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Gen 4 My 4th Gen OU team

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by DR4G0Nx, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. DR4G0Nx


    Aug 11, 2012
    Hello Guys ! Today I will bring you guys my 4th gen team . Its not something i normally do but yea ! ^-^ ! i used this team back in my old 4th gen days ! and i would like to show u guys my undefeated team ^_^

    1. [​IMG]

    Evs = 252 Speed , 228 atk , 24 spatk (hasty) item = life orb

    ability = blaze

    (Mixed attacking lead ! Inferno the Infernape)

    -ThunderPunch/HP ice/Grass Knot

    Now here i have here is my Infernape ! Inferno the infernape ^-^ ! a very successful lead id like to use in my 4th gen battles . Back then there wasnt team preview ! and it works effectively . Now the first move here is Overheat or Fire Blast . Overheat does Insane Damage , but it has the special atk drop which is a good 1 time use , it packs well with thunderpunch . Now Fire Blast is used when you are fully mixed ! capable of taking scizor and other steels with fire blast . Great Option with Grass Knot or HP ice . ThunderPunch is for Gyrados because Gyrados usually set up on Infernape . HP ice Kills off dragons & gliscors . Grass Knot is for Swampert & Bulky Water Types . U-turn is to fully act out as a scouter and break sashes .

    2. [​IMG]

    Evs = 244 hp , 220 Speed , 44spdef (Calm) item=leftovers

    ability=flash fire
    (TormentTran ! Diablo the Heatran) *he will troll you right at your eyes when you see him*

    -Lava Plume

    This heatran ! will troll you during battles ! he will stall the hell out of you which makes you wanna rage at this guy ! i tried out this set and it WORKS perfectly more than i expected . Works Very effectively & pairs well with skarmory. Now first off , protect is used to protect yourself , + revealing an enemys move which is the first part of this heatrans job . Subsitute is when the enemy wants to switch or use a weak special attack which cool because of torment. Now torment here ! is the MAIN move here xD which in before your eyes ! you will want to D/C because of this guy ! Lava Plume is your attacking option due to the high chance of burn . (This set requires high Prediction)


    Evs = 252 Def , 252 hp , 4 atk (impish) item = leftovers

    ability=sturdy (useless ability in 4th gen)

    (Defensive wall ! Ridley the Skamory)

    -Brave Bird / Drill Peck

    This Bulky Bird can take hits ! Which is Amazing ! I sooo loved this bird ! its cool lol . Very cool . Helped me in most of my battles back then . Anyways Brave Bird is a main offensive attack that recoils but drill peck is an option in order to not get recoil damage . Roost is to heal off . Spikes is for setting Entry Hazards . And whirlwind is for blowing away enemies .

    4. [​IMG]

    Evs = 252 Hp , 252 spdef , 4atk (careful) item=leftovers

    Ability = Sand Stream (OMG amazing ability ^_^)

    (Special wall ! Titan the Tyranitar )

    -Stone Edge
    -Stealth Rocks

    I gotta say ! Even Without Atk investments , this guy still OWNS . Like litterally ! This guy can also take Some hits . Shadow ball , Thunderbolt , Surf ! wont pull a dent on him . Focus Blast barely KOs him . Surf just 2KOs which isnt enough and tyranitar gets to set up on it. Now crunch kills off those ghosts . Why use pursuit ? Those guys will wall the hell outa you . Stone Edge kills off those nasty threats suchs as gyrados & zapdos . Stealth rocks is for support of entry hazards . Superpower KILLs of Opposing Tyranitar & OKOs blissey.


    Evs = 252 speed , 252 atk , 4spdef (jolly) item = choice scarf

    (Revenge Killer ! Supernova the Jirachi)

    Ability = Serene Grace (For AWESOME flinching)


    Best Revenge killer in the metagame ! Her skills are out of this world with a choice scarf intact . Inpressive way to troll a player by haxing out their stuffs out of luck xD ! This Supernova is used as an emergency when im about to lose LMAO !! i get my wins from her lol . anyways , Iron head is for the flinch ! Great Typing !! Iron head Flinches while kills , super amazing + the entry hazards will make a great assset to this . U-turn is for scouting ! Pairs well with Inferno . Fire Punch is for opposing steels . While ice punch is for dragons and gliscor .


    Evs = 252 speed , 252 spatk , 4def (timid) item=life orb

    Ability=Levitate(Awesome ! Never gets killed by earthquake!)

    (Special Sweeper ! Phantom the gengar)

    -Shadow Ball
    -Psychic/Hp ice/Explosion
    -Focus Blast

    Here is my last member of my team ! He is Very badass and comes in unexpected . People usually see sub gengar and all of that stuffs , but this gengar is unique . His function is to sweep ! Pretty cool huh . Although Starmie is a "perfered" choice , but Gengar does well ! Shadow Ball OKOs Celebi , etc . etc . which Starmie Cannot do. Thunderbolt kills off Gyrados and sorts etc . Energy ball is umcommon for gengar , but starmie doesnt have this , and its pretty useful , kills off swampert ! and quagsire , and lanturn also ! Psychic is and odd Choice ! but i use it so yea ! Psychic is a good combo with Focus Blast due to its coverage ! Psychic ALSO okos Those pesky fighting types such as machamp & Infernape . While HP ice is for those dragons . Explosion makes a bang ! Killing Blissey and other sorts with one move ! Focus Blast is for Tyranitars & Rocks & Steels .

    sooo here you have it ! My 4th gen team ! Please Rate & comment ! ^_^

    tell me if i should makes some changes if i can
  2. BKC

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    May 22, 2010
    Moved to the appropriate forum, as RMT no longer has a past gen teams subforum.

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