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My latest OU Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Yamigo1000, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Yamigo1000


    Feb 11, 2012
    Hi. I'm Yamigo100 presenting my newest OU team that I have created. Fell free to critique and criticize something, or just point out a basic flaw. So here's the rundown


    Orgin: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Befroe, I wanted to create a team that centered around Gyarados who would be a dragon dance sweeper, however, I soon realized that he was holding the team back and I switched from Gyarados to Haxorus, a poke who I thought would be more effective.
    This too, proved not very effective. The probelm with both teams was that in the fights Gyarados and Haxorus would be the last pokemon left at the mercy of half a team of certain death, and all though I could mow down one or two pokes, this still proved o me that the entire time other than the the first team, would be doing the work. I then realized that the team I made to help support/sweep foir Gyarados was in itself a good balanced team. So since the team worked well on its own, I needed a Pokemon who would assist the team but not be a big time setup poke, or another basic sweeper or tank. I decided to use Accelgor as it was the first thing I picked when I got to the Smogon website, and honestly, I'm happy with him. Now for the Team details...

    Unburden;Focus Sash
    Buzz Buzz
    Knock Off
    So he isn't very offensive but he's one salty moutherfucker. With focus sash, I'm almost guaranteed two layers of Spikes, Unless my opponents lead carries a priority attack. Accelgor is the outspeeds EVERYTHING in the tier, unless of course its scarfed, but he won't live long enough to know who's who. Knock off is to ruin the days of evolite pokemon and and other pokemon that depend on their items such as Porygon-2 (in a recent battle) and other pokemon with leftovers who will be a bane. Yawn is for pokes such as Fortress who I will use it on immediately, set up two layers of spikes and switch into Hetran. He's defiantly proving his worth.

    Volt Absorb; Choice Specs
    Volt Switch
    Hidden Power Ice
    Shadow Ball*
    *If you know another good move, please Suggest.
    Jolteon has been one of my favorite sweepers ever since I first chose him for a failed Keledo team which I think had a Gyarados at one point. But anyways, Jolteon is an amazing special attacker, maiming everything in sight with a STAB Thunderbolt, proving to be a pain in the ass with Volt Switch, or revenging killing with HP Ice. Shadow ball is there because I like the move and again, if you know a better option, please do tell.

    Flash Fire;Leftovers
    Fire Blast
    Earth Power
    So I think it should be said right now that I fucking love Hetran. A defensive Fire-type whom is a very powerful and bulky offender. As my preferred Special Wall, he resist just about everything that isn't a weakness and does her job well in hindering and taking out weakened Pokemon. Fire Blast is basic STAB option and is always a pleasure to have on a team. With both Toxic AND Will-O-Wisp, I can hinder every pokemon except Hetran itself, whom If I can predict it right, take it out (and other Fire Types) with Earth Power, which is essential to ANY Hetran going Specially Offensive in its methods.

    Poison Heal;Toxic Orb
    Ice Fang
    Stealth Rock
    God I love Gliscor. For a while, I would use a Gliscor with leftovers, which would get poisoned and get bundles of health. But this happened rarely. So I'm going with a very effective and basic physically defensive set with him. Gliscor being Gliscor can take physical hits of neutral damage for days, fearing no unboosted Outrage or even super effective Ice attacks (physically of course. Specially he's S.O.L) Earthquake, duh! Ice Fang, double duh! Stealth Rock, just for more pain in the assiness, and roost, to fuck with folks :p But seriously, this set is built to survive, and unless you outspeed and overpower, you aren't killing this guy without a special move.

    Levitate;Black Sludge
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Many of my previous opponents in my time as a Competitive Battler have used a Disable and Trick trollish set. I mean it works well, but doesn't do much if he's only on the field for two turns unless against a Choiced Pokemon. I find an offensive Gengar to be much more rewarding and useful, as it provides me with a balanced offensive option, plus I can hinder any wall I come across. First there is Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb which are great STAB options, and personally two of my favorite attacks of all time, are complimented well by Thunderbolt which provides excellent coverage over much of the OU baring Magnizone, Hetran, and Lucario which are threats off the top of my head (if lucario is special then he's to be feared.) But Trick is a real fun game to play with folks, as she hinders pokemon like Chansey, Blissy, and other would be checks. Also, against sweepers, she's rarely ever 2HKOED, as she can do it to many pokemon back.

    Levitate;Choice Scarf
    Draco Meteor
    *Again, if you know another move, please do tell.
    The final Member of the team is my choice scarf user of choice (lol see wut i did there?)He's anything but sweet as his main mission is to out speed and wreck havoc, but I fell I'm not using him to his full potential or as good as I should. But that is mostly a matter of skill. Looking at the moveset we have Draco Meteor (basic STAB nothing remarkable,) then there's Psyshock which also works well. Surf and Thunderbolt provide near unresisted coverage and are overall just good moves of their type.

    So yeah, that's it. Please rate with honesty. Criticism in any form is welcome.
  2. MCBarrett

    MCBarrett i love it when you call me big hoppa

    Apr 12, 2012
    Hey Yamigo1000, solid looking team you have here. I like the idea of using Accelgor as a spikes lead, it seems like it does it's job well. Anyways, like you said you have a nice sort of balanced team here but there are a few holes in your team so hopefully I can help you out with those.

    The first thing I noticed when looking at your team is that you lack precious water resistances. In fact, your two defensive pokemon are both weak to water. This means you're gonna have a lot of trouble with things like Specs/Scarf Politoed, Keldeo etc. So I think this the most important change we have to make for this team. That is why I would suggest replacing your current Gliscor with a Specially Defensive Celebi.
    You can use this set:
    Celebi @ Leftovers
    Calm Nature 252 hp/ 236 sp def/ 20 speed
    Giga Drain
    Baton Pass
    Perish Song/Thunder Wave

    Not only does this set solve your weakness to strong water type attacks but it also pairs extremely well with your current Heatran, as Heatran and Celebi cover each others weaknesses perfectly. Regarding the move set, you can use Thunder Wave to cripple your opponents to open up sweeping opportunities for Latios or Jolteon, or you can use Perish Song to stop set up sweepers. Whichever you think would be more useful. Also, Baton Pass may seem weird but it lets you switch out without being Pursuit trapped by the likes of Scizor or Tyranitar.

    Now with this change it seems you do not have a SR setter. Therefore, I would suggest making a couple of changes to your Heatran. You can switch Fire Blast to Lava Plume and get rid of Will-o-Wisp since Lava Plume is kind of like both of those moves combined, being a STAB option that has a chance to burn as well. Then with the open slot you can put Stealth Rocks on to your Heatran.

    Lastly, on your Gengar I would highly recommend using Focus Blast over Thunderbolt. You already have two pokes with Electric type moves and you are slightly weak to Tyranitar at this point so hitting it hard with a Focus Blast would be very beneficial. Also since you are using 3 attacks plus Trick, you may want to fool around with your item a little bit, maybe use a Choice Scarf to let you outspeed your opponent when you need to or switch it on to something like a Ferrothorn that really does not appreciate being locked into one move.

    Hopefully my suggestions helped! Good luck with the team and let me know how it works!

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