My hopefully soon to be alive thread

*New arts*
Nearly all inked, this picture means alot to me...

again nearly all inked...then my stupid room mate sat on it and wrinkled it...dork

Not that old arts~
Got commissioned to do this for a band's shirt. Fun angel urban hoodie guy

Please pray for Japan guys they need it so much right now and they deserve to bloom again =]

My DA if you wanna check out other stuffs and pokemon artz
You drew tha........Holy Shi......
Man, you got some talent. I kid you not, you are one of the best artists around. Definitely once you make more art this thread will be blossoming with posts. You deserve a Luvdisk.
Wow, that first one is really amazing! You seem like a very talented artist, I think. Will look forward to more of your art! *hint hint* Luvdiscing, despite the small artpool. ^_^
Thank you so much guys =D Your comments and Luvdisks mean so much =D I will definitely be trying to get art up as soon as possible =] lol curse you college life