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Mrs. Driftblim, you're so Lurvly...(VGC RMT)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Mr.L, May 29, 2009.

  1. Mr.L


    Jan 19, 2009
    [FONT=&quot]I am trying out VGC Style battling, and i hope this team works:

    Nidoking@Lum Berry
    Poison Point/Jolly Nature
    Helping Hand/Protect
    Ice Punch

    Nidoking is half of my lead pair, and it pairs near perfect with Drifblim. Nidoking Flatters Drifblim, giving Drifblim +1 Sp.A. Wait, that makes it confused, right? Wrong, as Driftblim is holding a Persim Berry, curing it of Confusion while also activating Unburden, meaning Drifblim has +1Special attack and double speed. If Drifblim decides to Calm Mind that turn, I come out with +2Sp.A/+2Speed/+1Sp.D. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's AWESOME! Nidoking then after does what it can to support the team. Earthquake is for STAB, wide coverage, and the fact it hits both opponents while not hitting Drifblim. Ice Punch is for coverage against other Flying Types. Helping Hand is to aid Drifblim in a kill if Nidoking has nothing better to do. Considering dropping Helping Hand for Protect.

    Driftblim@Persim Berry
    Unburden/Modest Nature
    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball
    Hidden Power (Fighting)/Thunderbolt
    Baton Pass

    Drifblim is deadly after it sets up. Drifblim has perfect coverage with Hidden Power Fighting, but Thuderbolt helps make sure Follow Me Togekiss does not give it's partner a chance to set up. a +1/+2 Shadow Ball is deadly, especially if Nidoking decides to Helping Hand. When you are almost done sweeping, Baton pass out to Slowking to continue the sweep. It is also the smartest thing to do when you're opponent is a TR team, as Slowking will have a better time sweeping in that.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Own Tempo/[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Quiet Nature
    Ice Beam
    Grass Knot
    Slack Off

    Slowking is a great recipient of Drifblim's Baton Pass. With the special attack boost or without, Slowking will find it easy to piledrive through the opponent's team. Quiet and no speed is because with a base 30Speed, you aren't going to outspeed much, plus it can function well slow; if the opponent decides to Trick Room, they're asking for a game over. Brine/Ice Beam/Grass Knot offer perfect coverage bar Shedinja, and coverage is what Slowking needs. Slack Off is for recovery and the ability to live a long time. Surf is not included due to the fact it hits my partner, and i will not replace Absol with Toxicroak to remedy this; 2 poisons is bad on a 4-pokemon team.

    Absol@Life Orb
    Super Luck/Brave Nature
    Sucker Punch
    Fire Blast
    Thunderbolt/Stone Edge

    Absol is a great pokemon to pair with my team. It can sweep very easily under my opponent's Trick room, as Brave no speed is pretty @#$% slow. Out of trick room, it still sports the strongest Priority move in teh game, so you can still sweep with Sucker Punch. Superpower is for near perfect coverage with Sucker Punch, becoming absolutely perfect with Fire Blast. The last move is of preferance; If Drifblim TBolts, go ahead and use Stone Edge. If he decides to use Hidden Power, use TBolt by all means.

    Go ahead and rate, and let me know if this is in teh wrong spot.
  2. RCrayons


    Mar 1, 2009
    Not much to say except that your team is very geared toward your opponent setting up TR. TR, while common in VGC Battling, doesn't always show up. The second your opponent outspeeds you and starts to sweep you you're dead. Your pokemon have very few defensive EVs, which is not typically advised in doubles play, as it allows them to be KOd very easily, especially when you count on TR coming into play and don't actually have the move.
  3. Chenkovsky

    Chenkovsky Second son of R.
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Apr 3, 2012
    your team as said before defensively weak whilst offensively mediocre none of the pokemon you've picked are consider threats and there is a reason for that, setting up in a vgc environment is both hard to do due to the very nature of play and you can be ohko'd in that time. by only choosing for pokemon you've let your opponent know which your going to pick without a doubt allowing for an advantage before the match has even started, it doesn't sound like you've event tested this team before posting this.

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