Completed MoonSim Inc. presents: Alchemator vs. jas61292 (2v2 singles)

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my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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I forgot I was faster. Otherwise it would be legal, since it's a chance substitution. Portraying me as an idiot is pretty harsh when you consider P-Z is normally many times quicker than Mareep.

Toxic ~ Chill ~ Thunderbolt

If he uses Magic Coat A1, shift the actions back one.


Also Hyper Beam really needs more penalties. People say energy cost, indeed I used to, but clearly energy stall isn't working here. No offense to you jas, but this isn't so much a 'come from behind victory' as much as heavily outweighing any damage I can muster - brute force.

Conversion2 was an excellent play though, so I was quite lucky there.


used substitute
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I definitely agree on Hyper Beam. It is kinda absurd (especially on PZ with Adaptability). But as it is, I would be foolish not to abuse it.

Hyper Beam - Tri Attack - Hyper Beam
I wasn't trying to be harsh or anything, my bad if it came across that way :(

Mareep (Lloyd) M
HP: 31
Energy: 34
Speed: 30
Status: None
Other: +1 SpD, Light Screen (4 actions)

Porygon-Z (Blaster)
HP: 52
Energy: 27
Speed: 90
Status: PAR (15%)
Other: +1 SpA

Arena: Gravity

Lloyd is getting pretty pissed at Blaster, so it shoots out a Toxic at it again, this time actually aiming for it. The attack hits, and Blaster becomes badly poisoned. Blaster does not like the idea of this at all, and fires yet another Hyper Beam at Lloyd (seriously has it not run out of PP yet?? brokenass move), hitting him head on and leaving only a sliver of HP left. Lloyd knows his time is short, and decides to leave the battle feeling pretty chill, while Blaster faints him off with a Tri Attack.

Mareep (Lloyd) M
Energy: KO
Speed: 30
Status: None
Other: None

Porygon-Z (Blaster)
HP: 51
Energy: 12
Speed: 90
Status: PAR (15%), BPSN (1 DPA)
Other: +1 SpA

Action 1:
Lloyd used Toxic!

Status Change: PSN
-7 energy
Blaster used Hyper Beam!
RNG Roll (To-PAR) [<=150 PAR]: 381/1000 (No)
RNG Roll (To-Crit) [<=63 Crit]: 553/1000 (No)
(15+3+5.5+4-5) = 22.5 ~ 23 damage
Other Change: Sluggish (1 action)
-10+1 energy
-1 HP due to Toxic (Blaster)

Action 2:
Lloyd used Chill!

+12 energy
Blaster used Tri Attack!
RNG Roll (To-PAR) [<=150 PAR]: 526/1000 (No)
RNG Roll (To-Crit [<63 Crit]: 66/1000 (No)
(8+3+5.5+4-5) = 15.5 ~ 16 damage
Lloyd fainted!
-7+1 energy


Alchemator: 2 TC
- Starmie: 3 MC, 1 KOc
- Mareep: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC

2 TC
- Murkrow: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC
- Porygon-Z: 3 MC, 2 KOc

Elevator Music:
4 RC
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