Moose's Truckstop

Welcome to my Trade Thread

Trainer Information
Name: Moose
Friend code: 1377-8658-9814

1. No hacked pokemon
2. Post in my thread if you want to trade with me. Please try try and refrain from contacting me through PM.
3. You don't have to have a trade thread to trade with me, but it helps.
4. Please be courteous/nice.
5. IVs are listed HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe
6. I only trade/RNG in Gen V. Keep that in mind when offering a trade.
7.If you add any pokemon that has my OT/ID's to your own thread, please give me credit for it e.g. "Moose's..." as I will do the same for you if I add anything of yours to my thread. Thanks.
8. My Pokemon are redistributable, but with that said being that I am just starting out if you could help me out with a clone of any pokemon you get using my pokemon for trades (as long as they are reistributable) that would be great. This is not a requirement, but it would be great. I can even clone it myself.

If a pokemon I trade to you turns out to be hacked tell me and I'll give you your pokemon back. I do not have programs to legit check so I cannot verify if a pokemon I obtained in a trade turns out to be hacked.
Pokemon in this thread are obtained via: breeding, trading, capturing. With that said I will attempt to check my pokemon when an oppurtunity arises and I will post the results in the thread. The only place I know how/where to check pokemon is if that is not good enough please let me know so I can attempt to find another way of checking them.

Black List=Smogon Black List

Action Replay Codes Used
EV/IV Check
900x All Items, Recovery Items, and Berries
Quick hatch

With my Action Replay, I can provide you with the following services in Generation 5 ONLY:
~Rare Candy and PP Max
~Move Tutor (Heart Scales)
~Attach item
~EV training (with vitamins and EV wings)

Each Pokemon will be listed using this format:
[name here] (★) ★ shiny.
[insert OT and ID here]
Ability: | Nature: | Level:
Moveset #1:
EV Set #1:
(Some pokemon will have additional movesets and EV's available)
Redistribution Rights: ____-Redis
Additional Info: Gender, Nickname, etc.

I can nickname certain pokemon for you if you wish.

Not For Trade
This means, for whatever reason, I cannot or will not trade this. So, please don't ask for it.

Only I can trade this. No-one else. So you cannot trade it.

If you received it from me directly, you can trade it, but anyone you trade it to cannot trade it
(you must list my Semi-Redistributable stuff as Non-Redististrutable if you include it in your thread).

Everyone can trade.

DW Pokemon

[Dratini] DW
Ability: Marvel Scale | Nature: Timid | Level: 1 UT
Redistribution Rights: Fully-Redis
Additional Info: Female
Cloned via AR confirmed legit

[Carvanha] DW
Ability: Speed Boost | Nature: Calm | Level: 1 UT
Redistribution Rights: Fully-Redis
Additional Info: Female
Cloned via AR confirmed legit

[Gligar] DW
Ability: Immunity | Nature: Hardy | Level: 1 UT
Redistribution Rights: Fully-Redis
Additional Info: Female
Cloned via AR confirmed legit


Ability: Chlorophyll| Nature: Sassy| Level: 1 UT
Redistribution Rights: Fully-Redis
Additional Info: Male
Egg moves: Encore/Memento/Worry Seed
Cloned via AR

Trophy Case


#371 Bagon | #373 Salamence
OT: Eric | ID No.: 43920 | Gender: Male
Nature: Naive | Ability: Rock Head (Intimidate) | Type: Dragon (Dragon/Flying)
IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EV: UT | Level: 1
Moves: Dragon Dance | Hydro Pump | Dragon Claw | Fire Blast
Redistribution Rights: Not For Trade

This thread is a work in progress I will add to it over the coming weeks and hopefully have a respectable thread soon.
Added first pokemon, and fixed up some errors in spelling. Any critcism/help etc. would be great. I will be adding new pokemon daily and should RNG my first BW pokemon soon.

[Carvanha] DW
Ability: Speed Boost | Nature: | Level: 1 UT
Redistribution Rights: Fully-Redis
Additional Info: Female
Cloned via AR

this is looking very attractive, CMT for it and reply in my thread, also good luck!
that would depend on what the IVs and nature of the carvanha are

edit: sorry no just seen you've updated its IVs and nature, not really wanting it any more but if you RNG something else that i don't have in my thread i will most likely to be willing to trade the hydreigon, post in my thread when you do