Morrowind Mafia - Night 5

“The Heart!”
You hear a voice coming from a distance…
As you turn around, you notice this, thing…behind you. In the shape of a heart.
Erupting into a flame of light, it disappears…
With the heart gone, all immortal beings that were using its mortal. The field fair. Vivec is no more.
Azura shines up from the darkness…
“The land of Morrowind is tarnished…
It is up to you now to reclaim the land for your side!”
And so it began…


1. Slight Deadtalking. Strategic help is appreciated, whereas spreading of knowledge gained after death is against the rules.
2. Don’t send stuff in the bodies (unless otherwise told to)
3. Lynches time of first vote + 24 hours (if this exceeds 48 hours than 48 hours)
4. A lynch is closed the instant a majority is reached, save for an hour grace period.
5. This is a small game!
6. Items can be given during both the day and night. Giving an item during the night does not override your night role.
7. You are allowed to fake conversations with myself, as copypasting stuff from me is legal.
8. This does not mean you are allowed to screen cap anything in the game.
9. Role PMs may be distributed to other users as soon as N0 has started.
10. Don't delete posts in this topic

The players
Sikh Assasin




bold means dead
that should be the last of the role pms. if you are on that list and did not receive one, notify me.

There are 3 main houses fighting for control of Morrowind, Telvanni, Redoran, and Hlaalu

there are neutrals.

the lynch begins at 4:00 PM EST Thursday May 14th

at the top of your role pms, it should say your name, not Dear User, (for some users by accident)

slight typos also exist

pm me abotu any questions.


alright i am a harmlesss neutral that just has to convert people
please don't lynch me.

oh btw, i can kill every 3 nights with goison pas, cool spell huh???

also HELP this mafia is nerdy @_@
I guess none of the sides are mafia so could someone from each side please come out so that we can all start organising?

This doesn't really look like it will be a mafia game, more like a game where three sides compete for each other's help.


Let the music play!
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Yeah last time you tried to organise things, EW, look how badly it turned out for you.

I propose a mutual alliance to lynch Earthworm first. What say you?


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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hahaha.... tooth is out for blood.

EW you are more than welcome to start the negotiations (though I'm not sure what you are going to give in return for info...)


please all people report to blue_light or I. we are going to rule this xD xD

actually just me blue_light is wolf i know it1!
i'm always up for a chat if you feel like talking to me. and considering this game is weird and i don't understand a thing, i wouldn't mind chatting.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-HEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You are all awoken prematurely by the intense and crippling screams of a wild Khajiit. Damn Khajiit. Anyway, you all wander out of your tents and various houses, and make your way onto the streets. Everyone is still tired, most walk with the air of a dizzy and errant man, who had just awoken from a drunken stupor. Others, a select few, walk with an air of villainous intent. Why must these people insist on refusing to cease their evil ways?

As you had all realised the truth, that there was no village, a lynch target seems hard. Perhaps you will target Earthworm, named for an animal so pathetic he couldn't dare resist. Or maybe your endless wrath will be cast in the general direction of another unfortunate soul. Only time shall tell.

Only time shall tell.

It is now Day One. You have 48 hours to vote to lynch. This deadline will be automatically made 24 hours after the first vote is cast, and if a majority is reached before then the day will end prematurely, obviously. As of right now the deadline is 9.00PM Saturday the 16th of May, 2009. GMT.


brothers i must let you know that earthworm is harmless. toothache has failed to claim. earthworm has claimed to me. we must reverse this on the evil toothache.. don't get fooled! I will make sure justice is sweet and fair.

lynch toothache

vote toothache you will be glad you did.