My Regionals warstory :o

Alright so after going 4-2 missing top cut on the TCG, I decided heck why not go for the VGC? I never really played a competitive game till the day of the event. So I wake up at 6am, take a shower and head to the event! When I get there I realize I got 2-3 hours to EV train my Amoonguss :'( and it was A fuungus at the time at level 10. So I managed to EV and level it to 62 for spore which was done RIGHT before the registration was over :$

I used a basic weather team with a couple techs ;) (Not going to reveal Pokemons, because I dont want to say other peoples nor mine, just incase they use it for nats)

Rounds begins and i'm off!

R1: ??? (Looks rather new)
I just sweep (4-0)


R2: ??? (Don't remember his roster)
He was able to one shot a Pokemon but I managed to hit the double para with someone and take the game :) (3-0)


R3: (Snivy102) Alex (Interesting roster)

He was able to set up a trick room and I attack his Pokemon BUT I get paralyzed but it benefits me under the trick room. So I was able to go first most of the time, and one of his ice punch from someone didn't kill one of my pokemon and it frozen it but it thawed out the same turn. I rarely managed to win this one. But for sure this was one of my best games I played today very nice fella :) (2-0)


R4: ??? (Weather team)

We were basically killing off each others Pokemons until it came to one vs one. I manage to para it beforehand and it helped me to a HUGE cause. I attacked he healed BUT got para and I attack for game! :) Very rough game if I didn't manage to hit the Para game was his to take for sure. Great game man, great game (1-0)


R5: Richard (Interesting Team)

So I remember seeing him before the tourny with his friends/family? However we were both excited to go x-0 however only one of us could go home victorious so he puts on his magic gloves :P I put on my Oshawott hat so we start and for the first time of the day I didn't pick the same lead as I usually did because I had a different strategy because he assumed I was going to lead with what I did. However I didn't and I believe I made the perfect move. So we begin and right away he was able to take the lead from turn one without me responding a KO. But then next couple of turns I managed to take the lead with a nice double duo which got me 2-1. But this last Pokemon was such a staller LOL but I knew if he was trying to time me out I would win on HP. However that wasn't the case I managed to get him not to attack that one turn I needed to and killed for becoming regional champ 2012 :') It was my first event EVER I was very happy and excited. Met lots of great people! I realized I never really had a easy game but game 1 :-P


Getting some lucky para and moments
Meeting some great People
Harrison D winning TCG regionals after going 2nd at indiana couple months before
My brother for finishing 3rd in TCG
Jacob L, Zach L ,my brothers, cam T, and spencer D, connor d, harrison d, snivy102 (on here) for supporting me :')
Alex, richard and my round 2 opponent for making top 4!

never used two of my Pokemons :o, also training that ammonguss -.-

I'm in the middle with the trophy. Jacob lessage in the blue fitted, zack lessage in the red. my brother in the right of him, Cam tooth on the end of left side beside jacob. Spencer in the blue sweatshirt on the front row.