My Philadelphia Warstory

Well my story started at getting up at 6:15 in the morning after re-training one of my pokes before the tourny. Me and my friend got dressed and ate breakfast then my dad took an hour to drive us there and we arrived at about 8:30 when sign-ups started. So we got there and waited.... and waited...... and waited until finally we got to the front. I started talking to someone and my friend cut in front of me and here is the funny part, I GOT IN CUZ HE CUT ME! He got Bidoof 399 and I got 400 Bibarel and both 398 and 400 were chosen. So my friend kinda gave me a ticket to the tourny by cutting in front of me.

Here are some pics that a kid I met at the tourny took. In the finalist lodge pics I am sitting to the right of him in my custom made Gears of War shirt.

My Team:

Gengar @ Focus Sash
Timid Nature
~Shadow Ball

Garchomp @ Yache Berry
Adamant Nature
~Rock Slide
~Dragon Claw

Azumarill @ Life Orb
Adamant Nature
~Aqua Jet
~Ice Punch

Abomasnow @ Choice Scarf
Timid Nature
~Energy Ball
~Shadow Ball
~Focus Blast

Alright here is my team. It worked better than I could have ever hoped it would. My MVP definatly goes to Abomasnow for saving my skin on more than one occasion. Gengar for TR and Weather teams if I can taunt in time. Garchomp and Gengar just go well together. Azumarill with its amazing STAB Aqua Jet for cleanup. Abomasnow is to ruin any weather teams strat in case they do get the condition up. I made this team bascially from bits and pieces of other teams I liked that countered other teams I saw most common or win.


Round 1: I lead with Gengar and Garchomp the other kid uses Hippowdon and Gastrodon. I Shadow Ball Hippowdon w Gengar then hit both of them with EQ. Hippowdon hits Gengar w Crunch not even activating the focus sash. Can't remember what Gastrodon used that turn. I use Protect w Gengar and EQ with Garchomp koing both. He brings out Garchomp and Magnezone. I try to hit both of them for the KO but Magnezone protects and I hit Chomp w Shadow Ball and EQ for the KO. I then hit Magnezone w the same attacks next turn FTW.

Result: 4-0

Round 2: I can't remember much about this match except that he leaded w Mismaigus and Aggron. I Shadow Balled Mismaigus and EQ Aggron koing both first turn. He then sent out Sceptile and ?????. He ko ????? and Sceptile hits Garchomp w Dragon Pulse for not even half health. I then koed Scpetile next turn.


Round 3: I don't remember anything about this match except that he koed Garchomp and made me bring out Abomasnow to finish him.



I then got a spot in the finals. I waited for them to hack check my game and finish everything up then got ready for the finals. I was hoping I wasn't going to lose.

Finals Round 1: I faced a lady that after talking to her realized she was irock from my old website Wifi-League. She starts with Mamoswine and Brongzong I believe. Gengar uses taunt on Brongzong preventing Stealth Rocks and Garchomp protected since I was fearing an Ice Shard. She switches to Scizor I think and I use Rock Slide w Garchomp and Shadow Ball for the KO on Mamoswine. I don't remember much after that but I remember killing Scizor and then facing ??????. I killed ?????? then it was down to Azumarill and Abomasnow versus Brongzong. I just used Shadow Ball and Superpower FTW.


Finals Round 2: I don't remember this match at all. I just remember the kid and all I know is I either 2-0 him or 1-0 him.

Result: 2-0 or 1-0 ?

Semifinals: Alright i got to the semi's. I felt like I had to get to the finals for that trip to St.Louis. He starts with Jolteon and Metagross. I don't remember most of the specifics since it took about 2 hours to get home and there was interviews and paperwork before we left but I remember freezing his Kingdra w Blizzard and it coming down to his boosted Meta versus Azumarill. Since it was hailing it had just low enough HP to get killed by Aqua Jet.


Finals vs. Vash

Finals: Alright here was the final match. The crowd was bit fickle in this match. They had been cheering me the whole day but when it looked like I was losing they started cheering for the other guy. XD Here is how it went down.

Turn 1: He sends out Slowking and Abomasnow. I send out Gengar and Garchomp. Garchomp uses Protect and Gengar uses Shadow Ball on Slowking. Abomasnow uses Ice Shard on Garchomp but it proteced itself. Slowking loses about 2/3 of its health and then uses Trick Room.

Turn 2: Gengar uses Protect and Slowking tried to use Water Pulse on it but Gengar protected itself. Abomasnow uses Blizzard on Garchomp and Garchomp barely survives with about 5 health. Garchomp uses Rock Slide on Slwoking and Abomasnow. Slowking isn't koed and Abomasnow loses half its health. Garchomp then dies from hail.

Turn 3: I bring out Azumarill. Azumarill KOs Slowking with Aqua Jet. Abomasnow uses Blizzard on both of my pokes. Gengar loses 2/3 of health and Azumarill loses a little chunk. Gengar uses Shadow Ball on Abomasnow to put it in the red.

Turn 4: Vash brings out SwineFlu!! (Mamoswine). Gengar uses Protect and Azumarill uses Aqua Jet on Abomasnow for the KO. Mamo used Curse.

Turn 5: Vash brings out Zapdos. Mamo uses Ice Shard on Gengar for KO. Azumarill uses Superpower to bring Mamo to like 1 hp. Zapdos then koes Azumarill w Thunderbolt.

Turn 6: No more Trick Room. I bring out Abomasnow. Mamo uses Ice Shard taking me to about half health. I use Blizzard and it brings Zapdos to the reds and FREEZES IT! Mamo gets koed.

Turn 7: I use Blizzard for KO. GG

Thanks go to:
IceFlame: For his awesome Marill.
Pokeric: For eving most of the pokes I used because originaly he was going to use them.
Vash: For being such a good sport.

IM GOING TO ST.LOUIS WOOOO! Guess I need a new team since I told you what this one was. lol.
So your the kid who everyone referd to as the "Brown Shirt Kid" ;O Or maybe that's just what I called you xP. The chants by the Juniors had me rofling "SWINE FLU SWINE FLU SWINE FLU" Congratulations man, even if my Golbat wristband came through I think your team was the only team that I would have lost to. Or the Brongzong and Flash combo that is tough to counter too.
congratz, lol i looked at the pics and marriland poses the same in all his pictures look:

Marriland w/ Alaka

compare w/ the pic in the video, its really funny


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Wow Ethan, you're barely a month old on Smogon and you've already done something very few people have achieved. Great job on your win! Luck and fate played a huge part today and it makes this warstory that much more incredible.
As aragornbird said, you've made quite a beginning on Smogon! I'm currently building a VGC team in between RNG abuses right now, and my front half (Gengar and Garchomp) are pretty much identical to yours considering how I like Gengar's ability to not be faked out and Taunt while it's Levitate works well with Chomp's EQ. Great minds think alike, right?

Anyways, you've done well. Have fun in St. Louis!


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Awesome war story, congrats on winning and also getting in lol. That freeze kind of set the match in stone though. Kinda.
Yeah, you might even say it....froze it solid.


Congrats Ethan, looking forward to seeing you in StL.
A win is a win, congratulations on overall win and good luck in St. Louis.
That's exactly how I put it. :) I told him "Hey man, you won because you wanted it more, and that's that."

Which is true. I got my St. Louis trip, so that was my victory right there. Gratz to Ethan, who gave me the best Doubles match I have EVER had! And to his dad for giving me a ride home after my "friend" abandoned me there. :pirate:

EDIT: And Damn it Ethan, get AIM or MSN and then send me your handle in a PM. lolz :P

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Well the bottom line is you both were at the right place and right time and should cherish this moment as so few of us can ever hope to achieve what both of you have accomplished yesterday.

Now of course we all want to challenge you.
Yea, no kidding. 0)0

I had some of my m8s posting logs from IRC of everybody trash-talking me, so I decided to log on. Behold! They all shut their mouths! (Way to be -huge- 2-faced pussies, guys. I know who you are, too..)

Then I had like 10 people asking for a battle.. It's like "I just did this all day, I don't feel like it" ya know? lolz

I'm gonna have the 4 Smogoners who I played in the Sweet 16 pair up with me and do dual-commented Warstories.. But I can't post because I have ICBB.

And Evan, you and Jimbo both reviewed my Infracts, so you know what I'm talking about and why I keep complaining about this. That, paired with the fact that nearly everybody who got hit by MorMoopid had that Infracts removed (to my knowledge) just rubs salt in the wound..