Monocolor Face-Off Grand Final


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Approved by Sonius
Monocolor Face-Off

Monocolor Face-Off, Red vs Blue, Orange vs Green, Purple vs Yellow, who will win, a mystery for sure. But put in your attempt, and maybe it'll be your gold, silver or pink team that comes out victorious.

Pay attention to rule #13 this round

Teams do not need to be submitted this round, if you change your team use something from the lists or ask me about Nu's

Usage Stats from Round 1 [Click]
List of colors certain pokemon are good for [Click]
List of pokes by color [Click]
No NU's are listed if you want to use one ask me


1. 5 pokemon of one color, 1 wildcard
2. Shiny pokemon count, but only if the pokemon you are actually using is shiny
3. Since the the similarity of colors can be subjective, teams will be submitted to me through pm, I'm not entering so I can be impartial
4. NO WEATHER, therefore tyranitar, hippowdon, and abamasnow are banned
5. It is ou, current list as of posting of the sign up thread, and no manaphy
6. in case you missed it NO WEATHER
7. Rounds will go from one friday till the next, with single elimination from the winners bracket into a losers bracket that can still win overall
8. To enter you must have 200 posts, and I reserve the right to refuse entries
9. No item clause, Yes evasion, sleep, hax item, ohko and species clause
11. 6v6, Single forced 100 battles
12. Changing of teams between rounds is allowed
13. Starting in the semifinals battles will be best two out of three, different teams will be allowed for each battle

1st - Pick of five pokemon from me or alakahoe
2nd - Pick of four pokemon from me or alakahoe
3rd/4th - Pick of two pokemon from me or alakahoe

Other than that I'll be accepting donations of prizes

Donated Prizes that'll will be assigned to places later:
Equinox's Relaxed Nidoqueen
Lightsabre's Shiny Ninetales
Deztroya's Jolly Zangoose
Destroyer's Shiny Uxie, Shiny Ludicolo, Credit
LightningFusion's Bold Cressilia, Zapdos, Hex-Flawless Ditto

Special Thanks

Destroyer for helping with the rules
Pablo for doing matchups....
Alakahoe for the banner
And all the people who helped me decide on monocolor
lol I'm really sorry about this.
Erodent and I dont see each other on very often at all.
and my computer just broke so I'm getting it repaired =/
we are trying to get this done ASAP, though. sorry =[