Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Administrative Decision Thread

If you're playing or managing (or both) in the Monotype Winter Premier, watch this thread so you get any alerts. I'll be announcing any activity decisions or metagame bans here.

Best of luck to everybody this season!

Do not post in this thread. If you do, your post will be deleted and you will be infracted!


Decidueyes: eien, bushtush, pcm, laxpras, betathunder, catalystic, kingler12345, mael, dak prescott, cam

Victinis: vid, sirskit, level 56, it's hatch, nineage, doubleswitches, croven, arkenciel, twix, shadestep

Phiones: paleo, -tsunami-, dodmen, trash, ggggd, natalie, hairy toenail, bluxio, garay oak, passion

Raikous: misaka mikoto, ssalbap, sae, waszap, illama, pak, jase duken, haaku, seo, irkd

Alakazams: rnbs, thimo, pearl, obii, kratosmana, rozes, void, nightwingg95, chras001, mr. miner

Torkoals: torkool, leru, arifeen, attribute, quantum tesseract, megazard, endal, drreuniclus, miyoka, qwily

Chorizos: sabella, 1 true lycan, christo, star, soulgazer, king billu, lotus wincon, empo, ericsayshi, bouff

Lycanrocs: clearly, zukushiku, anttya, jyph, xazelea, racool, tyke, seager, terrors, kevinelf
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If you're managing, please send your lineup to me by Sunday night. I'll post lineups by 12 AM EST (GMT -5), but please do your best to get them in by 11 PM EST on Sundays at the latest, as my schedule runs pretty early and I need to be up around 5 AM each day. If I don't have them all by this time, I'm just going to go with the lineup you submitted the week before. If you need to make any changes after that, please PM ASAP.

Since I'm host and not managing, you don't need to worry about finding a different person to PM your lineup to each week. You'll submit your lineup to me by 11 PM EST every Sunday.

Weekly Matchups

Week 1:
Paniola Phiones vs Victorious Victinis
Canalave City Chorizos vs Railgun Raikous
Alcoholic Alakazams vs Tormented Torkoals
Dethroning Decidueyes vs Lavender Lycanrocs

Week 2:
Paniola Phiones vs Tormented Torkoals
Canalave City Chorizos vs Victorious Victinis
Dethroning Decidueyes vs Railgun Raikous
Alcholic Alakazams vs Lavender Lycanrocs

Week 3:
Paniola Phiones vs Alcholic Alakazams
Dethroning Decidueyes vs Canalave City Chorizos
Lavender Lycanrocs vs Railgun Raikous
Victorious Victinis vs Tormented Torkoals

Week 4:
Paniola Phiones vs Canalave City Chorizos
Alcholic Alakazams vs Railgun Raikous
Dethroning Decidueyes vs Victorious Victinis
Tormented Torkoals vs Lavender Lycanrocs

Week 5:
Paniola Phiones vs Lavender Lycanrocs
Alcoholic Alakazams vs Canalave City Chorizos
Dethroning Decidueyes vs Tormented Torkoals
Victorious Victinis vs Railgun Raikous

Week 6:
Paniola Phiones vs Dethroning Decidueyes
Alcoholic Alakazams vs Victorious Victinis
Lavender Lycanrocs vs Canalave City Chorizos
Tormented Torkoals vs Railgun Raikous

Week 7:
Paniola Phiones vs Railgun Raikous
Alcoholic Alakazams vs Dethroning Decidueyes
Lavender Lycanrocs vs Victorious Victinis
Canalave City Chorizos vs Tormented Torkoals

Week 8 (Semis):
#1 vs #4
#2 vs #3

Week 9 (Finals):
Winner of (#1 vs #4) vs Winner of (#2 vs #3)

Week 9 (Third Place Match):
Loser of (#1 vs #4) vs Loser of (#2 vs #3)

The 4 teams with the best records will move on to the playoffs where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 will play the #3. The two victors will move on to the finals, with the victor of that week ultimately crowned the Monotype Winter Premier Champions.

Two tied teams will have their tie broken based on who won their head-to-head matchup. In the case that they tied in the week they played, the team with the most total games won during the regular season of the Winter Premier will win the tiebreaker. If three teams are tied, if one team has beaten the other two, then they will win the tiebreak. If each team has beat one team and lost to the other (i.e. all teams are 1-1 in this 3 team group) then the team with the most games won during the regular season of the Winter Premier will win the tiebreaker.
The above is taken from the Monotype Winter Premier Discussion thread. All 8 managers have agreed on a change. When this tournament was initially in its conception, the intention was for overall wins to be the determining factor for the standings. As of the managers' agreement, here is how playoffs will be decided:

The 4 teams with the most overall wins will move on to the playoffs, where the #1 seed (the team with the most overall wins) will play the 4th seed. The teams with the second and third most wins, the #2 and #3 seed respectively, will be the other semifinals match. The winner of each semifinals game will move on to the finals, with the victor of that week ultimately crowned the Monotype Winter Premier Champions.

In the case that two teams have the same overall wins and it impacts seeding or entry into the playoffs (in the case of the #4 seed), the team that won the head-to-head matchup between the two will win the tiebreaker. If they tied in the week they played, then the matchup will be decided by a Best of 3 tiebreaker. There will be at least one USUM slot. Managers will take turns vetoing one format between one USUM, AAA, STABmons, LC, Monothreat and Ubers until two of the six are left. This same format will be used in the instance that two teams tie in a playoff week. The higher seed will get to veto first.

In the event that more than 3 teams tie in overall wins and among their group have the same record (i.e. each team has beaten one of the teams in this group of 3 and lost to another) the same Best of 3 would apply as in a 2-team tie, but in a round robin fashion with the team(s) with the best record(s) in the round robin proceeding to the playoffs.
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RE: trash vs. Level 56

Situation: On turn 46, Level 56 disconnected from the battle. trash turned the timer on shortly after this occurred. I do not have teams from either side.

From here, I have 4 options:

1) Give trash the win if he had it 100% - he did not, and therefore I cannot give him the win.
2) Give Level 56 the win if he had it 100% - he did not, and therefore I cannot give him the win.
3) See this as a timeout and give trash the win.
4) See this as a timeout and declare a recreation of the battle.

Before I get into my explanation, I would like to note that I have used MPL III, SPL 6 and SPL 5 as precedents for the situation before us.

Analysis: I cannot do 1 or 2, as neither player had a guaranteed win with the situation before them. We cannot recreate the battle as I did not have either of the teams sent to me, and option 4 is out of the question. I am left with no recourse but to default to option 3. This is not a judgment call on my part, it is simply an objective analysis of the situation.

Result: trash will receive a win by timeout.

As a further note, and this is a result of me hosting for the first time and lacking knowledge of certain aspects, if you would like to submit your teams to me before your games you may do so so that the battle can be recreated. In the case that one side DCs and did not send in their team while the other team did, I will default rule in favor of the other team as in this case in SPL 6.