Completed MK Ultra vs Glacier Knight

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2v2 Training Singles
2/5 R/C
2 Substitutions
All abilties
Items on
Arena: Objection's WarioWare Arena:

An artificial environment with no external water source or natural grass. Digging and seismic moves are allowed. Weather is allowed.

At the beginning of each round, the ref will give a task to the participating pokemon to perform during the round. It can be anything as long as all active pokemon can feasibly accomplish it (eg, use non-STAB moves only). Any pokemon that fail to complete the task take damage equal to 1/4 of their max HP.

Team Glacier Knight:

Abomasnow [Twiggy "The Beserker"] (Female)

Info on Twiggy:

Type: Brave (+1 Atk, -15% Speed, -10% Evasion)

Grass: Grass STAB; Immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.
Ice:Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.

Snow Warning: (Innate) This Pokemon summons a massive hailstorm upon its entry into battle that does not end, expending 10% of its energy to do so. It can re-summon the effect mid-battle for 9% Energy with a command.
Command: (Ability: Snow Warning) Hail causes two (2) damage per action to all non-Ice typed Pokemon. Hail activates the abilities Snow Cloak and Ice Body, as well as increasing Blizzard’s accuracy to 100% and letting it have an additional 30% chance to bypass Protect.
Soundproof (DW): (Innate) Pokemon with this ability emit their own powerful electrostatic or sound-dampening field, making them immune to sound-based moves other than an ally's or their own Heal Bell. (Known sound moves: Bug Buzz, Chatter, Echoed Voice, Grasswhistle, Growl, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Perish Song, Relic Song, Roar, Round, Screech, Sing, Snarl, Snore, Supersonic, Uproar.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 4 (+)
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 52 (-)

Size Class: 4
Weight Class: 5
Base Rank Total: 17

EC: 6/6
MC: 5
DC: 5/5

Ice Punch
Powder Snow
Razor Leaf
Icy Wind
Grass Whistle
Ice Shard
Wood Hammer
Sheer Cold

Seed Bomb
Leech Seed

Ice Beam
Swords Dance
Shadow Ball

21 Moves

Vanilluxe [Reika, "The Foreigner") (F) (OT: Engineer Pikachu)
Nature: Modest (Special Attack increased by *, Attack decreased by *)

Type: Ice
Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.

Ice Body: (Innate) This Pokemon thrives in Icy conditions and can absorb energy from Hailstones to recover two (2) HP/action in Hail.
Weak Armor (LOCKED): (Can be Enabled) The Pokemon can loosen its worn defensive armor so that it will break off when an opponent uses a contact attack, reducing the Pokemon's Defense and increasing their Speed by one (1) stage for each hit.

Stats: 71 / 95 / 85 / 110 / 95 / 79

HP: 100
Atk-: ** (2)
Def: *** (3)
SpA+: ***** (5)
SpD: ***
Spe: 79

Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 19

Evolution Counter: 9 / 9
Move Counter: 0
Dream Counter: 1 / 5

Weather Ball
Icicle Spear
Icy Wind
Mirror Coat
Mirror Shot
Ice Beam
Acid Armor
Sheer Cold

Ice Shard
Water Pulse

Light Screen
Double Team
Frost Breath
Rain Dance
Flash Cannon

27 Moves

Team MK Ultra:

Umbreon [Nocturne] (F)
Nature: Quiet (+Spa, -Spe)
Type: Dark
Dark: Dark STAB; Immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in all darkened and especially twilight conditions. Can use any Dark-type attack regardless of Attraction.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 3 (+)
SpD: Rank 5
Spe: 56 (65/1.15)

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Synchronise: (Innate) Pokemon with this ability mentally link their condition to an opposing Pokemon and pass on any status inflicted on them to their foe. Due to their body structure, Poison types cannot be poisoned and Fire types cannot be burned in this manner.
Inner Focus (DW Unlocked): (Innate) When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.

Tail Whip
Helping Hand
Quick Attack

Shadow Ball

Fake Tears

Confuse Ray
Faint Attack

Emboar(*) Vulcan (F)
Nature: Lonely (Attack increased by *; Defense decreased by *)
Type: Fire/Fighting
Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, 50% reduction in freeze chance, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Solarbeam has Energy Cost reduced by one (1).
Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions of throwing/grappling moves, Meditate and Cheer Up have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).

Blaze: (Innate) When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33%, the base damage of any fire attack is increased by two (2). (eg Flamethrower goes from 10 to 12, Fire Blast from 12 to 14)
Reckless (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon has an innately aggressive nature that lets it use all-out attacks with recoil more effectively. Recoil attacks from this Pokemon do two (2) more damage, and recoil percentage is unaffected.

HP: 110
Atk: ******(+)
Def: **(-)
SpA: ****
SpD: ***
Spe: 65

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Tail Whip(*)
Odor Sleuth(*)
Defense Curl(*)
Flame Charge(*)
Take Down(*)


Wild Charge(*)

Flare Blitz
Head Smash
Arm Thrust
Hammer Arm
Fire Blast
Stone Edge
Focus Blast
Sunny Day
Smack Down
Brick Break
Heat Crash
Hidden Power Ice 7
Grass Knot
Sleep Talk
Blast Burn
Double Team
Rock Slide
Low Sweep
Giga Impact
Poison Jab
Body Slam
Bulk Up
Take Down
Fire Pledge
Hyper Beam
Rock Tomb
Work Up
Echoed Voice

And your first command: Use no super effective attacks.

MK Ultra sends out his first Pokemon with an item, Glacier Knight sends out his first Pokemon with an item and orders, MK Ultra orders.
Twiggy is coming out, with a nevermeltice.

(activate snow warning)

Icy wind~seed bomb~ice punch
If dig is used, use earthquake that action and push the que down
If protective/evasive a1, use swords dance and push the que down
Round One:

iiMKUltra MK Ultra has returned to the game, and faces off with Glacier. MK leads with a very bulky Umbreon, while Glacier counters by unleashing an ice type that brings the hail to the arena. Umbreon emits a light that causes Abomasnow to hit itself in confusion. Both Pokemon then go on the offense, with Umbreon biting into Abomasnow before taking an explosive plant to the face. It then fades off into the shadows, colliding with a frozen fist upon coming back out.

Umbreon: Confuse Ray: 5 energy, Abomasnow confused 4 stages (8225 4a confusion)
Abomasnow hit itself in confusion!
- [(4+1.5] 5.5 damage, 3 energy, -1 confusion stage (1589 hit in confusion)

Abomasnow's confusion stage was reduced
Umbreon: Bite: [(6+3)] 9 damage, 4 energy (6327 no flinch, 3382 no crit)
Abomasnow: [(8+3)] 11 damage, 5 energy (5919 stayed composed, 5162 no crit)

Abomasnow's confusion stage was reduced
Umbreon: Faint Attack: [(6+3)] 9 damage, 4 energy (3660 no crit)
Abomasnow: [(8+3)+4] 15 damage, 5 energy (9633 stayed composed, 9311 no freeze, 7766 no crit)

Umbreon: 32 damage, 13 energy
Abomasnow: 23.5 [24] damage, 23 energy

Expert Belt
HP: 68
EN: 87
Otr: ---

HP: 76
EN: 77

New Challenge: Use one combination attack
Confuse Ray-Faint Attack+Bite-coolio

If Protect:
A1, Moonlight
A2, change actions to Faint Attack+Bite-cool-Confuse Ray
A3 no change.

(you missed out my expert belt on the info thing)
Also red it doesn't look like you calced hail damage last round. It should still be hailing as well.

Protect~blizzard+sheer cold~cooldown

Yaaaay perfectly accurate sheer cold combo in hail~
Hail damage was accounted for in totals.

Round Two:

Obama realizes that even if he can pull ahead in the last round, he's still under heavy scrutiny from FOX and retreats into the Oval Office bunker to protect himself from their criticisms. Umbreon is perfectly fine with this, and tans... or something... with the few rays of the moon that come down through the hailstorm. She then leaps off into the darkness, only to appear right behind Obama, bite down on him, and then run before the Secret Service can reach her. Obama is so stunned by this, that he can do nothing for a moment. And then, realizing he has no orders, he gives a number of painful verbalized pauses that hurt him almost as much as they do his opponent.

Oh, and then Tag Romney punches him in the face for failing the challenge.

Obamasnow: Protect: 7 energy, protected
Umbreon: Moonlight: 16 energy, +15 HP

Umbreon: Bite+Faint Attack: [((6+6)+3] 15 damage, 14 energy (2554 flinch, 4624 no crit)
Obama flinched!

Umbreon must recharge!
Obama struggles to find a compromise in the next four years: [(5)] 5 damage, 5 energy, 2 recoil (9941 no crit)


Umbreon: +4 HP, -30 energy
Obama: -42 HP, -12 energy

Expert Belt
HP: 72
EN: 57
Otr: ---

HP: 34
EN: 65

Arena notes: Hailing
New Challenge: Use no STAB moves of any kind (non-damaging or damaging).
Round Three:

Umbreon takes to the presses and proceeds to slander the president with all the libel it can think of, accusing him of being born in everywhere from the Roman Empire to Xanadu to lostthegame to Soviet Russia. But not America. Oh heavens, not America. Obama becomes slightly sick, but proceeds to call down an air strike on Umbreon that makes the earth shake. Umbreon then proceeds to kick up a bunch of lies on FOX that quickly incite some confusion as to where she actually is. Due to this misinformation, the president's next air strike completely misses. Umbreon then yawns loudly to mock the president, only to get hit by a successful air strike.

Umbreon: Toxic: 7 energy, Obama badly poisoned
Obama: Earthquake: [(10)] 10 damage, 7 energy (9972 no crit)

Umbreon: Sand Attack: 4 energy, -1 Acc Obama
Obama: Earthquake: Miss, 11 energy (8411 miss)

Umbreon: Yawn: 7 energy, Obama became drowsy
Obama: Earthquake: [(10)] 10 damage, 15 energy (3572 hit, 4295 no crit)

Umbreon: -26 HP, -18 energy
Obama: -3 HP, -33 energy

Expert Belt
HP: 46
EN: 39
Otr: ---

HP: 31
EN: 32
Otr: Badly Poisoned (2DPA), Drowsy, -1 Acc

Arena: Hailing
New Challenge: Do not employ your held item
Round Four:

Umbreon bites down hard on Obama, causing him a bit of pain and shock that such a common cat would dare attack the president of the United States. Tired and shocked, he slips off to sleep without accomplishing much of anything. Poison and hail tick down the lifespan of both Pokemon as Umbreon dissapears again, lashing out at Obama as he sleeps and making him a bit less healthy. She bites down again, but doesn't stop Obama from waking up, uprooting the White House Christmas tree, and slamming it into Umbreon, knocking her out for a home run as he finally exhausts due to a tiny splinter entering his hand, and faints.

Umbreon: Bite: [(6+3)] 9 damage, flinch, 4 energy (1955 flinch, 5321 no crit)
Obama flinched!
Obama fell asleep! (3200 one action)
Obama/Umbreon lose 2 HP to Poison/Hail!

Umbreon: Faint Attack: [(6+3)] 9 damage, 4 energy (9631 no crit)
Obama is fast asleep!
Obama/Umbreon lose 2 HP to Poison/Hail!

Umbreon: Bite: (8863 no flinch, 1469 no crit)
Obama: Wood Hammer: [(15+3+3)] 21 damage, 5.25 recoil, critical hit, irrelevant energy loss(238 crit)
Obama fainted!
Umbreon loses 2 HP due to hail!

Obama: KO
Umbreon: -27 HP, -12 energy

Expert Belt
HP: 19
EN: 27
Otr: ---

Arena: Hail
New Challenge: Use no Chills

Glacier Knight equips an item and orders, MK Ultra orders
Round Five: Weatherman

Vanilluxe proves vastly more successful than Obama at causing change, and accurately predicts that a large ice meteor will crush Umbreon. However, he is quickly confused by the instruments in the studio, while Umbreon faints due to the hail. Obama scored the kill after all...

Vanilluxe: Weather Ball: [(10+3+4)] 17 damage, 6 energy (687 no crit)]
Umbreon: Confuse Ray: Severe confusion, 5 energy (8849 4a confusion)
Umbreon is hurt by the hail! Umbreon fainted!

HP: 100
EN: 94
Otr: Confused (4a)

New Challenge: Deal more than 30 damage in the round

MK Ultra sends out Emboar equips an item and orders, Glacier Knight orders
Expert Belt
Heat Crash-Hammer Arm-Heat Crash
If Double Team and not hit self in confusion, Earthquake
If Protect and not hit self in confusion, Work Up.
"deal more than 30 damage blah blah blah"

Yeah, easy for emboar. Way to keep it biased -____-

Rain Dance~Weather Ball~Weather Ball
if you hit yourself in confusion, push actions down
Round Six: HAX All Around

MK Ultra asserts his luck as Vanilluxe fails to do anything but smack himself for two actions as Emboar launches a fiery tackle into Vanilluxe that does substantial damage, and then tries to land a massive swing but misses big time and fails to do anything with it but spin in a circle. When Vanilluxe finally gets his act together, he summons a torrent of rain that weakens another fire attack. However, he got no actual attacks off and was attacked by a time traveling branch of the no-nothing party due to his national origins.

Vanilluxe's confusion stage fell!
Vanilluxe hit itself in confusion! [4-1.5] 2.5 damage, 3 energy, Confusion stage fell (3389 confused)
Emboar: Heat Crash: [(6+3+3+2)*1.5] 21 damage, 7 energy (7410 no crit)

Vanilluxe's confusion stage fell!
Vanilluxe hit itself in confusion! [(4-1.5)] 2.5 damage, 3 energy, confusion stage fell (4236 confused)
Emboar: Hammer Arm: Miss, 6 energy (9878 miss)

Vanilluxe: Rain Dance: Confusion ended, 10 energy, Rain summoned (4r)
Emboar: Heat Crash: [(6+3+3+2-3)*1.5] 16.5 damage, 7 energy (9993 no crit)

Vanilluxe punished! (-25 HP)

Vanilluxe: -66.5 [67] HP, -16 energy
Emboar: -4 HP, -20 energy

HP: 33
EN: 78
Otr: ---

Item: Expert Belt
HP: 106
EN: 80
Otr: ---

Arena: Rain (3r)

New Challenge: Use no combinations
Round Seven: Mechanics for the Arena

Alright, so despite a valiant effort and two extremely powerful weather balls, Vanilluxe goes down. Now, as for an explanation as to the seemingly biased effects...

When the match started, I made a list of six challenges. They weren't necessarily biased towards one side or another, as I didn't know what the matchup would be. When making an effect, I would RNG from this list. Upon a challenge being used, it would be eliminated and replaced in the list. What it would be replaced by depended on what type of challenge it was. If it was a neutral challenge, it would randomly be replaced by a Pro-Glacier (at that moment), pro-MK (at that moment), or neutral challenge. If it was a pro-user challenge eliminated, it would randomly become a challenge favoring the other user or neutral.

Of course, as the matchups shifted, things that would have once benefitted Glacier (deal 30 damage) suddenly benefited the other side. However, bar RNG, nothing would have prevented it from being pro-MK or completely neutral or luck balanced over time. In fact, it would have varied towards neutral luck at one point.

Anyway, just a brief explanation as to how the arena worked in my interpretation.

Vanilluxe: Weather Ball: [(10+3+3)*1.5] 24 damage, 7 energy (8905 no crit)
Emboar: Hammer Arm: [(10+3+3+2)*1.5] 27 damage, 6 energy, -1 SPE(2595 hit, 8761 no crit)

Vanilluxe: Weather Ball: [(10+3+3)*1.5] 24 damage, 11 energy (7079 no crit)
Emboar: Head Smash: [(16+3+2)*1.5+2] 33.5 damage, 16 recoil, 11 energy, KO(3516 hit, 9054 no crit)

Vanilluxe fainted!


Rediamond: 4 UC
Glacier Knight: 2 CC
-Abomasnow: 3 MC
-Vanilluxe: 2 MC, 1 DC, 1 KOC
MK Ultra: 2 CC
-Umbreon: 3 MC, 1 KOC
-Emboar: 3 MC, 1 KOC
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