Completed Mr.L and Typon fight their kids!

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Hiya everybody! It appears that we're gathered here in the ASB arena once again for yet another 1v1!
Also posting to issue another match!

1v1 Singles
LC only
2 Day DQ
Challenger's choice arena
I'll take you on, MrL

Can wee make it training?

Training items
1 sub
Asb arena
All abilities
5 Chills / No Recovers
And now, here are teh pogeymanz!
Mr.L said:

Duskull [Reaper] (Male)
Nature: Brave (+1 Atk, -15% Spe, -10% Evasion)
Type: Ghost
Ghost:Ghost STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Can move through walls for a brief period of time but must remain in motion. Superior senses in low light and inside dark buildings. Have no vision reduction in hazes.

(Trait) This Pokemon naturally floats above the earth when released or easily takes flight, evading the Ground moves Bulldoze, Earthquake, Fissure, and Magnitude. Earth Power will have three (3) less Base Attack Power. Dig and Dive can strike a Levitating Pokemon if their user is over Size Class 4, has Levitate, is 3.5m or larger, or is a Flying-type. Otherwise Dig and Dive will miss. Ground moves can still hit. Levitate Pokemon will retain the Levitate trait when they use Skill Swap on an enemy, and will steal the opponent's ability (the user can specify if they want a foe or ally to gain Levitate from a Skill Swap.) If a Pokemon with Levitate uses Role Play, they will copy the opponent's abilities and retain Levitate.


HP: 80
Atk: Rank 3 (+)
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 21 (25/1.15)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 12

EC: 0/9
MC: 0

-Night Shade
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Sneak

-Pain Split
-Faint Attack
-Destiny Bond

-Shadow Ball
-Double Team

Total Moves: 14
typon77 said:

Tangela [Marley] (M)
Nature: Sassy (+1 SpDef, -15% Spd and -10% Evasion)

Type: Grass
Grass: Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

Chlorophyll: (Innate) During bright sunlight, this Pokemon’s cells absorb more solar energy, doubling (x2) their speed.
Leaf Guard: (Innate) In bright sunlight, the Pokemon is surrounded by a faint green glow. The glow protects it from all permanent and temporary status conditions.
Regenerator (DW) [LOCKED]: (Innate) When this Pokemon is switched out during a switch battle, it reacts to the energy in the Pokeball and (ten) 10 HP is restored. When this Pokemon Chills, it restores six (6) HP in addition to its 12 Energy.


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 4
SpD: Rank 3 (+)
Spe: 52 (60/1.15)
-10% Evasion

Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 17

EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5


Sleep Powder
Vine Whip

Leech Seed
Leaf Storm
Giga Drain

Sludge Bomb

Total Moves: 14
And now, without any further delay, begin!

Typon77 orders
Mr.L orders
Ughh, all those statuses will be annoying. Luckily, I have plenty of my own ;)

Substitute (25 HP) -> Leech Seed -> Sleep Powder
If he uses Double Team any action, use Leaf Storm the next action to Disperse the clones and deal mad damage

Also, confirmed over IRC that Leech Seed is allowed in no recoveries. I wasn't sure...

EDIT: Also, Tangela will be holding my Exp Share!
Reaper, take this EXP Share and profit from this experience even more!

Let's start off by using Double Team to make one clone, that way Leech Seed is avoided! After that's done, let's use Double Team again (1 clone) just to make sleep powder be avoided (and rack up energy costs). After this is accomplished, just use Night Shade.

tl;dr: Double Team (1 Clone) -> Double Team (1 Clone) -> Night Shade

EDIT: Just found out Leaf Storm doesn't ignore Double Team....good luck, Typon.
Why are both of you so confident that hax will be god in this match? What am I missing? :S

Pre-Round stats:

Marley @ Exp. Share
HP: 100
EN: 100

Reaper @ Exp. Share
HP: 80
EN: 100

Well, maybe hax will be god...
Action 1
Marley used Substitute! (25 HP, 24 EN)
Marley set up a Substitute!

Reaper used Double Team! (8 EN)
Reaper made one clone!

Action 2
Leaf Storm -> Reaper (8 EN)
RNG roll (to hit, <=90 hit) 88 = hit
RNG roll (for target, <=50 Reaper) 50 = Reaper
(14+3+(4-3)1.5) = 18.5 DMG
Marley's SpA fell!
The clone dissipated!

Reaper used Double Team! (4 EN)
Reaper made a clone!

Action 3
Leaf Storm -> Reaper (12 EN)
RNG roll (for target, <=50 Reaper) 76 = clone
The clone dissipated!

Night Shade -> Reaper (4 EN)
The Substitute took 10 DMG!

As we begin our match, Marley creates a doll of himself to avoid all the status Reaper could throw at him, but all Marley does is create a single clone of himself, hoping that hax would save him!

Not wanting to leave Reaper with the clones, Marley stood up from behind the doll and set out a gigantic storm of leaves, and it actually hits the real Reaper, causing absolutely massive damage before Marley himself took recoil in the form of a gigantic SpA drop! What does Reaper do in response? Make another clone of course!

Even with his lowered SpA, Marley creates another Leaf Storm, except this time, Mr.L achieved his goal, and the storm hit Reaper's clone! With the small victory of the attack missing, Reaper sends a shadow of himself to attack the Substitute, but its absolutely nowhere near enough to break the Substitute!

Post-Round stats:

Marley @ Exp. Share
HP: 75
EN: 56
Substitute (15 HP)
-2 SpA

Reaper @ Exp. Share
HP: 61
EN: 84
I'm not losing...well, i can't avoid that, but I can sure as hell try.

Shadow Ball -> Night Shade -> Shadow Ball
IF a substitute is not up when you attack, replace that action with Toxic
Wait, just noticed a mistake in the reffing.

My Duskull is a Brave Nature, and therefore cannot avoid Leaf Storm. I'd like there to be a roll of whether or not i have any clones.

My actions stay the same, though.
Oh shit. Due to Duskull having a -Spe nature, Leaf Storm should have had a 100% chance to hit, not 90%. RNG made the attack hit the clone, so Marley doesn't suffer another SpA loss, but it also means that Reaper is left without any clones. If either of you want to re-order, that's fine.

EDIT: Damn it Mr.L, you ninja >.>
You can still change your actions if you want typon.
In before this ends of energy exhaustion.

Post-Round stats:

Marley @ Exp. Share
HP: 75
EN: 56
Substitute (15 HP)
-2 SpA

Reaper @ Exp. Share
HP: 61
EN: 84

Attacking moves are cool, yo
Action 1
Sleep Powder -> Reaper (6 EN)
RNG roll (to hit, <=85 hit) 84 = hit
RNG roll (for intensity, 1-33 Light 34-66 Deep 67-100 Intense) 97 = intense
Reaper fell asleep (2a)!

Reaper is asleep!

Action 2
Marley chilled! (+12 EN)

Reaper is asleep!

Action 3
Leech Seed -> Reaper (9 EN)
Reaper was seeded!

Reaper woke up!
Shadow Ball -> Marley (5 EN)
RNG roll (to crit) 8 = no crit
(8+3+(2-3)1.5) = 9.5 DMG
The substitute took the damage!

Leech Seed (+3 M, -3 R)

From behind the doll once again, Tangela creates a giant cloud of spores and hurls them at Reaper, making him fall into an incredibly intense sleep, making him completely helpless and unable to move!

Taking advantage of the situation, Marley just sits there and recovers some much-needed energy while Reaper is still off in dream land, unable to do a thing!

Wanting to steal some HP while he's at it, Marley throws some seeds at Reaper, and they instantly wrap around him and begin to drain his health away! With a jolt, Reaper wakes up, and all his dark thoughts create a ball of shadows, which he then flings at the Substitute, almost breaking it in two!

Post-Round stats:

Marley @ Exp. Share
HP: 78
EN: 53
Substitute (5 HP)
-1 SpA

Reaper @ Exp. Share
HP: 58
EN: 79
Leech Seed (5a- 3 DPA)
Just end this match. I'm not coming back to smogon till WAY past DQ, and it's not fair to typon.

Waterwarrior gets his UC and tangela gets his usual counters, just DQ me so i can stop worrying about here.
Well, ok... I guess.

Typon gets a win and 2 CC
Marley gets 1 EC, 3 MC (+1 from Exp. Share), and 1 DC

I get 3 UC

Whatever it is youre leaving for, I hope it gets better soon
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