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My Revamped OU Sun Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Conver5e, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Conver5e


    Sep 13, 2007
    If some of you may recall, I made a unique sun team based around Baton Passing. I've done a lot of testing, which has led me to make some big adjustments. My original sun team saw a lot of success, but it still did not seem to be working the way I wanted it to. I had a lot of strong, fast sweepers, yet very frail. And also, these sweepers would often get OHKO'd by Conkeldurr or Scizor by priority moves. Even though priority may not be seen too often, it was still a glaring problem for this team. I decided to make some changes, and see what the Smogon community thinks.

    Now, on to the team itself.

    Ninetales (M) @ Chesto Berry
    Trait: Drought
    EVs: 252 HP / 92 SDef / 164 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Rest
    - Toxic
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Flamethrower

    Yeah, Ninetales here. What else did you expect? Anyway, I changed my other stall Ninetales with a ChestoRest Ninetales which is loads better. Rest keeps my Ninetales healthy and annoys other leads when they think that they've finished her. Toxic, coupled with Rest, lets me stall the opposing team or lets me spread some status around. WoW cripples Tyranitar and other Pokemon that Toxic can't touch, notably Poison types and Steel-types. Flamethrower is my reliable means of attacking. It can still hit hard under sun and it also receives STAB. I've gotten some surprise kills with Flamethrower. Ninetales is also surprisingly bulky, so she's obviously a good candidate for this team.

    Shiftry (M) @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Chlorophyll
    EVs: 64 Atk / 192 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
    - Giga Drain
    - Growth
    - Brick Break/Low Kick
    - Hidden Power [Fire]

    I was a little sketchy of this guy at first. I heard mixed reviews about him, so I just had to try him out for myself. First thing I noticed is the blaring amount of weaknesses to Fire, Ice, and Fighting. I found that I could never get a Growth in and start sweeping. So, to remedy this problem, I gave him a Sash. Some of you may be thinking, "Well, then his attacks are so much weaker without a Life Orb!" Honestly, I haven't noticed a difference. Plus Giga Drain can allow me to gain back that lost HP. Anyway, Growth is there for obvious reasons. +2 to both attacking stats in sun makes a very good mixed sweeper. Giga Drain gives a little more bulk and a form of recovery. Brick Break and Low Kick are slashed because of situational reasons. Brick Break is a bit more reliable and can hit Blissey harder than Low Kick. However, Low Kick can hit Tyranitar, Heatran, and others harder than Brick Break. I will more than likely go with Brick Break, for reliability reasons. HP Fire lets me hit Skarmory and Ferrothorn, and it's also there for psuedo-STAB in the sun.

    Arcanine (M) @ Choice Band
    Trait: Flash Fire
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Close Combat
    - Flare Blitz
    - Crunch

    This thing hits like a truck. Especially coupled with the fact that he gets Swords Dances passed to him and he has a great priority move that can beat Conkeldurr and Scizor, and you've got one heck of a sweeper. Close Combat is there for coverage reasons, letting me hit Air Balloon Heatran/Excadrill. Flare Blitz is a good physical STAB in the sun, and it can hit hard under a CB. Crunch makes sure I don't get completely walled by Ghosts.

    Starmie @ Leftovers
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 HP / 48 SAtk / 208 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Rapid Spin
    - Recover
    - Hydro Pump/Ice Beam
    - Thunderbolt

    Yeah, I know what you're all thinking. "Why the hell is Starmie on a sun team?" Well, for one, I need a strong, fast Rapid Spinner. Two, he can check other weather teams pretty well. More often than not, he's going to be playing a support role by being a Rapid Spinner, but he can also be a last resort if my other guys go down. Rapid Spin helps out my frail sweepers by getting rid of Stealth Rock and what not. Recover is a nice form of recovery and helps Starmie stay alive. Hydro Pump is slashed with Ice Beam for coverage reasons. Also, Hydro Pump is not going to be OHKOing any Pokemon in sunlight. It's there mainly for checking Rain teams. Otherwise, I'll be going with the infamous BoltBeam combo.

    Gliscor (M) @ Toxic Orb
    Trait: Poison Heal
    EVs: 252 HP / 60 Def / 124 SDef / 72 Spd
    Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Taunt/Rock Polish
    - Baton Pass
    - Earthquake

    A concept that I made up for Gliscor for being a Baton Passer. Basically, Poison Heal keeps him from gaining any status that might cripple him, which can mean a nice Baton Pass to any of my sweepers. Swords Dance and Rock Polish are my main stat-boosting moves. I slashed Rock Polish with Taunt because I noticed that Gliscor is often the Pokemon that signals "Hey! Set up on me!" to the other team. Rock Polish doesn't get passed too often anyway. Earthquake is there so I don't become Taunt bait, although Aerodactyl can pretty much disable this entire set in one move. Thankfully there aren't that many Aerodactyls seen anymore. Spd EVs let him outspeed Jolly Tyranitar. The Defense EVs give him as much special bulk while not sacrificing the physical bulk which Gliscor is known for.

    Venusaur (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Chlorophyll
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Energy Ball
    - Growth
    - Sleep Powder

    Ah, yes. Venusaur. A nice compliment to Shiftry, in his resistance to Mach Punch. This thing, without a doubt, is one of the most feared threats on any sun team. HP Ice lets me hit Dragons and Gliscors. Energy Ball is my main Grass STAB, since Giga Drain is illegal with Chlorophyll. Nonetheless, Energy Ball is very reliable and can still rip holes through an opponent's team. Growth is there for obvious reasons. Sleep Powder makes it so I don't have to stress over getting a Growth boost in. Setting up becomes much easier when an opponent has to switch out.

    Well, there is the team. I left out all of the fancy stuff because this really isn't a formal RMT, and I had just made this about 2 hours ago, lol. I haven't done extensive testing on it yet, but as you can see, I have added 1 more sun abuser than my original team, which only had 2. Hopefully this team will give me better results than my last team. So, please, rate, comment, and enjoy!

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