Completed MogRunner vs. Galladitor(Zeo returns)

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We welcome everyone to the match here today between MogRunner and Galladitor, with your host and ref for the match, me! Zeo! That guy that use to be a regular but disappeared and now he's back to ref this fantastic match! Lets look at the rules real fast like!

1 Day DQ
0 recover, 0 chill
No items,
No Abilities
and absolutely NO SWITCHING!
ASB Arena

So the rules are simple, lets look at the mons!

MogRunner's Pokemon

Rarity: 2
Riolu [Rum] (M)

Nature:Rash (+1 SpA, -1 SpD)


These Pokemon come in two flavors. Either they are trained and disciplined masters of targeted strikes and ki attacks, or wild, savage Pokemon with innate battling instincts far above their peers. In either case, these Pokemon have powerful, dense muscles that allow them to throw targets of almost any weight if asked to do so, regardless of their own size. Their discipline allows them to Meditate and Cheer Up at a lower energy cost.

Summary: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Superior reaction time in close quarters.

Steadfast: (Innate)
If this Pokemon is flinched, it becomes aware of the speed difference and increases Speed by one (1) stage to make up the difference. This Speed boost is maintained at the end of each round.

Inner Focus: (Innate)
When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.

Prankster: (Innate)
The Pokemon is always prepared for engaging in sneaky tactics and trickery, giving its non-damaging attacks an increase in priority level.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 3(+)
SpD: Rank 1(-)
Spe: 60
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 13


Quick Attack
Force Palm

Bullet Punch
Hi Jump Kick
Blaze Kick
Ice Punch

Swords dance
Brick Break
Shadow Claw


and Galladitor's Pokemon

Scyther [Lloyd] (M)
Nature: Jolly (+15% Speed, +30% Accuracy, -1 SpA)

Bug: Bug STAB; more mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gains an extra guaranteed attack on multi-hit moves.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Will always hit foes with Dig (except other Flying types) and Dive. Cannot be hit by Dive unless the attacking Pokemon has a size class greater than four (4). Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Swarm: (Innate) When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33% (flat), the Base Attack Power of any Bug-typed attack is increased by 2. (eg Silver Wind goes from 6 to 8, X-Scissor from 8 to 10)
Technician: (Innate) This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally have 6 or less Base Attack Power to have their Base Attack Power multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) Base Attack Power, and the Energy Cost for multi-hit attacks is increased by two (2). Because Technician is a multiplier on single hit moves, its effect is applied to Base Attack Power before any additive effects.
Steadfast (DW): (innate) If this Pokemon is flinched, it becomes aware of the speed difference and increases Speed by one (1) stage to make up the difference. This Speed boost is maintained at the end of each round.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 4
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 121 (+)
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 19

EC: 2/6
MC: 0
DC: 1/5

Vacuum Wave
Quick Attack
Focus Energy
Double Team
False Swipe
Wing Attack
Fury Cutter

Night Slash

Brick Break
Aerial Ace

Total Moves: 18

Anyways, turn order goes as follows I believe

MogRunner first, because he is the acceptor
Then Galladitor
Then I ref
then Gal
then Mog
and you get the idea, Lets battle!
Alright, my bad Galladiator :(

Anyways folks, lets proceed to the battle! Riolu against Scyther, it looks like it could go either way today! Scyther wastes zero time to attack Riolu, speeding at him at full speed and slashing through him with an Aerial Ace! The attack seemed to do quite a bit to Riolu(18 damage, 4 energy). It seems as though Riolu refuses to return an attack, instead begins dancing like a sword moves through the air, increasing his attack to prepare for the next turn(7 energy).

Which Scyther wastes no time in proceeding too, he really hates wasting time, rushing in and slamming Riolu to the ground so hard that the poor little fellow bounces up off the ground. That must have been Brick Break(11 damage, 6 energy), again Riolu refuses to attack, and Dances like a Sword(11 energy). I really don't think he understands that getting pounded on is not the point of this battle! He needs to do something soon if he wants to win.

The third turn, and what's this? Scyther isn't doing anything! Not charging in or doing anything! Is it possible? No, he can't be... asleep? OH no there I see it, a blue aura has engulfed his body, but now Riolu takes to the field, dashing across at Scyther, and his fist is surrounded by a frosty aura, it's an Ice Punch(19 damage,6 damage)! Oh that's going to suck for Scyther. It seems to be pretty effected by it, but wait? The blue aura is starting to react. It throws itself into Riolu, dealing what seems to be the damage Scyther took from Ice punch plus interest. Countering it (29 damage,16 energy)

HP: 32
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 3(+)
SpD: Rank 1(-)
Spe: 60
Boosts: +4 attack

HP: 81
Atk: Rank 4
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 121 (+)

Sorry I don't have the actual rolls posted, I guess I have to have those. But I didn't know about it while I was doing this, so they'll be here next time.
Welcome to round 2 my loyal viewers and battlers. Scyther comes into this round with a fairly large lead, and Riolu is looking pretty tired, but you never know in this beautiful world of Pokemon what might happen next. So lets stop wasting time, and get into our next round of fighting!

Scyther charges Riolu at full speed and cuts straight through him with an Aerial Ace(18 damage, 4 energy) Riolu lights his leg on fire and throws himself at Scyther, who's back is currently facing him, and slams his leg into his back for a Blazing Kick(14 damage, 7 energy). After Staggering for a bit, Scyther recovers and shots off, doing a full circle around the field before coming in and ending this match, with a final Aerial Ace(18 damage, 8 energy). It was a good match, Riolu just never really stood a chance it seems. Well good job to both trainers. Seeing as this is my first time giving rewards under the new Counter guidelines. Sorry if I'm wrong.

Galladiator receives 2CC
-Scyther receives 1 EC, 2 MC, and 1 DC, as well as a KOC

The MogRunner receives 2 CC
-Riolu gets 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC

I, the ref, receive 3 UC
Scyther's Aerial Ace
Crit= 6849 NO

Riolu's Blaze Kick
Hit= 4839 YES
Crit=3231 NO
Burn=3501 NO

Scyther's Aerial Ace
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