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Wow, I feel like a punk. I didn't know sentret was doing an alakazam too; I would have switched if I had the chance too :/. Oh well, it looks great along with the other submissions so far!
Here's mine:

Went for an uppity neutral/don't give a fuck kind of mood.
Even though I suck with my tablet and have no experience with it yet, I thought I might as well do it for fun.

Damn, this would be 1,000,000,000,000 times better if I could draw on paper / had a good scanner or something.


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aw man that Machamp with his battle scars and his heart-warming smile that makes his trainer feel, "I'm glad I'm a Pokemon Trainer"

... awesome work, Yilx!


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Hmm, if Sentret is expecting a landslide again he may be disappointed!

Also note that I love feedback on themes -- what you like about them, and what you dislike about them. Feel free to make suggestions too! Do that in the poll thread though.
I know right? Way too many amazing submissions so far!

As for the themes, I can't complain. Every time there's a new MAC the theme is great and a picture instantly springs to mind. I know this probably the constructive criticism you were looking for but I can't really criticize what I don't find fault with!


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I can't really say much about the themes since I'm new, but I rather like the way they've been handled so far. A simple theme does allow an artist to put forth the most creativity, so personally I'd say keep them the way they are.
Well, I got my piece completed so hopefully it wasn't sooner than last night. :/ either way? I had a blast making this piece. It was a lot of fun to change up the style a bit.
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