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Multi-Style Homegrown Team of OU

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Dinkleberg the Heroic, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Dinkleberg the Heroic

    Dinkleberg the Heroic

    Aug 7, 2012
    Welcome to my Sandstorm/Bulky/Trick room Team! Please note I've been reading smogon on specific pokemon and decided this team would have merit, as I thought of this while watching Nacho's battles online, and noticed these pokemon work well together. Note, these pokemon have all been home-grown by DS, caught myself, trained painfully by grinding at the Elite 4, and I have not spent the time breeding some moves, or specifying EV's, IV's, or Natures. This is also in Wifi tiers and ruling, OU all the way :) . Anyway, criticise the hell out of this!

    Tyranitar- Lead, Choice Scarf, Sandstream
    Stealth Rock
    Stone Edge
    Ice Fang

    Choice Scarf Tyranitar is my source of sandstorm and Stealth Rock, phase 1 of entry hazards through Stealth Rock, and revenge killing with his good coverage in every other skill. Ice Fang is kept to deal with those damn dragons everyone seems to love so much.

    Excadrill-Sand Sweeper, Sand Rush, Leftovers
    Swords Dance
    Rock Slide

    Excadrill is my reason to run sandstorm. When I discovered he wasn't banned in Wifi, I shat bricks and decided to build a team about him! His monster attack along with Sand Rush, along with a sword's dance makes him terrifying beyond belief. I keep Earthquake for obvious STAB and reliability, Swords Dance to make him terrifying, Rock Slide because I like the flinch chance, and Rock-Ground is good coverage, finally Return, just an all-around powerful move with decent neutral coverage.

    Ferrothorn-Hazard Placer and Wall, Leftovers, Iron Barbs
    Power Whip
    Gyro Ball
    Leech Seed

    I like Ferrothorn because he's just so terrifying defensively. While Steel/Grass isn't the best coverage, nobody likes stepping on spikes or getting leech seeded, especially while in a sandstorm. Also, he can function as a bulked-out sweeper with trick room into play, giving him some scary speed to go with high base stats on his abilities. While this option is nice, the offensive stats on Ferrothorn don't make it that great in trick room, but its purpose is entry hazards and walling, so I can't truly complain.

    Reuniclus- Bulky Trick Room Sweeper
    Life Orb, Magic Guard
    Trick Room
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast

    Trick Room Reuniclus is a monster. Able to outspeed the entire meta after trick room, and with perfect coverage coupled with no recoil from life orb, and a massive base special attack with STAB Psychic sodomizing anything that doesn't resist it, this pokemon brings the pain. Psychic for STAB, Shadow Ball+Focus Blast for coverage, Trick Room to sweep and open up the way for my other slow and bulky pokemon.

    Jellicent-Spinblocker and Status Whore, Leftovers, Water Absorb
    Shadow Ball

    Jellicent is used because of his scary synergy with Ferrothorn, as these 2 can wall anything without concern. My team has quite the love of entry hazards too, so a rapid spin is definitely something we wouldn't like, along with a general weakness to water, fire, and fighting types, Jellicent rounds off almost every weakness my team has. Scald as STAB with a high burn chance, Shadow Ball for secondary STAB, Toxic+Recover to stop any possible sweep in its tracks. Also being quite the slow pokemon, Jellicent brings the hurt inside Trick Room as well.

    Scrafty-Standalone Badass Ghetto Lizard, Shed Skin, Leftovers
    Bulk Up
    Hi Jump Kick
    Skull Smash

    Scrafty, not only being my favourite pokemon, but also the Fighting Type that rounds my team off with his amazing typing, and high-damaging STAB moves along with a scary powerful coverage move in skull smash makes him a prime candidate for a standalone ass-kicker. While the Tyranitar/Excadrill offensive core is my primary damage, and the Jellicent/Reuniclus/Ferrothorn is my defensive core that can turn into sweepers at a moment's notice, Scrafty's independance of either of these alliances gives him the strength to perform a terrifying job in any condition, be it sandstorm, where his bulk will outlast most others, Trick Room, where he can outspeed many pokemon still because of his mediocre speed, in rain, in sun, in hail, Scrafty is as complacent to the weather as it can be, and nothing will stop a +2 ATK+DEF Scrafty, and anything that tries will go home with foot-shaped bruises to the face.

    And that is my team. I am a huge fan of Bulky Sweepers, and all of these Pokemon can fill that role, one way or another. I decided stall teams are too boring and offensive teams can be shut down, so why not a team that brings both to the table, and functions under both field conditions. Obviously there is some flaw in this, like how Excadrill's above-average speed would render him useless if forced to be used in Trick Room, or how Reuniclus loses to snails in a game of tag without 1 turn of set up, but this is more about delivery than anything else, and if executed properly, I feel I can dominate entire Metas with this line-up.
  2. Dr Ciel

    Dr Ciel Banned deucer.

    Jun 16, 2012
    Hey there and welcome to Smogon! That's a cool team you have there, but before you should look at this before you post a team. And I'm not so sure if we can rate DS teams.

    ~Dr Ciel~
  3. pwnage77


    May 21, 2011
    a short note. Excadrill is banned in Wifi OU

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