attack the Earth, and well...you're still a pretty average guy! You won't be able to help much, but you'll do all you can to help the good guys survive.

At night, you may send a PM to the host titled "Night X - Keeping USER off the farm". You'll keep your shotgun aimed at them all night, and though you won't actually be able to stop them from doing anything, you will be able to see any other users they visited that night.

You win if the Indifferent win.
To help with the village's unusual information gathering system, I decided to give them a third role that could possibly find mafia. He actually managed to catch mafia members killing both Night 0 AND Night 1 and report it to blue_light, which is probably the best he could've done given the circumstances.

Attention Knightofthewind,
You are ??? (The Legend of Zelda).
You are allied with the Indifferent.


Nobody knows your real name, or even what you look like. All that's ever been seen of you is...your hand. Coming out of a toilet, demanding paper, for reasons that are never fully explained.

Each night, you can PM the host titled "Night X - Frightening USER". You'll pop out of the toilet at the worst possible moment, scaring the life out of them. They'll be out of there so fast that they won't have a chance to grab their items, which leaves you free to take them.

You win if the Indifferent win.
The role that should've been in Zelda mafia. Got godkilled Night 0 without doing anything. Oh well.

Attention sanjay120,
You are Toad (Super Mario Bros).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You're just another one of the toadstool hat-wearing residents of Mushroom Kingdom who enjoys tennis, golf, soccer, go-kart racing, and occasionally parties. You're also in possession of two pieces of fungi, both of which could potentially be quite useful.

The Super Mushroom will simply appear as "a mushroom which can be eaten or given away" to anyone else - only you can identify it as a Super Mushroom. When eaten, it gives the user a one-time protection against night kills, effective as soon as the user is targeted for one.

The Poison Mushroom appears the same as the Super Mushroom to anyone else, but instead of providing protection when eaten, it will poison the user, causing them to be unable to use night roles or vote for 3 days/nights. It's up to you how to use them to benefit your team the most.

You win if the Indifferent win.
I liked this role a lot, though it might have made more sense the mafia to have. One of the better villagers. He got to use both his items (he gave the Super Mushroom to blue_light, though he died before eating it, and the Poison Mushroom to lanterminator, who ate it, indirectly causing the death of Jimbo).

Attention Ace Matador.,
You are Montgomery Scott (Star Trek).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You're an engineer on the Starship Enterprise and (assuming the recent Star Trek movie isn't pulling my leg) the person who came up with the equation to teleport someone to a ship in warp. You're also a proud man of Scotland, just in case your name and accent didn't tip people off enough.

Of course, the thing you're most famous for is the "Beam me up, Scotty!" phrase. During the night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Beaming USER up", and that user will be beamed up to the Starship Enterprise and protected from any killing roles. You can beam yourself up if you want, though some people will probably look at you funny.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Constantly protected blue_light, which wasn't that bad of a decision until blue_light died...and he didn't change targets. Evidently wasn't paying much attention to the game.

Attention Yoshi King,
You are Waldo (Where's Waldo?).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

Despite the fact that your name is in the title of the books you appear in, you manage to count as a minor character because nobody can ever find you. You're always hidden somewhere, just another face in the crowd. It's so hard to find you that most people would put down everything else as soon as they see the icoinc red and white striped shirt, glasses, and hat.

During the night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Where's Waldo?". You'll pop out for a moment, let everyone catch a good glimpse, and then vanish back into the crowd. Everyone will see you and frantically try to find you. At the end of the night, you'll eventually get caught, but it takes so damn long to find you that nobody will have had a chance to do anything else. This can only be used once in the game, since finding Waldo isn't nearly as exciting the second time.

Note that this ability will take effect as soon as the PM is received, and it cannot be used until Night 3.

You win if the Indifferent win.
One of the village's stronger roles. The delay was imposed so that he couldn't use his ability as soon as possible to prove himself and then ask for claims afterwards and to give the mafia a fair chance to eliminate it before it was used. Chose to idle the first night he could use his power, which wasn't a terrible decision, though it hardly mattered since the village was already dead at that point.

Attention Sidd,
You are William Henry Harrison (real world).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You happen to be the most forgettable President of the United States ever. Much of this comes from the fact that you died 31 days after taking office, which could probably be considered divine retribution for giving a 2+ hour speech after you were elected. You've still got that cold from your inaugural speech, unfortunately, which is going to determine your role.

Because of your illness, you know that you'll die automatically at some point in the game, if you're not killed beforehand. At night, you can send a PM titled "Night X - Walking in front of USER and coughing". If that user tries to kill someone during the night, you'll step in their way and annoy them with your coughing, causing them to target you instead of their initial victim. You cannot be protected by a bodyguard.

You win if the Indifferent win.
This was a role I liked, a different take on the standard martyr. Instead of avoiding killers and trying to martyr things like hookers or bgs, the best thing he could do was to try to get killed, since he was fated to die anyways. Unfortunately, Sidd was almost completely useless, idling three out of the four nights he had to act and then claiming he was going to be active when I PMed him. Probably should've been godsubbed out, but since he was going to die anyways I didn't bother.

Attention blue light,
You are Reptar (Rugrats).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You're that green dinosaur that all the kids in the neighborhood look up to and see at theme parks. Unfortunately, nobody is sure if you're an actual dinosaur or just a guy in a suit getting paid minimum wage.

At night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Roaring at USER". The user your roar at will be frightened out of their wits thinking you're a real dinosaur and won't be able to complete any night action. You can also give someone your suit by PMing the host with "Night X - Loaning Reptar suit to USER". That user go about their night role with the suit on, and any roles that target them besides killing will fail. Nobody fucks with Reptar.

You win if the Indifferent win.
Probably the only competent player on the village. He played well (though he probably should've PMed Xyphang during the Day 1 lynch), but got removed early thanks to the stupidity of his team.

Attention timw06,
You are Anna (Fire Emblem).
You are allied with the Indifferent.

You're the girl who's present in the tutorial of every single Fire Emblem game except one. Given that you know so much, it's safe to say your skills of observation are excellent.

You've studied all of the characters in the game from afar, and you've come to the conclusion that there are 13 characters allied with the Indifferent, 5 allied with the Loved, 4 allied with the Hateful, and one of an unknown alliance. It's up to you to use this knowledge to help your team.

You win if the Indifferent win.
This was a role that was there to be an extra vote and little else (originally it was just going to be that owl thing from Zelda mafia nearly copy/pasted), though the information could be useful since the amount of mafia on each team wasn't shown when they died like in some other games. timw06 didn't share his info or even talk to anyone, though he did at least vote.


Both mafia groups had a commonly known village role that they could safely claim in order to make it easier to mole (mayor in the case of the Loved). Both groups also had a way of anonymously sending a message (Announcement for the Loved and the Communicator for the Hateful). Of the two mafia groups, the Loved were more focused on controlling the lynch, with 5 members, a silencer, and a mayor/secret vote. Their kill was weaker (they had two people that were vulnerable to hooking/tracking, and it changed to every other night kills if Excalibur died). Their abilities in general were weaker than the Hateful, though.

The Loved were actually fairly proactive about getting false claims ready, but LonelyNess, their player who had the best chance of moling, got inspected by the Hateful and exposed Day 1 (though he somehow managed to divert the lynch away from himself Day 1 and forced yet another villager to get godkilled Day 2). After that, most of the Loved were unable to force suspicion on the Hateful instead of themselves, were exposed, and either killed at night or lynched.

Attention LonelyNess,
You are the Announcer (Smash TV).
You are allied with the Loved.

The future is an unusual place. Who would've thought reality shows would evolve into bloody spectacles where gladiators have to risk their lives against violent mutants to win things like a brand new toaster or VCR? Your love for big money and big prizes decided your alliance in this war, where you plan to watch everyone else die like the contestants on one of your shows.

Seeing as your title is "The Announcer", it stands to reason that you should be able to announce stuff. At Night, you may PM the host with "Night X - Announcing" and include a message in the body of the PM. This message will be published during the next day post. Alternately, you can PM the host with "Day X - Announcing" - if you do this, the message will be posted in the thread as soon as I see it. You can only publish one message per day.

Also, thanks to your high paying job, you have some Money. Money is sort of a universal language, and it can be used to help other people see your point of view. If you vote in the day thread while holding the Money, your public vote will count for two. Alternately, after you vote, you can PM the host with "Day X - Secretly voting for USER". If you do this, your vote in the thread will be nullified, and instead the user in the PM will have one vote counted for them. It's up to you to decide which power to use and how to use it best.

You also know that there is no way for a user in the game to have more than one vote besides the Money.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Loved win.
Got inspected by the Hateful NIght 0, but managed to turn the lynch towards the idiotic Xyphang instead of himself. Even though he was the obvious target on Day 2, he was able to use his announcement power to turn the lynch towards blue_light, though this was more thanks to the stupidity of the village than anything. Played about as well as he could have, either way, except for maybe claiming more aggressively.
Attention Jimbo,

From a United King, I am looking for him...
I'm going to Californiaaaaaaaa

You are Excalibur (Soul Eater).
You are allied with the Loved.

Your legend began in the 12th century. Since then you've lived many lives - while you normally just sit around and drink your tea, you've worked with people like Sherlock Holmes and performed at all the biggest theaters in the world. Though you look like a gentleman, your true form is that of a weapon. The legendary sword, Excalibur. Whoever holds it gains incredible power...if they can put up with your incessant whining, bragging, singing, and hundreds of stupid rules. Needless to say, anyone capable of tolerating you deserves the title of "hero".

That said, you are quite possibly the deadliest weapon in existence. You can't do much on your own, but each night, you can send a PM with the title "Night Y - using USER1 to kill USER2", where USER1 is another Loved member. That night, in addition to performing their normal role, the user will team up with you to kill the target. After having used you for a night, though, your partner won't have the mental strength to do it again for another consecutive night, so use your kills wisely. Also keep in mind that if either of you is stopped from doing something that night, your kill won't go through.

If you ever die, your team will gain an alternate method of killing.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Loved win.
Excalibur was actually the very first character I had in mind when doing this mafia. If he died, their team would be reduced to killing every other night. Jimbo had an okay false claim, but got found out quickly anyways thanks to Mr Goodbar's ability, and was killed by macle.

Putting the names of allies in a separate PM was a safeguard to prevent me from accidentally pasting a whole team when a mafia member died, and also gave me something to <snip> out in every mafia PM to make stealing from dead players more difficult.
Attention lanterminator,
You are Vyers, the Dark Adoni...I mean, Midboss (Disgaea).
You are allied with the Loved.

You may think you're strong enough to be of some importance, but to everyone else you'll forever just be a Mid boss. You do have some merit, though. At night you may PM the host with "Night X - standing by USER", and if anyone tries to kill that user you'll get in their way and convince them that since you're a midboss, you need to be defeated first. Since this is a game, everyone will follow game logic and target you instead. Of course, since you're a recurring character, you'll always survive thanks to said game logic as well as your high HP. If you're targeted directly, though, you will die.

You can also use this power during the day. If you PM the host with "Day X - Disrupting lynch", you'll pull the same routine. Since it's the daytime, there's no way you'll be able to escape, but you'll take the role of the person who was being lynched and they yours.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Loved win.
This role was mainly there to guard Excalibur. lanterminator screwed this up by eating a mushroom he didn't know anything about (which turned out to be poisonous) on the same night that Jimbo got targeted.
Attention Xyrem Aether G,
You are Vizzini (The Princess Bride).
You are allied with the Loved.

You're a Sicilian criminal genius and allegedly the man of the greatest wit in the world. Unfortunately, you weren't able to challenge #fluodome to a friendly game of witty since you couldn't find a working computer, so you've ended up stuck in this war.

At night, you can challenge someone to a game (or several) of wits by PMing the host with "Night X - Challenging USER". You'll play a few games with them, and in the process, trick them into giving up their items. If they have no items, you'll just force them into revealing something about themselves.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Loved win.
Didn't manage to steal anything but a Rock. Not a whole lot else to say, though he did add some small credibility to the lynching of blue_light.

Attention matty,
You are Ultros (Final Fantasy VI).
You are allied with the Loved.

What happened to the days when octopus royalty was worth something? Nowadays all you get is people running around and trying to attack you for no reason whatsoever. In order to get revenge on those idiots that seem to think blessing an opera stage with your presence is a crime, you've joined the Loved.

As an octopus, you have two main weapons to work with. First is your ink. At night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Inking USER". The target will be covered in black ooze, and they'll be so busy wiping it off that they won't be able to complete a night action. You can also use your tentacles to strangle a user by PMing the host with "Night X - Strangling USER". Near the end of the night, you'll sneak up from behind and cover their mouth, holding onto them for the entire day. They won't be able to make a sound without you crushing them. You cannot use both abilities the same night.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Loved win.
Sat around silencing blue_light, which was one of the things that lead to the collapse of the village, and then Kumar later. Not much else to say, though he did survive till the end of the game.


The Hateful had less members than the Loved (and rogue was arguably a weaker claim than mayor), but they had better killing power and more versatility, since each of their members could kill and got some sort of bonus effect on kills. Kumar was able to mole the village and none of their members were ever even targeted for nightkills kills or lynches, which led to a pretty fast victory.

Also, this team had by far the most obscure characters.

Attention Bass,
You are Jeremiah "Orange" Gottweld (Code Geass).
You are allied with the Hateful.

You were a man who had everything ahead of him. It was only a matter of time until you rose higher and higher, and did justice to your family's name.

But, that man called Lelouch came along. Controlled by a supernatural power that nobody could understand or believe, you were forced to aid your greatest enemy - and all of the blame fell on you, as did the loathsome nickname "Orange". That word has now become your badge of shame, and you carried it with you until your apparent death on the battlefield. However, you survived, and came back with not only vengeance, but with several cybernetic enhancements and a device that ensured you would never be taken advantage of by Geass again. Combine that with your excellent skill at close-range combat, and you're pretty effective at guarding someone.

During the night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Guarding USER", and you'll protect that user from any harm that could befall them, including death and theft of items (but not hooking). You may also PM the host with "Night X - Stabbing USER". That user will die, and you will take any items they had with them at the time. You cannot make a kill on the same night any of your other team members do. If more than one of you sends in a killing PM, the killer will be selected randomly.

You have one more ace up your sleeves. Before you got here, you hid your mech, Siegfried. It's been damaged and is barely usable, but there's still one last trick it's good for. Once in the game, you can PM the host with "Night X - Carve into your memories USER". You'll take command of Siegfried, grab your target with it, and then activate it's self destruct command, jumping out at the last second. The user targeted for this will be killed, or, if they are guarded, the guard will be nullified for that night only. This does not count as your team's kill for the night.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Hateful win.
Didn't claim as far as I could tell, though that never hurt him. Continually guarded thunda, which was probably the best choice, and made good use of his bonus kill.
Attention thunda,
You are Professor Franken Stein (Soul Eater).
You are allied with the Hateful.

There's a little madness in everyone. It just so happens that you have a bit more than most people. Normally, you're a perfectly rational person (well, as rational as a person with a bolt through his head and stitches all over his body could be expected to act), but lately your paranoia has been turning into pure insanity.

As a (mad) scientist, you have a desire to find out how things work, and are skilled enough to figure it out without much trouble. At night you can PM the host with "Night X - Operating on USER". You will do some minor surgery on them while they're sleeping, and figure out their role PM in the process (don't worry, they won't notice). Your curiosity doesn't end there, though. At night, you may also PM the host with "Night X - Dissecting USER". That night, the user will be killed, but their role PM will not be revealed to anyone but you. You cannot make a kill on the same night any of your other team members do. If more than one of you sends in a killing PM, the killer will be selected randomly.

Before the game began, you dissected a user allied with the Indifferent who had the ability to "stalk" a user at night, and revive if they were killed by the user they stalked. With that information, you've been able to determine that there is nobody in the game who has a role like that.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Hateful win.
thunda got caught killing Night 1...and the village never bothered to do anything about it. He performed most of his team's kills, which left a lot of people wondering exactly what caused it the first time it happened and theorizing about a wolf, and kept information from the other two factions. Other than that, played a good game and used his abilities well, and his false claim was solid.

Attention Kumar,
You are Gheb (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones).
You are allied with the Hateful.

Originally just a fat, ugly villain in a sea of fat, ugly villains, you gained fame and infamy for being even fatter and uglier than the rest (and strongly implying rape in an E-rated game). Now you've got your own legion of fans, your own website, even your own fan-made game! (not to mention your own fan-made pornography...) You're still just as stupid as before, though, so you instead of taking a nice rest and enjoying yourself, you ended up fighting for your life against all that is good, again.

At night, you can PM the host with "Night X - RRRRRRRRUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH USER". You'll plow into them while screaming something indeciperable at the top of your lungs and knocking them out, and then smashing their face in with an axe. That user will be killed, although you can't make a kill the same night that any of your allies do. If more than one of you sends in a killing PM, the killer will be selected randomly. Since you're pretty singleminded and fat, any attempts at hooking or redirecting your night actions will fail. You also have a rock you picked up off the ground.

You have a Rock. At night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Throwing Rock at USER". The user will be informed that you threw a rock at them, and the rock will be given to them.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Hateful win.
Kumar, the man with a Rock. His false claim was extremely creative but somewhat questionable (Pippin from LotR isn't what I'd call a minor character), but he was actually the most trusted person at the time of blue_light's death, though the village wasn't very organized anyways. Never killed anyone, though.

Also, I was secretly hoping for whoever got the Rock to claim the one character from Peanuts (Pigpen?) who always gets a Rock instead of Halloween candy, but it never happened.

Attention askaninjask,
You are Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index).
You are allied with the Hateful.

They said you were the strongest. But you wanted to become even stronger, even if it meant killing people every day of your life. A psychic, you were born with the ability to control the vectors of anything that touches you. While simple, this ability is incredibly powerful because absolutely anything that touches you can be rebounded. Even sunlight is diverted away, which has left you with the appearance of an albino.

At night, you can PM the host with "Night X - Changing Vector of USER1 to USER2". If USER1 used a night role that has a target, their target will be changed to USER2. USER2 can be yourself. You cannot change the vector of a killing ability. You can also PM the host with "Night X - Reversing Blood Flow of USER". You'll kill the target in the most bloody and satisfying way you know, but you'll also make sure to let one random user allied with the user you killed catch a glimpse of the action. They won't see your face, but the spectacle of the killed user will shock them into silence for the day. You cannot make a kill on the same night any of your other team members do. If more than one of you sends in a killing PM, the killer will be selected randomly.

You also have the Communicator. While you have this item, you may send a PM to the host titled "Day/Night X - Sending a message to USER". In the body of the PM, include whatever message you want to send them. As soon as the host recieves the message, a PM containing the message will be sent to the specified user without information as to who it was from, and they will be allowed to make a reply which will be forwarded to you. You may not send more than two messages in one day/night.

The names of your allies will be given to you in a separate PM.

You win if the Hateful win.
Came up with a really bad false claim (a neutral that had to kill one of each team), but never got lynched. His redirection of blue_light's hook to LonelyNess Night 0 ended up preventing any announcement from being posted Day 1, which actually may have helped the Loved more than it hurt them (LN was planning to make a tracker-style announcement post and state that both blue_light and Jimbo targeted GTS during the night, when another tracker existed). Aside from that, he just redirected Sidd (who was thought to be some sort of bodyguard) to Kumar, which never really affected anything.

The Communicator was used to talk to LN a couple of times early, but ignored later on.


Attention moi,
You are Kuroro Lucifer (Hunter x Hunter).
You are Neutral.

The leader of an unbelievably powerful criminal organization and one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Unlike the rest of these fools, you're not here to fight a war. You're sure you could probably defeat most of them on your own anyways, but that's not important. The main reason you're here is for even more power, which you intend to forcibly take from anyone you can.

You have a rather unique ability called Skill Hunter. It allows you to absorb certain abilities from anyone, without their consent, by PMing the host with "Night X - Skill Hunter USER". If the target has one of the following abilities, you will steal it from them. However, the user will still be left alive and any other abilities s/he might have will remain intact. If you die, the stolen abilities will be returned to their original users. The abilities you are currently searching for are:

Inspector/Target checker

You can only take one of the above abilities - if the target you specify for absorbing has another ability not on the list, it will not be absorbed. You cannot use any of the abilities you steal - remember, your objective is to get the powers and get out, not to take sides. If you can obtain all three of these abilities, you'll leave, satisfied. You know that there are at least two of each ability you need to absorb out there.

You win if you can obtain all three of these abilities before the end of the game.
I wasn't really sure if I wanted to put a wolf in or not, but in the end I decided to just use a neutral that hurts other teams without actually killing them. Anyways, moi didn't do much. He tried stealing abilities from Kumar, which was a good guess, and lanterminator, which wasn't (and rather ironically idled Night 0), but never managed to get anything.

In case anyone was wondering, the users he could successfully ability steal from were:

Thief: Knightofthewind, Bass, Xyrem Aether G
Silencer: matty, askaninjask
Inspection/tracker: GTS, supermarth64, thunda, Mr_Goodbar


Best Indifferent: blue_light. Made a few mistakes like not PMing Xyphang instead of just waiting for him to post and trusting Kumar, but he did suspect both Jimbo and thunda even before they were confirmed as mafia.

Best Loved: LonelyNess. Turned the lynch away from himself not once, but twice, even after it was revealed he was mafia, and provided several false claims to his team.

Best Hateful: thunda. Did most of the planning for his team, made good use of his abilities, and had probably the best false claim. Kumar did a good job of moling as well.

Biggest Spammer: LonelyNess.

Most creative claim: Kumar. Pretending the Rock was an actual item (a Palantir) that just appeared as a Rock to everyone else wasn't something I hadn't even considered.

Worst Player: Xyphang. When someone is falsely accusing you, and asks you to delete your argument that proves your innocence, you don't listen to them. Honorable mention to any villagers that voted blue_light, lanterminator for eating that mushroom, Sidd, and Knightofthewind.

Once again, congratulations to the winners, the Hateful!


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GG but it was fairly quick; didn't really get to twist and pull on the village that much :(


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Many other small mafias should learn from the tools given to the mafia in this game (though I think thunda's kill was bordering on broken)
Lol at Worst Player award.

Edit: You forgot that I pseudo inspected blue_light and found that he was Indifferent, and that I found out that Xyphang faked his death.
Honorable mention to any villagers that voted blue_light
i am far too easily affected by peer pressure.

let me tell you what i did. i saw that lonelyness's fakepost had a claim of b_l being the only one able to hook someone, and i pointed that out as a somewhat risky claim, and i had that fucking mushroom but i thought maybe it was technicality since it isn't actually the user hooking it was an item.

i guess i should just learn from my mistakes and always listen to my gut. or never play mafia again.


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I'm a very indecisive person.

Anyway, had it been 4 v 4 going in to the 3rd day (as it should have been if Lanterminator hadn't eaten that damned mushroom that me and Jimbo DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT), the game would have been a lot more interesting. The problem was that I had not so much an incompetant team, but an inactive one. It's really hard to get a cohesive strategy to overturn a lynch when only 2 (me and Jimbo) are active enough to think of anything... Not to fault my teammates, I can't expect them to be online all the time, but when the two most active players from a faction die... it kind of kills any strategic planning (I can't give orders to people who aren't online), which kind of caused me to stop caring after Jimbo died.

Anyway I had a lot of fun playing and I'm glad you let me in.


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Game probably would've went better if BOTH INSPECTORS DIDN'T DIE DAY ONE (luck of the draw I guess).

That and two godkills and a village lynch.
IMO, this game was rigged for the villagers to lose. All these anti-villager measures all thrown into one game was a bit drastic. It was like every single idea posted in the "FIX SMALL MAFIA" thread was implemented. This combined with some rather bad luck had the village suffering badly in this game. Due to KOTW's death, the mafias combined together had a much larger voting presence since they had access to two silencers and a mayor/stealth voter. With KOTW's death and the death of the two super nerfed inspectors (I don't think they would have been helpful at all, you can't lynch someone if don't have majority) the village was already down to 10 people. With the mafia having 9 people, up to 2 silences during the night, and the mayor ability we were screwed.

Alas, I still enjoyed the game even for the 2 nights and 1 and half days I was alive. Thanks for hosting, Fishin.
Gotta apologize to blue_light for lynching him, I actually feel pretty badly about that. :( Honestly it was a completely stupid move on the village's part to believe an anonymous "tip" than to lynch a confirmed mafia. Like I said to you though blue_light, I had absolutely no proof to try and argue in your defense, otherwise I would have.

Also lol Kumar you fucked me up good, I was considering using my ability anyways but it seems that it wouldn't have mattered... sigh. I'm sorry Fishin but I have to agree with blue_light, while I understand your desire to balance my ability, you basically set the mafia up for a win by including practically every "balance change" mentioned in that one thread. Still, I'm appreciative of being included in this game and actually quite enjoyed all of the roles you chose. Thanks for hosting.
Eh. I'm a huge idiot. I'm probably too naive to play mafia... but whatever. My role didn't look very important, so I figured that, why not, if I die today, then LN was a mafia, and he would die the next day. And if he was mayor, then village was screwed should he die.
However, thanks for being patient with me, and thanks for hosting.


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IMO, this game was rigged for the villagers to lose. All these anti-villager measures all thrown into one game was a bit drastic. It was like every single idea posted in the "FIX SMALL MAFIA" thread was implemented.
It helped the mafia, but it didn't make them broken or anything. Remember that without these measures, village has pretty much no excuse to lose. Look at past small games, where the only way mafia could win was if they got in a mole that never dies, or one of the villagers makes a huge important fuck-up.

You can't say this game was rigged in favor of either of the mafians with its set-up as a basis, since you guys got two villagers godkilled, two important roles (rand?)killed and lynched the wrong people.


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You guys also had an every other night vigilante... which could have severely fucked up the mafia had you not used it to target the one mafia that was already down.
Past games also had mafias with only a odd or even night kill. This in my opinion was the real disadvantage that the mafia had in those games, they didn't have the killing power to win.
Both mafia groups had an every night kill, but this was balanced by the fact that there was no wolf at all and the Loved kill could be reduced to every other night if Excalibur was killed (though the Hateful did also have a one-time bonus kill). Also, unlike in some other games, the mafia didn't have a surefire way of overthrowing the lynch. Granted, the fact that if they worked together they had +3 votes (the money, Ultros Silence, and Accelerator Silence) meant they could control the lynch if both groups were willing to compromise the identities of all their members, but I didn't expect this to happen, and it didn't, since the lynches on both blue_light and Xyphang were endorsed by most of the villagers.

If I were to go back and change the balance of the game, I might add one more villager, prevent consecutive silences, rebalance the teams in terms of players, change the Hateful's one-time kill/bg null to simply a one-time bg nullification, but the village had a solid chance without any real drastic changes being implemented. If the village lynched correctly during the day, used the vigilante's ability correctly, used WHH's ability successfully, and used Waldo's one-time Night ender, and the mafia never crossfired or had their kills blocked at all, it would look something like this:

Night 0: 13/4/5
Day 1: 11/4/5
Night 1: 11/4/4
Day 2: 9/4/3
Night 2: 9/4/3
Day 3: 7/3/3
Night 3: 7/2/3
Day 4: 7/2/3 (night is skipped)
Night 4: 7/2/2
Day 5: 4/1/2 (hateful bonus kill used)
Night 5: 4/1/1
Day 6: 3/1/1 (loved can't kill)
Night 6: 3/1/0
Day 7: 2/1/0
Night 8: 2/0/0 village wins

Of course, there are a lot of factors that had the potential to change that progression, and that's what makes a game interesting. The Loved could lose their every-night kill earlier, (they needed at least 3 members alive in order to kill every night), crossfires could happen, killers could get hooked or guarded or stopped by BPV, the Indifferent could boost their killing ability with Ring Soul's power, etc. Conversely, the mafia could trick the village into lynching one of their own or not lynching anyone at all, WHH's ability could fail to get used, someone aligned with any team could get godkilled, Waldo or Miguel could get killed before doing much...you get the picture.

(general point is that though it's possible they should've been stronger, the village still had a good chance)