Murkrow Cup Fourth Round / Finals [Won by Loki]

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k you guys know the drill. Ill give you guys the time needed to get your battles done but get them done asap. Gracis.

goofball vs Loki
husk vs [kd8]otome

vs [kd8]otome (dropped out)
Oh, we just had our match in which Loki won 3-0, 4-0, but I guess you already advanced him, oh well doesn't matter anyway. Now I don't really have to send the log.


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Good top 4, now my retarded predics O.o

goofball* vs Loki

Goofball will lose the first game, win the next 2. And i dont know why really just a felling.

husk vs [kd8]otome*

Hmmmmmm, i have to say council wins first and haxes second? or haxes both???

Or mabye husk wins and ipl loses :D

Meh ipl win ;/
Go otome!

Well since that part is over,
goofball vs Loki.

Still not sure on that one though since I feel it could go either way.
congrats mr Loki and thanks to everyone that push threw their battles and got their shit done!

special thanks to..

Loki - champ
goofball - runner up
Groundon80 - for helping me getting this tourny going
IPL/Council/otome - for being the first to get your battles done
husk - for not bitching at me bitching at getting your battles done :P

and to everyone else that participated.. thanks.

... of course MoP too because we all know he sucks.
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