Tournament Monotype Winter Premier - Manager Signups

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Hey all! It's Omega-Xis, your Monotype Winter Premier host, here to kick things off! Anybody miss the Monotype OMs from MPL2? Well, some of them, like AAA, are making a comeback in the Winter Premier, along with some new formats like LC.

If you wish to manage a team in the Monotype Premier, please sign up with your team name and what you think qualifies you to be a manager. If you are planning on having any extended absence where you won't have access to the internet and be able to manage your team effectively, please don't sign up.

Team Name: Mauville Memers
Reasons you think you'd make a good manager: Have managed in each MPL and have fielded a competitive team in each, nearly making the finals in MPL2. I've been active in the community for a long time and would have a good idea of who to draft, especially for OMs.

Managers will select the players for their roster in an 8-team snake draft. A snake draft is one where a team has the opposite pick in each round. A team with the 1st pick in the 1st round will have the 8th pick in the second round, the 1st pick in the third round, the 8th pick in the 4th round (1-8, 8-1, etc.) and so on. The draft is 10 rounds, meaning managers are selecting 8 starters to go along with 2 subs.

I also wanted to take a moment to let you know that if you wish to manage, you can play in the Premier tournament. If you wish to play, however, your team's first round pick would be used on yourself and you would not pick a player until your team's second round pick. Here's an example:

The Mauville Memers have the third pick and Omega-Xis, the Memers manager, wishes to play in the tournament. Omega-Xis will have the third pick of the first round, and he will not "properly" pick until the sixth pick of the second round.

First Round
3) Omega-Xis (Memers)

Second Round
3) Memers pick

Signups will last until next Sunday, November 19th 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5). Do not post here unless you are signing up to manage; your post will be deleted.

If you have any questions, just send me a VM here on Smogon. I'll respond as soon as I can.
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I'd like to manage the Jubilife City Jumpluffs.

I would make a good manager cuz I assmanned MPL2 and 3 (I pretty much managed both though cuz I did all the talent scouting for Dirpz and Arifeen is Arifeen). Looking to spread POSITIVITY and win the whole thing.

name subject to change cuz I dunno
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Team Name: South London Squirtles
Reasons you think you'd make a good manager: Active in community a long time. Was a good morale boost for my OMPL team (references: Racool Ransei ScarfWynaut ). Was active the whole event as well. Hosted MLT watched a lot of competitors matches and learnt a lot about a lot of players during the event. I also have connections to a lot of OM players that have also crossed over to Monotype OMs and know the meta. Although I haven't played in many mono team tours, i was on the winning team of the one that I did.
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Team Name: Tormented Torkoals
Reasons you think you'd make a good manager: I'm a very active participant in Mono OMs, the co-host of the Mono OM Mega thread, I hosted the Monotype OM team tournament a few months back, and am one of the only people to have actively played them this generation. I have a strong idea of who to draft for monotype OMs, as I've been keeping an eye on participants for quite a while, and would be able to support my team in building and testing. Hoping to have a fun time with the first rendition of this tour!

(name wip)
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Team Name: Lavender Lycanrocs
Reasons you think you'd make a good manager: Have managed in MPL 3 and fielded a competitive side and made semi-finals. I also played OMs in both MPL 1 and MPL 2 so I have a good grip on whose good and whose not
Id like to manage the Essential Ekans (name wip).

I was an assistant manager for OMPL, and play both monotype OMs and the corresponding normal OMs extensively so I can make up for my lesser community knowledge with a good idea of what I’m looking for. I also know most of the normal OMs players and will be able to support my team.
Team Name: Pewter City Pupitars
Reasons you think you'd make a good manager: I have been apart of MPL teams and i'm a big advocate for Monotype OMs and have a broad knowledge of the various Monotype OMs. I have played the OM slot in each MPL I have participated in and with experience with Monotype as a whole makes me a decent candidate for manager.


Team Name: I'd like to manage the Railgun Raikous!

Reasons you think you'd make a good manager:
  • I managed last time for MPL 3, even though my experience was rather...odd. I have learned from my first time experience and ready to show how much I've improved since last time!
  • A lot of people like me and enjoy my presence! I'm generally one of the nicest and approachable people in the mono community.
  • I focus on team work, cooperation and support so I always enjoy giving my team the push in doing their best. Not to mention I give everybody a chance to play so there won't be any bias.
  • I been secretly playing OMs fairly often, which gives me much knowledge on what is more viable and what is worse.
  • Most of all, I hope to have fun with my team and we'll show great sportsmanship like always! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

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Team Name: Skrrrahh Scrafties (may or may not be subject to change)
Reasons you think you'd be a good manager?: I was planning on winning the fall seasonal from losers bracket but alas. I don't have any experience managing anything but I have a good feeling about this and you gotta start somewhere amirite. I'm also going to win this monotype winter premier league seasonal tour.
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actual reason why im a good manager

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Team Name: Canalave City Chorizos
Reasons you think you'd be a good manager: I filled the manager role in mpl2 for the lewd lucarios when freeroamer quit and sabella was busy irl (he can vouche for me on this). I made lineups every week and kept everything in tact even when people were getting banned from our team. I also was a big part in developing the Hearthome Honchcrows winning draft plan in mpl III. I also have extensive tour experience therefore I have a good sense of who to draft. I played oms in mpl II and was able to see who does well in them so I have a sense of who to draft there also.

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Team Name: Victorious Victinis
Reasons you think you'd be a good manager: I've been apart of well run teams such as Mono BLT team (I managed) and MPL I Ambitious Altarias and have gone through being apart of not so successful teams such as Salacious Swamperts (MPL II) and Glooms (MPL III) meaning I have a good idea of what kind things work and what things don't in a team tournament. I have had a lot of experience as a player and a bit as a manager in a similar type of tournaments such as MPL and Mono BLT. I'm confident I can successfully bring a group of different players together to strive for the same goal.
Team Name: Alcoholic Alakazams

Reasons you think you'd make a good manager:

I have got plenty of teamtour experience with joining every official team tournament this year and making it all three times to the playoff stage. All these teams were led by great managers from whom I have learned a lot. I hope to be able to translate this experience to my team.

Concerning monotype itself, I have won 3 MPL III awards, including MVP and most helpful player. I recently joined the monotype council. Moreover, I have been spending some of my free time learning all the other metas in advance.
Team Name: Dethroning Decidueyes

Reasons you think you'd make a good manager:
I have witnessed Alliance*Dethroner win ulc many times (once), so I know what a good team looks like. Also, (dumb irrelevant stuff) I have played in all three MPLs, so I have a lot of experience with team tours, and I feel like I have a good grasp on who to draft. Really just here to have some fun and win this tour!
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